Police Union Calls For End To Police Escorts For Miami Dolphins

Some of the Miami Dolphins players refused to stand for the national anthem on 9/11.

Some of the Miami Dolphins players refused to stand for the national anthem on 9/11.

Police Union Calls For End To Police Escorts For Miami Dolphins

Miami, FL – While the Seattle Seahawks stood arm-in-arm during the national anthem on 9/11, some of their opponents on the Miami Dolphins brought shame to their state and the country by kneeling.  Now some police officers in Florida want to do something about it.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office Deputies association is calling for an end to police escorts for the Miami Dolphins. The union president posted the following message on their Facebook page:

To Everyone,

Today, I contacted the executive board of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association Local 6020 in reference to the actions of a few Miami Dolphin players. As a law enforcement union, we certainly encourage people to exercise their constitutional right of freedom of speech. However, in certain professions, an individual’s freedom of speech must take a back seat to the organization or government entity that they choose to represent. Even the NFL’s governing body and the ownership of individual teams set strict policies in order to make sure players represent the league in the most professional way.

With this said, I can not fathom why the Miami Dolphin organization and the NFL would allow the blatant disrespect of the American Flag and what it stands for during the national anthem. It is a privilege to play in the NFL, not a given constitutional right. The Miami Dolphin players, staff and family members enjoy full police escorts from the Broward Sheriff’s Office on a regular basis. These escorts often involve putting the men and women of law enforcement agencies at risk as they block intersections during peak traffic times in order to expedite the travel time between facilities.

We have buried coworkers who have unnecessarily lost their lives protecting the lives of individuals. Some law enforcement officers even lost their lives while protecting the lives of the very same individuals who were protesting against law enforcement. The Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association Local 6020 is seeking the immediate termination of all Miami Dolphin escorts until such time the Miami Dolphins and the National Football League set forth a policy that will not tolerate the disrespect of the American Flag and National Anthem during any sanctioned games or events.

We no longer support an organization that values financial profit over a minimum conduct standard. What good is it to ask singers to sing the national anthem, honor guards to preform services or ask the United States Air Force to conduct fly overs during the National Anthem if the same organization will not even set a minimum code of conduct for its players?

Until further notice, I respectfully ask all members of law enforcement not to work any detail associated with the Miami Dolphins unless ordered to do so. Again, I would also respectfully ask the Broward Sheriff’s Office to refuse any security details associated with the Miami Dolphins until such time the Miami Dolphin organization mandates a code of conduct for their players during all sanctioned events.

Jeff Bell
Local 6020

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  • TM

    If Al Sharpton, the lunatics at Black Lives Matter or the NAACP won’t provide security for them, they can run their pansy a***s around on their own.

    Or hire their own private body guards if their pansy a** is too incapable of taking care of themselves.

  • tony

    You kiss my ass you tell those cops to stop shotting unarmed black men and then covering it up

    • danimal09752

      Yeah because it simply can’t be that those black men did anything wrong….. I mean all those cover ups with witnesses, both white and black…..and with video evidence as well… Dumbass.

      • tony

        They are unarmed im a police. Officer. ass hole

        • Carpet Fbombed

          Really, Tony? 1. Highly doubtful you are a police officer. 2. Go ahead and prove it so I can report your conduct unbecoming to your superiors.

          Or just post another inane, insipid response for us to laugh at. Either is an acceptable response.

          • Jack Reilly

            Nice one, and I noticed you spelled the words just like Tony……nice.

        • bitter honey

          go back to your homeboys and take them back to primary school but this time try to learn something. Maybe then you will realize that pointing a gun at cops, fighting with them while carrying illegal weapon, trying to take their gun is very very STUPID.

        • Jack Reilly

          That, my dear friend, is a total LIE….but, nice try.

        • david ratay

          no you’re not

    • Jack Reilly

      Shotting????? New word from the ebonics book???

    • Dale Clifton

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    • duder1897

      How many unarmed black men do black people shoot and then try to cover it up? 5000 a year? Why don’t you go cry about that instead.

    • David Kledzik

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  • Hired_Gun

    A nice sentiment but as a retired LEO, you and I both know there are those officers that are so over their head financially that they will do practically anything to make a spare buck. I wish it wasn’t so but such are the facts of life.

  • Linda Hendricks

    It depends. If the police escort the players SIMPLY to expedite travel time, screw those players. Let them sit in traffic. As a matter of fact, I’d like to be there to cause a traffic jam. Make them late for the kickoff. However, if the players lives are in jeopardy and the police escort is there to PROTECT the players, then refusing to protect and serve means the police are stooping as low as the players are kneeling. Two wrongs don’t make a right children.

    • 91B4S

      Linda, Serving as a bodyguard for NFL players or working NFL games is off-duty employment. The officers are not paid by their jurisdiction to complete these assignments.

  • jeanettemenezes

    I agree stop protecting those that don’t respect those that fought and DIED for their dum asses so they could turn around and disrespect the American flag! Make your stand on something else that does not include people that fought and died for this country so that you could be free!!!!!

  • William

    Once again if these multi millionaire cry babies need an escort, they should be able to hire their own damn bodyguards.

    And this Sheriff as well as his Deputies should be commended for exercising their own 1st Amendment Constitutional rights of refusal.

    Remember, all those in Law Enforcement take the same oath that one takes when joining the military which is to support the Constitution and their country aganist ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC and they are doing just that!

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    The NFL is billion dollar organization and players make millions, they can afford to hire their own security.

    • Desert Penguin

      They do. That’s what the off-duty police officers are. Paid security by the teams.

  • duder1897

    Very good. Police should stop dealing with anything that has to do with the NFL all together. Let them police their own shit if you think they can do a better job.

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    Yeah, let them hire private security. And too bad about the traffic – they can sit in it with the rest of us.

  • tony

    Bigotry and racist hatred is so wrong

  • Len Parker

    I know the players think they are being defiant by kneeling … but isn’t that really a sign of being subservent – the very thing they are protesting.

  • tony

    What you racist have to say about the latest shooting

    • Alicia Dougan Laird

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    • bitter honey

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  • Esterlita V. Medel

    They should get and pay for their own escorts. No taxpayers money should be spent on these unpatriotic players.

  • Alexis Testman

    I live in Manatee County and yes we have our corupted and racist cops who abuse the law. Being a daughter of LEO’s, I am not blind spotted by those who wear a badge. if people can believe politicians are corupted than cops can be corupted too. it is disgusting to hear that a fellow American can’t practice their constitutional right as a U.S citizen. Yes these men are NFL players but they are also people part of the community. Miami PD shouldn’t be silencing these citizens but showing concern. There are good cops out there who work for shit agencies. Miami is one of those shit agencies.

    • David Kledzik

      No one will argue with you that there are bad police officers out there, but to paint a broad brush stroke over all police officers is wrong, though I’m not saying you are doing it. But let’s say for one minute that we would all put the police issue aside, and focus on who this is really disrespectful towards. It is exremely disrespectful towards our men and women past and present that wear, or have worn a military uniform. The very people who keep us free, so these pampered, overpaid jocks can use that same freedom of speech to disrespect the very people that keep them free. By the way where were these rich jocks when everyday blacks are killing blacks in the poorer neighborhoods……. “Crickets”. Seems when Kaepernick was a starter with a 114 million dollar contract, he didn’t give a rats fat patoot, but now that he is irrelevant, he want’s another 15 minutes of fame.