Two Invaders Try Burglaries During Hurricane, Forget They’re In Texas – Won’t Be Robbing Any More

Two home invaders got shot in two separate burglary attempts during Hurricane Harvey.

Two home invaders got shot in two separate burglary attempts during Hurricane Harvey.

Two Burglars Shot In Different Burglaries During Hurricane

Corpus Christi, TX –  Two suspects were shot by homeowners in two separate incidents in Houston and Corpus Christi during Hurricane Harvey.

In one incident, an intruder was shot by a Southside homeowner after he broke into the home as Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

The incident occurred on Friday, August 25, about 11 PM in the 7100 block of Ficus Court, near Yorktown Boulevard, according to the Caller-Times.  Police officers responded to a home for a report of an intruder in the home.

Upon their arrival, they found the suspect inside the home, with a gunshot wound to his head.  Police said that the suspect had broken into the home, and the homeowner had shot him.  The incident occurred about an hour after the Category 4 Hurricane Harvey made landfall near Corpus Christi.

The suspect’s name and the homeowner’s name have not been released.  It isn’t known if the resident had power when the incident occurred.  The suspect was transported to Christus Spohn Hospital Shoreline for treatment.  His condition is not known.  No other injuries were reported.  The Corpus Christi Police Department is conducting the ongoing investigation.

The second incident occurred in Houston about 3 AM in the 6900 block of Avenue T on Saturday, August 26.  Police said that an intruder was trying to break into a home in Houston’s Greater East End, and was shot by the homeowner, according to The Houston Chronicle.  The intruder was reported to have been killed by the homeowner.

No further information has been released, and the Houston Police Department is conducting the ongoing investigation.

Burglars might want to think twice before they try to burglarize homes in a state where people are armed and willing to ride out the storm.

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  • Saron

    Queue the protest, right after the hurricane is gone, got to think about the safety of the protestors.

    • burglary does NOT carry a death sentence.*****Edit****** I largely agree with many of your statements despite my original statement. Good luck down there, and I am actively looking for a boat right now to head down from Arkansas w/ another ole boy. God bless ya’ll, and please Don’t Shoot! 😉

      • David

        You have no idea if someone breaking into your home is armed, you don’t want to see a gun first before you shoot. Someone breaks into my home, there dead, PERIOD. I’m not going to wait to see if they have a gun, shotgun, or just a knife. My family will be protected no matter what. And I don’t live in Texas but NJ.

        • Denton J McLaughlin

          If one is home, its not really a burglary but more home invasion. I second not knowing intentions of the criminal in your home. Additionally, I was trained to stop the threat, not “execute” someone as you seem to suggest.

          • LEO

            Personally I’ll aim for center mass, and double tap, which means they are most likely dead. Oh,well.

          • Jeff Hodge

            And how would you stop the threat?

          • Mason

            He’s going to ask very politely but also very sternly.

          • ePoch 270

            You cannot feel threatened hiding in your mommies closet crying like Slackaveli.

          • David

            If you try to just wound them, then they have the chance to fight back, especially if there is more than one, and in most cases there are. Only one way to ensure that they don’t get up and try to stop you.. put them down for good. If someone breaks into my place and I’m home, and there is more than 1 I go for center mass, I don’t stop until they aren’t moving.

          • Devlin

            unfortunately you’ll be paying for the hospital bill and any other reparation the criminal sues you for. Your chances of survival are also cut in half, criminals can still fight back even after being wounded.

          • John in OK

            Depends on the laws in your area. They break in here in Oklahoma, they forfeit any right to sue no matter what happens…and so do their families.

          • @Devlin that would be really fucked if true, but i was thinking the family might sue for ‘wrongfull death’. I honestly dont know the answer to this issue, i just hate to see people die just b/c they got desperate and went rogue.

          • Strat O’Såurus® (volume @11)

            Very little of the looting is caused by ‘desperate people’. If you remember Katrina in 2005, there were DOZENS of videos of these so-called ‘desperate’ thugs pushing shopping carts full of beer and liquor, and quite a few of them carrying flat-screen TVs. ‘Desperate’ people want food or water, not beer and TVs.

            And they don’t ‘go rogue’ — they were brought up ‘rogue’!

