Golden Chick Restaurant Refuses Service To Police, Company Manager Responds Like A Boss

A Golden Chick employee in Dallas refused service to an officer.

A Golden Chick employee in Dallas refused service to an officer.

A Dallas Police Sergeant Was Refused Service At Golden Chick

Dallas, TX –  A Dallas Police Sergeant was refused service at the popular Golden Chicken Restaurant on Thursday.

According to Dallas Informer, the incident occurred at the Golden Chick located at Kiest Blvd.  The unnamed Southwest Dallas Police Sergeant went into the restaurant while on duty.  When he placed his order,  an unnamed employee walked around from the back and told him that they didn’t serve his kind there.  He asked what are you talking about and the employee told him that “we don’t serve police here.”  The Sergeant left and told other Officers.

Ike Ugokwe, Golden Chick Store Director, said “All those things that we had worked over the years to build you can see it crashing down because of one simple comment.”  He said that once he learned about what had happened, the female employee was fired.

In the past, Ugokwe’s restaurant has donated hundreds of school supplies to students and box dinners to the homeless as well as offering a discount for police officers.

The incident “led to a social media storm of protest”  and promises from law enforcement officers to boycott the restaurant.  Ugokwe said that every employee in the 36 stores that he owns is trained to serve everyone.  He said that he has seen the results from restaurants where officers were turned away and never thought that it would happen at one of his stores.

Ugokwe said “We belong to the community so the police is part of that community and we are part of it.”  The leader of the Dallas Police Union confirmed that representatives from Golden Chick had called to apologize.  He also said that “it was a slap in the face to hard-working Officers.”

This appears to be a lone employee who did not represent the company. The employee was fired and the company says that they support law enforcement. From all of the restaurants that have recently refused service to officers, this appears to be one of the most appropriate responses. We hope that the community continues to support Golden Chick.

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