Child Chicago Gang-Rape Victim And Mother Being Harassed, Getting Online Threats

Chicago PD is hunting the gang-rape suspects as the victim is being harassed.

Chicago PD is hunting the gang-rape suspects as the victim is being harassed.

Victim Of Gang Rape And Family Being Harassed

Chicago, IL – As the investigation by the Chicago Police Department into the Facebook Live-streamed video of a 15-year-old’s gang rape continues, the victim and her family are now receiving online threats.

According to NBC News,  the victim’s mother has told police that she no longer feels safe in her own home after receiving online threats. She also said that neighborhood children are taunting members of the family, that they have come by her house laughing at the victim and ringing her doorbell.

In the online messages, the victim’s mother said that people say they are going to get her child.

A spokesman from the Chicago Police Department said that they are aware of the threats that have been made, and that detectives have opened additional investigations into them specifically.

The victim’s mother said “I can’t stay here. I have other kids, too. I used to let them walk to school and now I have to take them.”

Authorities were able to arrange relocation services for the family, and they have said that the victim is now in a “safe place.”

Chicago Police Detectives are questioning ‘multiple individuals’ about the gang-rape.  They are also working to establish the timeline and continuing to attempt to identify the victim’s attackers.  The police spokesman said that they have “teams working around the clock” and that “detectives are making good progress in the case.”

No arrests have yet been made.

A local activist who helped the victim’s mother find the online video for the police said that he was struck by the indifference and callousness of the people who were standing around in the video while the rape was occurring.  He said that “the video shows someone pulling the girl to a bed as she struggled to get away.”

He said that other individuals were standing around and talking, and that someone said to cut the lights off.  He said that lights were turned on and off throughout the video, which was several minutes long.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and her family. There’s no doubt that heroes of Chicago PD will do everything they can to bring these low-lifes to justice.