Brier Mayor Responds To Officer Dan Anderson’s Firing For Responding To Shooting, This Is Some Bull…

Brier Officer Dan Anderson was fired after responding to an active shooter call.

Brier Officer Dan Anderson was fired after responding to an active shooter call.

Brier Mayor Responds To Officer Dan Anderson’s Firing For Responding To Shooting, This Is Some Bull…

Brier, Washington – Brier Mayor Bob Colinas has released a statement about Officer Dan Anderson’s termination, and it at the very least contains misleading information.

Officer Dan Anderson is a 25-year law enforcement veteran who retired from the Washington State Patrol in December to take a job as a police officer in Brier. On July 30th, Officer Anderson heard a call for help go out to respond to an active shooter in nearby Mukilteo. That shooting left three people dead and one seriously injured. Thanks to Officer Anderson’s quick response, he was one of the first officers on scene.

After the incident, Officer Dan Anderson reported that Brier Chief Mike Catlett fired him for leaving the city in order to respond to the shooting. When Officer Anderson left to respond to the shooting, he was the only officer working in the city at that time, so he left the city with no on-duty officers within the city limits.

To put things in context, Brier frequently has nights where there is not a single call for service. The low call volume is why they only need to staff one officer at night. Violent crime in Brier is extremely low. Brier is ranked the 13th safest city in the state. The chances were exceedingly low that there would be a call where someone’s safety or property would be in immediate danger. In the unlikely situation that such a call did come in, other agencies would potentially be available to assist.

Here is Mayor Bob Colinas’ full statement about Officer Dan Anderson’s termination:

It is the general policy of the City of Brier to not discuss personnel matters. However, in the interest of accuracy The City of Brier would like to take this opportunity to provide the public with additional information in regards to the separation of Daniel Anderson from the City of Brier Police Department.

It has been represented to the press by sources other than the City of Brier that Dan Anderson was terminated from his probationary employment as a Brier Police officer because he left his post as the only on duty Brier police officer to respond to a general request for mutual aid by the City of Mukilteo Police Department when responding to the tragic shooting incident that resulted in the deaths of three young people. This is not a complete or accurate description of events.

In fact, Mr. Anderson was let go from his probationary employment because it was determined that during his probationary employment he was not meeting the expectations of the Police Department in several key performance related matters. Prior to the Mukilteo incident, these matters were pointed out to Mr. Anderson by the Police Chief during his probationary employment in an effort to seek improvement in Mr. Anderson’s performance. Mr. Anderson was allowed to repeat his field training with a second field training officer. Ultimately this effort proved unsuccessful and a conclusion was reached that Mr. Anderson should not become a full time post-probationary police officer with Brier.

Mr. Anderson’s decision to leave his post as the only Brier Police officer on duty to respond to the Mukilteo incident 14 miles away was another example of a performance issue. He was not personally asked to respond. He heard a general police dispatch request for aid by “available officers”. He elected to leave the City to go to Mukilteo on his own volition in response to a general request for aid made by Mukilteo. He did not confer with his Chief of Police before making this decision. The Chief was available by cell phone. Mukilteo does not share a border with Brier. Mukilteo does share borders with Everett and Lynnwood, both who have large police departments and with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s office. Brier has a very small police department and Mr. Anderson was the only on duty officer in the City when he elected to leave and go to Mukilteo. The fact that nothing bad happened in Brier while Mr. Anderson left his assigned post was fortunate but, not foreseeable by Mr. Anderson at the time of his action.

The City Of Brier continues to support its police officers providing mutual aid to surrounding police agencies when done so in accordance to police department policy and in the exercise of sound judgment so as to not put the citizens of Brier at potential risk for lack of available police service.

This statement includes several claims that don’t add-up.

Mayor Colinas advised that Officer Dan Anderson was actually fired for poor performance, citing his need to “repeat his training” with a second field training officer. We had suspected that it was possible that Officer Anderson’s performance may have contributed to his termination, but the mayor’s misleading statement puts that into question.

It’s very common for law enforcement officers to have field training extended to shore-up any training issues. However, it’s almost unheard of for an officer to have to “repeat” field training unless the initial trainer was deemed incompetent. Mayor Colinas’ statement on the matter is possibly based on a miscommunication.

What’s most concerning is that Mayor Colinas reported that the effort to repeat Officer Anderson’s field training was unsuccessful, which is why he was terminated. That’s clearly not true. Officer Anderson must have fully passed field training, or he wouldn’t have been working alone. Police agencies don’t say, “You’re too incompetent to pass training, but you’re responsible for handling the law enforcement for an entire at night city by yourself. Good luck.”

