Chicago Police Board: Remove Requirement That Police Complaints Must Be Truthful

Lori Lightfoot thinks that requiring complainants to swear to tell the truth is too burdensome.

Lori Lightfoot thinks that requiring complainants to swear to tell the truth is too burdensome.

Chicago Police Board: Remove Requirement That Police Complaints Must Be Truthful

Chicago – Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s civilian Police Board President, Lori Lightfoot, is pushing hard to make a major change to the Chicago police union’s contract. She wants to remove the requirement that complainants sign a statement which attests that they are telling the truth.

Currently, all people who file a complaint against Chicago police officers are required to sign a sworn affidavit that attests that their complaint is truthful, to the best of their knowledge. By swearing to tell the truth, the complainants could be prosecuted if it was determined that they intentionally fabricated false claims against a police officer. Civilian Police Board President Lori Lightfoot thinks that requiring people to swear to tell the truth is too burdensome of a requirement, and “that’s gotta change.”

Lightfoot believes that requiring that people swear to tell the truth is “a very big issue that stands in the way of legitimacy related to the investigation of citizens’ complaints.”

During a city council meeting on Wednesday, Lightfoot said, “When you have middle- to upper-middle-class black folks who are doctors, teachers, lawyers, professionals coming and talking about not being able to walk down their street, not being able to drive in a car in their neighborhood without getting stopped, and treated disrespectfully or feeling like they are under siege in their neighborhood, that’s a problem.”

These professionals allegedly believe that signing a form is too intimidating for them to actually make a complaint. Lightfoot suggests that “professionals” would never lie anyway, so there’s no reason for them to sign that they are telling the truth. Of course, the rules don’t just apply to professionals, they also apply to drug dealers and gangbangers with a bone to pick.

At the center of the issue here is the relatively low number of formal complaints against the heroes of Chicago PD. After all, according to the news media all cops must be violent racists who don’t care about civil rights, so it’s hard to believe that only a small number of Chicago PD’s 12,000 officers receive a formal complaint each year. Lori Lightfoot believes that the complaint filing system itself must be broken, and the answer is anonymous complaints against officers.

Even if it’s determined that an anonymous complaint about an officer cannot be proven, that complaint stays on the officer’s record. A large number of anonymous complaints generated by just one person against an officer could be detrimental to the officer’s career.

Do you think that when people make a statement, they should need to attest that they are telling the truth? Let us know in the article comments here or on our Facebook page.

  • Paul

    WTF?!? Shouldnt your statement be truthful??? Chicago Police Department isnt the only agency that doest this. It is in place to protect the innocent and prevent the waste of tax payers dollars investigating intentionally false complaints.

    • James D Cundiff

      Yes but you have cops that lie and the law will believe them b4 the citizen should they to sign(cops)

      • Craig_Bosley

        Yes, there bald cops. And, that is not a good excuse to promote lying.

      • Momto4kids

        so you are saying professionals will not lie…everyone lies. Everyone should be made to sign complaints. If it ever goes to court, don’t you have to swear to tell the truth under the threat of jail for perjury? Same concept. If you are willing to file a complaint, and you believe in your heart it is the right thing to do, signing a piece of paper will not deter anyone…but people who don’t stand behind their convictions, well…they won’t sign. I guess the body cam’s that everyone wanted will either help prove or disprove…

        • James D Cundiff

          I never said professionals don’t lie that’s what the fraternal order of police is for.everyone stick to one story.all I was saying is cops sign it because if it was 2 or 3 other cops there they are sticking to the same story.and who would a jury believe one witness or 4 cops.

      • D.j. McDonald

        Police are required to sign on every arrest. In our PC avadavit we have to give to a magistrate it says I swear to my statement above. Plus an Officer will be subject to other penalties if found to be lying. An officer will lose their job, could be charged with official misconduct, or official oppression depending on how serious the lie. Those last two are criminals charges.

        • obloodyhell

          They can also be sued in some instances for violating someone’s civil rights, a civil, not criminal charge with a much lower standard of evidence.

      • Paul

        And allowing citizens to lie isthe answer? NOT! Most cops don’t lie. Dontblump them all together. That’s just stupid!

        • James D Cundiff

          Everyone lies that’s why cameras should be evidence in every case and not let the cops and internal pick and chose.cops should wear cams to protect everyone.not just themselves.

