6-Year-Old Rape Victim’s Mother Lures In Accused Rapist – Metes Out Own Justice

Connie Serbu (left) admitted to murdering Xavier Sierra (right) because she says he raped her daughter.

Connie Serbu (left) admitted to murdering Xavier Sierra (right) because she says he raped her daughter.

Connie Serbu Arrested For Murdering Accused rapist, Xavier Sierra

Naples, FL – A Florida woman took justice into her own hands, rather than calling the police, is in custody for murdering the man who allegedly raped her six-year-old daughter.

Connie Serbu, age 41, is charged in the July 2016 murder of Xavier Sierra, age 18, according to The New York Daily News.  Police said that Serbu’s daughter told her mother over the 2016 Memorial Day Weekend, that Sierra had molested her on two separate occasions several years ago, when she was just six-years-old.

They said that Serbu talked often with friends after that about wanting to kill Sierra.  A friend urged her to tell the police and let them handle the issue, but she continued planning the attack on Sierra.

Serbu also told her husband that she was “going to do something,” and that he would have to raise her children alone.

On July 7, 2016, the bodies of Sierra and another man, John Vargas, age 29, of New York, were found in an undeveloped area near the 700 block of Goodlette-Frank Road, according to Naples Daily News.  The bodies were discovered by police who had responded to a report of shots fired.

According to court documents, “Connie Serbu stated that she planned on confronting Xavier Sierra regarding the molestation of her daughter”.  On that day in July, she texted Sierra and offered to pay him if he would help her with building some bunk beds.

Vargas is Serbu’s brother, and is “intellectually disabled”.  He was in Naples visiting her and went with her when she left to pick up Sierra.  Serbu also had with her a pair of guns, two stun guns, a potato to use as a silencer, an ice pick, plastic gloves, and paper towels.

When they picked Sierra up, Vargas questioned him about about the sexual assault while Serbu drove to a wooded area. When they arrived, Sierra tried to run, but was not able to get away.

Sierra and Vargas struggled over a gun, and Vargas was shot during the struggle.  Sierra was shot six times; both he and Vargas died from their wounds.

When police responded, they found Serbu’s car parked at the end of a dirt road, and took her in for questioning. Court records said that she told officers that “it was all her fault,” and asked police to arrest her.

Serbu’s hands also tested positive for gunshot residue.

She said, “So, I don’t care, he raped my daughter … she told me everything.”

Serbu had been in custody since February at the Naples Jail Center on suspicion of custodial interference, and has been served with a warrant for second-degree murder in Sierra’s death.

No charges have been filed or are expected in the death of John Vargas.

  • drhoward

    At the time the alleged event occurred, true, the daughter was six…and Sierra was eight. Due diligence people, try it.

    • Daryn Plasticmask

      So Sierra aged ten years since 2016? Read the article people, try it.

      • CJ Denton

        Actually it says “Serbu’s daughter told her mother over the 2016 Memorial Day Weekend, that Sierra had molested her on two separate occasions SEVERAL YEARS AGO, when she was just six-years-old.” We do not know the age of the daughter now or how long several years is. So…

  • Doug Packer

    Too bad about her brother

  • emmitt moore

    Killing a negro rapist is good for America. Negros commit tens of thousands of rapes on White women every year, and, for the most part, walk away without any justice for their victims. This Lady deserves a medal, not incarceration. F*ck all Negro rapists.

    • gson1192

      The COLOR/RACE of the perp is NOT important….. There are just as many white, brown, etc rapists as there are black if not more!

      • Victoria Zwick

        You are SO right!!

      • duder1897

        Considering there are five times more whites than blacks it would be surprising if you weren’t correct.

      • emmitt moore

        No there aren’t. Do your own research, look up vital statistics, look at how many Negros rape white women, and hispanic women, and negro women. Liberal Negros are entitled, vile, evil, racist and bigoted. The color or race of the perp is important, it is an indicator of degeneracy and violence, hate and abuse. Strangely, there are almost no Black Conservatives who are rapists and gutter thugs. Hmmmmmmm. Race does matter, the LIberal criminals elected a man due to the color of his skin, and not the content of his character. Racism, as performed by the liberal black is alive and well, Thanks Obama.

