Brooklyn Man Admits In Court That He Lied About Being Beaten By Police

Lucas Zelaya's lawsuit was KO'd when he admitted to lying about the case.Brooklyn Man Admits In Court That He Lied About Being Beaten By Police

The 6 million dollar civil trial may be the shortest in history. On the very first day, the plaintiff took the stand and said he lied under oath about being beaten by police in Brooklyn. A federal judge threw out a lawsuit and issued an extraordinary apology to four NYPD cops accused of beating the man after the plaintiff took the witness stand on the first day of a civil trial and admitted that he lied.

Even the lawyer representing Lucas Zelaya in the excessive force suit apologized to each of the officers and shook their hands after the jury had been dismissed.

Zelaya initially testified that three, “white Italian cops and a Hispanic cop” attacked him for no reason. Truth be told, none of the officers are Italian and one is a black female. It all started on March 31st, 2013 when Zelaya was arrested while staggering drunkenly down Brownsville Street carrying a bottle of beer. He wasn’t carrying ID so he was taken to the 73rd Precinct where he sucker punched an officer who un-cuffed him so he could use the bathroom.

Zelaya’s case imploded Wednesday under questioning by city lawyer, Joseph Gutmann in Brooklyn Federal Court. Zelaya previously testified in sworn depositions that he had consumed only two beers before the incident; he said Wednesday, it was six beers. Zelaya said Wednesday the incident occurred at 11 p.m. He was arrested at 5 a.m.

“Now we are in a real court so I am telling the truth because I don’t want to lie to you. Now that I am before a jury, I want to tell the truth,” Zelaya insisted Wednesday, according to a transcript.

After Zelaya said he now wanted to tell the truth, Judge Frederic Block sent the jury out of the court and said, “He’s changing his testimony completely. In light of the fact that he acknowledged that he lied under oath, I don’t think you have much of a case here. Perhaps an apology might be appropriate to these police officers . . . I’ll do it on your behalf,” Block told Zelaya’s lawyer Michael Caliguiri. “Absolutely,” Caliguiri agreed.

Addressing Capt. Richard Brea and Officers Tardasha Crandell and Arshad Juman, the judge said: “I’m sure you folks are mature enough to understand this is just the way our process works in our great country and you’re not going to harbor any resentment toward Mr. Zelaya or anybody else.

“I’m a professional also and we have to always be mindful of that and not take umbrage because your time has been imposed upon here inappropriately and I hope that my comments to you would embolden you to continue with your excellent work as police officers and it’s a tough job, we know that.”

Patricia Miller, chief of the Law Department’s federal litigation division, said the city was pleased with the outcome.

“We will continue to challenge frivolous cases to protect the city’s interests and the reputations and careers of police officers,” Miller said.


    Okay the guy is a complete a-hole, but at least his conscience told him what the right thing to do was.

    • KJ

      Not likely, he just couldn’t keep his lies straight anymore and the stakes were too high in federal court. A-hole yes, conscience-no. He should be criminaly charged if perjury was involved at previous stages and/or sued in civil court for defamation. Even if the officers never collect that loser should have a judgement hanging over his head if ever applies for credit, mortgage, a real job etc.


        I could not agree more about him be held accountable for his lies financially. Fortunately his lies do not end up sending a LEO to prison, this time.

  • Kendall

    CHANGE TO LOSER PAYS and this CRAP would STOP!