          • James D Cundiff

            All over the country there are trials that won’t even use the footage from them

          • Paul

            Different states have different laws. In illinois they are treated as evidence. Has nothing to do with the article. The article is still ridiculous.

          • James D Cundiff

            Why do some people not file a complaint. Well some people believe the cop will get off any way with little to no reprimand some believe its a waste of time its not because most are afraid to but in intercity life you can file and that police officer May harrase you more not saying it happens all the time but it does happen
            Its not fear of some one thinking you are lying its to much problems it may bring because of one or 5 other cops.its all relevant once you look into it.certine people and I can’t say all white because there are white people in my city who experience it to but some who will always think the law is on their side.and as soon as there on the receiving end the wake up is too late because u could have stoped it b4 it starts

          • Paul

            Your statement is fine, but you still don’t allow citizens to lie on an official complaint. That solves nothing.

          • Patriot1750

            A lot less cops lie than the general public, particularly the criminals they deal with every day.

      • john4637

        Ahhh, whats up doc? Er,um, “they to sign(cops),” speak your mind my man, but please use the kings English!

      • Patriot1750

        You are a special kind of stupid.

  • Jeff

    Was she born with shit for brains or did it evolve?

  • bannedbymotherjones

    Currently, all people who file a complaint against Chicago police officers are required to sign a sworn affidavit that attests that their complaint is truthful, to the best of their knowledge. By swearing to tell the truth, the complainants could be prosecuted if it was determined that they intentionally fabricated false claims against a police officer. Civilian Police Board President Lori Lightfoot thinks that requiring people to swear to tell the truth is too burdensome of a requirement, and “that’s gotta change.”

    Lightfoot believes that requiring that people swear to tell the truth is “a very big issue that stands in the way of legitimacy related to the investigation of citizens’ complaints.”

    Does this woman even listen to what she’s saying? Every time I start to think the liberal cognitive dissonance could not get any worse another liberal proves me wrong in that. Wow, eliminating the requirement to actually tell the truth in a complaint… just wow…

    • Jordan

      Nah she’s far left wing

    • SrAgri

      So what she’s really saying is that: “swearing to tell the truth … stands in the way of legitimacy”

      Perhaps she has made up a new definition of “legitimacy”, sort of like the SJW’s have made up their own definition of “racism”. Perhaps, “legitimacy”, much like “racism”, only applies to white people or police officers, regardless of race (in SJW logic all police hate black people).

  • Will

    It’s disgusting that cops are allowed to lie to try and force a conviction, but victims of the police force can only file a complaint under sworn tetimony

    • Charles Joseph Sciarrotta IV

      Were you born stupid? Police have to swear under oath to tell the truth you moron smdh

      • Will

        If you did not know that the police are allowed to lie force a confession then you are totally ignorant of the facts. MORON!

        • Charles Joseph Sciarrotta IV

          I am a retired Cop, we are not allowed to lie under oath. with that being said anyone can lie. But just like the public if we are caught we are prosecuted. whether you want to believe it or not.

      • dog31743t


    • Craig_Bosley

      You are not comparing apples to apples. If you feel police are lying and abusing their power, the fix is to fight to stop that. It is inappropriate to use it as an excuse for lying.

      • dog31743t


        • Justin Jurek

          Actually, if they lie to the court they can be prosecuted for perjury just like anyone else.

          • dog31743t


          • Dave G

            You are lying (no suppose here folks)

        • kmac

          You’re a moron. Come out of mommy’s basement for some air sometime. Oxygen is good for the brain!

          • dog31743t


          • kmac


    • Momto4kids

      If it is a legitimate complaint, what is the problem…complain away. Their body cams should prove your complaint.

    • Robert Stephen

      Actually, yours and dogs comments show how little you know. Every arrest complaint is signed and clerked by an officer of the court that the charges in it are true, therefore if they lie it’s illegal. So therefore it’s the same for civilian or cop. I’m sure you both all ready knew that with your vast knowledge of the subject matter though.

    • Dave G

      You have been an idiot since the day you were hatched

  • Craig_Bosley

    She is ignorant beyond belief. I assume she got the job because she is black and certainly not because she intelligent.

    • Jordan

      I’d like to say your racist but the sad truth is you may be right because clearly she isn’t the brightest bulb in the shed

      • Craig_Bosley

        I’m really not racist, but I am sick of racism regardless of what race perpetuates it.