          • Rodolfo Chico Arriaga

            One must also consider the bias nature of the media. One, when Blacks were observed taking things from businesses they were referred to as looters. While Whites doing the same were referred to as hurricane victims trying to survive the devastation. Also, it is more than possible that those pointing the cameras were only filming Black individuals that were taking TV’s and liquor, to play into the institutional racist ideology. That pervades U.S. dominant culture.

          • Rodolfo Chico Arriaga

            Slack, no reasonable person desires to shoot and kill another person. However, no reasonable person wants to see themselves, or their family become victims. As for myself, I have taken a life with a firearm. Those who say shoot the intruder do not realize the mental and emotional trauma one suffers after killing another person. I for one do not desire to shoot anyone. That being said, I also do not want to be a victim and will protect myself, my family, my friends, and my property if necessary. I am highly trained in the use of firearms and other weapons. Even in the military, there is procedure for defensive and offensive force. Known as rules of engagement.

          • i appreciate you sharing this.

          • cowboyinbrla

            People have been breaking into occupied homes for millennia, but only now are we suddenly calling it “home invasion”. Nothing about the act changed; it’s just that a bloodthirsty culture wants to justify shoot-first-to-kill whenever possible.

          • skeets skeets

            Well there cowgirlfancypants,,, if it happens to you, tell us what will you do, plead for mercy try to reason with them? They aint stopped over to borrow a cup of sugar there snowflake

          • LEO

            Please, GO AWAY you little girly girl.

          • WTexas

            So someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night. What do you do?
            1. Do you ask them very politely about their intentions?
            2. Do you tell them that you will call 911 if they don’t go away?
            3. You let them do whatever they want with you, including and possible killing you?

          • Earl Newman

            A double barrel 16ga with buck shot will stop the threat real quickly. Someone breaks into my home, they will be carried out in a bag. Being a hunter, I hit what I am aiming at.

          • Rodolfo Chico Arriaga

            Well, I am pretty sure the home owners shot to stop not to kill. 🙂

          • Judy J McKinney


          • ltc444

            That statement indicates to me a very limited understanding of shooting. 1. It is called deadly force. 2. When a firearm is deployed and discharged it is done so with intent to kill. 3. Anyone who believes that you shoot to wound is ignorant of shooting and does not know what they are talking about.

          • Strat O’Såurus® (volume @11)

            What better way to assure that the perp is stopped than two to the chest, one to the head? That’s the way I was taught in the military, over fifty years ago.

      • Justsaying

        How do you know what they would do ?? Wait to find out if they pull a weapon and kill you inside your own home ??? In MOST states, shooting an intruder in your own home is legal and no charges will be brought if the gun is registered.

        • george orwell

          Yep. Probably a good idea not to break into peoples’ houses. Slackaveli will probably learn this lesson the hard way.

        • Guido Ragetti

          Most state don’t have gun registration

          • Devlin

            but most gun owners are though. 😉

      • george orwell

        No, it doesn’t, if the burglar is caught, tried and convicted. But, in the course of entering my home to ????? (we don’t know your intent – you’ve broken into my home), that WILL get you shot, since a.) I don’t know your intent, and b.) you BROKE INTO MY PH***ING HOME.

      • hate whiners and haters

        burglars are the lowest of the low!! First, you don’t know if they are there to take your stuff, or harm you and your family. How dare you or anybody else think it is okay for anybody to take something that doesn’t belong to them. It is NEVER OKAY, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE to go into somebody’s home without being invited. Burglars deserve to die! Not just Texas, but everywhere in the US. Burglars not only steal “things” but they also steal people’s peace of mind. Everybody has the right to live in their home without the fear of some thug breaking in and taking your stuff.

        • cowboyinbrla

          Nobody thinks it’s “okay for anybody to take something that doesn’t belong to them”. If that’s what you read, then your reading comprehension skills are somewhere around upper elementary school level or lower.

          The core of your argument seems to be that if something is “not okay” to do, then summary execution by the person harmed by the action is the moral and legal thing to do. Someone cuts you off in traffic? That steals your peace of mind, so BLAM! blow him away. Someone takes up two parking spots close to the store so you can’t have one? BLAM! Someone next door is playing his music too loud? BLAM!

          There’s no principled distinction between any of those situations.

