Charles Barkley: ‘Why Don’t Black People Get Mad When We Kill each Other?’

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley questions the Black Lives Matter narrative

Charles Barkley: ‘Why Don’t Black People Get Mad When We Kill each Other?’

Sportscaster and NBA Hall of Fame member, Charles Barkley was doing an ESPN interview covering race in America. Barkley was asked about the Dallas Black Lives Matter terrorist, and the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Barkley’s response absolutely tore into the false narrative of Black Lives Matter:

“We need the cops, especially in the black community. We as black people, we’ve got to do better,” Barkley said. “Some of these black people out there are committing crimes. Let’s don’t sit there and act like all our hands are clean.”

Washington Times reports:

“Why don’t black people get mad when we kill each other? I’m not trying to deflect or place blame. That’s just a fact,” said Mr. Barkley.

“That’s not true, Charles,” the host replied.

“It is true, Dan. First of all, you’re not black. We don’t have near the outrage we do when a white cop kills somebody. Dan, I’ve been black my whole life. Most black people I know are killed by other black people. I never understood why there’s not this moral outrage the way we treat each other as black people.”

“It can be both, Charles,” Le Batard said.

“It can be both,” said Mr. Barkely. “Dan, first of all, if you’re going to sit on TV and say it’s the same moral outrage when black people kill each other and white people kill each other, that’s just disingenuous on your part.”

A wave of condemnation soon followed on social media.

“Charles Barkley is like OJ Simpson,” wrote Hakeem Pittman on the radio show’s Facebook page. “He thinks he’s not black anyway. Let him do something wrong [and] they’re going to treat him the same way. He’ll be just another [racial slur]!”

“I think the white media have Barkley on TV to irritate black people,” added Raymond Chambers.

“I wish these retired players [would] shut up. His era was nothing but happy slaves. Stick to sports he loves, Massa,” said Rob Nelson.

Mr. Barkely said his opinions have been shaped by multiple conversations with his bodyguard, who was a black cop.

“I’m not saying they should racially profile guys,” the sportscaster said. “I’m saying we can’t jump to conclusions every time, like it’s because a guy is black. First of all, there is racial profiling, there’s always been racism, and first of all, there’s racism on both sides. Let’s get that straight.”

Charles Barkley is facing a lot of backlash for his comments, but he appears to be a man of conviction and doesn’t look ready to back down.

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  • Vianna Cannon

    It takes a lot of courage to say what Barkley said, knowing he was going to be ‘lynched’ (yeah, I said it) by other blacks for his honest opinion. Too many people are afraid to say anything that disagrees with the black community’s need to blame others for their problems. Freedom of speech doesn’t apply to blacks telling their truth about other blacks because it doesn’t fit into their victim narrative.

    And I still have to ask, why don’t black lives matter to other blacks? Why are thugs and criminals treated as victims or heroes by media and the poor black community if a white person is involved, but little girls (Shamiya Adams, Daja Robinson, Jamyla Bolden, Aliyah Shell) who die from a drive-by stray bullet are ignored? Didn’t they matter? I guess not, because hardly anyone has heard or read about them…no riots, no looting, no arson…just silence from people protecting the thugs who murdered them. I didn’t see Obama getting on the news and saying those truly innocent young girls look like his daughters. I didn’t see Sharpton or Jesse screaming for justice for them. I didn’t see national media coverage or childhood photos or memorials for them. Why not?

    • Terry R Schmeltzle

      Is Bill Cosby being persecuted because he is black or because of what he allegedly did???? Hakeem Pittman… sir have no clue and are a racist….

      • How is he a racist. If you don’t agree with him, doesn’t make him a racist

  • Glenn Wilkes

    Charles is absolutely right. A high % of murders are black on black. Black leaders should be concerned about this and provide leadership for programs designed to lower that % significantly. I am white and am fortunate to have two black men as two of my very best friends. I am also fortunate that God gave me the understanding that the color of one’s skin is unimportant, but what is inside that skin is extremely important! Thank you Mr. Barkley.

  • Kelvin johnson

    Really people….Charles Barkley’s a coon idiot.. That’s why you all love him so much….all minority communities hold town hall meetings concerning black on black crime. You guys just don’t televise it. Why are you people getting so mad about us wanting all crime to carry the same wiehgt. Just because we say black Lives matter doesn’t mean we don’t value all life. We are just being single out. None of you screamed what about the pigeons when the government outlawed the killing & hunting of the bald eagle…. Again why the heck are you so angry about us wanting to survive… None of us are free until we are all free. Corrupt over zealous cops have also been known to kill innocent Caucasians too so let’s see what justice you ask for if your teenager is wrongfully killed. All cops aren’t bad I have friends that are cops… All white people aren’t racist… I have white friends and I love them all dearly but we can’t be afraid to acknowledge a problem that clearly exists. ” WE WILL NOT ALLOW OURSELVES TO APOLOGIZE & WE MOST DEFINITELY DON’T NEED TO JUSTIFY” SMDH…The same people that support PITA has a problem with another human wanting to survive. That’s some evil inhumane crap.

    • Yea the point is, nobody going around a black street as black, holding sign ” Stop killing us”, it only happens when white people are involved

  • Dallas South

    Dan Le Batard, should not even be on ESPN, well maybe since they are as mindless as he is. The unthinking blacks have listened to Obama and Sharpton so think all the white people want to do is kill them, when the should be looking in their own neighborhood. Obama is feeding the BLM and New Panther Party the incentive to incite and kill. People like Dan should shut up and study the situation. As far as Charles Barkley goes he earned his right to speak what he wants to, he’s been there and tells it like it is whoever it hurts, I’ve heard him critique both races, why should he hold back when he’s telling it like it is.

  • Elijah Muhommad

    Why don’t white people get mad when they kill each other? Why not answer that question. Ill wait.

    • Krista Openshaw

      But wait….when white criminals are shot and killed by black cops, white people don’t riot, don’t burn down our own neighborhoods and don’t March with White Lives Matter groups. (After all, that would be considered racist.)

    • Chuckles

      White people don’t match around with “white lives matter” signs after a cop shoots down some white hoodlum holding a pistol. If black lives do indeed matter to black people more than white lives matter to white people, then where is the outrage over the constant and unceasing bloodshed within impoverished black communities? The fact that a lot of rap culture revolves around popping caps in someone’s ass, getting hoes, and getting cash should be a massive source of outrage in the black community, brainwashing impressionable teenagers to worship those who go out and murder someone they don’t like. Where’s the outrage over that?

  • Doc Bill

    Black people do get mad that is why they kill the person that killed one of their family and friends. Street justice.

  • LANI

    Charles Barkley ????????
    Unfortunately there r to many ignorant fools who don’t want to hear about the black on black crimes which r 10 times worse than white on black or cop on black it doesn’t fit the narrative Man! They just want to b stuck on being stupid-ignorant-fools makes them feel like they r Somebody???? Poor things????