        We have far too many promoting racism.

        • Jordan

          That we do

        • dog31743t


          • Craig_Bosley

            It would be nice if we had friends. To please you, do I need to separate Middle Eastern friends by country. Do you have that quota list?

      • showmesplfd

        Jordan: It would be racist only if there were not racially biased hiring programs to force employers to hire a “balanced” number of racially mixed employees REGARDLESS of their qualifications for the job. The problem of passing over a better qualified candidate to hire one that is not as well qualified but does fit the racial profiling deemed necessary to meet quotas has existed since the late ’60’s and has done nothing to improve the quality of the workforce or the opportunities for workers.

    • dog31743t


      • mary

        Seriously? She is a civilian appointee of the mayor precisely because she is a black woman. To defend her for this statement is as stupid as supporting Hank Johnson in his “Guam is going to tip over”. Diversity appointees backfiring on the black community.

      • Craig_Bosley

        You seem to be the only one with rude and ignorant speech. I suspect it’s easier when you hide who you are.

    • Teresa Mohr Harris

      and because Rahm Emanuel is the mayor !!!

  • Haligonex

    Hey, to be President you have to attest to telling the truth even though everyone knows you are a lying SOB or Cu-t

    • marvelmysteryman

      Shrillary Rotten Clinton lies constantly and denies it even when confronted with video of herself lying.

    • Dave G

      “C U Next Tuesday” works for me

  • Jack Reilly

    Woman is a total Idiot and nutcase….where’s the LOGIC in her plan?????? WHERE????

    • Paul Smathers

      It is obvious her name does not discribe her. Instead of Lightfoot it should be light brain.


    “She wants to remove the requirement that complainants sign a statement which attests that they are telling the truth.”

    Has anyone ever heard of a more ignorant policy to allow statements without attesting they are truthful? Is everyone in Chitcago such an ignorant pile of cheese doodles.

  • Janet Clayton

    Lori needs to stay away from police procedures! People s/b penalized when they lie and report an untruth…they are wasting police time, money and energy, not to mention the alleged perp they are calling about…leave things the way they are! Let’s get more cameras for cops to wear that cannot be shut off during shifts. That should help alot.

    • Darin Hoover

      Obviously the camera won’t help either. The recent shootings can attest to that. People just need to settle the hell down and think just a little before reacting. This country is going to hell in a hand basket. And Chit-cago is leading the way. Idiot mayor should be the first to go in the city’s effort to get under control

  • bigtony8

    Quit Patrolling in the High Crime Areas. When crime is so bad that they cant even walk out their door things will change. Officers Stop Patrolling areas that don’t want you!!!!

    • CPRInstructor

      Wait… what? So officers shouldn’t patrol in high crime areas because the criminals don’t want them? That makes about as much sense as this lady imbecile is making… NONE!!

      • bigtony8

        The Black Community hates Police.So why should i try to clean up their neighborhoods? As an Officer I will only go into their community when i get a called . When i’m in a white area they love seeing me.. So until The Good Blacks step up im out of their Community..

  • 2BRKnot2B

    Any other news organization corroborating this report?

  • commonsense

    Yes, all the upper middle class and middle class professionals that live on the south side……

    • Craig_Bosley

      What does that have to do with this?

  • tvonthebrain

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
    I mean, criminals never, ever lie , right?

    • dog31743t


      • Dave G

        Shit for brains

    • David F Mayer

      That is correct. Criminals NEVER, EVER lie.

      And I am the Tooth Fairy.

  • Paul T Lund

    This type of crap is typical of the left (no personal responsibility) and another reason that Chicago has become a sewer and the murder capital of the world.

  • Ekul1021

    Another good indication that the Demo-craps have turn Chicago, once a beautiful city known for their pizza into a cesspool of crimes. Yes there are few police who have done questionable unethical things, but do the criminals also follow the law? Obviously telling the truth is becoming a rare item.

  • IamJarrod

    Guys this article is spun like a spider’s web… it’s not about truthfulness it’s about getting people to feel more comfortable actually making complaints many people won’t step foot in a station to make a complaint… I think a better compromise is to make the affidavit available online where people can still attest to the facts of their complaint without actually having to come to a precinct.

  • Richard James

    How retarded can you get Chicago? Time to vote several people onto the unemployment line.

