Cop Sues Glock After He Shoots Himself

A cop is suing Glock after he shot himself in the foot.

A cop is suing Glock after he shot himself in the foot.

Cop Sues Glock After He Shoots Himself

Helena, Arkansas – An Arkansas police officer is suing Glock after he accidentally shot himself in the foot.

According to, Officer Larry Jones of Cherry Valley, Arkansas, is the plaintiff and is suing Glock after a 2013 incident when he shot himself with his Glock 19C pistol. Jones was reportedly trying to put a weapon light on his pistol when he shot himself in the foot. The officer claims that it was a defective gun which caused the accidental discharge.

After he had purchased the gun in 2000, Jones had not altered the gun at all, and he reportedly alleges that the gun was sold to him “in a defective condition which rendered (it) unreasonably dangerous.”

That must have been a rough 13 years shooting this dangerously “defective” gun. The part of the gun that was allegedly defective appears to be the manual safety on the Glock, that is, there is none.

Glock pistols (among others) are designed without a manual safety, but they have internal safeties that prevent them from firing unless the trigger is pulled. This is part of the guns’ design, and not a defect. The guns will still not fire unless somebody pulls the trigger on a loaded pistol.

While the news media would have you believe that federal law (Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act) makes it impossible to sue gun manufacturers, this is not the case. The law only protects gun manufacturers from being frivolously sued when firearms are used in a crime. There are no protections for gun manufacturers when they are alleged to have sold a defective product. This lawsuit is going forward because it claims that the gun was sold in a defective condition and that Glock failed to give “a reasonable and adequate warning of dangers inherent and/or reasonably foreseeable in the use.”

Larry Jones would not have been shot had he done any of the following:

  • Unloaded his firearm before trying to add his light.
  • Kept the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  • Kept his finger off of the trigger.

Jones is seeking $75,000 for personal injury in the case. The jury trial is reportedly scheduled for August 21, 2017 in a federal court in Helena, Arkansas.

  • Jim L

    Sounds to me like another cop not taking responsibility for his own actions as per usual.

    At least he only shot himself and didn’t kill yet another innocent person.

    Its funny, I really used to trust cops back in the day….. I wonder what happened?

  • pete480

    He had the gun for 13 years and all of a sudden it’s defective…can’t make this shit up.


    You are making the rest of your brother’s and sister’s look really bad. Do the right thing and drop the lawsuit for gosh sake.

    • meconiummm

      If he wins his case he paves the way for serious gun control.

  • Daniel Joseph

    Even when a gun is not loaded, you handle it as if it is. Why in the world when it really is loaded would you attempt to modify it.

  • monkeychunks

    What a twat. I hope he goes bankrupt.

  • ben dover

    PIGS are so dumb they really just need to be eradicated

  • hapvalpsu

    Rule #1-All firearms are loaded unless proved otherwise.

    Rule #2-Any firearms maintenance shall be done on unloaded firearms.

  • nowaytoday

    just goes to show you cop or not everyone can make a mistake, in this case he should have known better to handle his weapon when loaded. Possibly he was looking for a quick money win or early retirement. I do not have a problem with police, only the scammers.

  • Flight Er Doc

    The defective part was the idiot holding it…..he should have cleared the weapon before “trying to put a light on it”.

  • grayjohn

    Can Glock counter sue because the cop is defective?

  • Scott Page

    Maybe Barney 5 should go back to carrying just one bullet in his shirt pocket

  • Deplorable One

    When you shoot yourself accidentally chances are you really are not trained well and should never handle a firearm..