Police: Three West Side Chicago Gangs Plotting to Shoot Cops

Picture from a Chicago Gangs rheumatoid arthritis convention.

Picture from a Chicago Gangs rheumatoid arthritis convention.

Police: Three West Side Chicago Gangs Plotting to Shoot Cops

The time is 7:30 PM in Chicago.  The summer sun is setting over the famous Great Lakes city wrought with turmoil.  Anticipation grows as the lights dim in one particular building on West Monroe Street.  Its old ceilings show glory of the era in which is was built.  It’s ornate and beautiful, even amidst the war brewing within the city.  The old building is the Privatebank Theater, and tonight its host to the award winning musical “The Book of Mormon”.  Most assuredly, event goers – dressed in fine attire – will sit in suspense as the curtain raises and will later leave happy as it lowers again.  Their attention is fixated on the scenes of fiction before them.

But whether they know it or not, a war has been declared just 5 miles away from that very theater.  This week leaders from three Chicago gangs from Chicago’s West Side met, putting aside all past disagreements, and are plotting to shoot officers of the Chicago Police Department.

Following last months shooting death of criminal Paul O’Neal, media attention on the Chicago PD has led many to believe that the use of deadly force was unjustified, and the crime ridden city has become unstable.  Media articles have falsely portrayed, yet again, another criminal as the victim and the cops as the criminals.

This frenzy in Chicago has indeed obtained the ratings and readers that the media outlets desire.  However, its cancerous spin has also garnered the attention of the violent gangs harbored throughout the city.  In particular, the biased and uninformed reporters have become the source of permission for the West Side gangs the Vice Lords, the Black Disciples, and the Four Corners Hustlers, as they plan to shoot cops.  Chicago now appears to heading down the path of Ferguson and Baltimore, or worse.

In an astounding directive made within Chicago PD, released by an anonymous source, officers are being told to “limit interactions and visibility.”  That decision cripples uniformed patrols that function on the cornerstone of public connections and high visibility.  The threat to the lives of our brothers in blue in Chicago must be considered credible given such a drastic reaction in changing the methods of patrolling their city.

As we continue to cover the developing conflict in Chicago, we offer our support and prayer to the men and women of Chicago PD.  Help us spread responsible coverage of these events by following us on Facebook and sharing our stories.

As the scenes play out, we think of the Chicago police officers who are holding the line between calm and chaos with their own lives in the balance.  And yet, residents just five miles away can sit in an old victorian theater and relax to watch a show.  To the media whose irresponsible coverage is feeding this firestorm, we say “break a leg”.  No, really.


  • Pamelita243

    It’s unfortunate that police aren’t really allowed to be pro-active in this case…meaning to take these thugs out.

  • Ball Buster®

    If the mayor won’t back the police, then I and other citizens will stand right next to our men and women in Blue armed to the teeth.

    • junebugjabowilkins

      Good luck with that Ball Buster. You would wish such a thing for a ficticious planted story. Have you no critical thinking skills?

  • junebugjabowilkins

    This is a story that was planted by the police unions. It has no basis in fact.

    • רהאם עגורן

      Exactly,they have agents to play the part

  • רהאם עגורן

    Another Black face concept, Europeans look like Moors with the black paint, to create a idea that these acts are happening

  • junebugjabowilkins

    The police want nothing more than more militarisation by declaring #blacklivesmattter an urban insurgency and use the principles of engagement thet the Isrealis use against the Palestinians. Its all connected. https://usa666.wordpress.com/street-gangs-the-new-urban-insurgency-yeah-right/

  • Linda Taylor

    There is something you can do…help create a publicly accessible gang database. Stanislaus County has between 10,000 and 12,000 gang members. Over 5,000 are documented. To put these numbers into perspective, gang members in this community represent a higher number than the entire population of Denair, Del Rio, Westley, Grayson, Hickman, and Hughson combined.

    Gang members are terrorists. They use terror as a means of coercion. That’s how they thrive. We must address gangs in the same manner we would address any terrorist organization that has declared war on our communities.

    There’s no question we need to find solutions to our gang crises and a publicly accessible gang database is the place to start. I would like to see the creation of a state wide publicly accessible gang database set up like Megan’s Law. A database that would provide specific information on documented gang members including a picture, name, age, description, address, etc. Gang members in our state far outnumber sexual offenders and pose an even greater threat.

    A publicly accessible gang database will empower the general public by arming them with life-saving information should they or someone they know become a target or a victim of a documented gang member.

    Please call Sheriff Adam Christianson with your support. Together we will win this war.

    • Laura McCool

      That really sounds like a great idea.

  • Gordon Anthony

    News agencies across the country are aiding the government in creating chaos and hatred towards local police agencies. Unfortunately, this plays right into obamas plans. When he and the media create enough lawlessness, he can declare “martial law”, therefore making it possible for him to remain in the White House as king, removing any and all power from congress and the House of Representatives. He alone will run the country, and impose his own rules upon us, until such time as he alone determines that the country is brought under control. This means, no presidential election will occur, and he will be our ruler.

  • John Paul Jones

    Will have to start Patrolling using ‘APC’s’ – Patrol at niht using Night-Vision Devices for ‘An Edge’….Arm the APC’s w/Real Guns, 50 cal’s- no more Flash-Bangs, no more Rubber Bullets! THEY will/are Shooting to KILL, so…….
    This is the Beginning of THE END if this isn’t ‘Jumped-On’ right away.