Charles Barkley Stumps Black Lives Matter With One Question

Charles Barkley Fires Back at Black Lives Matter

Charles Barkley Fires Back at Black Lives Matter.

Charles Barkley Stumps Black Lives Matter With One Question

Charles Barkley’s recently made an epic statement to Black Lives Matter.  Sir Charles has made it pretty clear from the start that he couldn’t care less what Black Lives Matter think about him. Now he is being pelted with hate from the Black Lives Matter community because of his support for American police. His harsh words are drawing criticism.

In a recent interview with ESPN’s “The Dan Le Batard Show”, Charles Barkley made some pretty strong statements about how he feels about the current anti-police issue in America.

Barkley said, “The cops have made some mistakes; black people have made some mistakes. We have to sit back and be honest with each other. The cops have made some mistakes, that don’t give us the right to riot and shoot cops.”

This statement rubbed many Black Lives Matter activists the wrong way, because it does not fit their narrative that all American police officers are bigoted killers, even black officers. BLM slacktivists began to attack him via social media, and Barkley fired back even stronger.  Here is his reply on the Sirius Radio show The Bleacher Report:

“Black people only like you when you say what they want you to say. I’m a big boy. I can handle the heat. If it wasn’t for the cops we’d be living in the wild, wild west. It’s not as simple as that ‘it’s always the cops fault’. We as black people have made some mistakes. We’ve got to do better. Cops are important, they’re very significant. We as black people have to do a better job of policing ourselves. The cops have made some mistakes, I think everybody has to admit that, but we can’t as black people, every time something goes wrong think ‘it’s the cop’s fault.”

Charles went on in the interview to tear down the Black Lives Matter movement.  He pointed out one major flaw within the Black Lives Matter movement which everyone else seems to forget. Barkley lashed out, “The only problem with black people you got too many black people acting like they’re activists and they’re not doing anything to help the black community.  They’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.  Don’t just get on TV and say you’re an activist.”

Right after pointing out this flaw, he asked any and all those who dislike his stance on police in America the question that we would all love to hear the answer to, “What have you done to actually enhance the black community?”

Before anyone could turn his question around on him, he answered it:

“I told this guy, you don’t even want to get into what I’ve done cuz I’m just going to embarrass you. I said I’ve given like $13 million out of my own pocket. He said ‘what?’ I said ‘Yeah, but don’t you worry about it. You ain’t never gonna have that much to give away.’ And he tried to counter me and I said, ‘you can go check my bank account, brother.'”

  1. “I gave a million dollars to my high school to send black kids to college.
  2. I gave a million dollars to an all black high school in Alabama to send kids to college.
  3. I gave Auburn two million dollars.
  4. I just gave Morehouse in Atlanta a million.
  5. I just gave Wounded Warriors a million.
  6. I gave Hurricane Katrina a million.”



It is pretty apparent how Charles Barkley feels about Black Lives Matter.  He puts his money where his mouth is.  It is also pretty clear that he supports police.  Sir Charles has our respect.


  • Eric

    It’s a shame that any black people that talk out about BLM issue is labeled an Uncle Tom or a sell out. Barkley is 100% right on everyone of his issues. Bullying people into agreeing with your stance doesn’t make your an activist. It makes you a terrorist.

    • Lisa L

      You got that right, Eric.

  • jane clark

    The black rioters should listen to Charles

  • Tara Sanchez-Martin

    I like that…”don’t you worry about it. You ain’t never gonna have that much to give away.” So true. Some people need to think before they make statements. Everything Sir Charles said is true. BLM’s flame needs to be extinguished.

    • Dustin Boyd

      Police tend to have media by the throat when things like that happen, if they can prevent the info from leaking early enough that is. Media isn’t just about reporting things anymore. They get higher views when people are strongly opinionated about the stories they cover. In that way, they perpetuate the hatred and violence. People are naturally judgmental. The only thing you can do is fight for what you believe is right and ignore everybody else’s opinions. Oh, wait. That sounds too much like Hitler.

      And like BLM.

  • Dave

    The man is a gentleman and a scholar, and an AWESOME PERSON and BLACK ROLE MODEL! ESPECIALLY for those SITTING, TAKING a KNEE, and RAISING A FIST in solidarity for a FICTIONAL PLIGHT, BUT, DO NOTHING ELSE….
    IF you AREN’T part of the SOLUTION, you ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! LEAD, FOLLOW, or SHUT THE $@%& UP!!!!!

