Suspect High On Synthetic Drugs Tries To Kill Buffalo Officer Jasmine Olmstead

Elijah Davis tried to take Officer Jasmine Olmstead's gun and brutally attacked her.

Elijah Davis tried to take Officer Jasmine Olmstead’s gun and brutally attacked her.

Elijah Davis Brutally Attacked Buffalo Officer Jasmine Olmstead

Buffalo, NY –  Buffalo Police Officer Jasmine Olmstead, was brutally attacked on Sunday by a suspect high on synthetic drugs.

According to The Buffalo News, the suspect, Elijah Davis, first faked being injured and laid down in the middle of the intersection of Main and Barker Streets.  A motorist who was on his way to work at about 5:30 AM saw Davis lying in the middle of the road and stopped out of concern.  Davis then jumped into the front seat of the motorist’s vehicle. The motorist was armed and shot Davis in the hand.  He then drove a short distance down the road and called 911.

Buffalo PD Officer Jasmine Olmstead responded to the call and saw a bleeding man lying in the intersection of Main and Barker Streets.  Upon arrival, Officer Olmstead drove slowly up to Elijah Davis and asked him if he was okay. Davis then jumped on the hood of Officer Olmstead’s vehicle, crawled over to the open window, climbed onto Officer Olmstead’s lap, and started punching her and grabbing for her gun.

Buffalo Central District Police Chief Joseph Gramaglia said,  “She wasn’t in a position to call for backup. She fought him with her left arm and was taking punches the whole time while she was protecting her gun with her right arm. The officer was in a life-and-death fight.”  Officer Jasmine Olmstead continued to drive and was somehow able to pull off on the side of the road during the struggle.

More than a dozen other officers responded as back-up and the fight continued.  According to Chief Gramaglia, Officer Jasmine Olmstead fell out of the vehicle while Elijah Davis was still attacking her.  Other Officers tried to subdue Davis but he continued to fight, kicked at the other Officers, and tried to bite Officer Olmstead.  Davis was eventually taken into custody.  Chief Gramaglia also said, “We’re extremely proud of Officer Olmstead in showing her abilities to control the situation and end it the way it did. She went home safe this morning.”

Davis, age 20, was taken to Erie County Medical Center for treatment and admitted to Officers that he had been smoking synthetic marijuana and had also taken ‘Molly’ (MDMA).  Davis was charged with felony Assault of a Police Officer, and multiple misdemeanor charges of Obstructing Governmental Administration, Resisting Arrest and Harassment.

Officer Jasmine Olmstead was also transported to Erie County Medical Center for treatment, was later released, and is now on injury leave.  Homicide detectives and the Erie County District Attorney’s Office are investigating Davis being shot by the motorist, who had a valid concealed carry permit.  The motorist’s name is not being released at this time because of the ongoing investigation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Jasmine Olmstead.  Great job staying in the fight.

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