California Declares Itself A Sanctuary State, So ICE Director Tells Them To Get Ready For Onslaught Of Raids

ICE promised more raids in California in the wake of the state's 'sanctuary state' declaration.

ICE promised more raids in California in the wake of the state’s ‘sanctuary state’ declaration.

ICE Director Tom Homan Will Detain Illegals Caught In California Out Of State

The director of the nation’s immigration enforcement said his agents will “have no choice” but to conduct workplace and neighborhood immigration raids due to California’s new state-wide sanctuary law.

ICE Acting Director Tom Homan said that when Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill to make California a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants, including those who have committed crimes, it undermined public safety and hindered ICE from doing its “federally mandated mission.”

“The governor is simply wrong when he claims otherwise,” Homan said in the press release.

Homan said the California law nearly eliminates all cooperation and communication with law enforcement officers in California.

“ICE will have no choice but to conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and at worksites, which will inevitably result in additional collateral arrests, instead of focusing on arrests at jails and prisons where transfers are safer for ICE officers and the community,” Homan said.

“ICE will also likely have to detain individuals arrested in California in detention facilities outside of the state, far from any family they may have in California.”

The state law also prohibits immigration holds, which is when ICE asks local jails and prisons to hold a prisoner after that person would be released, which gives ICE a chance to respond and take them into custody.

The Hill reported that California’s new law allows for ICE agents to interview and arrest detainees in local facilities only if they first obtain an arrest warrant.

Supporters of the California law said it was necessary to protect against excessive enforcement measures.

“The California Values Act is a stinging rebuke to the nativism of President Trump and his drive to deport millions,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice Education Fund.

“Trump and Sessions are determined to bully state and local jurisdictions into turning immigrants over to ICE even though it diverts law enforcement from protecting the public. With this and other steps, California is declaring that it wants no part in aiding and abetting Trump’s deportation force,” Sharry said.

  • mac

    They are Illegals NOT Immigrants.

  • David E Brown

    Now there is a Director with some back bone! ICE Acting Director Tom Homan, I salute you Sir.

  • David E Brown

    Trump and Sessions are determined to bully state and local jurisdictions into turning immigrants over to ICE even though it diverts law enforcement from protecting the public. With this and other steps, California is declaring that it wants no part in aiding and abetting Trump’s deportation force,” Sharry said.”
    How does deporting Criminal predator aliens divert any thing from local Law Enforcement? The entire existance of ICE is in the interest of public safety.

    • David Kehoe

      Except Obama, Clinton did the same thing as the Trump administration. So, what California is really doing is making the State less safe for political reasons.

    • FlameonMe

      I was going to copy/paste the same paragraph and poke fun at its idiocy, but you beat me to it.

    • Itsthewater

      Bullying??? How about just following the law. Funny how liberals never take responsibility for their actions. It’s like blaming the cop that pulls you over for doing 50 in a 30, is that the cars fault then??

    • Michael Kelly

      Liberals don’t care about those little nuisance things…..I think we call them “Facts”, but they refer to them as, “Whatever”!!!
      All they can see is that They Lost and didn’t get their way. “It’s my Ball and I’m going Home” mentality. If we can’t win, nobody wins….They will block everything that this administration attempts to do, just because it’s Not them doing it….No Worries, One day Cali is going to slide right into the Pacific anyway

    • Christopher Jon Martin

      You use the word “bully” in describing legitimate law enforcement… it reveals your agenda…ahhhh, the shrewdness with which one uses words delivers the message. The only thing that ICE brought to the table here at first was detaining known criminals who were illegally in the country when they were detained by local law enforcement within “Sanctuary Cities”. How can one object to that? Then tit for tat because of the governor, we are at the point where ICE has to do this by going into neighborhoods, workplaces etc… it’s California government that is wrong-headed about this. The lack of wisdom and discretion regarding detaining illegal immigrant criminals, that is, those who have committed crimes and escaped to the United States, or who have committed crimes here in the United States and retreat to “Sanctuary Cities” now, a “Sanctuary State” to avoid capture. Mind you, he’s NOT rounding up illegal immigrants for being in the country, ICE is arresting known criminals that have planted themselves in sanctuary cities to avoid being held accountable. Again, the lack of discretion by California Government is astonishing in this to me and many others here in California.