          • chuckfaerts

            Those are mighty big assumptions on your part, but good for you prefacing a statement like that with ‘seems’ lol. What an exaggeration, and ‘principled distinction’, are you serious? lol I’m reminded of an Austin jackass.

          • Rodolfo Chico Arriaga

            Your argument is false logic. If it has to be explained you might as well be beating a fool that will not change his foolish ways.

          • You are, of course, to be commended for your liberal enlightenment, thinking the best of these poor burglars. Good luck with that when they enter your house, looking to do who knows what?

            Hope that works out for you and your family. It’s called The Castle Doctrine for a reason, silly.

          • Bruce Harvey

            Thank God that I am not a child in HIS home. Daddy PLEASE protect me. Sorry kids, you’re on your own.

          • Mason

            “There’s no principled distinction between any of those situations.”

            If that’s what you believe, then you’re the one with retard-level reading comprehension skills.

          • Carla Fitzgerald

            Hey cowboyfag! Parking spots, loud music, and breaking into one’s home are 3 totally different things. Parking like a douche in playing your music loud will not kill you. Someone breaking into your home probably will. You are seriously retarded if that doesn’t make any sense to you Retarded if that doesn’t make any sense to you

          • @cow@cowboyinbrla:disqus more elegant way of saying what i meant. i understand where they are coming from too, though. Tough issue.

          • Norman

            Your whole premise is wrong. The fact that they are stealing your stuff says that at least one person thinks it is okay to take stuff that doesn’t belong to them. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be THIEVES. As to your hyperbolic comparisons. Get real.

      • Black Swan / build the wall

        As we say in TX, I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

        • Michael Dean

          An old Texas Sheriff was asked by a reporter…. Why do you carry a 45? The Sheriff replied….. Because they don’t make a 46.

          • John in OK

            Nowadays they make a 48 and several flavors of 50…but they’re kinda bulky to carry around.

          • Derek Johnson

            460 Rowland…I have a Springfield converted to that. Lovely.

      • Steve

        Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Any home intruder should be treated as a threat.

        • Michael Dean

          Yep, 4 residents killed in a home invasion in NC just last week.

      • Anna Mikell Laws

        Ok so if some one breaks into your house are you going to just give him your daughter and tell him to have a nice time?

      • Mike Stewart

        Found the Snowflake!

        • Bryan Hollis

          Lol. Or the troll.

          • i was trollin but i didnt yet know the severity of the devastation. #prayin4yall

        • Jeff Hodge

          Lets go rob his place.

        • Alexander Hutchison


      • Eric Kunz

        Well then, so is Pennsylvania. Break into my house and meet the same fate. You threaten me or my family, you will be dealt with appropriately.

      • JET_CA

        It does in Texas. It should everywhere. Want to avoid it? Don’t steal other people’s stuff. Simple formula. Don’t come in my house uninvited, you won’t get shot.

      • LEO

        I guarantee it does if you break into my home. Come on over……

      • Num Nutz

        It does now, hahahaha
        Just maybe people will think twice about invading someones home.

      • Anthony D Hurst

        Slackaveli, of course burglary of an occupied house can get a crook killed, read the article, lol!

      • Guest

        It does if you break into my house, dipsh!+.

      • Guest

        Ever hear the phrase “looters will be shot on sight”? That’s standard procedure for hurricanes and tornadoes in Texas. I am sure you will just open up your house and let anyone boof you in the @$$ that walks into your house, but that ain’t the way it works around here, son.

        • Here in Florida, we paint it on our shutters/plywood in the event of landfalling hurricanes and/or evacuation required:

          YOU LOOT/WE SHOOT.

          • Guest

            We do too, but depending on where you are in Texas it may not be spelled correctly, and will probably have to be in Spanish too.

      • Michael Dean

        Lethal force can be used in Texas against trespassers as well as in defense of property. case solved. Many other states require a threat to life or great physical injury. Get a clue. Shoot ’em dead and put a knife in their hand. When seconds count the police are only minutes away. They will get there in time to outline the body in chalk.

      • Michael Rodriguez

        But you think making threats to other posters in other forums is legit? “I’ll take your head off”, as you posted to someone else. Hypocrisy is your calling card, it seems.

