Dallas PD SWAT Swarms Parking Garage – UPDATE

Dallas PD SWAT swarms parking garage

Dallas PD SWAT swarms parking garage (Dallas PD)

Dallas PD SWAT has swarmed the parking garage near Dallas PD headquarters. We are getting preliminary reports of terrorist threats against law enforcement in Dallas with a suspect possibly located in the parking garage. It’s unknown if these are just internet trolls or a group that plans to actually carry out an attack, but in light of recent events, these threats are being taken seriously.

UPDATE 8:17 EST: No suspect was located in the garage. A secondary sweep is being done for bombs.

Dallas PD is getting swarmed by the media who are recording the officers live, and giving away their positions and tactics to potential terrorists. Dallas PD is requesting that all recording stop, but as of this time, media outlets are still airing this event live.

The SWAT team used an explosive to access a locked gate, and it’s being reported that there were shots fired. There have been no shots fired and no suspect located as of the time of this writing.

The Black Lives Matter Terrorist shootings of 11 police officers in Dallas have left all law-enforcement on high alert. Internet comments that threaten law enforcement were frequently ignored in the past, but now those same comments are prompting a response and serious investigation.

Terrorist threats are not constitutionally protected speech, and we will hunt down anybody who makes threats to harm any group of people. We will drag them before a court so that they can answer for their crimes, and if they raise a weapon to harm us, we will strike them down.

If you see any actual threats to law enforcement posted online, please take a screenshot and immediately report it to the FBI. Below are instructions for grabbing screenshots.

Windows PC:
1. To capture a picture of your screen, press the Print Screen button in the upper right of your keyboard.
2. Open up Paint and then press CTRL-V to paste the screenshot.
3. Go to File > Save As… and save the image.

1. Press and hold the volume down and power button at the same time.
2. You should see an animation on the screen indicating that the photo was saved into the photo directory on your phone.

1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button on the side of the phone.
2. Press and release the home button.
3. You should see the screenshot in your photo album.

This is not the time to ignore these threats. You never know, until it’s investigated, if these threats are valid.

  • bruce

    Freedom of the press is important. When the press is going live to give away tactical positions in an active situation it becomes a life threatening activity. If they don’t have the sense to use discretion and are thus creating a hazzard and not following commands to move back and don’t show live, in my opinion it’s time to arrest them. Record for delayed presentation, okay.