    • VCH

      Dude, I’d say that ICE collecting sanctuaried criminals IS protecting the public!

    • BobCat

      ..and California politicians is not in the interest of public safety at all. illegal immigrants will continue to flock there in numbers in 2018.

  • Trefflek

    Correction at least 51% of Californians are morons. I can’t believe they voted this failure back as governor.

    • Christopher Jon Martin

      Not all of us my brother, not all of us… basically the populations of San Diego, LA, SFO, East Bay SFO, the Central Coast cities out-vote the remainder of Californians when it comes to electing these Democrats who are so far to the left it’s kind of scary… but nevertheless, not all of us brother…

      • Gobby Cow

        “Not all of us my brother”
        Jeez are you two weirdos having a love fest?.

        • Shawn Singer

          Get lost troll.

      • Beetlebailey

        Texas will trade its California hippy transplant douchebags hanging out in Austin ( current case in point) for the red-blooded Americans who live there as a circumstance of life. Seriously, get these idiots off our lawn. I think Texas should have immigration laws specific to California—the rest of the state supports a ban on you for disrespecting their statues from the state, now they want to remove them in Austin. IDIOCY!

        • BobCat

          Don’t blame Californian hippies for transplanting to your state of Texas. 4.3 million Californians are Trump supporters not Hippies

          • Beetlebailey

            Don’t jump the shark on me. I specified the ones that I don’t like—I didn’t say “all Californians”. Pretending like you don’t understand when there’s literally a transcript to reference is kind of dumb.

    • BobCat

      There are 4.3 million Trump supporters in California and 45% of the counties voted for him in 2016. So please do not put us in the same basket as these moron liberals.

      • AHM

        Yes, we’re Deplorables out here in CA too and we can’t stand Brown and his liberal cronies who just made it OK for an HIV infected person to donate blood without disclosure!!!! INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AHM

      We’re the ones ANTIFA is always beating up. There are plenty of us here and we’re PISSED!!! MCGA – Make California Great Again!

  • bws001

    likely time to remove federal funding from California…

    • Gobby Cow

      California should declare Independence and would never need a federal buck ever again, taxes raised in California should be used exclusively for California, why should California fund projects in Trump sucking redneck states.

      • canuck

        What is the correct California pronoun when dealing with a cow?

        Wait until you have to buy energy from the energy producing states and have to bring in water by the ship load. California will be left with its welfare clients and illegals…what a great tax base.

      • John Stilwell

        California is broke. It has so many illegals and other scum sucking on its tits that it can’t afford anything. Go ahead and declare Independence, watch when electric and water imports sky rocket to where it costs $500 for a 20oz bottle of water. Also what happens to the economy once all the US military bases are closed and moved? LMAO

      • Gary C Malachowski


    • BobCat

      They are going after taxpayer Californians now with taxes to pay for these illegal immigrant criminals.

  • Jim Smith

    Pull the funding and stop awarding government contracts to California businesses.

  • Carl Gorrell

    Thats gotta mean these scum no longer consider themselves Americans. Guess its gonna be open season

    • Highest common denominator

      LOL, so it’s open season on “foreigners” then? Way to be a decent human.

  • Elessar

    Arrest the Governor!! We need to stop the Gross Stupidity!

  • Preacher’s Kid

    I agree, no more federal funding. No federal aid. Cut all federally funded programs in California. See how long they last. Remove all federal officials from California. Want FBI help, nope can’t go. Want help improving harbors, nope can’t. Remove the Navy, Airforce, Army and Marine bases. Coast Guard can’t help, they are all paid by the Federal Government. Sorry California, you are on your own.

