Judge Throws Out Conviction on Man Convicted of Murdering Deputy

Joshua Brown: Convicted of murdering Deputy Matthew Chism before Judge overturned decision

Joshua Brown: Convicted of murdering Deputy Matthew Chism before Judge overturned decision

Judge Throws Out Conviction of Man Convicted of Murdering Deputy

A judge in Springfield, Missouri threw out the murder conviction on a man accused of being involved in the murder of a deputy.

Two months ago, a jury found Joshua Brown, 30, guilty in the November 2014 murder of Deputy Matthew Chism. Brown was also charged with drug possession, hindering prosecution, and tampering with evidence.

Greene County Circuit Judge Calvin Holden later overturned the murder and hindering convictions, and only sentenced Brown on drug possession and tampering with evidence.

Ozarks First reported that Cedar County Prosecuting Attorney Ty Gaither released a statement critical of the judge’s ruling, “affirms his opinion and that of the Greene County Jury, that Joshua Brown is guilty of felony murder, that Judge Calvin Holden’s decision is incorrect, ignores the law and the facts, and improperly sets aside the decision of the jury.”

During the initial incident, Deputy Chism attempted to stop Brown for defective lights on his vehicle. Brown sped off, and led Deputy Chism on a pursuit. When the vehicle stopped, William Collins, 28, got out of the passenger side of the vehicle and ran away.

Deputy Chism got out of his car and chased Collins down. Deputy Chism and Collins then got into a physical altercation, and both of them were shot. Collins died on scene and Deputy Chism died an hour later at the hospital.

Judge Holden’s issue appears to be that Deputy Chism chased Collins. Collins was the passenger in the vehicle so Judge Holden believed that Deputy Chism had no reason to chase after Collins.

Even if Deputy Chism had improperly chased after Collins, that doesn’t excuse his murder.

Brown was sentenced to 17 years on his drug and tampering charges. Due to the fact that his conviction was for a drug offense, which is considered a non-violent crime, he is unlikely to actually serve his full term.

  • Bluewarrior1975

    The officer had PC to chase the thug! Is the Judge a stupid idiot?

  • Alison Dobbins

    Good grief!!! What are we becoming? That’s the most ridiculous thing Iv’e ever heard !!!!!! Where is the justice for that poor family? My heart goes out to them and all the Men and Women in Blue who are being slapped in the face by this idiotic Judge!

  • John Urban

    Okay, let him go, we will arrest him for something within the first five minutes that he’s free.

    • Jack Reilly

      Or he could be shot, you never know.

  • duder1897

    So if someone takes off and runs from a crime scene police offers has no valid reason to chase them. Good to know. Idiot.

  • Rachel

    Omg….. what is wrong with that judge!!! I’m no saint believe me growing up I was a major handful for the police! Maybe I’m weird or just actually had a code I went by but I never never did anything to hurt a cop sure I ran from them and yep I gave them a heck of a run for there money and even out ran them a couple of times. I even got caught once when I could have clearly gotten away because I went back to him because he didn’t clear the chain link fence as gracefully as I did and ended up dangling with a piece of the fence in his leg. I couldn’t jus leave him like that. I had 3 rules you never harm elder children or cops. Sure I dealt with a few I wanted to hurt but didn’t because I can understand what they had to deal with! There’s even been a judge or two who I wanted to knock around. But I always believed if I did the crime be prepared to do the time. This judges actions infuriates me what gives him the right to do that! When u run from the cops they have every right to chase ur @$$ down! I don’t even have a high school education much less a legal degree and I know that. This judge is stupid I hope one day he needs to call the cops & hope the ones that respond tell him that they can’t peruse the suspect. Oh this story makes me so mad

  • Lynn B

    This is Bull Shit !!! Who’s paying off this Judge ?? Piece of shit — This Judge should be thrown out of office Immediately !!