We also find issue with Mayor Colinas’ statement that “The fact that nothing bad happened in Brier while Mr. Anderson left his assigned post was fortunate but, not foreseeable by Mr. Anderson at the time of his action.” Actually it was foreseeable, considering the fact that an emergency police call in the middle of the night in Brier is an exceptionally rare event, which is why they only staff a single officer. (Editor’s Note: This information was gathered from officers who work in the area.)

In the event that there is a seriously dangerous situation, other agencies are usually called to back-up the Brier officer. Those same backup officers could potentially respond to assist Brier by securing the scene or handling a call in Brier if needed. Having another agency handle your calls is far from ideal, but an active shooter is an exceptional circumstance. Officer Anderson leaving the city was not much different than if he had be busy handling another call within the city, and the response to the second call would have been the same.

We’re assuming that Mayor Colinas released this statement after working on it with Chief Catlett, and we hope that the  misleading statements about Officer Anderson’s training are result of a miscommunication, and not a bold-faced lie about the situation.

The mayor’s statement did contain one reasonable piece of information, and that was that Officer Dan Anderson failed to call the chief when he left the city. Is that mistake worth termination? Share your thoughts on this article’s comments on our Facebook page. We expect that Chief Catlett’s side of the story doesn’t match either the mayor’s statement or Officer Anderson’s account of events. We will keep you updated as we get more information.

  • NewWest 123

    These left wing loons will do and say anything for cover!

    • Foxhunter

      Don’t make it into a left wing v right wing thing! There are plenty of loons on both sides and you appear to qualify as one of them.

  • wamblir

    with the last name tells most, he is probably liberal and does not like police officers. this mayor is probably like clinton and has to lie about what needs to be said.

  • Tacticalterry

    Typical admin bull

  • Anthony C

    Anderson did make a mistake, for which he deserves a light slap on the wrist and nothing more.

  • Charr Cook

    With his background of 25yrs of service that should stand for something..This mayor sounds wacky..If there was a call out for help, that’s what they do..more people could of died if he hadn’t gone..I am sure by now knowing he is fighting City Hall BS BureCATS..Good luck where ever you end Sir.

  • J LAW

    A call about an active shooter is not a “General” request for assistance. The Mayor is playing a game of smoke and mirrors and is going to lose. An obvious dumbass.

  • David Oltmans

    From the military standpoint, he was on guard duty. The first General Order; “I will guard everything within the limits of my post and not leave my post until properly relieved.” He left his post without being properly

    • david mitchell

      this is why you should stay in the military. in law enforcement we back our brothers…period.

    • Lynn B

      Hmm as a retired Military Wife > 27 years 1) this is NOT a Military issue 2) if it were not for his quick and heroic thinking more young people may have died 3) what the hell kind of Human being says ” Hmmm NOT MY JOB” and sits on his ass and lets this happen ??

      • Jim

        What the hell kind of Human being says ” Hmmm NOT MY JOB. Answer Hillary

        • BobFromDistrict9

          Really stupid political play.

      • misterdawg

        Seems funny it took their police that long to respond? How many police officers does Mukilteo have, They are a much larger town then Brier, plus Everett is probably closer and has a large police dept. Also the sheriffs dept. comes if called, they are the largest police in the area.

      • Humperdink Stiffwood III

        You need to do some research. The officers arriving didn’t save anyone. The suspect ran out of ammo and fled the scene. Period. I know using the Googles is hard but please try before you post bullshit out your ass. Thanks

        • Lynn B

          YOU Arrogant SOB who the hell do you think you are — Were you there ?? do you know if there was another gun? or a Knife could have been used ! So AHole Hummmperdick stuff it up yours !!

          • Humperdink Stiffwood III

            I assume you can read as you read and replied to my statement. How do I know what happened? I READ the article about the event linked in this article. Unlike yourself I do my best to gather as much information as possible before coming to any conclusions.

          • Lynn B

            AGAIN your just an Arrogant SOB — Mr. Know It All Go F off !!

  • Håkon Haraldsson

    14 miles… a long way, and a long time; and opportunity to ring his chief. As a retired officer who has worked conditions similar to those of Ofc Anderson, I understand some of his situation. That said, 14 miles is at best 10 minutes…which is less time than it took for me to obtain backup at times!!!…. Several things were done wrong, yes…BUT, not enough for termination (imo), EXCEPT for small town politics… I have seen an officer removed for speaking with a political opponent of the mayor. Good luck Anderson… it’s a tough road.

