Lawman / Congressman Clay Higgens Goes To Southern Border, Shows What The News Media Won’t Air

Congressman Clay Higgins shows people what the media won't cover at the southern U.S. border.

Congressman Clay Higgins shows people what the media won’t cover at the southern U.S. border.

Clay Higgins Video Shows Small Sample Of What Border Patrol Encounters

Congressman Clay Higgens got elected after a career in law enforcement where he was known for making videos telling it like it is. Now he’s down at the southern U.S. border doing the same thing (video below.)

Higgins starts off by attacking the media narrative that defenseless immigrants are being shot for throwing pebbles at Border Patrol agents.

“The next time you see a liberal reporter, complaining about Border Patrol returnin’ fire, some poor illegal immigrant, throwing little pebbles at ’em,” said Higgins as he held up a pebble. “This is not what they’re throwin’.”

Congressman Clay Higgens then held up a large rock, “They’re throwin’ this, alright? And if you don’t think that this is a lethal weapon, you obviously haven’t read the bible very much.”

The video continues on where Higgins shows off the measure that the Border Patrol has to take in order to protect themselves.

Higgins shows off the custom modifications that Border Patrol agents need to make to their vehicle to protect themselves.

“Look at how these men have to equip their vehicle,” Higgins said while showing off a modified Border Patrol vehicle. “They had to design this and build this. You don’t buy this at a cop store. Agents had to figure this out and design it and weld it themselves.” He then continued on showing off how the Border Patrol responds.

You can see the full video here: