Just In: California Outlawed Most Pistols

California outlaws guns

California outlawed mid and full-size pistols

They’ve gone and done it, California outlawed possession of most full-size pistol magazines. If you own a firearm which uses magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, your weapon is illegal to possess in the State of California. Oh, make that your magazines which are illegal to possess. Enjoy your new paperweight. The law signed in by Governor Jerry Brown on Friday requires that citizens surrender their “high capacity” magazines. California’s previously enacted gun bill only prohibited the sale or import of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, but possession was legal.

That’s not all. Now a background check will be required for any ammunition sales. All ammo purchasers will be registered into a state database which labels them as a dangerous ammunition owners… or something. It’s not clear what the purpose of this database it. Do they want all rounds to have an associated serial number, so that they can track the owners?

Fox News reports (although most news outlets seem to be ignoring this):

Gov. Jerry Brown signed six stringent gun-control measures Friday that will require people to turn in high-capacity magazines and mandate background checks for ammunition sales, as California Democrats seek to strengthen gun laws that are already among the strictest in the nation.

Brown vetoed five other bills, including requirement to register homemade firearms and report lost or stolen weapons to authorities.

The Democratic governor’s action is consistent with his mixed record on gun control. Some of the enacted bills duplicate provisions of a November ballot measure by Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. Some of the vetoed measures also appear in Newsom’s initiative.

“My goal in signing these bills is to enhance public safety by tightening our existing laws in a responsible and focused manner, while protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners,” Brown wrote in a one-sentence message to lawmakers.

Gun control measures have long been popular with the Democratic lawmakers who control the California Senate and Assembly. But they stepped up their push this year following the December shooting in San Bernardino by a couple who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group.

The bills angered Republicans and gun-rights advocates who say Democrats are trampling on 2nd Amendment rights, creating new restrictions that won’t cut off the flow of guns to people intent on using them for nefarious purposes.

“On the eve of Independence Day, independence and freedom and liberty in California has been chopped down at the knees and kicked between the legs,” said Sam Paredes, executive director of the advocacy group Gun Owners of California.

Lawsuits challenging the new laws are likely once they take effect next year, Paredes said.

Brown’s action will require people who own magazines that hold more than 10 rounds to give them up. It extends a 1999 law that made it illegal to buy a high-capacity magazine or to bring one into the state but allowed people who already owned them to keep them.

In an attempt to slow gun users from rapidly reloading, the governor signed a bill outlawing new weapons that have a device known as a bullet button. Gun makers developed bullet buttons to get around California’s assault weapons ban, which prohibited new rifles with magazines that can be detached without the aid of tools. A bullet buttons allows a shooter to quickly dislodge the magazine using the tip of a bullet or other small tool.

People will be allowed to keep weapons they already own with bullet buttons, which are often referred to as “California compliant.”

Brown also endorsed a bill making another attempt to regulate ammunition sales after a law passed in 2009 was struck down by a Fresno County judge who said it was too vague. The new law will require ammunition sellers to be licensed and buyers to undergo background checks. Transactions will be recorded.

He also opted to require a background check before a gun can be loaned to someone who isn’t a family member.

“Strong gun laws work. … What we’re doing in California is a better job of keeping guns out of dangerous hands,” said Amanda Wilcox, a spokeswoman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, whose daughter was killed by a shooter using a high-capacity magazine.

The new law appears to be depriving people of their valuable property, in violation of their Second Amendment rights. Outlawing the magazines that go in guns is effectively outlawing the guns. It’s hardly different than outlawing bullets, and then claiming that even though you removed people’s ability to use guns, you aren’t taking away anyone’s guns. But we aren’t constitutional lawyers, we’re cops.

As a group of law enforcement professionals, we support people’s right to carry firearms. We have firsthand knowledge that sometimes it takes too long for the police to get to people who need help. This problem is especially bad in sparsely populated areas where law enforcement response may exceed half an hour. Sparsely populated areas like most of California

It always amazes me how ignorant the general public seems to be of the violence and evil that exists around them. They enact laws like this because it fits in with their idealistic daydream of how society should be. Law enforcement officers see the evil every day; we were hired to fight it. And when we are forced to use violence to fight against these evils, we also no longer fit inside of their dream and we are cast out of the society that created us.

Quite frankly, I’m surprised that California didn’t just outlaw all semi-automatic firearms. Baby steps, right?

  • James

    California is the worst state when it comes to guns. Most people roll eyes when they enact anything especially a decision by the 9th circuit court of appeals.

  • Tyranny just begun in California. The Left-Wing ideology will kill more Californians and support illegal gun transactions, ammo distribution and bootlegging. Law abiding citizens are NOW IN DANGER……..Thank you Jerry “Hitler” Brown.

