Charlotte Protesters Have Made a List of Demands

charlotte list of demands

Charlotte Protesters Have Made a List of Demands

Charlotte, North Carolina – The past week has been a straight mess. Betty Shelby shot Terence Crutcher in Tulsa and charges were filed before the investigation was complete. People lost it because the helicopter crew member said Crutcher looks like a bad dude. Then the Charlotte officer shot Keith Scott, who was armed, and told over 10 times to drop his gun. The mainstream media reported it as a “Disabled Black Man Shot by Police While Reading a Book in his Car”, which resulted in dozens of injuries, lots of property damage, and the death of a protester.

A follower of our Facebook page sent us a picture of a list of demands from a group called “Charlotte Uprising”. We honestly thought it was a joke at first until we took a look at their website.

Here is their list of demands, along with our thoughts.


Contrary to what you may think, the national guard isn’t activated just because they’re bored. They normally reserve mobilization for natural disasters, like when thousands of homes are destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people are displaced from floods. But unfortunately, because a bunch of overgrown children threw a temper tantrum before waiting for a thorough investigation and the release of solid evidence, they have to come babysit Charlotte.


We’re going to assume that you’re talking about the riot gear with this one. Again, that wouldn’t be necessary if people didn’t throw cinder blocks at police and destroy millions in property.


I’m pretty sure that you don’t like how police are trained right now, correct? You’re probably also not a big fan of people breaking into your house and taking your things. De-funding the police department means that there will be less officers on the streets. It also means that those officers would lose valuable training money.


The North Carolina Bureau of Investigation is already on it. Again, taking away a police department grants takes officers off the streets and takes money from valuable training.


They released all of it. He had a gun. Officers told him to drop it several times.


Are you joking? No. Take responsibility for your actions. No-one forced those people to terrorize the public. I guess you want to free Justin Carr’s killer too.


They released the name of the officer that fired the shots. I don’t see them firing, arresting, and prosecuting officers that shot an armed felon who was given a dozen chances to drop his gun.


Honestly, the way thing go these days, they probably will get paid in some way, shape or, form. Just like how child abuser Korryn Gaines’ family is suing police for a few million.


How are people who want to de-fund the police, who know nothing about policing, who have never been through any type of law enforcement training going to run a police force? Here’s an idea, become a police officer and help your community however you see fit.


There were plenty of peaceful protests that the police weren’t worrying about. Perhaps, and this is just a thought, if some “protesters” didn’t try to drag a journalist into a fire then they wouldn’t target protesters. The police weren’t repressing peaceful protests, they were repressing the idiots that were destroying Charlotte.

Final thoughts

Terrorists and bank robbers are the only people that make lists of demands. How about, instead of making demands, you go volunteer for one of the many peaceful organizations on your “Solidarity” page? Go on a ride-along with a police officer to experience it first hand.

What are your thoughts? Let us know on our Facebook page.

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    I guess this means they will keep “rioting”, not protesting. Their demands are a joke. Do they have 6 year old’s write this crap?

    • Jim

      No, just people with 6 year old’s writing ability. Comes from being a bad student from grade school up until they dropped out of high school

      • Michael Baldwin

        Also don’t forget, these people do not have a true ‘education.’ What they got was an ‘indoctrination’ into the ways of liberalism.

        • Shirleen Riffe

          “these people” you mean inbred’s like yourself?

          • Michael Baldwin

            No, I mean brainwashed liberals….like yourself.

          • Joe Lee Waller III

            You see, when someone is speaking conversationally from a first person perspective and they use the phrase “these people”, they generally don’t mean “we people”. As in “we people” have read books and understand that using an apostrophe with an ‘s’ on a word like “inbred” denotes ownership. So you probably should have hyphenated “like-yourself” so we know that the entire like-yourself belongs to the inbred. And, as in “these people” think that a requirement for a voter ID is a breach of their freedom but tell me that I need an ID and a license to put string in the water to catch a fish. You see, I think “you people” need to quit scamming the voting booth so I’m clearly not included in “these people”. But I can’t teach you everything. Pick up a damn book.

      • slargusparg

        Which is why they are getting completely destroyed across the internet. Maybe paying attention in school and applying oneself wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

    • PubliusJenkem

      What ever SJW domestic terrorist that wrote this drivel appears to not be edjumacated. Another Obama’s son, I suppose . . .

  • Phil me Cracken

    Silly negros, this is why they are on drugs and end up in prisons and shot dead. This kind of mentality is the reason behind their woes.

    • cygkju

      I am not black but calling them names is no way to deal with an issue, You should have more integrity then that. Don’t reduce yourself to that level

      • Truth Hurts

        So… what exactly are we supposed to call them now? We don’t have time to keep up with this, we work jobs and stuff.

      • Phil me Cracken

        You call it names I call it the truth. They are just niggers

    • Shirleen Riffe

      It’s amazing that you could stop fucking your sister long enough to look up how to spell “negro”.

      • Keet Hensley

        gail17 is just a Troll, and not even a good one.

        • She’s horrible at it. Not funny at all.

        • Cre8rWest

          yes, but how do we explain her well throughout , intellectual comprehension and extremely articulate control of her 22 word vocabulary? (sarc/)

          • John Doe

            I think the word you wanted was “thorough” or “thought out” not “throughout”. It would be wise to use correct grammar when trying to call out someones “intelligence”. just saying…

      • Susan Swick

        Grow up!

      • Truth Hurts

        Yeah, seems to be missing an i, g, with a misplaced e and r in there as well.

      • Phil me Cracken

        My sister is your mother douche bag

      • Phil me Cracken

        Let’s use the proper word for them instead, that word would be nigger

  • Q9V


  • Joe Ciesielski

    Whoever had written the list of ‘demands’ should be arrested for extortion & terrorsim.

    • vincevv

      And what’s with calling it an ‘uprising’? It’s a riot or an even better description would be a terroristic riot.

      • gail17

        You mean like the Boston Tea Party?

        • Nope not like that at all.

        • Cre8rWest

          Gail … go to a library (that’s a building with lots of books) and get yourself at least minimally informed about what you are attempting to comment on. That way you don’t express your ignorance so clearly.

        • brenster

          no … sir .. with all due respect to you .. do not insult history by comparing these ding dongs and their riot to the tea party in Boston … the Boston tea party was an American uprising against the crown for excessive taxation .. this is a bunch of hooligans making their already crappy looking neighborhoods worse by burning businesses and looting … breaking windows out and burning police cars .. assaulting innocent white bystanders .. total criminal behavior .. is being permitted .. the police are standing down and allowing this group of criminals to block major highways .. looting tractor trailers and catching their cargo on fire .. this is being PERMITTED and the black lives matter crybabies are whining about cops targeting them ? ..hilarious ..

        • John Doe

          The boston tea party was a nonviolent protest not a riot that destroyed millions in damages and injured hundreds of people they also only destroyed british property not federal/government property.

          So no, not like the boston tea party.

      • John Doe

        Terrorism is defined as being politically motivated and attacking people just to spread terror. Which is exactly what BLM is doing. My grandparent’s home was burned down in missouri simply because he was a white man, the irony is that he worked with troubled teenagers to get their lives on the right road. Including black teenagers, so they gotta hurt people who’s helping them…Fuck these people they’re running around destroying cities and trying to set people on fire.

  • nurse male

    Here’s one….the immediate cessation of blm acting like animals

  • Amy Jenkins Patterson

    I don’t know if I should laugh at this list of “demands” or continue to be infuriated by the animalistic behavior of the “peaceful protestors.” This is the result of eight years of the Obama presidency. A group of people who cannot make the connection between actions and consequences, have zero respect for anyone of authority, would rather live off the tax dollars of hard working Americans than actually earn a paycheck, and are too ignorant to realize that they are destroying “their” communities during their “peaceful protests.” No wait, Obama will come in and use MY tax dollars to rebuild their communities only to be destroyed again. Again, there are no consequences for their actions.
    Beyond disgusted.

    • judyjudy

      My feelings exactly!

  • Captain Obvious ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    This is just plain stupid.

  • David

    Wow!!! I don’t know what they were smoking when they wrote this but they have stepped outside their minds. Would they like it better if we did away with the police all together and go back to the wild west days?? Don’t think they would like the outcome of that one but it would be one way to thin the heard.

    • Shirleen Riffe

      Your icon disqualifies you from intelligent thought. Return to humping your mother.

      • Tony Tucker

        Says the South Park avatar??? Gtfoh. And yes, I will return to humping your mother. Trump2016 bitch

      • Cre8rWest

        Gail .. you seem to be quite fixated on this “mother” subject.
        Have you spoken with your teacher about sending you to the school analysts about this yet.
        I apologise if I was mis-informed? I was under the impression that analysts were now available in preschool facilities?

      • Bruce Holloman

        You seem to be set on this “incest” subject. So how about you do a lil research on your ancestry. You will find out that the leaders in Africa that sold the slaves to America and the people who bought the slaves bread them to be stronger etc. And when they had a family that was in top conditions then that family had inbred children and so on. And here you are today. So think a lil harder next time before you start with the incest jokes.

      • Truth Hurts

        Your comment as well as your level of education qualifiers you from breeding…. crap too late.

      • David

        Lol if my Battle Flag offends you then you are in desperate need of an education. Maybe if you would lay down the crack pipe and stop spreading your legs for anyone that comes along you would learn something instead of showing your ignorance with your comments..

    • jlna5434

      That’s exactly what they want!! They don’t feel they should be told they cannot do whatever they want. And when they are told “no” they fall back on the old “we are oppressed” “your violating our rights”, “we want everything handed to us and we don’t want to lift a finger for it!”
      They don’t want to be held accountable for the things they do. They don’t want to be told what to do but help better be there when they need it!!!

    • Susan Swick

      You are assuming they have minds….

  • Tomas Pajaros

    I completely agree with defunding the police. Let the communities set up their own forms of protection. That is what it’s going to take, for the BLM people to see reality. “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” – H. L. Mencken

  • Shawn Jackson

    They want to defund the police so that they can go rob and rape white people in the suburbs. That’s what they want.

  • downsizegov

    I have suggested that those that feel the police are out of control engage with them: Concerned citizens meet with public affairs officers and discuss training, procedures, hiring, psychological evaluations, and infiltration of white supremacist in a helpful collaborative manner.

    Doesn’t go far

  • A True American…

    All I can say is – grow the F up!! My demand is you get rid of the terrorist group BLM immediately… I am tired of them holding our country hostage.

  • Dennis V

    In response to those list of demands: Kiss my ass.

  • GarthDial

    They can put their wish list in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first.

    • Rachel Chappell

      I feel like that should be the official response from Charlotte. Think they’d do it?

      • TheHoneyBadger

        You can wish in one hand…

        • Rachel Chappell

          Ha = )

  • Bad_Toro

    Or what?

    Don’t these ‘gers understand that they have no leverage?

  • Dennisinlexky

    You know when I was a younger man there where so many black men and women that were very smart and intelligent that I associated and worked with, where have they all gone to?

    • dana daddee

      they’re busy at work and raising their families. like most people… these morons don’t represent all black people, they represent morons.

    • Melissa F.

      They are still out there. They are as disgusted as we are with this behavior!

    • Truth Hurts

      They are still out there, all 5-10% of them.

  • Jim

    Give them what they want, or………? They’ll continue to break the law ?? Some of us are getting tired of the spoiled child garbage

  • Jim

    WE AMERICANS don’t need them. They need us, our taxes, our white guilt, to continue to fund their lazy lifestyle

  • Eddie Meeks


  • Sandy Interrante

    Why don’t they realize & accept the fact that the police are protecting you from the criminal element in your own community as well as innocent people in other peaceful communities who are victimized by criminal elements from your communities? Take responsibility for your actions.

    • Lola

      They’d rather blame someone else Sandy. Easier that way apparently.

  • Gene Splicer

    At least they shelved the demand for slavery reparations. Unlike BLM.

  • Rosemary Richards

    How about this instead of crying and whining about police DOING their job WHY DON”T YOU DO YOUR JOB AS PARENTS! Watch your damn kids, go over their homework with them, make sure they are washed and fed.Quit EXPECTING EVERYONE ELSE to PAY FOR YOUR CHOICES! Didn’t want to go to school as a kid, wanted to be billy bad azz when the teacher tried to teach you and now you crying because you’re stupid and uneducated! Thought it would be cool to screw a bunch a girls or guys when you were a teenager and not use protection and now you have a bunch of kids. They YOUR KIDS ! You SUPPORT THEM or quit zipping down your damn fly or spreading your legs. Want job opportunities in your neighborhoods ! Quit burning down and looting the ones that are there to give you a shot of getting a job you freaking IDIOTS!

    • Michael Baldwin

      That would be going against everything they’ve ever learned from liberalism dumb assery.

  • Laydee Meow

    just a legal perspective heads up – perhaps do not predict they will get some money out of this situation – it increases the odds they will use this article in court…

  • John J Rouse

    I was watching tv last night and an ad came on with one of those little black African babies covered in flies.

    I immediately grabbed the phone and called the number on the screen. I had to get one, they seem to work much better than those sticky strips that I hang from the ceiling.

    • Benjamin Rouse

      That was good

    • dana daddee

      that’s nasty…

    • Justin Jurek

      That’s ugly dude

    • Tony Tucker

      Ruthless!!! Lol

    • Truth Hurts

      Give them long enough, they will actually eat all of the flies up, too.

  • dana daddee


    facts don’t matter is a better name for them….

  • Mistergilgamesh

    I demand that BLM stop attacking innocent white people in the streets, stop destroying cars, stop burning down their neighbourhoods and stop looting stores. And if they want to bring their foolishness into MY home? Be prepared to reap what you sow. It will be a huge wake-up call.

  • John J Rouse

    CharIotte PD Chlmp0ut Advisory Guide
    Cat 1 . . . lndividuaI Attacks
    Cat 2 . . . FIash M0bs
    Cat 3 . . . L.A. Riots
    Cat 4 . . . South Afrlca
    Cat 5 . . . PIanet of the Apes

  • Carl Dunlap

    Whoever sent this out just trivialized a problem that needs intense study to create an environment based on equality.

  • Chip

    These are an entire underclass of people who will be forever useless… because the Democrat Party bred them to be helpless and dependent on Big Government, so they would vote for Dems.

    Democrats, you own this mess… and these total idiots.

    • Shirleen Riffe

      Get used to it shit for brains. We have won.

      • jlna5434

        No you actually havent, no one with half a brain will agree to these or any “DEMANDS”. who the HELL do these people think they are?
        UPSTANDING, LAW-A BIDDING citizens don’t have any problem with the police!!!!

      • Melissa F.

        Once I quit laughing I’ll respond to your “we have won” comment!

      • Pegu

        Gail….who is this “we” you are referring to??? and is the 17 after your name your age? cause you are on here acting like a dumb little ill-informed teenager. Go back to class, get an education, and try to better your world. (And stop calling names…it just shows your stupidity)

        • Dennisinlexky

          Pegu, I believe that’s the IQ number.

          • Cre8rWest

            Dennisin May be … but more than likely a typo … It appears they forgot to insert the decimal poiint after the numeral 1.

        • Ginger Heart

          Get real! If “gail17” went back to class, who would sit on their fat butt in the section 8 apartment watching her 3 little bastard crack babies?

      • John J Rouse

        Won what? The loser of the decade award?

      • Truth Hurts

        If by we you mean Democrats, better check again. You’ve been losing ground for at least the past 15 years, with no stop in sight.

  • Chip

    It looks like Obama will get the race war he wants, before he leaves office.

    On the other hand… voters are watching this… and noticing… and connecting the dots…

  • PawneeBill47

    I demand Charlotte police drop job applications from the helos. I demand reparations for everyone attacked, looted or burned. I demand we destroy the stupid ones and start over.

  • Ivy Shelnutt

    I’m sure their moms must be proud! Truly ignorant people. I say throw some isis terrorists in the neighborhoods of these idiots and tell them to call their buds that they want on those commitees and see how well they stand up to terrorists. I’m also betting these people were looting too.

  • Bo Barrett

    How about they open fire on all of your asses. Black and white Korean Mexican I don’t care. Rioting tearING up shit only shows and makes them further believe that most of th e black population are baboons and act like them. Make a movement in peace and work it but all this hate and shit. Grabbing g whites jumping them
    I hope one of you fools run up on me I’m taking you and your friends and family out. Stand up Charlotte run them all out or kill them all. #alllivesmatterexceptidiotsriotingingcharlottekillthemall

    • Emerson

      Honest question: would you consider yourself racist?

  • Forrest Adams

    I wonder what the race with the lowest IQ is? And exactly what part of Africa they are from?

  • giarretti

    In other words, the inmates wanna run the asylum…

  • Shirleen Riffe

    I have never seen a better example of people proving a point than the racist, bigoted, ignorant comments on here. You’re privileged lifestyle is coming to an end and you’re scared.

    • Pegu

      “racist, bigoted, ignorant” REALLY????? Coming from you???? Good Lord…pot meet kettle. Go back and read your past posts….if anyone here is racist, bigoted and/or ignorant you are a prime example!

    • John J Rouse

      I’m privledged and prosperous because I work. I don’t sit at home all day and shit out kids every 9 months by Tyrone and numerous other baby daddies and have the gubment take care of me.

    • Michael Baldwin

      bigot > noun
      a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

      Sounds like you. Yep. Just seriously shut up.

  • gail17

    In case anyone cares to notice, there is absolutely no legitimacy to these demands being made by any one person or group. The only place this can be found is on ultra conservative fake news agencies or Facebook pages that are biased and do not fact check.

    • Michael Baldwin

      You are dumb as fuck.

  • KB

    demands sound like anarchy to me – open season would be the result

    • Amy

      It might have to come to that. Might be the only way. As it is, we’re living in a fascist state under undeclared martial law. Anarchy isn’t a dirty word. You might want to do some research. Cops already have “open season” all over this country. Killing as sport.

      • Lola

        Wow! You honestly believe that’s “Killing season”?! So what do you call all of the season of ‘civilian on civilian’ murders that have exceeded over 1000 this year alone?! Just another day in America?! Funny how you don’t hear about that in the media.

  • Axel Wolff

    And in response, the non-mental regular people of the United States say “suck my balls”

    • Amy

      Blue lives matter? Seems you guys armed to the teeth are pretty good at keeping yourselves alive. That’s not the issue here. How about routine drug testing for cops with the results made public record immediately? Those steroids the majority of you are bulking up on have side effects. Have you heard? I think it’s called “roid rage”. Yeah. Police unions are actively fighting for your right to use steroids and attempting to push the “special” right for you to avoid drug testing while you murder Americans in our streets. You can’t fool everyone all the time. You’re on your own. I’ll be there in the streets. And that reminds me. I’m weary of hearing about “outside agitators”. Last I heard, the Bill of Rights is still in effect (though often ignored by Conservatives). Americans still have the right to protest wherever they choose for whatever causes they deem fit. The streets belong to us. Hands up! Don’t shoot! Whose streets? OUR streets. Freedom before security. Always. Power to the people.

      • Jay Cecil

        Amy, I have no idea what cops you are referring to being “roided” up. lol. They are not on duty in Charlotte, NC I can assure you of that because I LIVE HERE.

        Secondly, while on the subject of protest there is a difference between peacefully holding a sign and assaulting people, looting stores, starting fires and impeding traffic on a Interstate Highway.

        Third, there have been 706 fatal police shootings this year. Most you don’t hear about because the victims are more often WHITE or HISPANIC. There have been 51 officers killed in the line of duty in 2016, not mentioning the number of injured. How many people have been killed so far this year in your line of work? That is if you have a line of work.

        Finally, and this might be the most sobering thing of all, African Americans account for around 17% of the US population. However, they commit 52.13% of all murders, 35.53% of all rape, 53.7% of all robberies and 36.52% of all assaults. When the Police stop doing their job you get Chicago. Obama’s model city for the future. Just remember, while you are out there with your “hands up, don’t shoot” b.s. that is what you are supporting. 530 dead so far this year in Chicago and 71% of them are black. 75% of the perps are black as well. Think about those numbers before you start bashing conservatives.

        • Lola

          Touché Jay!

      • Truth Hurts

        Welfare collectors will be drug tested well before that ever happens.

  • Medic

    A bunch of villages are missing their idiots… I believe we have found them.

    • Truth Hurts

      A Kenyan village, perhaps?

  • RFA1949

    They should just wait till they blow curfew and blow away these THUGS. And th ewhole thing is OVER. Oh yes we’ll cry about them being wasted later. LOLOLOLOL

  • Tamara

    There were riots the first two days and it was determined by the police department that it was people who came here to start trouble. The remainder of the PROTESTS have been peaceful.
    The CMPD said they HAVE NOT released the full tape. So where did the author get the information that it was the full tape?
    The CMPD says they can not confirm there was a gun. “Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said the video of the shooting doesn’t definitively show a gun in the man’s hand.