        • Syntheto

          Stop! You shouldn’t result to generalize like that. One of the finest people I’ve ever met is a POC, a reverend and a police officer. Sure, I’m about 23 degree Right of Center, but I’m humbled in his presence He’s a good person and he’s a good man. No, not once in the thirty years I’ve known him has even once mentioned any sort of politico/socialistic take on race. To him, people are always people and they are all worthy of God’s grace. I’m an atheist, but I’ve discovered that Reverend Everett James, is one of the best people I’ve eve met, and I am proud to call him my friend, and even prouder that he calls me his friend.. We need more folk like him on both sides of the aisle. I’m no expert by any means. I don’t know what to think or say about racial relationships in this country. My roots are in white dirt farmers in Tennessee and Mississippi, and ultimately in Chicago when Black Folk moved up North for better opportunities. I will admit a certain prejudice, but when you meet somebody with the integrity of Reverend James, you really long to look at a bigger picture. confession: I have to remind myself that Everett James is Black, because he has never made that an issue. He has never made a production about it. He is sincere about his love of Jesus Christ and the salvation waiting to be garnered therein, and that’s he ever offered to assist in. Compare that to people who claim they are clergy, get in front of the media cameras, but never once mention Grace or the love of Christ. I’m sorry in some ways that I can’t get onboard because of my atheism, but that doen’t mean I can’t have even a modicum of respect for Reverend James, maybe not because of his beliefs, but because of his qualities as a person and a man. I’m sorry, and while I know where you’re coming from, you have concede that there are good folk like Revered Everett James who are good people. When I think of Ev as compared to the thug culture that unfortunately pervades the inner urban ghettos, it really makes me want to weep. He’s got a mountain to climb and nobody can really help him.

          • emmitt moore

            I stated repeatedly, ‘liberal negros’. I have never met, and will never meet a liberal Negro who is not a racist.

            If your Reverend is a Liberal, then he is not now, and has never been a Man of God. My best friend when I was a kid was a man of Color, and he and his father were both conservatives, both hard working, erudite, respectful and humble people. Their own community ostracized them because they acted like ‘Whites’, but came to them to beg money.

            Liberal Negros are a pox on humanity, a group of vile, soulless, rapists, drug abusers and racists. Perhaps you think that somehow a Negro is superior to a White man, because of the color of his skin, but you are sorely mistaken. I served for many years in the U.S Army, and met many men of Color who were honorable, courageous and kind. None of the men that I would call a friend was a Liberal, some were Apolitical, many were conservatives.

            I wish you well, and hope that someday, perhaps when the black man learns humility and kindness again, that we can come together as Americans, but right now the liberal Negro is quickly destroying any future for themselves in the USA. We are Awakened. We are Aware. We are Resolute.

  • Victoria Zwick

    Wow!!! Torn in both directions!!! He raped a baby!! He got what he deserved!!!

  • johnnygringo

    she gets her brother killed, ,and the Rapist , doesnt really suffer,and now she spends life in prison…yeah ,not her finest moment

  • 2 parrots and a dog

    Give her a medal, not a cell!

  • duder1897


  • Blake B

    So, you are telling her not to trust her own daughter ?

    • K1ng Pete


      YEARS later, and the age of the child could very likely have altered her memory of the events.
      It literally could have been a completely different person.
      Never mind the fact that the alleged rapist was barely more then a child him self.

      No one should be killed over an accusation PERIOD.

      • Tracy Ricca

        You NEVER forget your sexual abuser…NEVER

        • K1ng Pete

          Not true, but thanks for your input.

          • WalterIrwin

            You are acting like that is the rule and NOT the exception. Most of the time, what you are describing is not the case. Another thing, just because something happened to your sister doesn’t make you an expert and your sisters scenario is not the end all be all. Good grief!