  • L.morgan

    I don’t know why everyone gets into a lather every time one state passes a new gun law. The only effective measures would be to make federal laws that cover every state, and/or changing that long outdated 2nd amendment. As long your lame, do-nothing republican congress is controlled by special interest lobbies like the NRA that will never happen anyway.

    • Leroy J

      How about those federal gun laws that were passed when the Democrats had control of Congress and the white house? Oh yeah. They didn’t. Don’t get pissy when republicans do what they were elected to do. As far as the NRA goes, you do realize that this lobbing powerhouse is driven by far off the contributions of normal folks for the most part. Suck it. Hope your not a cop. Follow your oath if you are.

      • JJ

        your right to speak is outdated too.

    • Steve Z.

      Protecting your rights is not a “do nothing” job. Congress has acted on gun control many times – voting down bad bills which would have removed civil liberties that Americans have enjoyed for centuries. It seems your main gripe is that you really really want to give away your rights, but congress just doesn’t want to take them (yet).

    • Chris

      The 2nd amendment will never be outdated… Just like the 1st amendment, the 3rd amendment, the 4th amendment, etc…

    • Dave

      I love uninformed people like yourself, the out dated 2 amendment is to protect you from your government you know those same people that keep passing gun control laws, that’s it nothing else it’s to protect you from your government . Con you see a need for that yet.

  • Deb Baltenberger

    I don’t understand how the Governor could sign one bill that targets EVERYONE and yet won’t sign a bill that PROTECTS legal owners when they lose a gun or someone steals a gun.
    AND THEN, who does a background check when I (hypothetically – cause I don’t live in California) loan my gun to someone who isn’t a family member. Honestly, I’m going to be more careful when loaning it out to a non-family member (who I might not trust explicitly) when compared to a family member, who I know (tongue in cheek) would NEVER do anything horrible with a gun.
    As a mom of a LEO, I can’t imagine how much harder it is to do your job now than even 4 years ago!

  • jim Dandy


  • Tom

    Police organizations and departments need to encourage their officers to not enforce these laws when it come’s to dealing with ordinary law abiding public. That is the only way to stop these so called public safety laws from being considered in anti American states and to prevent undue danger to LEO’S from people who are having their rights trampled on that may resist the confiscation of their legal property.

  • The truth is that the heads of this nation want the people to be defenseless. To be defenseless is being controlled. That is the way it must before Socialism comes to rule the people until total Marxism or Communism will take over. This is a slow process until the mentality changes to accept the control processes. Slowly and quiet surely this country is turning that corner. Rational minds do not seem to be the majority any longer. The day of the Constitution may well have come to an end in our country. The people who believe that peace is only obtained by surrendering to the total rule of socialistic ideas are living under the illusion that all will be great if we just allow the government total control.

  • Terry

    Should of written to remove the govenor from office at first sign of this celebrity backed corrupted gov. Sign petition against his decisions! I voted for Donald Trump!

  • Lee Craven

    The Fox article is incorrect here:

    “People will be allowed to keep weapons they already own with bullet buttons, which are often referred to as “California compliant.””

    In actuality if you have a rifle with a bullet button then it must be registered as an “Assault Weapon” now.

  • Christine

    So, Ms Wilcox is implying her daughter wouldn’t have been killed if she had been shot with a gun with a smaller magazine capacity? Liberal fool, no doubt!

  • richard tilley

    California is a state for idiots need to move the nations capitol and white house there since they are already full of idiots

  • John Wayne

    This is when you find who the real oath keepers on the force are. The Constitution specifically forbids retroactive crime laws, which is all this is.
    True oath keeping officers will not enforce these unconstitutional edicts.

  • Darren

    Congratulations Commifornia. You just made hundreds of thousands of law abiding citizens into criminals. I feel sorry for any LEO ordered to go round up these “high-capacity” mags. Better take a good hard look at the oath you took when you pinned on that badge. Did you pledge to protect the people? Or to enforce unjust laws?