  • Glen Saunders

    The first thing that comes to mind is the Mayor’s comment concerning a second training period, “Mr. Anderson was allowed to repeat his field training with a second field training officer. Ultimately this effort proved unsuccessful and a conclusion was reached that Mr. Anderson should not become a full time post-probationary police officer with Brier”. Why was he on duty alone and where was this supposed Training Officer? I call political bullshit ass covering.

    • Lynn B

      Amen was the inking the same thing !!

  • Al Nolf

    A trooper who retired after 25 years service with the State Patrol who just can’t seem to measure (down) to the requirements in ‘Mayberry’ ..a town of 6,000 people that is one of the safest in the State? …Really? He had to repeat his training with a mentor? Anderson, as a State trained professional was head and shoulders more qualified to handle an ‘Active Killer” event than the other three community local yokels combined, and he knew it. He did what he knew to do: “Help is needed, Get there!” He did not follow protocol ( call his mommy ) nor did he unduly Hazard the people within the community, nor violate his oath. 14 minutes away is not across the globe, and ‘Mayberry’ was just fine without him for one hour. Sure, you can play the “What if” game all night.. or you can thank God that such men are still on duty, still care enough to involve themselves, and jump into the fray when there is an emergency. Many other children were able to go home to their families that night because officer Anderson disobeyed he village rules and responded to the call for Help from other officers. In my book, that is Integrity, Honor, Valor and Service exemplified.

    • Lynn B

      Absolutely AGREE 100% could not have said it better !

    • Pedro (SoCal)

      As a retired Trooper with All that time and Training, he had More qualifications than the rest of Bumfuck,WA. Combined..! This Reeks of total Political Bullshit.. Former Trooper Anderson is best to be Away from it All…!

      • GCF

        Read my post to Al

    • GCF

      Al you must be a trooper because us local yokels combined are head and shoulder below a trooper…I would put my 6 years up against any trooper out there as far as active shooters go. Now you want to put me up against him on MV stops and rubber on the road. Ya he has me. In my state ALL law enforcement goes to the same academy at the same time. Please don’t believe just because he is a state trooper that he is better then the rest cause I can assure you it isn’t the case in any state. Your truly, a 8000 resident town local yokel who will take care of any business a trooper can.

    • D Stiffler


  • Joseph Lewis

    i lived in a one cop town and what they basically are saying is he wasn’t writing enough tickets. and as far as crime goes there is none maybe a fight between neighbors at the they are trying to cover up the fact that the lazy ass chief there did not like the guy cause he wasn’t living up to a quota of ticket writing to help pay the chiefs over payed salary.

  • KAG505

    The statement by the mayor that the officer needed additional training is total BS. The mayor is covering up for the incompetence of the chief. In Officer Needs Help situations, officers don’t call a supervisor at home and request permission to go. I wonder what the city’s position would have been had the officer called the sergeant and asked for permission to go and had the sergeant say no. What would the mayor have said when the refusal was somehow leaked to the media…..

  • misterdawg

    I don’t think the city is in the wrong to let him go. He left his patrol area, while on duty. PERIOD! He was assigned a shift and he left it with out telling anyone or getting permission. If something would of happened, ‘Thank god nothing did” he wasn’t there. In war that’s known as desertion and can be punishable by death. I believe them firing him was the right thing to do.

    • Becky Kuehn

      War? Really now. This was not war. Thank God he left his post and went to help or more people would have died. He is not in the military but an officer of the law. War? That’s just plain nuts.

      • Humperdink Stiffwood III


  • William Cox

    After 25 years, I think he can pass the requirements. Sooner or later, we will probably find
    that he caused one of the mayors “buddies” a problem !

  • Humperdink Stiffwood III

    Dear author of this article – If crime is so low in Brier and Officer Anderson was not going to be needed in Brier than I guess you’re making the case that he isn’t needed in general, therefore he doesn’t need the job. Hooray, problem solved!

  • crazyassmom

    Typical Wa.

  • BobFromDistrict9

    In a recent interview with the Toledo Blade the former police chief said, a town with one officer on duty probably doesn’t need a police dept at all. They need a cooperative agreement with neighboring communities. One cop has no backup. Regional police have knowledge of who is doing what.

    BTW, with one officer on duty, who dispatches him? Regional dispatcher?

  • tvonthebrain

    This has nothing to do with his ‘leaving’ his post. The decision had been made two weeks earlier, and this was documented in his personel file at that time.