      • Michael Rodriguez

        Also, you’re crazy and messed up if you justify someone breaking into someone else’s home. What do you have to say of the crime of burglary? Why haven’t you said anything about that?

        • wound them and send em to prison if possible is all im sayin

          • Remo_5_0

            He did wound him.

          • that’s good. i hate seeing all this hate.

          • LEO


          • yeah, seriously. why kill people ?

          • LEO

            I’m guessing you know nothing about shooting a gun other than what you’ve watched on TV apparently. It doesn’t work that way in real life. First of all, if you come into my house I will neutralize the treat. I’ll do that by aiming for the largest target which is the chest. Since I shoot a 45 cal the chance of you surviving is slim to none. If you don’t want to risk that happening don’t enter someones home without permission. I will not risk my family’s safety by trying to wound someone who may very well be trying to kill me or my loved ones.

          • M Grimes

            @Slackaveli:disqus Dude, You go ahead and wound him and watch him get back up, point his own gun at you and shoot to kill. I’ll shoot to kill and live to see another day. I will protect my family over someone intent on breaking in and potentially raping, injuring or killing us.

      • H.I. McDunnough

        Well one thug survived. I recommend the “Mozambique”: two center mass, one to the dome.

        • Pushed to the limit

          Gunsite graduate? Me too……

        • Rodolfo Chico Arriaga

          One only has to fire once. If you are firing a 12 gauge loaded with express Double 00 buck shot. one points to the center mass. All is well.

      • You forgot your /sarc tag.

      • Pushed to the limit

        It does at my house.

      • Remo_5_0

        How do you know what someone breaking into your residence is going to do? No one said the guy had to die, he wasn’t strong enough to survive.

        • Rodolfo Chico Arriaga

          Duh, they are breaking in. If they were looking for shelter, they would knock not just break a window or kicking a door.

      • Bryan Hollis

        Not everything is a video game little buddy.

      • Not2pc4U

        Dude, I recognize you, your that short fat little kid that rode the Short Bus to retard Class everyday, you always wore that extra large bicycle helmet sideways all the while with your tongue squashed on the window. Nice to see you grew up to a full grown Snowflake.

      • Bob

        It does in my house.

      • Todd Conger

        Actually, in the State of Texas, we are legally allowed to protect our property with deadly force if needed…so technically not only is your comment misguided, it’s flat out wrong. Bad decisions have bad consequences, but at least one of these robbers won’t be victimizing anyone again…and thank goodness for it.

        • Kathy

          Even your statues……God Bless Texas!!!

        • bambi hussein

          Liberals don’t understand “consequences.” They spend their lives avoiding personal responsibility.

        • Vito365

          Protecting property with deadly force should not be allowed. You want to kill someone over a lawnmower or bicycle? Really? I’m all for blowing them away when they set foot inside your domicile; as has been pointed out several times, you have to assume your life is at risk. But property? I just can’t justify that thinking.

          • UpNorth2

            Then you can stand aside and let the burglars steal you blind. Others don’t necessarily live by that code. Where do you draw the line?

          • Vito365

            I draw the line at taking a life over property (except for my pets). If someone breaks into my home during the night, I will call the cops, hunker down behind my bed with gun leveled at the bedroom door, and let them carry out the big screen. Insurance will cover it. If I go out in a confrontation, my life is at risk; not worth the deductible. That is pragmatism. Where I live, you can’t use deadly force to protect “things”. I’m good with that.

          • Derek Johnson

            You included pets. Great, but some other person that doesn’t care about pets, but has your same attitude will not include them in a lethal force defense law. So you see, it’s all opinions and assholes if it’s not on the lawbooks.

          • UpNorth2

            The only non-violent burglar is one who has not encountered someone in their targeted house or business. It’s shocking that you would choose to “hunker down” in your own home. Once the burglar is inside an occupied dwelling, it’s not longer a “property crime”.

            With your attitude, it’s likely that you’ll be shot with your own gun, or be beat with it.

          • Vito365

            Not a chance Bud, I am country born and bred, have an array of firearms with plenty of practice in their use. I am also smart enough to realize the odds go up for me getting shot if I walk out of a secure position to confront someone who is likely armed. I go from advantage to at least even odds. Over a big screen tV that is covered by insurance? You may chance dying over one, but I won’t. That is just ignorant.

          • UpNorth2

            Nope, not at all. One doesn’t often get to choose the way a home invasion, or gun fight goes down. I’d prefer to hit him/her when they come through the door. Or, after they take the first step after entry.

          • Vito365

            I think you missed my scenario. It is during the night; I’m in bed, they are in the house. If I’m up, of course I’m going to catch them coming through the door if I can. At that point I know I’m defending my life. BOOM.

          • Rodolfo Chico Arriaga

            UpNorrth2, that is where you need to stay. In Texas no one takes our weapons when we are in lock and load position. Those who have their weapons taken from them are trying to intimidate without force. Here, if a firearm is pointed at someone it is not to scare them. It is to shoot them. Since we only point our guns at what we intend to shoot.

          • Vito365

            Good example of exceptions. These thieving bastards should be shot on sight.

      • Robert Johns

        In Texas it does. Suck on that you little soap bubble.

      • Alexander Hutchison

        When there’s a person in the premise, it’s robbery. And, apparently, it DOES carry a death penalty, LOLZ!

      • toothfairy87

        Incorrect, Sir! In Texas, if I am in the house that you break into, burglary does carry a death sentence! I don’t have to wait until you shoot me to shoot you! Don’t like it? Adios!

      • annajessicawilks@gma

        Don’t want to get shot? Don’t break into other people’s houses. You’re making the intruder the victim, as libs usually do. He made a bad choice, he paid the price.

      • deejayaz

        It can when you come into my home uninvited to loot.

      • 35M

        Aww, is da wittle dindu buttmad?

      • Mark Flaming

        You are fuckin retarded. Did you know that?

      • Lori Aikman Brown

        Apparently it does in Texas if the homeowner has good aim. Don’t like it? Don’t invade homes in Texas. If you’re uncomfortable with this, stay the fck out of Texas.

      • skeets skeets

        slackaveli,,,,, break in to my place when Im home, and see if it carries a death sentence,,, just sayin

      • bambi hussein

        But going to Planned Parenthood often does.

      • US Native

        In Virginia we try to win their hearts and minds…two to the heart, one to the mind.

      • Rodolfo Chico Arriaga

        I disagree, Illinois and other anti gun high crime rate states, where a victim can and is prosecuted for defending themselves are stupid messed up places. Slack, stay where you are. If you come to Texas, and are what you look like, An honest citizen will put you in your place. May God Rest your Soul.

      • Vito365

        These weren’t burglaries, they were home invasions. Big difference.

      • JamieAllen

        burglary carries the death penalty in my house, fucker, come try it.

      • Rita Redmond

        Then don’t go there. Or, if you live there, move. That is what state’s rights are all about. California may be more to your liking.

      • Jeff C Duffer

        If you are stupid enpugh to break into an occupied home in Texas, it is not a shooting, it is natural selection at work.

      • I would never rob somebody, ya’ll.

      • Vinnie

        Oh dear boy. It most assuredly can carry a death sentence. If you are one of those who believe nothing that I worked for, paid for and is for my family is worth someone else’s life, then you need to tell would be criminals not to risk their life trying to take my gear.

        • Harvey already took everybody’s shit.

      • gbBarry

        Someone breaking into your house,how are you supposed to know what they will do when they get in? Sheesh

      • M Grimes

        @Slackaveli:disqus Are you willing to take the chance that they are only there to steal and aren’t violent and willing to injure or kill others that may be in the house? By the time you know that they are violent and going to kill you it will be to late. If they break into an occupied home, sorry you have to assume the worst.

      • Dweezil

        It does in Texas if you’re stupid enough to try to rob a man’s home. Well, are ya punk?

      • censorshipatwork

        You are one crazy, messed up person!

      • Conservative4Ever

        Yawn. How do you know he was there just for a burglary? You wished to wait to see how far a “burglar” wants to take their crime. I will shoot first to protect my family. You go right ahead & negotiate with the burglar & with your wife and/or daughter.

      • WTexas

        Actually.. It does… A citizen is allowed to use deadly force to protect property. Its in the books. Stay out of Texas if you disagree.