  • Michael

    Okay, so Jerry Brown is a moron…. Why did California elect him over Mg Whitman?? Oh well, I didn’t get to vote since convicted felons cent vote. You know what else we can’t do. We cent own or buy guns. Legally. Oh, can anyone tell me, how many fucks do you think your average violent career criminal about obeying the law?? If you said 0 your wrong. Its about -7. Listen everyone, before I was a felon, I was a U.S. Marine infantryman. Not saying which unit exactly I don’t accidentally stain that units reputation as well as my brothers currently serving but I was somewhere in 1st Marine Division. So trust me when I say that the rate of fire and my reload speed does nothing to hinder my lethality especially in the civilian sector. As a convicted felon I would have to go outside the law to even acquire a firearm, so I am already not going to give a fuck if it is California compliant or not. Trust me when. I tell you that if I had the desire to, I could have a AR-15 compact (M4A1 for my service members, vets, and lovers of all things military)6 – 30 round capacity magazines and ammunition, red dot laser, holographic sight, peq-2 laser and Night vision goggles within a week. Oh and did I mention it would have a magazine quick release and NO SERIAL NUMBERS!!!!! Someone let them know that all the legislative bullshit they can think of will take absolutely 0 guns or rounds out of the hands of someone that wants them. Laws keep law abiding citizens staying law abiding citizens just like locks keep honest people honest. I hope somehow this post gets shown to our state government because I wouldn’t mind showing them the reality of things and how dumb they are. Don’t surrender a damn thing to them. Just don’t run around committing crimes. If think you need that to be readily able to defend your loved ones then fucking do it. Laws like this turn law abiding people into criminals because they want to be on an even playing field as the ones that are planning to come into that home and try to tie up their loved ones and do god only knows what to them. End rant

  • Kyle

    Those damn high capacity magazines are out to get us with their partner in crime the bullet button!! Haha this shit is crazy!

  • Americanus

    If you are a police officer, remember you also swear an oath like our military to up hold and defend the Constitution. Be an Oath Keeper and ignore this unconstitutional law.

    • I hope they realize , that if the law is written for the citizens of that state, it includes all law enforcement and Natoinal Guard of that state.

  • Rc

    Enforcement is Futile!

  • Msgtdubb

    Perhaps Gove moonbeam should pass a law requiring a background check on people who buy knives and hammers, also. I know. Let’s start a recall petition on this idiot and give Ca. back to the people. We did it once and we can do it again.

    • pokey5735


  • Leah

    If people in California don’t revolt they are nuts

  • BillC

    California is the state which has vowed to remove all liberty, freedom and choice of their people.
    The sad thing is, it is the people themselves who vote for those who will strip them of their rights.
    Most intelligent people are leaving the state but, sadly, they Californicate the states they then move to.
    You can’t cure stupid. California is proof of that. Liberty is fleeting rapidly as the state becomes a total police state.

  • This should be a wake up call for the rest of the Nation. This is what Democrats would do to the rest of the Nation.
    Not one ounce of common sense in the whole party.

  • Slade

    Time to revolt Californians!

  • Johnny Magnum

    When will people figure out this isn’t about public safety. It’s about Left wing total control. The New World Order is not ficticous dream. They’re putting it in place !

  • CJ

    The People’s Republic of California strikes again!

  • Will

    The “General Public” didn’t enact these bills, the state legislature did. (I realize the general public elected those officials) but I’m betting when compliance time comes, the legislature will be “shocked” at the lack of compliance.

  • Rob

    fuck california. come and. take. it

  • Don Huff

    Law Enforcement members are, for the most part, exempt from the new laws. Which basically is a description of tyranny, in that what’s illegal for the masses is legal, or at least allowed or available, for the “chosen few” who “lead” us.

  • Robert

    Only a first step!! Stop free possession of weapons in USA and everywhere!!! If you trust in your public authorities you don’t need to own. If you don’t trust in them, you don’t trust in your country!! Faw west age is far!!

  • Jim

    No one in their right mind will comply. No one in their right mind will enforce any of this crap.
    Gun owners in CA need to unite somehow. Not sure it will ever happen.

  • BobbyLTZ

    So I can keep my pressure cooker?

  • Cindy

    You did say this is a Fox news story right ? So who believes any of it in the first place ? Secondly you don’t quote any reputable sources . Thirdly so oh wow who cares sounds good to me . Thank you Governor for doing your job !

    • James

      Oh, Cindy, such an ignorant comment. You must be a product of the Kaliforniya public school system. Joseph Stalin would be proud, Comrade!!

    • Jim Ferrigno

      Ummm… it’s on plenty other news outlets.

  • Rick

    I lived in California for 20 years (military and after) until my neighbor literally was kidnapped outside my house (I lived in SoCal, and the police said he was more than likely connected to the drug trade south of the border). When I asked about getting my concealed carry permit, I was told of the process (not easy by any measure) and then told it would probably be denied anyway. So I said to the lady on the phone “so basically I can’t protect myself and the cops are just going to get there and do after the fact paperwork?” She said “yes”.
    I moved to Arizona.

