Dallas Black Lives Matter Terrorist Killed in Standoff; Search Continues for Bombs

Dallas Black Lives Matter terrorist killed in standoff

Dallas Black Lives Matter terrorist killed in standoff (Image source: WFAA)

One Black Lives Matter terrorist, who assassinated five Dallas police officers, and shot  more last night, has been killed in a standoff with police officers. It is not clear if the dead terrorist was killed by officers, or if he killed himself as officers moved in. Another person of interest is in custody, but it’s not clear if they were involved. The unidentified terrorist had told officers that he had explosives planted throughout the city and that many more police officers would die. Police officers are working through the night to search for bombs.

Make no mistake, this was a terrorist attack. Before the word “terrorist” became almost synonymous with radical Islamic extremists, we would also use the word to accurately describe domestic terrorists with ideals unrelated to Islam. The apparent motivations of those involved in the attack last night were spurred by the false narrative that police officers are committing genocide against black Americans. As absurd as such a belief is, it has been propagated by our news media, celebrities, and President.  The lie that police officers murder young black man over the color of their skin has spread so far, that it has saturated our society to the point that nobody bothers to examine why police had to use force; it’s assumed that any use of force against a black man is racially motivated and unjustified.

America has allowed criminals to vilify their protectors to the point that many don’t even see police officers as real people, with real families, who were working to try to make their community a safer place. Every person who wears the badge is viewed to be the exact same; any police action that is determined by agitators to be unjust, justifies violence against all officers.

We need every person who believes in the role of law enforcement to stand up now and offer their support; not just for the fallen officers, but in calling out the agitators on their false claims of racial injustice.

  • John Dove

    You know, the shootings took place in two other cities, in two other states. Just what in the hell does Dallas TX have to do with those???? Hell, those officers hadn’t did a damn thang! SMH

  • Nicole

    My prayers to your family and all of Dallas at this time ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? blue lives matter I will leave my email personal not publicly. Again my prayers and thoughts to all EMS responders and swat who had to try to save there brothers and sisters out there ???????? please stay safe

  • Why so much hatred for a person of a different color, religious affiliation, job, by what they own, where they work, their sexual orientatin, their political beliefs, or what they wear. Why so much hatred and division amoung our peoples? Sin is the reason. People have let saten have dominion over their minds. I’m praying for my nation and it’s peoples!

  • Kathleen O’Malley

    Excellent article! Thank you. Kathleen

  • mary

    respectfully, my condolences to the fallen officers and their loved ones. appreciate your service and protection during all times of chaos, etc. prayers going up for all of you and yours. take care and stay safe.

  • God bless those good cops, the real men/women who uphold the dignity of the badge.

    Shame on those cowardly/rascist cops thst shoot up young black men and then go hide like terrorists.

  • Linda

    Prayers for Dallas. Prayers for all the police officers who give us safety and are unjustly vilified for doing their job.

  • Chris

    This is really so sad. The divide in this country is getting greater by the day.

  • Klous

    ALL lives matter! ALL groups involved in terror,intimidation,bullying spawn fear and intolerance

  • Charlie

    Though I do believe that this is seriously an american tragedy, I think this article has things a bit wrong. The shooter WAS NOT affiliated with the Black Lives Matter protests or the movement in any way, but was acting on his own free will. If you had looked at countless other news sources and the official police reports from the incident, you will see that the shooter in fact DID NOT support the Black Lives Matter movement. He was a domestic terrorist hell-bent on killing police officers and white people.

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