      • M60A1

        Don’t loot. 😉

  • Dave

    Oh I’m sure they were just scared and looking for shelter… They were perfect little angels that had just turned their lives around….

    • george orwell

      They were on their way to college, which apparently actually went through those people’s homes.

      • Alexander Hutchison

        Well, don’t worry, the burglars will get a free degree–just like Trayvon!

        • jf

          burglar (singular), the one is dead, the other one is in “unknown” condition.

    • bambi hussein

      The thug’s legacy will live on. Democrat votes will be cast in his name for years to come.

    • Tonya Parnell


    • Strat O’Såurus® (volume @11)

      And of course, they ‘dindu nuffin’!’. /s

      One would think that thugs would’ve heard that applications for LTCs in Texas were up 134% in 2016 (one reason it took five months to get mine). Are thugs so stoooopit that they think people won’t protect themselves or families? The whole idea of having a firearm is to STOP a perp from hurting yourself or your family. One to the head usually stops a perp, quickly and efficiently.

  • george orwell

    ” It isn’t known if the resident had power when the incident occurred.” I’d say the resident had a lot of power, thanks to the Second Amendment.

    • Patricia Sutcliffe

      To bad the one wasn’t killed. I’m sure some blood sucking lawyer will start legal action agains the home owner because he PROTECTED what was his. Citizens arent’ allowed to do that you know . (sarcasm intended)

      • thebyrdsfriend

        Don’t forget, this is Texas ~ they tend to follow the law there, and this homeowner is allowed to protect his family, home, and property.

        • man, i get it. i was born n raised in Texas. I just dont feel a head shot is the way to go. How many are murderous in their hearts and hope a ‘punkmudder** would”, ya know?

          • no4morefoObama

            The idea about head shots is an end to the confrontation, PERIOD. If you’re competent enough with a firearm to hit the target without collateral damage then using that tactic is the most humane way to use “deadly force”

            Gun Control is being able to send rounds downrange accurately hitting ONLY your intended target.

          • Rodolfo Chico Arriaga

            How many felons and would be felons want citizens to be unarmed. Answer all of them. Slack, pardon for judging a book by its cover but, the term Thug and felon appear to fit your appearance.

          • Bruce Harvey

            Should have went for the Balls, Slacker.

          • C.J. Broz

            What would you have preferred? A groin shot?

          • anything that doesnt kill them for stealing. seems very harsh.

          • C.J. Broz

            Why do you assume they were only there to steal? If someone breaks into my home while I am there, I have to assume they are there to do me harm. They have already decided that I am going to be a victim when they break into my house. My choice is either to let them make me a victim or stop them. If they die in the process of me stopping them, that’s not my problem.

      • william tell

        Some of the smarter states with the stand your ground law added to their laws that you couldn’t be sued civilly. Good Idea, all states should have that. You shoot some thug in your home he loses all his rights to anything.

      • Christopher Vaughn

        In Texas (like IN) if a burglar comes thru the window you are permitted to use deadly force. They don’t even take you in just take the statement. And this is how it should be 🙂

  • Guest

    Well there’s a contribution to reducing the “carbon footprint”. These two won’t be consuming oxygen or polluting the atmosphere with carbon dioxide anymore, so I guess that’s a twofer.

  • CraxyD

    How does that line go? Oh yeah…
    “You loot, we shoot!”

  • Pushed to the limit

    Keep doing this and the black problem will be solved within a year.

  • william tell

    Chalk two up for the good guys.

  • TakeCaliforniaBack

    fake news. im here and have heard nothing about this and of course, there are no names mentioned.

    • Derek Johnson

      You’re where?

  • Roland

    Note that in both of these cases, the homeowners defended themselves, and the government police only showed up later to write down what happened.

  • Arnold P

    Nice! Improvement of the Gene Pool, 2 less democrats!

  • Not a Liberal

    Title should read two prepared homeowners met two Obama thugs during Cat 4 and showed them a storn surge

  • Jim Nastelli

    Most excellent! God bless Texas and good shooting folks!!

  • Larry Patterson

    Breaking into people’s homes is not a good choice, ever, period.
    If you don’t like eating lead sandwiches then don’t break into people’s homes because that’s what’s on the menu.

