Protest Swells After Police Shooting Of Armed Man, Carnell Snell Jr., In Los Angeles

Carnell Snell Jr. was armed when he was shot after fleeing from a vehicle that was suspected to be stolen.

Carnell Snell Jr. was armed when he was shot after fleeing from a vehicle that was suspected to be stolen.

Protest Swells After Police Shooting Of Armed Man, Carnell Snell Jr., In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles police were forced to shoot Carnell Snell Jr., who was armed with a gun and fled from a vehicle following a short pursuit. Now Black Lives Matter activists are outraged that police shot another armed man.

Officers initially tried to stop the vehicle for displaying a paper plate where the normal metal license plate should be, a common tactic used by car thieves in this area. The driver failed to stop and led officers on a short pursuit through several neighborhoods in south LA. Three suspects fled from the vehicle on foot and officers pursued.

Carnell Snell Jr., 18, ran through backyards and jumped fences until he was overtaken by officers in the backyard of a home on 107th Street. It was there that a confrontation occurred and Snell was shot. Paramedics were summoned to the scene, and first aid was attempted, but Snell died from his injuries. Police have said that Carnell Snell’s gun was recovered from the scene.

Despite the reports that Carnell Snell fled from a traffic stop and was armed, citizens in the community are still trying to blame the police for this shooting. Melina Abdullah, a Black Lives Matter activist, spoke to media and onlookers near the scene. She went so far as to tell television reporters, “This is an 18-year-old boy. This is somebody’s son. This is somebody’s friend. This is somebody’s brother and you killed him. I don’t care what your story is. I believe the community, I don’t believe the lying police.”

Without any calm or waiting for details of the investigation to surface, she calls the police liars and does not care what the facts of the case are. Black Lives Matter is already spreading on social media that Carnell Snell was shot in the back while his hands were up surrendering. Just one more example of Black Lives Matter looking for a reason to incite rioting, no matter what the truth is.

Protesters began gathering in the area Saturday evening, with some waving Black Lives Matter signs. They started blocking roads and amassing a large number of participants. Rather than wait as we have seen in other cities, LAPD responded. Protesters illegally blocking streets and beginning to moving through the neighborhoods were quickly met with a large LAPD force in full riot gear. Protesters could be heard screaming at officers and seen videotaping their interactions.

As of press time, no significant reports of damage or injuries have surfaced. However, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s house was egged:

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  • swizzlecuke

    Good. Stop these BS riots before they start.

    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Unfortunately facts do not matter to BLaMers. If Soros can get the money to them to bus in paid rioter’s, there will be a riot. This is not about the truth, it is about blaming something other than the truth. BLACK ON BLACK CRIME and black’s committing crimes. If they would stop killing each other and stop committing crimes they would only see the police as they drive by them.

  • CFHenderson

    Really, they egged a house and car? What are they, 12?

    • Rachel Chappell

      I’ll take it, eggs wash off at least.


    before you get on here typing a story you should really get your facts straight. There was never a confrontation between Carnell and any officer. He did not live long enough in the presence of the police for there to be one. You guys think it is okay to kill BLACK MEN AND BLACK BOYS. You guys are trigger happy. You are worse than actual criminals. He was no criminal. He was someone’s son until his life was ended. You say the officer was forced. Forced by who? Clearly not the child with his hands in the air saying please don’t shoot me. Only a coward would shoot an UNARMED teenage boy in the back and not stop there but shoot him 3 more times and then put handcuffs on him. Leaving him hands tied to his back with 4 bullets in him to die. Refusing to let an off duty certified nurse administer CPR, refusing to call a paramedic and waving guns at the by standers who tried. Not to forget you killed this child next door to his home and refused to let his grandmother back there to see him. Those officers saw this as an opportunity and took advantage of the fact he was in a backyard alone. And if there was a gun THOSE OFFICERS PUT IT THERE. Multiple witness saw CARNELL run empty handed. There is no justification for killing him. YOU CAN NOT KEEP GOING AROUND TAKING BLACK LIVES. I am a mother of 3 boys under the age of 8 and I fear for them. I fear for the day one of you racist, heartless, out of control half ass cops approach one of my boys. Justice needs to be served and I have faith this time it will. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

    • Wendel ‘BlackWolf’ Kurz

      You know what go tell all those criminals and those with criminal intent, to stop what they are doing and/or planning on doing and guess what-NO MORE BLACK CRIMINALS GET SHOT for doing STUPID SHIT!!!!..

      • PORSHA


        • LilD_in_big_D

          If black lives mattered to black people, they would stop shooting and killing each other and MAYBE stop committing crimes, running from Police, and QUIT pointing Guns at people. THAT.. That would save Lives..