  • Robert H Cooper

    WTF……Now it’s ok to make false statements, as long as they are on police. Stupidity reigns in the Black community if they seriously think is a good or even fair policy. The police there should take a walk for a few days. How crazy

  • David F Mayer

    Total unmitigated BS. A complaint is a FORMAL charge. FORMAL charges must be sworn to, otherwise they are null and void. This makes filing of any complaint a matter which lacks responsibility.

    A persons who files a complaint against the police needs to put himself on the line, just as in any other complaint.

    Otherwise, what is to prevent some jerk from accusing the cop of kidnapping him, placing him on a flying saucer and taking him to Mars? Not true? No penalty.

    There MUST be a penalty for making a false accusation against anybody.

  • Chas

    OMG, is she an idiot. Oh let just let these people who file a complaint lie.

  • Wayne Basso

    Chicago Civilian Police Board President Lori Lightfoot must be as thick as pig shit if the thinks people won’t make false statements regarding the police if they don’t have to sign a statement promising to tell the truth. I’ll bet she thinks that the ones who are currently signing the statements are all telling the truth.

  • donnie vanderford

    The heroes of the Chicago Police??Last i heard they were shooting people and lying about it.

    • Dave G

      Last I heard the best part of you ran down your mothers leg

      • donnie vanderford

        Let me explain how this works Dave. An article is posted and then we respond to it with facts and reason. The fact is that the Chicago Police Department is a brutal and screwed up mess. There has been questionable shooting after questionable shooting followed by cops making false statements followed by huge lawsuit payouts.
        See how i did that by stating facts instead of juvenile name calling. Facts are stubborn things and reason can be uncomfortable uf you are on the wrong side of it. You would be well served to try to do your job in a humane and legal manner. If that is too tough for you why dont you quit and let someone else do the job that we expect of law enforcement? However i am afraid that your response will be more juvenile name calling instead of any substansive action and that is why your department is such a mess.

      • Muhatt Ghandi

        No I think she spit him into the sink????

  • KAG505

    Telling the truth is too much of a burden, she says???? She needs to be smoking better stuff than she has been smoking or quit smoking what she has been smoking, whatever the case may be….Unbelievable, but it is Chicago after all….

  • rdc101

    The woman has lost her sense of knowing what the truth is!! It is not unusual nor rare for someone who happens to be considered middle-class or upper class as a professional to file false allegations just the same as it is not unusual for those in a lower social status to lie. The only safeguard that prevents most of these citizens from crossing over the line from truthfulness to a flat out lie is that they are making their statements under an Oath. As a member of the judicial field as a Magistrate for 13 years and prior to that as a law enforcement officer I have found that lying for self-serving reasons is not limited to any one social class. Liars are found throughout our society even those serving on police oversight boards in their respective communities. This woman is way off base and coming from someone who is a part of the political structure in Chicago I wouldn’t even discount that she would commit perjury if it filled a need of meeting her liberal/progressive social objectives.

    • Dave G

      She be dee black Hillary

  • KAG505

    This woman may be bucking for an appointment in hillaries department of non justice, if she gets elected…..

  • Dale L. Pettit

    It is not like professionals or olympians might make a false report, right?

  • Mike Klarman

    I would like to file a complaint against Lori Lightfoot. She’s brain dead. That’s my complaint.

  • modixie

    Stupidity like this can not be surpassed.

  • Jonny

    Where to begin? The entire point of the proposal is to allow individuals afraid of possible Chicago police intimidation, coercion and retaliation (which Chicago’s police force has always been known for and is constantly convicted of) to be able to file a complaint without divulging too much personal information until that complaint is actually being investigated by an outside source. If you do end up filing a complaint and making false testimony you are still committing a crime and will be prosecuted.
    It’s not that hard to understand. But luckily with the top notch one-sided reporting done at you guys don’t have to think for yourself.
    Kinda like the 7 officers that lied in the Laquan shooting and will be getting fired as a result of breaking the law. Crazy, huh? How dare the community expect officers to follow the laws that they are sworn to protect. Must be some far left propaganda ploy.
    Will there be some additional false accusations against police? Seems pretty likely. Will some average law-abiding citizens who have been victims of police misconduct feel a bit more comfortable in speaking up? Seems pretty likely.
    With a police department with a history or corruption, falsifying reports, lying on record, planting evidence, police sargent convicted of torturing for over a decade, etc. etc. maybe a little reform is past due?
    Not like it’s strictly people not affiliated at all with the department calling for change either…
    Oh yeah… and only Blue Lives Matter? Why do you guys hate firefighters and EMTs so much? #alllivesmatter

  • Richard Jennings

    Anyone and everyone filing a formal complaint should be willing and able to swear that it is the truth. It costs them money, time and labor to investigate. If you aren’t willing to commit to the truth. They have no reason to invest money in your fairy-tale or lies or possibly truth…..
    Caucasians are also arrested for lieing and filing false police reports. It has nothing to do with race or prejudice.