        • Strongly agreed! No, you never forget

      • Mk Cumpston

        ‘accusation’ is just a ‘word’ used in modern day ‘not to offend anyone’ language. A girl never forgets the face of a rapist.

        • K1ng Pete

          Actually it’s a well known phenomenon in child psychology, the victim sometimes afraid of the reprocussions of naming their abuser will name other make figures that they feel less threatened by. [I know this because my lil sister was abusers at that very same age. And never named the individual,
          Instead offered a list of 8 men it may have been.]
          Further more over years your brain corupts long term memories by filing I information that is lost over time, this is a proven psychological, which is a large reason for statutes ood limitations.

          But, you know, let’s purge.

          • Not naming the abuser only lets the abuser off the hook, enabling them to reoffend and the next victim might not be so lucky

          • jbf16falcon

            When it’s someone they know there is no data to suggest they confuse the attacker with anyone else. Go back to square one.

          • soccermomx3

            K1ng Pete – Get back with us when A) you are female and B) you are sexually assaulted. Then your word might be a bit more credible. How dare you presume to tell all these women what they do or do not feel.

      • Nancy L. Orozco

        As a victim of child molesting from the age of 4 to 12, you don’t forget the faces of the ones who steal your innocence and security.

    • lev

      You have never heard of a child lie? You have never heard of a child being confused? It is not a matter of trusting her daughter. Is this woman a trained investigator? Does she have experience questioning people to get to the truth? Or you think her daughter just saying “mom he raped me” is good enough for someone to go out and kill another?

  • K1ng Pete


  • camperben

    Be a little smart and don’t go telling everyone what you’re going to do. Get a solid alibi and just do it. No need to be a martyr.

    • Diavolos

      I say you are super cute Benjamin. You look HAWT!

    • Ria Pendergrass

      There it is! 👍🏾👍🏾

  • Deny

    God Bless this woman and PLEASE let her go. He more than deserves what he got–except it should have been MORE painful.

    He confessed to her and that’s all she needed.

    I stand with Connie Serbu.

    • M.

      You do realize the police should be handling these things, right? This idiot didn’t know if the man had actually done anything at all. Is it possible? Absolutely. But she doesn’t have any proof.

      She’s an example of why we need police. Because the main population are savages. Even the “good” mothers.

      Now her daughter won’t have a mom. Real smart move.

  • Deny

    You call that thing a MAN?????

  • M.

    Eh, she’s a complete moron.

  • WalterIrwin

    Whatever happened to civility? Are you talking about the raping of children?

  • lev

    Amazing how many people feel this woman is a hero and was justified. And you all walk among us, and vote, that is really the scariest part.

  • Deny

    If that was MY little girl…he would have suffered WAY more than a couple of bullet wounds!

  • Gayle

    SHE sounds like a wack job

    • ti

      hmm she sounds like she knew only way to get justice in this terrible situation was to do what happened, its awful but a young child does not make this crap up

  • Worc1

    Works for me. It’s better than having some SJW judge sentencing this slime bag to a couple years in jail or time served b/c the perp was disadvantaged.

  • soccermomx3

    It sounds like the family was still in touch with Sierra if she had his number to send him a message.

  • Mary Chryn

    You don’t even know what a 3rd world country is!!!

    • Nancy L. Orozco

      Says Hannibal. He’d rather eat him. 😂

  • j238

    Republicans will see her as a Second Amendment hero.

  • Terry Mack

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may be used in the defense of the mother and daughter.

    If I were a Lawyer, I would explore any reasonable options that would convince at least one juror in the case of a Death Penalty on the table.

    Have sat in and or testified in many court cases, in the past. You would be surprised at the BS that happens in court. For example:

    Two Prostitutes were arrested for Sodomy and they both denied it and wanted to know what Sodomy was. One Lawyer gave an example of a person giving another person a BJ. The tallest perp, almost yelling, stated that “Yes, we did su[k his dick.” The courtroom erupted into laughter, even the Court Clerk laughed.