Chicago Mayor Backs Punk Who Tried to Take Cop’s Gun

Ja'Mal Green Assaults Chicago Police Officer

Supported by Mayor Emanuel: Ja’Mal Green Assaulting Chicago Police Officer (Chicago Tribune)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Backs Punk Who Tried to Take Cop’s Gun.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wrote a letter of support to a judge overseeing the case where Ja’Mal Green assaulted a police officer and tried to take anther officer’s gun. These events happened in a large crowd with a lot of witnesses present, during the Black Lives Matter protests over the shooting of Alton Sterling. Several members of the media witnessed the assault, and Green was even captured on camera assaulting an officer. Despite the overwhelming evidence against Ja’Mal Green, his supporters are claiming that he is just a “political prisoner,” and apparently Mayor Emanuel agrees.

Chicago Tribune reports:

On Monday, prosecutors said Green, 20, was among 150 to 200 demonstrators who were leaving the Taste of Chicago on Saturday evening. An officer saw Green climb a fence and ordered him to get down, they said.

Prosecutors said Green threatened the officer, saying he was “going to beat his ass” and stood face to face with him, swinging his arms. Green was allowed to continue the protest but later struck a police commander in the shoulder, prosecutors said.

Part of the incident was captured by a Chicago Tribune photographer, and a photo was published on the Tribune’s website. Prosecutors and the judge cited that photo in court.

Later, on Michigan Avenue near Water Tower Place, Green grabbed the duty belt of a police captain about an inch away from the officer’s service revolver, prosecutors said.

A police lieutenant pulled Green’s arm away and attempted to take him into custody, but Green resisted, saying, “You’re going to get it — I’m going to have your badge,” prosecutors told the judge.

Green was initially released on bond with electronic home monitoring and a curfew. However, after Green’s lawyers submitted a letter of support from Mayor Emanuel, Green’s electronic monitoring and curfew were lifted.

When these entitled punks are not held accountable for their actions, they will continue to escalate. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is sending a message that he supports people who are disorderly and assault the police. Let’s tell Mayor Emanuel that he can’t support a criminal’s actions without losing the support of law-abiding citizens.


  • Mary

    I hope that city burns to the ground.

    • VerifyEverything

      We tried that – they rebuilt

  • Richard

    When politicians start siding with criminals it’s time for them to step down.

  • James

    They have a huge qaurry south of town. Just push the whole shit hole into it amd cover it over.

  • Carnac the Magnificent

    I hope everyone is ready for anarchy and all that goes with it.

  • Natalie Palma

    My questions are to the mayor. Sir do you honestly think it is ok for any citizens to disrespect a officer several times? Do you think for a second when the Police are gone these same disrespectful punks are going to respect you for a second? And when they are not and are causing harm to you and your family who will you call for help?

  • Bill

    And this is where the division starts…… Politicians more woried about themselves then enforcing the laws. Standing up for a criminal …..but he will get voted back in because CRIMINAL LIVES MATTER and not the men in Blue …. oh wait he is a criminal

  • M devlin

    Wow. How did he ever get elected? Idiot.

    • Nail_31

      obama got him back in as the mayor, plus the crooked Chicago political machine.

  • Robin Mckenzie

    As a retired Chicago police officer, I would tell my brothers in blue to let the likes of Rahm, Father Pfleger and this street thug Green handle the neighborhood. Just show up,do the report,bag em and tag em and go home to your families.

  • Bill

    Has the mayor lost his mind ? The officer did nothing wrong and the accused did ! That tells me that the mayor is a card carrying member of BLM !

    • VerifyEverything

      No just a wimp politician who once worked for the big BO. Took ballet which is why he is nicknamed ‘tiny dancer’.

  • Lynn B

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel your a Damn IDIOT and should be Immediately Thrown out of Office you moron — don’t even support your Police Force I hope YOU never need them ~ they all should turn there backs to you and let what ever happens to you just happen !!

    • Joe

      The irony.

    • Bob Roberts

      It’s “you’re a damn idiot”. Please, help us and learn proper grammar.

  • Mayor Emanuel needs to be relieved of his duty; since he obviously is not doing his duty. He is aiding a dangerous threat to our police department.

  • Dan

    It’s time to give the mayor what he wants. Let’s just give him a week with nm of security detail or any Police at all in Chicago

  • Shon

    MARY… EAD… Who are you to wish destruction on anyone? Let alone a whole city. Easy for you to sit on your perch and judge others. What if I said i wish someone would burn your house down?

  • Yola

    Maybe we ought review campaign contributions and see how much he got from this guy or family.
    Real leaders stays out of it.

  • When a friend of a politician acts like an asshole and that politician defends his actions, he becomes an asshole too. Well done Mr. Mayor.

  • Don Coder

    Something wrong with that mayor.

    • Ohioman18

      Democrat is all you need know.

    • Bob Roberts

      Closet gay.

  • lamonica campbell

    Dag, I guess because an officer said it happened it’s the truth?! FOH!

    • Christian Cherniss

      and that’s why you live in the ghetto grats

      • lamonica campbell

        If you consider North Center the ghetto ! Then yeah!

        • Katrina

          And when the officer’s claims are backed up by photo and video, that kind of makes is the truth.

        • VerifyEverything

          How are those killings muggings burglaries going now? Yes in North Center.

    • 4Bravo1

      IQ too low to see the photo and caption and relate it to the story?

  • Christian Cherniss

    that’s why Chicago is a pos

  • Katrina

    Emmanuel is the reason I won’t even drive through Chicago on my way south. We used to enjoy visiting the museums there. We’ve found entertainment in safer places. He has ruined that city. I don’t think it is possible for a human to be that stupid. He is bought and paid for by the unsavory element. I can’t wait for his corruption to come to light and he is held responsible for his deeds. When a mayor steps between criminals and law and order, they are dirty.

  • bohica9428

    Obamas home town. Whats the big deal?

  • Joe W

    So sad. How about stop providing 24/7 protection for the mayor on the taxpayer’s dime?

  • Nicole Farrell Hraha

    I can’t believe how wrong this article is. Get your facts straight before you make “blue lives matter” supporters sound like a bunch of idiots.

  • Bob Roberts

    Rahm is POS.

  • Don Coder

    Police stand between us and anarchy, rule by stupidity and violence.