Chicago – Would It Be Safer With More Cops Or A New Mayor?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Chicago – Would It Be Safer With More Cops Or A New Mayor?

Chicago – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is probably glad that there are not 32 days in August, because that would have been one more deadly day in the city, where he is mayor.

August 2016 has gone down in the record books, but not for a good reason. Throughout the month, over 470 people have been shot and at least 90 homicides have occurred, according to Chicago Police statistics.  Mayor Emanuel’s solution of more gun control does not appear to be working at this point. At this point, what would serve Chicago better: More police or a different mayor?

City council leaders also seem to be torn between revamping the police oversight board and the need to hire more officers.

Chicagoans need to ask themselves if it’s more important to fund more people to police the police, or more police to police the criminals?  Either way, it seems that there is no clear direction under the current leadership of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who has been in office for over five years now.

Mayor Emanuel has been relying heavily on officers working overtime to combat the violence. Local elected officials have expressed concern with the mayor demanding more from an already stretched police force, rather than adding to the overall strength of force by adding more officers.

Funding for more officers isn’t the only concern, there’s a disagreement on how many officers might be needed. A reporter asked the mayor about the vacancies of over 400 sworn officers, Emanuel responded, “That’s not true. That’s not true.” Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said that the department is down 468 cops from full staffing.

Filling that many vacancies would take years, even with appropriate funding. As more officers retire or leave for other departments, the number of vacancies will continue to grow, even as Chicago PD tries to fill those vacancies. The police academy can only handle so many trainees at once. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight any time soon for this police shortage.

Chicago – Please speak up and tell your city council to give Chicago PD the resources that they need to combat the violence.

  • David F. Podesta

    In a perfect world, Emmanuel would’ve been removed from office LONG ago. The problem is that the democrat machine has a stranglehold on the power in Chicago, so that will not happen, but it does validate what the NRA has been saying for years-we don’t need MORE gun laws; we need ENFORCEMENT of the ones we DO have. That seems to be the same problem everywhere democrats have ruled of 50 years or better, as well as with the federal government. The feds make very few gun law arrests and their conviction rate is poor.