VIDEO: Chicago Rapper King Yella Shot While Filming Black Lives Matter Video

VIDEO: Chicago Rapper King Yella Shot While Filming Black Lives Matter Video

Chicago Rapper King Yella was filming a Black Lives Matter video when he was shot in a drive-by shooting on Wednesday. After the shooting, King Yella posted the video of the shooting to his Instagram account.


Earlier in the week, King Yella put out a call for people to show up wearing red and blue to help him film his new Black Lives Matter video. None of these people apparently considered that it might draw the wrong type of attention to have a large group of men standing around in gang colors.

King Yella posted pictures of his injuries to his Instagram account. It appears that his wounds were minor flesh wounds that were treated with band-aids.

Side shot I’m good I’m bout to go so hard on my grind thank u God ???????? for another chance ????

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In and out my elbow I’m blessed tho ???????????? God got me ????

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King Yella was only one of ten people shot in Chicago on Wednesday alone. The heroes of Chicago PD are constantly trying to fight back a tide of violence while they aren’t given the resources they need and are facing a hostile public and city administrators.

Black Lives Matter has made it clear that they wish to get rid of the police all-together, in favor of “community solutions.” How are those community solutions working for you?

  • marrel

    Too bad the shooters can’t aim.
    I say give BLM what they want: pull police out of these neighborhoods and let the community police itself. as long as they keep it in that hood, we all win.

    • tekwrite

      Maybe barricades to keep them IN?

    • kammeres

      not too late to get Snake Plissken out of retirement for another sequel – “Escape from Chicago”

      • GlockG23

        First good idea I’ve heard in a long time. “Call me Snake…”

    • TyroneCobb

      it’s because they always hold a pistol like a niqqer. Oh wait..

  • tekwrite

    But did he get the SHOT? LMAO

  • Gene Splicer

    The Bloods need to stay in their own neighborhood.

  • Carlos Hernandez

    Karma is a bit@h.

  • Jack Reilly

    First thing this THUG did was to grab his crotch, what a POS, and as for those face tattoos, holy shit!

  • Cristy Wilson

    Community solution: get rid of gangs…. not promote them in videos. Hopefully God kept him around to change the hearts of his community. Betcha he called the police to investigate.

    • GirlScoutLDR

      According to Hillary we just need positive gangs.

  • nedhope

    black lives dont matter when it comes to black on black .. sing about that … i wonder if they called the police for their help … and i would also be suspicious if these guys are tied to some gang

  • radiskull

    Free AR’s for Chicago, at the same time pull out the Police for a week. There’s a reason Osama won’t retire to Chicago after the WH, he’s staying in WA.

  • ThunderdomeTourGuide

    He was treated with band aids. Wow! That’s street right there. LOL.

  • bigtony8

    The Police need to just stay out of Black Communities. When it gets so bad that you cant even walk out of your house in those areas then maybe they will show respect and the need for police.. Let them destroy their communities..

  • Darren Wilkens

    That’s what they get for pushing a racist and terrorist ideology!

  • fpbiv375

    Must be music fans!

  • Hickchic

    Here’s my opinion

  • Kevin Bullard

    I blame the NRA

  • Synndra Phoenix

    He said thank God…. maybe that was God’s way of saying this is your last chance to stop the nonsense. Company you keep will get you killed. And I guarantee cop’s did their job. Why do the police got to keep going and helping the people who obviously don’t want them around. Ugh. Yes let them run their neighborhood but rest of us want police and we pay taxes for them. Don’t drag the rest of us down with you. We never liked the terrorists behaviour BLM displays everyday. They can deny it but proof is in the pudding as they say.

  • Mistergilgamesh

    Did anyone notice that no one asked if anyone had been hit in order to offer assistance? They just ran like frightened rabbits.

    • Greg Papadatos

      Were they running away, or were they running after the car to return fire?

  • Danny L. Gibson

    Appears to be some escapees from the primate area of one zoo — having a little problem with the escapees of another animal facility — give them more guns and ammunition — keep shooting each other — problem solved!!!

  • Gio

    Some one did not get the BLM memo LOL.

  • Lynn B

    Another Dumb ass Asking to get shot and hey look he did !! Karma Baby ~

  • Celia Lysek

    God ain’t got you, satan does. If you’re promoting violence against whites or anyone else, God isn’t the one keeping you alive. You can however repent, become a child of God and change your ways and become an agent for peace among all people regardless of color, and God will certainly have your back.

  • Carmen

    ouch…was he shot by black man though?? or white??

  • SelfLoathingLeftist

    Hopefully Mayor Rahm Emanuel can call for more stricter gun laws.

  • How Not To Play The Game

    ……….It’s a mind blower that Chicago PD even has any employees.

  • joe barron

    this builds street cred

  • hwy505

    Bahahaha. And they had the balls to call PD for help.

  • MudFlapShoes

    there is no one more dangerous to the black man than another black man.


  • “But these as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, they speak evil of the things that they understand not, and shall utterly perish in their own corruption. “

  • Greg Papadatos

    How many people were shot in that particular incident? What is their current condition?

    I heard gunshots that initially seemed to come from a source offscreen, like perhaps people in a vehicle doing a drive-by. I then heard many other shots. Was somebody in the video crew returning fire?

  • Dennisinlexky

    all staged, just another set up so that blm ( if you don’t know that’s the, kill all white people, organization) to get more recognition.

  • Katrina

    Was he shot by a pellet gun or a BB? He sure is blowing it out of proportion.