        • Rachel Chappell

          Black lives matter, but BLM doesn’t matter. Haven’t you seen all the Black people speaking out against this bullshit group? Law abiding Black people don’t seem to have any use for BLM.

        • bitter honey

          If you want changes, start by making changes in your own neighborhoods or better yet do it in your families. Educate yourself, stop committing crimes, be respectful, comply with police officers requests and you will see changes.

        • TsiTenha

          Stop your hysterical screaming and screeching…..NO one is listening anyway!

    • Sabol100

      Wow. I have seen stupidity lately, but you have raised it to a new high. So tell me, were you there when this occurred? Next, how are you so sure about the events that happened. Are you one of the paid Agitators? You know, the police have mothers and father’s. They have spouses and children. You should be more concerned that your children have a much higher chance of being killed by another black person. Stop your hate. You are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

      • Rachel Chappell

        It’s sad. People who teach their kids that police are the enemy, laws are just a suggestion, and bring them up to be perpetual get them killed later on whether by police, or their future gangbanger loser asshole friends.

    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Thank you for joining today and making sure that we all know you are one the most ignorant people in the world.

      • Jewel

        I am Deplorable…Good One lol Sad but true!

        • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

          Really hate TROLLS!!! I got banned from Breaking News for calling out TROLLS. But, there is no way anyone should tolerate that kind of ignorant trolling.

    • jeff woodward

      I guess his life mattered so much he had to carry a gun at age 18 and run from the Cops.

    • robthefive0

      You are delusional

    • John J Rouse

      As a police officer myself, you all make your choices. I assume he, like many others don’t have father figures so instead of seeing who can breed the most nigglets stop having so many. Start taking responsibility for your little thugs. We aren’t there to serve and protect criminals.

      • Pizzy

        I don’t have much use for BLM’s tactics or the whole SJW movement, but to identify yourself as a police officer and then refer to young black kids as “nigglets” shows that you are an obvious part of the problem. Hopefully you meant to say you’re a “security officer”, because there’s no place for a person so casually racist as yourself on a police force. I have as much use for a bigot like you as I do for a bigoted movement like BLM…

        • John J Rouse

          No, I’m homocide actually. And I don’t sugarcoat nothing for no one.

          • Pizzy

            It’s not about sugarcoating. It’s one thing to assume the kids are growing up in a thug culture and being taught to hate cops, which is the real problem, but calling them names shows that you’ve already written them off. I do agree, there was no sugarcoating of your racist tendencies…

          • John J Rouse

            Not really racist since I’m black.

          • Pizzy

            Oh, okay. I see what you did there… you got me.

            For the record I agree with what you said in your original post, but how you say something matters as much as what you said. I will never give the opinion of someone who slings insults casually as much weight as someone who presents themselves as having at least a slight concept of respect for others.

          • david ratay

            With all due respect, most homicide detectives don’t spell it “homocide”…

          • John J Rouse

            It’s because I only investigate gay murders.

          • david ratay

            Wow. So you a black guy that says nigglets, you can’t spell homicide, and your grammar is poor….seems legit…

          • John J Rouse

            You beez a raysiss n sheeit gnomasayin yo

    • John J Rouse

      Looks like he’s Satans son now.,

    • Jewel

      Hopefully your sons father will teach your sons not to steal cars, not to run from police and to understand every action as consequences which obviously you don’t feel the need to recognize. So sad what you and your BLM idiots are spreading the hate. RIP M.L. King. He lived at a time of black and hispanic suffered real oppression. What you constantly have now a days are black kids thinking there are no consequences for criminal activity. Bunch of crack babies. So sad. Have you ever Read Frederick Douglass, M.L. King. Hell even Farrakan spanks you. Probably not. Your texts show your just another looser who thinks life owes you something and blames everyone else for you having 3 boys without a man…

      • GarthDial

        That is ,if her three boys even know who their daddies are.

        • Rachel Chappell

          She can teach them. She is their mother, and it’s on her shoulders to instill morals and values, too. It’s not just Dads.

          • Jewel

            So Far Squish or whoever has typical ghetto mentality and by her ramblingI don’t think she is equipped to teach her 3 boys any thing but its whites fault

          • Rachel Chappell

            They’re still young. Let’s cross our fingers and hope she wakes up and becomes the example they need.

    • LT714RET

      You just wowed us with your mastery of the English language. You really showed off your academic achievements there.