  • Bill Redmon

    I have a complaint to swear out. A lady named Lori Lightfoot sexually assaulted me the last time I was in Chicago. She told me that she is a very important person in Chicago and no one would believe me even if I signed a statement indicating that she fondled my personal area (Dick). She is the most stupid person in an important position that I have ever heard, and that’s saying a lot. No wonder Chicago is in the shape it is in.

  • David F. Podesta

    Some people are incredibly stupid. Telling the truth is an unnecessary burden? Since when? This dummy would turn Chicago into a 3rd world shithole – even more than it is now.

  • John Dawson

    Do not answer a fool when he / she says something stupid lest you be like him/her. On the other hand answer a when he /she says something stupid or they will think that they are smart. Proverbs
    They should require that all parties involved in a misconduct complaint
    be fully accountable. Police and citizens.
    Justice should be fair, transparent, quick, and without prejudice.
    Matthew 12 : 20 AMP BIBLE
    A bruised reed He (Jesus ) will not break and a smoldering wick He ( Jesus ) will not snuff out until He leads justice and a just cause to victory.

  • The_Infidel_01

    So what she is saying is, black people shouldn’t have to swear to having told the truth, because that is too hard for black people.
    Honesty is such a white privilege thing anyway cracka.

  • Doug Packer

    HaHa! Chicago is one of the few places where this could even happen.

    • Dave G

      Or with the idiots on St Pauls city counsel

  • Vic Bailey

    LIARS are going to lie, signing a piece of paper won’t matter to them. Semper Fi.

  • Jeff Jackson

    OK… so if complainants don’t need to be held to the standard of “truth” when filing complaints then Police Officers don’t need evidence that a crime was committed to arrest a person. Only in the idiotic world of Liberals does any of this make sense… lmao

  • Mary Rae

    So the criminals can keep on lying while innocent officers just trying to do their job are killed.

  • Ladarrin Davis

    This is some kinda joke…. she can’t be that stupid.

  • Hillbilly

    HOW DUMB IS THIS WOMAN??? Why is it OK to lie about an Officer? Why is it OK for her to assume that professional blacks don’t lie? This kind of stupid on any kind of government board is dangerous. She should go back to whatever she did before she was given this position, she obviously didn’t earn it by her intelligence.

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    Classic leftist maneuver – you don’t like the data, well change it. They’ve done it on climate – with NASA’s help. It’s been done on voter fraud, there is a ton of it, but the lefties changed how it gets defined. Obama changed how deportation is defined to include people turned away at the border, so his precipitous drop in actual deportations wasn’t so glaring.

    Perhaps most egregious? Govt measurements like unemployment or inflation. They have been defined to conceal more than they reveal, and are merely political tools. This is how they do. More to come apparently, lol. I’m fine with roasting marshmallows on the burning corpse that is our society.

  • Gio

    She simply wants to make it easier for BLM movement to retaliate against the police department without any type of consequences, making false allegations and wasting tax payers dollars on bogus investigations will have no punishment, I do not support this, why don’t we just remove the burden of proof too from the justice system too while we’re at it?, that way people can make a false claim and the state doesn’t even have to waste time investigating anything, just toss people in jail and throw away the key, I’m sure that will make everything so much easier.

    Common sense is rare these days. stupidity is growing at an alarming rate in this country, and its due to the welfare system, just keep popping out babies and we will pay for them, who cares if they get no education or stable homes, the dumber the better, a lot easier to persuade come elections season, just throw more free money their way and you get votes.

  • Michael Bonds

    Yes they should be required to sign, this is the stupidest thing I have heard. Sure let’s just let someone make a dozen complaints against the same
    Officer and then he gets fired and sis nothing wrong, what coukd be wrong with this? After all “professionals”woukd never lie and neither will the drug dealers

  • Lawrence McAllister

    This is not about protecting criminals. Police have gotten together lied about the events but because it may 4 or 5 of them versus a single citizen. The citizen even if 100% truthful can be prosecuted by police false statements. Police intimidate citizens with their sign statements. This take that possible prosecution off the table. It is designed to protect the innocent not the guilty.