  • Katrina

    Wonder if either of these thugs were from the area or traveled there to take advantage of the evacuation and grab whatever they could. No sympathy for people who take advantage of the devestation of a disaster for their own gain. Where most people help each other out in a disaster, these scum take advantage of people in distress. Loathsome creatures earn whatever befalls them.

  • Tonya Parnell


  • Just A Thought
    • Fire_and_Steel

      Yep. The possibility of getting shot while committing a crime is no more of a deterrent to crime than the possibility of going to jail is. But getting shot pretty much puts an end to repeat offenses.

  • Mason

    Those poor, innocent people. They were just trying to survive the hurricane! This is why guns need to be banned IMMEDIATELY. Two people GUNNED DOWN just trying to survive.

  • Nick Matthews

    Was considering coming down with my boat to help. Forgot it was Texas.

  • Aminah El-Dhany

    I am a Texan and I pray for ya’ll but quit acting like an ass while you are waiting out the storm. President Obama was a good President while he was in office. Let’s see what Trump does besides tell the world he is so great when he can’t even take 5 minutes from Twitter to eat.

    • Conservative4Ever

      Obama was the worst POTUS in our entire history. Close to him at the bottom is Wilson, Carter, FDR & LBJ. Have a nice day

    • The checkbook

      You’re not a Texan.

      • Aminah El-Dhany

        Sweet heart, I have been a Texan all my life and my German side of the family came over in 1853 and landed in Texas. Family has been in Texas since then.

        • rb2424

          you can live in Texas, but that does not make you a Texan.

          • Aminah El-Dhany

            Born and raised Texan.

    • Strat O’Såurus® (volume @11)

      Odildo the Mad was a blight on the history of this country. Race relations were derailed and fifty years of progress stopped. OtM pushed the anti-police meme to the limit, and dozens of police officers paid for his stupidity with their lives. Odildo’s not worth what I scrape off my boots at my friend’s cattle ranch.

    • Sixstringer✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Dude, you’re just angry cuz your left hand always smells like your asshole.
      Maybe try some Charmin.
      Blowbama was (and is) one of the most racist, vile anti-American scumbags to ever draw breath.
      And anyone who believes otherwise, has the IQ of a grilled cheese sandwich.
      Now, calm down, step away from the little boy (or goat), put on your man-dress, and try to do something about that unimaginable stench you carry with you at all times.
      Pisslam sucks.
      HomoHamHead sucks.
      Allah (moon-god) is a licker of pig testicles
      Have a day.

      • gman4691

        hey man, don’t insult grilled cheese sandwiches like that…lol

      • Aminah El-Dhany

        Dude, you are the one who’s angry. What is the thing with Charmin and goat? You need me to send you toilet paper? What the heck is a man dress? Let’s see – Scots wear the kilts, Greeks wear something like mini skirts, and you talking like the Arabs are the only ones who wear ‘man dresses’. I am a white gal from Texas. I don’t wear man dresses – oh hell – I don’t wear dress at all.

    • David Gass

      Obama was what??? A good president? He wasnt even an American. The biggest fraud ever committed on the American people and dang near worthless as a fake president.

    • rb2424

      Trump has sent billions (including 1 million of his own) to assist the likes of you. BTW, he uses twitter so the public will know exactly what he said and the media cannot distort it.

  • Wrightclick

    Now that’s my idea of social justice.

  • censorshipatwork

    They got exactly what they deserved!

  • Carole Shirreffs

    Two down

  • Mike Smith

    I’m pretty sure Texas has both Castle and Stand Your Ground…

  • ptown_nearthectown

    Those Swedish exchange students again!

  • JC Resident

    Kill them all! Worthless pieces of shit!

  • Lea Gillette

    I’m really concerned about how many people in this thread think theft is a crime justly punished by death. Seriously? Someone stealing my tv is not reason enough to kill them. Instant execution for daring to touch your prized stuff is waaaaaay over the top.

  • Speedwell

    We know they were potential burglars and not people seeking shelter how, did they perform a seance?

  • The Sun Guy

    Live a thugs life, die a thugs death.

  • jbf16falcon

    Power? I’d say as long as he had enough ammo an light to sight his target, he was good to go. A large bottle of stain remover might help too.

  • Pushed to the limit

    Love it. A headshot can’t sue you.