    • Rachel Chappell

      Don’t raise your kids to believe the lies of criminals or to hate cops and show them disrespect as you clearly do, and they’ll be okay. Teach them to obey the law, respect the police, and stay away from gangs, drugs, and crime, and your sons will grow into fine young men with good futures and nothing to fear from police. It’s all in your hands, your words and your attitude, Mama.

      • Sheila Ray

        And to ALWAYS tell the truth. You DO know what that is right ?

      • John Jay

        So what do you have to say now about him not having a gun? SMH!

        • Rachel Chappell

          It was the cure for psoriasis he shoved down his pants. He just wanted to save the itchy people. #nailsshortdon’tclaw

    • John Baker

      He was no criminal??? Really? You can say that with a straight face? His family even admitted that he had gotten into some trouble but that he was trying to go back to church.
      So you have 3 boys. Are you black? Do they all have the same father? Does he live with them and show them a good role model? You see, that is the problem with the black community. The family has collapsed and I lay all of that blame at the feet of the black mail. If you want to dance you’d better be willing to pay the band.

    • jwood1952

      The racists Porsha are the ones obsessed with Race. That would include you. You steal a car, flee from police at high speeds in neighborhoods where children live. As bad as that is, then stupid comes a calling once again, and he flees from police with his gun. Smart move….Don’t invent your lying into the story. Isn’t that what’s always done by the community you are part of. Always got to lie to make your story, a story. We know for sure black lives don’t matter that much within the black community, we have overwhelming proof of it.. Who else does this sh.t? No one.

    • Post Purgatory

      What’s with the stupid argument that he was someone’s son. Every male is someone’s son. Should we cry about every white criminal who threatens police and excuse him because he’s someone’s son? Is that honestly the best you can come up with?

    • Kservatius

      Before chastising others you should get your facts straight too…So YOU were there, you saw this young man with his hands up saying don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me? Of course you were NOT there so you don’t know what went down, you are just buying into the Black Lives Matter hype of JUMPING to conclusions, twisting events to suit your agenda. Yes he was someones son AND had this “someones” son not run and complied with police, this someones’ son would be alive….

    • david ratay

      Shut the fuck up bitch! Maybe you will be next you talking ape.

    • Paul Gemellaro

      Running from the police with a loaded handgun makes him in fact a dangerous criminal. Bit since when are BLM members concerned with anything factual ??

    • John Jay

      Hmmm… Get facts straight indeed. Survey set…. He did have a gun while running through the streets like an OG. VIDEO proves it.

    • John Jay

      Still waiting for the “oops my bad, he did have a gun, and he ran around like an idiot with it. He got himself shot because BLM don’t matter or should I say didn’t matter to him?

  • John J Rouse

    Come on guys, this was someone’s drug dealer. Please be nice.

  • Sheila Ray

    That’s just it. THEY Don’t CARE. They just want to riot. It’s not a protest. It’s an UNLAWFUL riot. SHUT THEM DOWN. LOCK them UP. Or just shoot em. They are breaking the law. When you run from the police and you have a gun. YOU Will BE SHOT. Even a 2yr old should understand that. This bs needs to stop. They are NOT concerned about anything except their own low down lousy lives. This crap won’t change that. And they are too dam lazy and ignorant to even try.

  • Brad Bilger

    Do the BLM people really expect a police officer to stand there and commit suicide when confronted by an armed assailant? I am sorry that they suspect was killed, but that was HIS decision. And he and his family has no one to blame but himself.

    • phonograf


      They have said so.

    • david ratay

      Who gives a shit what they want? I am not sorry he was killed. If you don’t want to die in a shoot out with the cops stop breaking the law, assholes.

  • Dick_Gosinya

    BLM has an agenda. They don’t care about these folks, they’re a means to an end. Hell, half the BLM crew would shoot Snell for looking at them wrong.

  • Mike Klarman

    Truth? Facts? They are meaningless to BLM.

  • doright

    That is unacceptable to the inner city blacks that any of the undeserving punks and or stupid idiots that jump into a shooting stance quickly pull an object out of your pocket and point it at cops and the cops waste him. So there mad because the pavement ape was a moron. Police always wrong. Like the little black sheep crying wolf. Well at least the blacks make themselves look stupid when they get on camera. Stupid for acting that way , most of America just laughs at these worthless people…

  • Lynn B

    Are you Fing people out of your Ignorant minds ?? HE WAS ARMED ~~ I would shoot him too !!

  • Avery Cates

    Bad time to be a cop in the states

  • Cool


  • John Jay
  • John Jay
  • Gary

    I finally found a great site where we strive to protect Great America. And by that I mean white America. We need Trump to protect our guns, get rid of the niggers, mexicans and towel heads. They and also women are inferior. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. bring back slavery. Repeal the 19th amendment