Clinton Doesn’t Want Police To Endorse Her

Hillary Clinton communicated that she didn't want the biggest police union's endorsement.

Hillary Clinton communicated that she didn’t want the biggest police union’s endorsement. (REUTERS/James Lawler Duggan)

Clinton Doesn’t Want Police To Endorse Her

The leader of the National Fraternal Order of Police, Chuck Canterbury, told The Hill that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sent a message through her staff that she wouldn’t be seeking the group’s endorsement. The union represents a strong political force at 335,000 members.

“It sends a powerful message. To be honest with you, I was disappointed and shocked,” Canterbury told The Hill. “You would think with law enforcement issues so much in the news that even if she had disagreements with our positions, that she would’ve been willing to say that.”

An endorsement from large union like the National Fraternal Order of Police should be highly desirable for any political candidate, because it generally means that the candidate can count on a lot more votes. However, politicians don’t want endorsements from groups that could make them look bad by association, such as the KKK or ISIS. By saying that she doesn’t want the National Fraternal Order of Police to endorse her, Clinton is sending a strong message that she groups the FOP into the same category as hate groups.

Clinton’s staff must believe that an endorsement from police officers will actually cost her more votes than an endorsement would gain. This is scary, because if an endorsement from police would make her lose votes, then it stands to reason that Democratic politicians can expect to gain voters by attacking law enforcement. While politically motivated attacks on law enforcement have already become popular, Clinton’s stance indicates that things may get a whole lot worse.

While Democratic candidates are not usually endorsed by the National Fraternal Order of Police, the union is a bipartisan organization and it can still be a good political strategy for Democratic candidates to court their endorsement. The union only endorses a candidate who gets a two-thirds vote among members. If a Democratic candidate can take over one-third support, then the union will not endorse the Republican candidate. That’s what happened in 2012 when the union didn’t endorse a candidate after members couldn’t get a two-thirds majority to endorse Obama or Romney.

When asked to comment on why Clinton did not want the union’s endorsement, Clinton spokesman Jesse Ferguson said, “Throughout her career, Hillary Clinton has been committed to our law enforcement officers.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is actively seeking the union’s endorsement.

  • Pheardom

    Trump has repeatedly and consistently thanked the police in general and in specific locations where he has spoken, He has consistently and repeatedly stood behind and supported the Police departments across this nation and has called for an end to the unfair and incorrect public assertions against blue lives. He has responded to the progressively escalating violence against police officers by saying America needs to wake up and thank the Police and he has begun calling his campaign the “Law and Order” campaign. I fail to see how the police departments could endorse anyone else in this campaign cycle.

    Hillary Clinton doesn’t want the endorsement of the Police, and Gary Johnson is open to privatizing police departments to save a taxpayer dollar, but I don’t know about Jill Stein. Unless Jill is all about supporting the police, Trump openly and actively is the only candidate on the side of Blue Lives.

    • garry lafferty

      Hillary don’t believe police can stop and search you for any reason. Trumps thinks it a good thing even if it has already been found unconstitutional in New York. Why else would police vote for that lunatic Trump Remember Love TRUMP hate.

  • ChiefD

    Good. I wouldn’t give HilLIARy the sweat off my you know what. Anyone who parades the so called “victim” of police violence (like the mother of the thug Big Mike, from Ferguson, MO) is against police.
    She doesn’t even treat her secret service detail with any respect, thinks she’s above all us peons who work for a living.

    • garry lafferty

      At least she not a lunatic like Trump


    Any LEO that votes for HRC is voting against the safety of law enforcement across the country.

    • garry lafferty

      Remember Love TRUMP hate

  • Wine Dude

    Until the “good” cops call out the cops behaving badly, they’re all PIGS and Hillary (who I rather loathe) need not waste her time with them…!

    • Jack Reilly

      You’re a POS, and your post proves it….s h i t h e a d………….

      • Wine Dude

        Does your mother know you talk like that? You’re probably one of the egregious PIGS…!

        • Royal Stanley

          If your house is ever burglarized DON’T call the police, call your local thug for protection. Does YOUR mother know she raised a slobbering idiot?

          • garry lafferty

            Royal don’t worry I got a dog and camera I don’t need police

      • garry lafferty

        Trump don’t give a shit about cop you work for a living fool

  • BillO

    Not wanting the police endorsement is simply pandering to the thug population. Nothing more. She wants the thug vote.

  • RedStateKitty

    Well y’all, I am not surprised at HRC’s declining the endorsement. What I AM surprised at is that none of the posters nor the writer mentioned the fact that is is extremely likely that the FOP rank and file would be BETRAYED if the organization gave her $$ they worked hard for, and furthermore, how divorced the FOP leader seems to be from the sentiments of the rank and file member. This guy, Canterbury is living in the times of the Tales. (Get it, Cantebury Tales , by Geoffrey Chaucer, if you took English lit you had to read it.) The times have changed and the Demonrats are the party of the BLM and police support candidates who support and appreciate their life-endangering service to our communities.

    • garry lafferty

      The Democrat party is the party of the people that include all religion and colors . The Republican party is the party of the white and tax breaks for the rich, They don’t give a shit about police officers like they don’t give a shit about vets when they come home. Hillary dose Trust me Trump don’t.

  • Mary kutchko Smith

    I am completely disgusted with HRC and her cavalier attitude towards LEO. She is courting the BLM movement and apparently feels that they are the wiser choice. I think she is high from the publicity that BLM brings her. She relates to a hate group instead of the brave, dedicated officers who risk their lives everyday. Meanwhile, Mr Trump truly has your back. His appreciation and gratitude for your service is blatant.
    I simply don’t understand people’s minds sometimes

    • garry lafferty

      Hillary don’t court black lives matter fool She supports black people yes . She not KKK like Trump side Trump don’t give a rat ass about police he thinks your paid to much if you make a mim wage wake up fools.

  • Randall Haugen

    Cops for Racists? Not a Good move Chuck Canterbury

    • garry lafferty

      Trump cop for the KKK

  • garry lafferty

    Police union do not endorse Democrat often. Bill Clinton plan was to increase police by 100.000 before 911. Police endorsed Trump because he favors stop and search for no reason. Hillary don’t agree with that. Trump don’t give a shit about black lives Hillary dose. So why would she ask for there endorsement. She believes in accountable with police Trump don’t. Hillary asking police for a endorsement would be like Trump asking NAACP for endorsement. Some good cop will vote Hillary .

  • Ryan

    When they disappear one day and somebody shoots her asssssss – she’ll be to dead to wonder why it happened.