    • Highest common denominator

      California on its own is the 8th biggest economy in the world, and provides the bulk of food to the rest of the United States in basically all categories. After a period of reorganization, California would be just fine if it seceded.

      • GRComments

        Except that most of that food productivity is by people who are more conservative and would not want to secede from the U.S.

        • Highest common denominator

          So then we’re back at square one. The above person’s comment is ridiculous and I’m glad you agree.

        • Beetlebailey

          Conservative Californians have been wanting to secede from Liberal California for decades. They’re tired of this bullcrap. Maybe they can divide.

      • Robert Priddy

        Yep, and their number 1 in the U.S.for highest debt. If they were move to be independent they would collapse in about a year. Just from having to pay for for the next fire disaster. And they would loose some of their businesses because they would probably have to leave the state. The companies that have military contracts. The U.S. wouldn’t leave a business like Skunkworks which is part of Lockheed Martin continue to do business outside the country.My thoughts good riddance don’t let the door hit you in the ass cry babies

        • Highest common denominator

          And how about the tariffs the rest of the US would have to pay for the food that CA produces? I’m sure that would help somewhat in your made up financial disaster.

          • Robert Priddy

            Try to strong arm with produce I wonder how produce grows with no water. I wonder how much California would pay for water. I know in the last years California has been needing the Colorado River more and more and scientists agree if we lost california produce it would hurt for a bit. About a decade as matter of fact. Scientists have been well on their way to developing vegetable that could grow in hotter climates. so I’ll keep my steak, corn and wheat you can keep your produce.

          • Highest common denominator

            You act as if California hasn’t publicly mapped out everything you’re bringing up. Colorado’s water wouldn’t be stopped from flowing to California. Geography doesn’t give a fuck about laws. And the US would understand that in order for CA to keep producing for them, the water would need to be uninhibited.

            Going with your gut isn’t a good idea in this argument, bud. This has been researched heavily for decades.

  • william tell

    Jerry Moonbeam should be arrested and charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Let him sit in a jail cell and fight the charges. He’s breaking federal law.

  • Dragonheart

    A few weeks ago a LA gang threw an old friend’s son off a bridge to his death, just because he was unfamiliar with the area and walked across a bridge the gang tagged as theirs. These gangs are filled with illegal scumbags. The Fruits & Nuts of CA have no right to harbor criminals that are piling into our country.

  • RocksCryOut

    Arrest the seditionist Jerry Brown! Let him be tried and convicted on charges of conspiracy against the government of the United States. Let the trust fund baby rot in a federal prison!

    • Vlacka2

      Kill yourself. No one will miss you.

  • Ivette

    ICE is doing a great job on their own. It’s time to start hiring more ICE officer’s.

  • Gobby Cow

    ICE is impudent in California.

  • Rachel

    Governor Moonbeam just made it possible for a bunch of raids, and removed his own say-so because now ICE has to take them out of the state since he refuses to hand them over. This is…awesome. The one thing he finally did right, he did by accident and the feds basically neutered him. Hahaha.

  • favsis5bros

    Isn’t what CA doing just making it harder – and much more expensive – for everyone involved? (YES, DUH)

  • Leon Barber

    No sanctuary state should be receiving any federal aid. They will soon go belly up, and their people will be moving to another state. Other states should not allow any illegals or children to slip in. It is silly to not ID suspected persons and children, and arrest them when found.

  • Robert Baer

    Homan is the best Director ICE has had, hands down.

  • Trefflek

    Sharia law will be th next thing the governor signs into law for CA

  • badboyrico21


  • Dean Miller

    How does a state law that conflicts with a Federal law allowed to stand. Federal Law trumps state law when there is a conflict. That is settled in the Constitution in the Supremacy Clause. Federal government should cut all federal funding until they comply with immigration law.