Video With Millions of Views States Cops Planted Gun On Keith Scott

cops planted gun

Video With Millions of Views States Cops Planted Gun On Keith Scott

The author of the video has since apologized for being wrong in claiming that there was a planted gun at the Keith Scott shooting, but the video remains up on Facebook still spreading misinformation.

Friday afternoon at 6:00 PM EST a video was released by a man on Facebook named Duane Vandross where he blames officers for planting 2 guns on Keith Scott. In the video, which is a recording of a TV screen, Vandross argues that Scott’s wife accidentally caught the officers on scene plant guns on the crime scene. He then points out that officers throw another gun on the ground.

The “planted guns” that he is talking about are black medical gloves that an officer dropped. The video creator has since apologized for being wrong. In reality, the officers were trying to get gloves on so that proper medical aid could be provided to Scott after an officer shot him. The officers told Scott to drop the gun over 10 times.

Watch our take on the viral “crooked cop” video below.

Since the video of the “planted gun” was released yesterday, it has bee viewed over 6 million times and growing. The comments to the video are almost entirely from people who view it as definitive proof that a gun was planted. Many people call for the police officers involved to be arrested. Several other Facebook pages have re-released the video with millions of more views.

Conspiracy theorists and cop haters all over the internet still believe that Keith Scott never had a gun in the first place. It has already been proven that his family’s initial statements were completely false. His daughter stated in the Facebook stream after the shooting that he was sitting in his car when police tased him then shot him for being black.

Watch the original video here of Scott’s daughter lying and berating officers on scene. 

The author of the video stated that he was completely wrong, but left the video up on Facebook and it is still spreading misinformation.

cops planted gun

The video creator admitting he was wrong about any planted guns.

If the author of the video saying he was wrong still doesn’t work for some conspiracy theorists, new dash cam footage released Saturday shows the officers handing black gloves to each other.

You can see the dash cam footage here.

The media released false information to the public and many people, like Duane Vandross, jumped to conclusions just because a black man was shot by police.

Hardly anyone waited for the facts to come out. We tried to tell everyone to just wait before jumping to conclusions, but the news media captivated people’s attention with inflammatory headlines.

This was a completely justified shooting which resulted in the death of one protester, the injury of dozens of civilians and police, and a state of emergency being issued. Things got so bad, the national guard was even called in to keep the peace.


  • Dave W

    Another misinterpreted video by an untrained media and public. The original misinterpreted video was the Eric Garner video. This pro-cop website shows how that video was mishandled. Please check it out:
    A couple dozen false statements from the media are laid bare.
    Plus some slow-motion video clears Pantaleo.
    We might not be where we are today if this video had been handled properly.

  • Rentboy

    Wait- there’s misleading information on facebook? Somebody should do something about this.

  • Bently Coupe

    Shut the fuck up you stupid fucking idiot…Thats murder you dumb ass.

  • Madsenms

    There is only one problem with the theory of the gloves on the ground and the gun being by the left foot of the officer on the right side of the screen in the video shot by Mr. Scott’s wife. The gun is not on the ground as shown by the officer’s body cam as he approaches Mr. Scott lying incapacitated on the ground. It should be there if Mr. Scott dropped it earlier.

    • Lola

      You obviously don’t know what protocol is when there is a weapon at a crime scene belonging to a civilian.

  • Terri Edwards

    I agree that the video is inconclusive as to if he had a gun in his hands…however, I am able to tell that his right pants leg is pulled up at his ankle and it appears that he has on an ankle holster….

    • Lola

      That holster was for his “book”.

    • hernandayoleary2

      I can clearly see a gun, I cannot see a holster.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Boy, they are sure making “guns” out of really light-weigh material… black nitrile? You can see the second one flapping around as it falls. Must be one of those “guns” that shoots around corners.

    Maybe the police need black gloves with orange finger-tips, so people can tell they are not REAL guns.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    From the body cam video (@ 1:00 minutes):
    “Somebody get my bag…ah start getting some equipment.”
    “Which bag?”
    “You check the back of my truck.”
    “You good?”
    “I’m good. Get some GLOVES. We need to hold the wound.”

  • Bunny_Power

    why the fuck cant you cops show the other three cams that were working…why the fuck is that so hard????
    A clear as fuck picture can be had from the guy in the white T-Shirt and even the one on the ground “administering” help.
    But nope got to go with the guy who comes last.

    Dumbasses. I wont blame the guy for posting what he thinks, because you bunch of dickheads keep fucking hiding shit and lying about it, then the world watches as a murderer is set free. Useless policing, fucking useless

  • Jack Reilly

    It’s glove, Moron, the Officer dropped a glove for Christ’s sake…….remember OJ, dropped gloves.

  • Lola

    And yet again people want to believe the ‘media’ and not accept the truth. Not unless one of the cops was a magician and turned the book into a gun!

  • hernandayoleary2

    The gune is clearly planted, no benefit in telling us the video is lying.

  • THis “Article” blames people for jumping to conclusions, then concludes that this is a completely justified shooting based on what has to be the worst video of any of the body cams, that shows none of the shooting, body position or hands. It’s also clearly not dash cam footage.

    • Allen Dee Fisher

      The video was shot by a bystander. Unfortunately a lot of people think that video is the ultimate way to tell the truth. It is not because it can not see everywhere all the time. Yes people did jump to conclusions in this matter just as they do in all other aspects of law enforcement.

  • Thomas Johnston

    I am reserving judgement either way until more info is available. It is a toxic situation when one side automatically assumes a shooting is justified and the other assumes it is not without a comprehensive review of the evidence.

    I will say that the sentence “just because a black man was shot by police” is pretty offensive…

  • Joann Houghton

    She what jumping to conclusuons can cause.

  • Hired_Gun

    WOW! He actually admitted he was wrong. Indeed a strange occurrence in the (Certain) black lives matter movement