VIDEO: Cop Blocker ‘Uncle Bob’ Harasses Cop, Gets Epic Shut Down

Cop Blocker "Uncle Bob" harasses an officer until she points out that he's a sex offender.

Cop Blocker “Uncle Bob” harasses an officer until she points out that he’s a sex offender.

VIDEO: Cop Blocker ‘Uncle Bob’ Harasses Cop, Gets Epic Shut Down.

Portland – Cop blocker “Uncle Bob” was harassing a female Portland Police Department officer, until she points out that he’s a registered sex offender and he then seems to lose interest in filming.

Robert West, who goes by the name “Uncle Bob,” (because of course he does) is well-known by Portland Police Department for attempting to harass police officers. The registered sex offender has even filmed the personal vehicles of police officers and encouraged people to spit on them.

He has been arrested in the past for breaking police perimeters to film officers while they are trying to deal with dangerous situations.

In the video, Uncle Bob starts harassing a police officer when she appears to be taking a bicycle to the Portland PD property room for safekeeping. Without missing a beat, the officer reminds West he’s got his photo on posters all around a school because he’s a registered sex offender.

West starts to deny that he was convicted, but the cop doesn’t back down and cheerfully points out that he is actually required to register as a sex offender. West then seems to lose all interest in filming.

Most cop blockers seem to be criminals themselves, and seem happy to hail this sex offender as their local folk-hero. Props to this officer for shutting him down.


Robert West, AKA "Uncle Bob"

Robert West, AKA “Uncle Bob”

  • Sam the Sham

    Fat ass can’t catch his own breath. Pot you ARE the kettle.

  • paul


  • SmokeyBehr

    If he’s been ordered to register, and hasn’t registered or kept the database updated with his current address, he’s in violation of the terms of his probation, and he needs to be rolled up and spend a few nights in jail.

  • Blade

    Well…THAT didn’t go well. Hahahahahahaha. Sex offenders should only be required to register with the coroner’s office.

  • Mia York

    She shut his nasty ass down. Lol

  • Debbie

    I cant believe this idiot whos huffing and puffing by just walking a few feet, insinuated these police officers are fat! What a pos he is. I think he should be arrested for many reasons.

  • James Duncan

    Really?! This fatass mouthbreathing sex offender has the balls to call the women heavy set? What a piece of SHIT he is!!!

  • pjanak

    Stops recording because clearly he isn’t happy about that. And yet, dumbass posts the video

  • Zman

    Pffft “couple heavy set women” dude can’t even walk with out huffing like he was running a marathon. Leave the cops to their duty sleaze ball

  • rob

    i care nothing for this guy, i do believe in video taping the police however, as it is our right as tax paying citizens, to hold accountable those we pay to uphold the law’s, and no, most of us are not criminals, we just want law enforcement to be held accountable for there actions, on our money.

    • Pete James

      I agree. Though he is not interested in the police acting appropriately. Almost all of his videos have the police doing nothing wrong, so in order to get some good video he tries to bait them into doing something. Or he films licnese plates and finds any little thing to bitch about. He really doesn’t care about the community. He just wants to get good footage and stir up trouble.