Charleston police are on scene of a hostage situation.

BREAKING: SWAT Responding To Possible Mass Hostage Situation In Charleston

‘Active Shooter’ Response Reported in Charleston Charleston, SC – In what is being widely reported as an “active shooter,” Charleston SWAT and bomb squad are responding to a scene at…

Officers came under attack at the Silent Sam protest in Chapel Hill.

IN PROGRESS: Police Under Attack At Silent Sam Monument In Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC – Hundreds of people showed up to the Silent Sam Confederate memorial at the University of North Carolina for an event which promised to tear the statue down at 7 PM Tuesday night.

Boston Police Officers were attacked by Antifa at the Boston Free Speech rally.

BREAKING: Antifa Attacking Boston PD At Boston Free Speech Rally

Boston, MA – An estimated over 20,000 people shows up to Boston to protest the Free Speech Rally after it was reported that the free speech group was made up of white supremacists.

BREAKING: Two Jacksonville Officers Shot – 6th Officer Shot In Past Few Hours – At Least 2 Murdered

BREAKING: Two Jacksonville Officers Shot – 6th Officer Shot In Past Few Hours – At Least 2 Murdered

Jacksonville, FL – Two Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office police officers have been shot on Friday night.

Two Pennsylvania State Police troopers were shot Friday night.

BREAKING: Two Pennsylvania State Troopers Shot

Fairchance, PA – Two Pennsylvania State Police Troopers were shot Friday night at around 9 PM.

A Kissimmee police officer was killed, five others police officers were shot, and one was stabbed Friday night.

BREAKING: Two Kissimmee Police Officers Shot – Extremely Grave – Suspects On The Loose

Kissimmee, FL – Two Kissimmee police officers were shot Friday night and initial reports are not looking good for the officers. The suspects who shot them were able to escape.

The Barcelona terrorist attack is reported to have left at least 13 people dead.

BREAKING – LATEST: At Least 13 Killed In Terror Attack In Tourist Area Of Barcelona – Hostages

Barcelona, Spain – A hostage situation is underway as at least two men have taken hostages in a restaurant after mowing down a large crowd of people in the Las Ramblas tourist area of Barcelona.

Video aftermath was streamed after a Troy police officer-involved shooting.

VIDEO: Developing – Troy Police Shooting – Live-Streamed Aftermath – Hostile Crowd Has Formed

Troy, NY – A Troy police officer was involved in a shooting on Tuesday evening, which resulted in a hostile crowd surrounding the officers. Other officers have now responded with protective gear.

Antifa was stopped by Seattle PD on their way to confront a Patriot Prayer rally.

UPDATING: In Progress – Antifa Marching To Confront Patriots Decide To Take On Police

Seattle, WA – A Patriot Prayer pro-Trump rally scheduled for 2 PM in Seattle came under threat of violence as an estimate over one-thousand people joined a march led by Antifa to confront them.

Video shows smoke form a helicopter crash in Charlottesville.

REPORT: Virginia State Police Helicopter Crashed In Charlottesville – On Fire

Charlottesville, VA – Reports are pouring in of a helicopter crash in Charlottesville, and preliminary information is that it was a Virginia State Police helicopter.