    • Dave G

      LMFAO. Larry boy go eat your cookie, drink your milk. It’s way past your nap time

  • joespook


  • TyroneCobb

    how can you tell when a negro is lying?

    It’s lips are moving

  • hmmathis

    Hillary Clinton would love that!

  • bigtony8

    TRUMP 2016!!!!

  • OlneyFalcon

    Why would anything like this be in an employment contract in the first place?

  • Mike Diehl

    another ignorant black idiot,,,,i don’t know how decent black people can stand the ignorant ones

  • Linda Duncan

    Why don’t we take away the insistence that people testifying in court promise THEY’RE telling the truth as well? After all, does it REALLY matter if someone’s lying under circumstances where people’s lives and freedoms are affected? SMH this has to be just about the MOST idiotic suggestion I’ve heard in my life, and over half of those have come out of MY OWN MOUTH!! lol

  • Ed Kirwan

    And prosecutors and judges shouldn’t have to pass the bar. No no no, check that, they shouldn’t be lawyers at all. They should only be Acorn approved. And jails shouldn’t have bars, and we should replace incarceration with new jobs for offenders, good paying jobs, not any of that entry level stuff. And of course, by this logic of inverted reality, the job should always fit the crime, the worse the crime the higher the pay. C Block should be replaced with C Suite! get on it all you SJW’s

  • ThrowDaBombOhio

    It doesn’t matter too much because the Dumbocrats have NEVER prosecuted anyone for making a false statement. However more of the animals will lie to try and get their ghetto lottery winnings.


    WTF! She is the Police Board Presdident? Time for a new election someone anyone, but her. Good God!

    The 6th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution sets out many rights for defendants during a criminal prosecution, including the right of the accused to confront their accusers. The relevant text of the Confrontation Clause of the 6th Amendment reads as follows: In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to be confronted with the witnesses against him.

    The 14th Amendment has made the 6th Amendment’s right to confrontation applicable to state court as well as federal court.

    The confrontation clause guarantees criminal defendants the opportunity to face the prosecution’s witnesses in the case against them and dispute the witnesses’ testimony. This guarantee applies to both statements made in court and statements made outside of court that are offered as evidence during trial.

    So, what she is saying is anyone can accuse any Officer of anything and they don’t have to sign their name saying they are telling the truth. Not only that, they never have to come face to face with the officer to discuss the incident, pretty messed up for those (good or bad) who have to swear protect and serve.

  • Patrick Harding

    “…professionals would never lie anyway…” Uh, hello! Police are professionals.

  • qthush

    This is an asinine comment, doctors lawyers, drug dealers all lie, they lie to make their situation believable. Your an idiot.

  • john4637

    Is this for real or is it all out of some far fetched fairy tale?! It sounds like the coming of a kangaroo court for the police! I say tit for tat, how about the police no longer swearing to testify truthfully in court, or when applying for arrest warrants and other affidavits, requiring an oath while officers fulfilling their daily duties. I say stay within the framework of the law and the need to file complaints against the police will decrease dramatically!

  • Bob Schwandt

    No one has ever been prosecuted for lying on these sworn affidavits. Lightfoot is a committed Marxist and throwback to the late 60’s. She hates police and really anything that doesn’t agree with her atheist, racist and sexist views.

  • Michael Pisani

    Anonymous complaints are a return to the Middle Ages, when “denouncing” someone could be made without the accuser identifying themselves. Then the accused had to prove their innocence without facing their accusers.
    The U.S. still has the Bill of Rights.Let’s keep it.

  • pvbella

    Lightfoot is an attorney. Evidently she is not a very bright attorney. The affidavit is a state law. The Police Board cannot undo a state law. Geez, she should ask for a refund of her law school tuition or she is really dumb.

  • Patrick Lavender

    She’s just another corrupt and inferior Democrat trying to sound like she knows what she’s doing… Buffoons on parade, it must be pride day there..

  • Patrick Lavender

    Vaping bad!
    Cigarettes bad!

    Smoking dope, hand me that bong man toke it up, no health issues with dope.. that’s the Democrat mentality