Detroit State Senator Calls SWAT Raid On Attempted Murder Suspect ‘White Supremacy’

Coleman Young II is running for mayor of Detroit. He claimed a suburban police SWAT raid that happened in Detroit that caught a suspected killer was "white supremacy."

Coleman Young II is running for mayor of Detroit. He claimed a suburban police SWAT raid that happened in Detroit that caught a suspected shooter was “white supremacy.”

State Senator Coleman Young II Claims Detroit Police Should Have Been Present

Detroit, Michigan – A suburban SWAT unit went into the city of Detroit to arrest a man accused of shooting someone in Hazel Park, and the mayoral candidate for Detroit called it “white supremacy.”

Last week, Coleman Young II, a state senator and the son of longtime former Mayor of Detroit Coleman Young, held a news conference with Mary Smith, a Detroit woman whose son is accused of shooting someone in Hazel Park, a city about 10 miles north of Detroit. Young II is a candidate this November for the mayor’s office.

Young was upset a suburban police force came into Detroit on Aug. 12 to serve a warrant and the city of Detroit’s police force wasn’t present. Detroit police told the Detroit News they were aware of the raid and were not required to be present.

Young and Smith claim that police rolled up in a tank, got on the roof with guns, put Smith face-down in the dirt tile she passed out, “pig-tied” Smith, put a gun to her head, said “f— your baby,” and she doesn’t have any clue what her 33-year-old son did wrong. Does that seem a bit unbelievable? That’s because it is, unless you want to promote your political agenda.

“What we had here was a travesty of justice and peace,” Young said “You had police officers from Madison Heights and Hazel Park who came all the way out of their jurisdiction and came here with military equipment, tanks. … They came here with no respect, no regard. … The mayor is the conservator of the peace … If anyone comes into our city and engages in that type of action, someone from the department, someone who is connected to the people needs to be there.”

Young said, “Put Ms. Smith who had lupus face down in the dirt, and she passed out when they did that. This is police brutality of the worse kind. This is wrong. This is white supremacy, and it has to stop.”

“I was sitting right here on the edge of the couch (when it started),” Smith told the Free Press, pointing into her home.

“Police were on the roof with guns. I dived over the couch and ran out with my hands up. They said put your f—–g hands up. … They said get on the ground. Thy pig-tied me. They had guns to my head. They said who’s in there, I said my family. I said please don’t go in there shooting. My grandbaby is in there sleep. They said ‘F that baby.'”

Madison Heights Police Department Deputy Chief Tim Pawlowski told the Detroit News that the police acted professionally. He said the raid was carried out by the Southeast Oakland County SWAT team, which served a search warrant on behalf of the Hazel Park Police Department. Hazel Park is about 10 miles north of Detroit.

The Detroit News reported that the Southeast Oakland County SWAT was looking for the son of Mary Smith, Michael Green, who had allegedly shot a man in Hazel Park. Green was arrested and charged with assault to intent to commit murder. He is in the Oakland County Jail with a $2 million bond.

A Hazel Park Police lieutenant told The Detroit News on Wednesday the team acted professionally.

Detroit police Chief James Craig told the Detroit News his department has not received any complaints about the alleged incident.

Young II said he was campaigning and showed up when he noticed the raid taking place. He said the police left as he arrived.

The police told the Detroit Free Press they didn’t see Young II at the SWAT raid.

“They were assisting the Hazel Park Police Department with an attempted murder investigation,” Pawlowski said. “We did have some officers that were on the team there and they all state that everything went well. They deny all her allegations and they never saw State Sen. Coleman Young on the scene. They never saw him or talked to him.”