  • David Crabtree

    The stupidity of the California government and those that kept electing those idiots finally drove me out of the State. I fought ’em for 40 years before deciding that it wasn’t worth it. The majority of the citizens vote like lemmings falling off a cliff. They all promote open mindedness and cooperation….until someone has an independent thought. Then it is name calling, screaming and protesting with the all too frequent riot. A shame that one of the greatest States in our Union will let itself be dragged into the deplorable condition it is now. And it’s not just the oppressive gun laws, it’s the waste of tax money, the dumb ideas (think high speed train), and the entrenched bureaucracies (think Golden gate Bridge District) that suck the life out of it’s citizens.

  • Pat

    Funny, its been like this in NJ for years! One reason why l got the hell outta there!

  • Bill

    Of course some Police Unions/Groups didn’t fight this since they were carved out of needing to obey these laws including when they retire.

  • Diane Shea

    Buy anmo in NV, ID, OR, WA, AZ. As far as surrendering? Never. Criminals aren’t going to surrender. I’m not going to become a victim. As soon as all these politicians go to work without the security of armed secret service, armed police officers and armed guards maybe I will take them seriously.

  • Trump is right, we need to build a wall. He has the location wrong. Mexico is not the problem, it is the Libitards in California. We need to erect a wall around freakin Kalifornia to keep them from infecting the rest of the country.

  • Michael Sandomeno


    • Officer Blue

      WHY ARE YOU YELLING?!?! Do you know what a semi-automatic weapon is?

  • Tim

    Explain to me how gun control laws that take away weapons or their original intended abilities away from the non criminal element including law enforcement work? Does it not make more sense to impose stricter laws backed by severe penalties to punish the criminal element instead? Get barbaric on the criminals who use guns in crimes & there is your gun control !!! No more club fed ! Get caught using a gun in a crime ?, go to prison for life , no parole , no Tv in the cell, no family visits, no conjugal visits no commissary, just a cell, 3 meals a day & hard labor so they are too tired to fight & cause problems. If caught committing murder, then instant execution to be carried out in a short time, not let the fuckers die of old age.

    • Tim

      @Michael Sandomeno..how about NO!

    • JU GE

      Criminals who use a gun go to Prison, SCOTUS 4-3
      Criminals vote Democrat 7 out of 10
      Therefore, Democrats belong in prison, Priceless.

  • Dan Brown

    California the land of criminals. The criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens can tell you this the citizens will not comply with unconstitutional law just signed by Mr Moonbeam

  • Michael E Lewis

    California just signed unenforceable measures into law. All this does is turns average citizens into criminals and forces even more of its taxpayers to leave if they can. Californians, it’s time to get rid of those career politicians that have lost all sense of reality and get some representatives that actually represent your districts put into place. At this rate, the violent crime and home invasion rate will double by 2018 in California.

  • Joseph W. Springer III

    People in Commifornia have lost their minds, our state tried to pass less stringent laws than this and Kentuckian’s showed up over 500 armed people strong on the capital steps in Franfort to let our lawmakers know that their new laws would not fly!

  • Mike

    How is this news? I lived in California from 2008-2012, and it was illegal to own any magazine greater than 10 rounds. This story is ludicrous. The only apparent thing they (as in California) changed is the background check to buy ammo. But whatever, I’m glad I live in the south where I don’t have this issue.

    • Officer Blue

      Mike, it was not previously illegal to possess those magazines, it was only illegal to purchase or import them. That made all pre-ban magazines legal to own. Not so any more.

  • Z

    For people asking to get rid of these politicians: That wouldn’t make sense, since the politicians represent the public they serve. California’s constituency includes a lot of people who are anti-guns. I would rather not have this law, but after many years of living in this state, I’ve realized that it’s a fact of this state. The citizens do want the daydream world, but that’s just fine. That’s why we have different states, so they can enact different laws.

    • Jim Ferrigno

      To be clear, a massive chunk of California is actually conservative.

      Laws that effect the constitutional rights of citizens should be ballot measures voted on by citizens, not laws passed on back rooms that we have no say in.

  • kt

    These politicians DONT want anyone to own a firearm. These laws are just a step by step attempt to take your guns. The tree of liberty needs some watering now!

  • Wesley

    I predict a very high rate of NON compliance.

    Will the last sane and sensible person out, please turn off the lights. Betting the illegals will own the state in no time. . .I hope they succeed from the union. I would support their return to Mexico.

  • When will these liberal idiot learn than gun laws don’t stop crime because criminals don’t follow laws!!!

  • Alice

    Just buy more magazines for your weapon, only takes me about three seconds to eject and put another in. This is stupidity at it’s best and is only helping the gun industry sell more stuff

    • Jim Ferrigno

      Sorry, were you not paying attention? Detachable magazines that can be removed without disassembling the action are also illegal under this new law.

      You’re stupidity at its worst…

  • Flint