    Putney said earlier Thursday, “I’m not here to defend a position, I am here to get you information.”

    Witnesses saw a gun and a weapon was found close by Scott’s body, Putney said”

    So what 6 year old wrote this article without fact checking first? I didn’t even read through the rest of the nonsense because you didn’t even take the time to confirm the most important things,

    • Suzanne

      Why are you commenting if you didn’t read it

      • Tamara

        I commented on what I read not the other information. Now ask yourself why did you comment without reading what I said or without comprehending what I said?? Why should I waste my time reading through an article full of misinformation and lies?

  • Serrecko

    Funny how there is a list of 10 “Demands” when the list of police “demands” is much shorter. Actually, there is only 1 item on the list of police “demands”.

    1. Obey All Laws

    Funny, how those ignoring those three words can lead to so many guilty and innocent people getting shot. Obey All Laws also means Obey All Lawful Commands By Police Officers.

  • Amy

    Once again, not only are our LEOs militarized, these guys are using steroids while their police unions fight for their “right” to use them and fight for their entitlement right to avoid drug-testing. ‘Roid rage anyone? All cops should be regularly randomly drug tested with results immediately posted to the internet as public record. Any cop involved in unnecessary use of force should be fired; no second chances. No multiple incidents. These guys are complaining about a little joint they SAY they found? Give me a break. You can fool some of the people some of the time, some of the people all the time but not all the people all the time. The streets are ours.

    • slargusparg

      Stop fighting for a coalition that hates you and sees you as a wh@re.

    • John Q

      From the police officers I know, they do have random drug testing in many police departments.

  • Croid

    win do all da feral neqroes gone bak to sit on dey stoops to gets wasted on 40’s an weed so dey can make betta plans fo dey TNB?

    • Truth Hurts

      fo shizzle my drizzle

  • Susan Swick

    How about remove the pic of the asshole with their pants around their ankles…it’s offensive and disrespectful……as for the demands….I demand you people get a freakin clue!

  • Truth Hurts

    Boy, I sure am glad that at least in America, those without power simply don’t get to demand things from us that are in it.

  • Steve Trevor

    Here’s the only appropriate response… GO F**K YOURSELF!

  • JFA

    Well, I can’t know for sure but I’m gonna guess that these demands were made by negroes that are already living on welfare paid for by the USA taxpayers and they just want more free stuff. Negro please, GET A JOB!! Stop being a societal parasite and support yourself and your children. Stop acting like negroes.

  • BugRib

    Just wanted to say that I am a far-left, tree-hugging, socialist, liberal Democrat who supported Bernie and now support Hillary, and I think BLM has had terrible consequences for black people.

    And exhibit #1 is their list of demands (and this list is typical of their national platform):

    -Defunding the police
    -letting looters and thugs who commit felonies during the protests off without charges
    -ending the curfew and removing the National Guard
    -the firing, arrest, and prosecution of the officers involved in this recent shooting (before all of the evidence is even in?)

    These are all things that would put more black lives in danger, and presume all cops guilty until proven innocent.

    Never mind the fact that blacks are not actually killed by cops at a rate that is disproportionately high compared to the amount of (violent) crime they commit. According to BLM, blacks account for 26% of fatal police encounters. According to the FBI and various other reputable sources, blacks account for at least 35% of all violent crime (and more than half of all murders).

    So, the entirety of BLM’s activism is based on a fictional narrative. I have no problem with activism pushing for police reform. But by making this a race-based movement (saying “all lives matter” is, apparently, a huge faux pas) centered on a false narrative, BLM has been counterproductive and has almost certainly pushed race relations back by years or, quite possibly, decades (much like the black community’s reaction to the verdict in the OJ trial).

    Sadly, political correctness in the liberal community has made it virtually impossible to have a meaningful discussion on these issues–particularly if one is white. Case in point: “White people need to shut up and listen” has become a viral catch phrase. Aside from the fact that this is a stunningly racist sentiment, it is also completely toxic to any kind of polite and/or fact-based discourse between people from different backgrounds.

    It’s hard to be a liberal right now…

  • John Q

    As to number 10, the protestors did not get arrested, the rioters did.

    As to the whole list, the correct response should be, “We do not negotiate with terrorists.”