    • John Wood

      You do realize Kaepernick is donating his jersey proceeds plus some cash out of pocket? Ergo, part of the solution. Plus, Barkley’s issue is with the blaming of officers and rioting over racial injustice while they kill each other off in droves. Kaepernick does blame the cops for the racial disparity, sadly, but he is attempting to open up a dialogue and help disadvantaged youth, without resorting to violence.

      • Dave

        Whoa, a WHOLE Jersey and some cash?
        Again, he’s supporting an anomaly protest, how about protesting AGAINST black lives matter cause in the HOOD they DON’T, otherwise there wouldn’t be a hundred A DAY KILLED BY THEIR OWN!!!!
        Easier to take a dealer, pimp, or ho as a role model and BLAME OTHERS for your lot in life rather than take responsibility for yourself and WORK to BETTER THEMSELVES…….Like Charles.
        And DON’T EVEN come back with not everyone is as talented, they were ALL born with brains and have the ability to think for themselves and get an education……..others have, but then, they are called Uncle Tom’s…….
        No sympathy here.

        • John Wood

          The number one selling jersey in the league, atm. Not a small amount of money, for sure. Also, he isn’t associated with BLM from any interview I’ve seen. Showing solidarity for a group is not the same as actively supporting it. You wouldn’t show sympathy, because you’re looking to hate others based on their skin color, while condoning them for doing the same. It’s absolute idiocy.

          • Dave

            I grew up in Newark, NJ and watched them DESTROY that city because it was hot in the summer, 1967-68, and watching history repeat itself over, and over, and…..
            There were a lot of blacks in our neighborhood who were disgusted with what their race was doing, and I know there are a great many who feel that way now over this black lives matter and cop killings, and by taking a knee, sitting down, and RAISING a fist they are CONDONING what the BLM is doing. Otherwise, they’d be speaking outta against it like Barkley, Cosby, Cain, Thomas, and a lot of OTHER BLACKS who took it upon themselves to BETTER THEMSELVES instead of falling into the old stereotype.
            Again, no sympathy. My family was far from being IN the middle class, at the VERY LOW END, but I and my family are doing quite well, thank you.
            You are what you want to be… make your own life and life decisions, and if they want to be trash, so be it. No sympathy…
            You don’t see Caucasians, orientals, Indians, or ANY other race that riots, loots, pillages, plunders, and burns down their own homes and businesses when they get restless.
            No sympathy.

          • Carol Morris Rose

            Are you kiding? He is engaged or at least dating a BLM activist. And it was only after he started dating her that he suddenly had an epiphany of the injustices that are going on. Until then he was perfectly happy to get and spend his millions doing what ever it is he does with it.

      • Carol Morris Rose

        He was not donating anything until he was called out to put his money where his mouth is. Then and only then, did he come up with donating proceeds from his jersey sales. That does not even put a minor dent into his pocket. It is just a fluff donation.

  • Cesar

    Minority communities have complained about the police for years. If it weren’t for video technology, some police officers would get away with manslaughter, murder, etc. There are many examples of police cover up too. Just like DNA evidence is helping free innocent people from prison, video is showing that not all cops are good cops. That’s a good thing. There’s a real problem between the police and minorities. It goes back to the time when police officers were all white and many amongst them were members of the KKK. Of course, the majority of police officers are decent people doing a tough job. But don’t blame BLM for police brutality.

    • Dave

      Like Barkley essentially stated, if it WEREN’T for the police, the hoods would look like something outta ‘Escape from New York’, which is closer to what it’d be than the wild west, the wild west had SOME law and order, without police it’d be total chaos, dog-eat-dog, gangland style justice if any……

    • Carol Morris Rose

      BLM was started after the shooting of Michael Brown. That innocent young man who first strong armed a Vietnamese store owner, and then attacked a police officer for daring to tell him to not walk in the middle of the street. The false narrative of Hands up don’t shoot was born and Black Lives Matter was also born. The problem with the BLM is that they riot, loot, burn and destroy before they even find out what is going on. As long as the person shot is black, and shot by police, is all it takes. No facts are needed. Just gossip and assumption is all they need to tear up a city and wreak havoc. They have absolutely no credibility. They scream that the police are killing “us”, yet never say a word about the “us” that are killing the other “us” including children on a daily basis. So how much do black lives really matter to them or is it just an excuse.

  • Arnold Kanarek

    Thank you Sir Charles for your sanity

  • Dennisinlexky

    What would BLM do if the funding by rich white millionaires and white billionaires stopped funding their hatred? This is not a movement by any means, it is a well planned organization developed by these very rich people to destroy the very foundation in which this country was built on.