Activist Chloé Valdary: Black Lives Matter Is Detrimental to Blacks

Chloé Valdary

Tomi Lahren and Chloé Valdary (screenshot from clip below)

Activist Chloé Valdary: Black Lives Matter Is Detrimental to Blacks

Political Activist Chloé Valdary lays some truth down on the Tomi Lahren show.

As some of you may know, we are big Tomi Lahren fans here at Blue Lives Matter. If you haven’t seen her show yet, Tomi is a political news commentator who has her own show with The Blaze. Unlike other commentators, she’s not afraid to tell the truth and call people out on their BS. A few months ago, Tomi compared the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK and several thousand people signed a petition on to fire her from The Blaze. Obviously, the petition didn’t work.

Chloé Valdary

Political Activist Chloé Valdary was a guest on the Tomi Lahren show where she spoke some truth about the Black Lives Matter movement. During her guest spot, Valdary stated:

I think ultimately Black Lives Matter has engaged into a lot of hyperbole, it’s used rhetorical hype, but if you unpack a lot of their policies, they are actually detrimental to the black community. For example in their platform, they call for an end to private schooling. I personally am a product of the charter school system and the majority of black Americans in the country want access to charter schools because we understand that education is the key to social mobility. Black Lives Matter is standing against that.

Chloé Valdary also speaks on all the police hate that Black Lives Matter had been perpetuating:

Also Black Lives Matter calls for the de-funding of police in its entirety. But impoverished, black families want police to engage in measured, sober, balanced policing. They don’t want to de-fund all of the police.

Chloé Valdary says that Black Lives Matter representatives “tend to be affected by a profound sense of insecurity”. We couldn’t agree with her more on that. Chloé states in the video: “no self respecting person says to himself ‘I am threatened or intimidated by speaking to someone because they look different.’

Chloé Valdary ends the segment with:

I would say that It’s incumbent upon all of us to critically access Black Lives Matter. It’s also incumbent upon all of us to have compassion and empathy for its members. Contrary to what their slogan may suggest, it seems that they actually lack a sense of innate worth about themselves

Her assessment of Black Lives Matter comes a day after it was announced Dallas Officer Demetrick Pennie will be suing the movement. Officer Pennie is suing Black Lives Matter for inciting a race war. Pennie’s class action lawsuit includes over a dozen organizations and individuals including Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, George Soros, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton. You can read about his lawsuit here.

Watch the full segment on Tomi Lahren’s show below


Black Lives Matter, it looks like just about everyone is getting fed up with your crap.

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  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Sounds like the BLM terrorist group is on its way out with rational thinking people. That is a great move forward to mend to wounds.

  • Rachel Chappell

    She’s a smart lady.

  • John Doe

    I am glad you folks found a black face to carry your water and soothe your butthurt, but BLM is not some monolithic organization. Just because some radical parasites latched on to the name in order to push their own agendas doesn’t mean they represent anyone but themselves. BLM’s big advantage is that you are such simple creatures, you instantly focus your hate on one target. Meanwhile, the actual movement continues to gain traction.

    Frankly, you cops should be glad BLM exists. It provides a peaceful outlet and give voice to a legitimate issue. They terrify you yes, but trust me, the alternative would be much, much worse.