Brier PD Cop Fired For Responding To Officers’ Cries For Help At Active Shooter

Officer Dan Anderson turned in his bow-tie in December, after a 25-year career with the Washington State Patrol, in order to become a Brier police officer.

Officer Dan Anderson turned in his bow-tie in December, after a 25-year career with the Washington State Patrol, in order to become a Brier police officer.

Brier PD Cop Fired For Responding To Officers’ Cries For Help At Active Shooter

Brier, Washington – Brier Police Officer Dan Anderson was recently fired after he responded to other officers’ cries for help as they responded to an active shooter at a party.

On July 30, in the affluent suburb of Mukilteo, Washington, Allen Ivanov, 19, showed up at the party of his friends while armed with an AR-15. Ivanov was upset that his ex-girlfriend, Anna Bui, 19, was moving on with her life without him. After arriving at the house party, Ivanov hunted down Bui and started shooting at her and the people at the party who had been his friends.

Bui was one of the three people murdered in the shooting, in addition to 19-year-old Jordan Ebner, and Jacob Long. 18-year-old Will Kramer was also shot, but survived.

The night of the shooting, Officer Dan Anderson was working in the nearby small city of Brier, Washington. Officer Anderson heard Mukilteo officers’ cries for help while responding to the active shooting, and so the 25-year law enforcement veteran answered the call.

Thanks to his quick response, Officer Anderson was one of the first police officers on scene of the shooting. He entered the house with the other officers to help render aid to the victims.

While many people would expect Officer Anderson to be commended for a job well done, the Brier Police Chief disagreed.

Brier is a small town of only about 6,000 people, and commonly only has one patrol officer working at night. Officer Anderson was the only officer working in the town on that night, and when he left the city, no officers remained in the city to answer calls. According to Officer Anderson, Brier Chief Mike Catlett was so upset about the incident that he fired the veteran police officer for leaving the city unprotected.

To put things in context, Brier frequently has nights where there is not a single call for service. The low call volume is why they only need to staff one officer at night. Violent crime in Brier is extremely low. The chances were exceedingly low that there would be a call where someone’s safety or property would be in immediate danger. In the unlikely situation that such a call did come in, other agencies would potentially be available to assist.

Most police officers would agree that it would be a higher priority to respond to officers who needed help stopping an armed killer, rather than having an officer physically present in a city with no calls. Chief Catlett apparently disagrees.

The firing was able to smoothly go through, because Officer Dan Anderson was still in his probationary period. He had retired last December from a 25-year career with the Washington State Patrol, specifically to take the new job in Brier. He had only been with the police department for about 8 months at the time he was fired.

Officer Dan Anderson is a hero, he chose to respond to a situation where people were dying so he could help. This officer honored his oath to protect and serve life and he was fired for it because he left his city’s limits.

UPDATE: Mayor’s response

  • Meat_Puppet

    It sounds like the Chief did him a favor. I would never want to work someplace that the Chief wouldn’t do anything possible within his ability to help a fellow officer. Sorry for the town of Brier, now that they have one less outstanding officer looking out for their citizens.

    • Cindy Fitzpatrick

      Agree …what an ahole in the environment today. You dont get much worse than active shooter. He saved lives and you fire him >>? Check your pants. You might have the wrong genitals and just found out.

      • Jo Ann Rofulowitz

        Seriously? Check your pants? Wrong genitals? Would YOU have done the same as this chief CINDY? Your ignorant comment infers as much.

        • Katarina

          I think you should read Cindy’s comment again. Then read your own if you want to find ignorance.

        • Tracey Dunn

          I agree with Cindy in that the chief apparently lacked the proper genitalia and your response Jo Ann infers you have the correct genitalia ????????

          • Doug Packer

            Perfect response! You beat me to it

          • Naomi Beeman

            Define “correct” genitalia, if you please.

          • Tracey Dunn


        • Bill Hammer

          Jo Ann, you are the ignorant person here.

      • Lorraine Nation

        You are insulting your own gender

      • n4zhg

        Wrong genitals? The chief definitely has a mangina.

      • Rachel

        You are insulting women. Male genitalia is incredibly weak (ie. getting kicked in the balls will bring a man to the fetal position). Female genitalia can take quite the impact during intercourse, bleeds for days, and birthes a child. Seems to me like the chief, with his MALE anatomy, has the CORRECT genitalia.

        • GyMack

          Kicking a female in the genitalia hurts just as bad as it does the male’s. Have done it many times on an as needed basis.

        • Denny H Chevalier

          oh JESUS, not everything is about you Rachel…

        • Eddie Coyle

          move along to your safe zone

        • Mike

          HAHAHA!, good comeback, you definitely ruffled some feathers.

        • jim

          Someone is a Betty White fan – lol

        • Gio

          I know this is going to piss a lot of people off, but I am pretty sure the genitalia reference has more to do with the fact most women will cower in fear or lose their shit during dangerous or violent situations rather than how much pain a vagina can take vs a set of balls.

        • John Parker

          can’t argue with that logic….the balless chief is a dick

      • Naomi Beeman

        What the hell does genitalia have to do with this conversation?

        • Gio

          I think she was just trying to be nice when saying that she thinks the Chief has a vagina, now, you have to understand one thing, men take offense to being told that, and it doesn’t have shit to do with you or your vagina so get over your self because not everything is about you, your feelings or your views. you have to have very low self esteem to take offense at an insult directed to someone else.

    • Jeff Spicoli

      I’m not sheding any tears for this officer. He should have followed the rules. Now he can go scrub tables to provide for his family. I don’t give a crap.

      • Jon

        Remember this the next time you call for help and no one answers because it would violate some stupid rule.

      • tsengakera

        So you’re saying he should have just sat there and listen as people are murdered despite being close enough to help. Because it’s the ‘rules’…

        • jim

          I would not waste my breath on little “Jeff” he is obviously a troll sent by the Obama administration, probably even paid for by a Clinton PAC to sew seeds of discontent. Hey Jeff if you are reading this – go back into the basement where you belong and play your video games. You are not yet ready for the real world.

      • David

        You are a Hillary support aren’t you !!!

      • Jacob

        Are you fucking kidding me, you are def a pos. Some rules are meant to be broken when it’s a person’s fucking life in danger. Disgusting excuse for a human being you are.

        • Justice PonZee

          I can tell you have never been in a combat unit in the military or you would never write that.

          • Jacob

            My opinion don’t like it tough shit

          • Justice PonZee

            No it isn’t. Not at all. That is the way it is.

          • Just A. Guy

            But I have and am and if you have too, you and I both know that some leaders and rules are just stupid enough to get you and your team killed for no reason. You and I both know that good leaders are less common then they should be and rules were written and aimed at the stupidest common denominator. And you also know that the absolute most dangerous human being and god forbid in uniform beside you is the mindless unthinking drone who follows orders blindly without questioning because ‘thats the way its done’. We aren’t talking about a lynchpin position against an enemy here. There is a time and a place for most things. In combat a lot of my choices are limited for the good of the mission and greater good of all, but how I carry out that mission is usually something that I can effect to some degree and hopefully choose wisely. There are always exceptions to the rules, and there are some extreme and rare circumstances that you make the best choice you can even if it is against those rules or your leader(s)/orders because its the right thing to do. A police officer of 25 years experience, had better damn well have the judgement to be able choose in this circumstance. And you remember ‘positional authority’ right? That little thing of authority given to another who may not have the rank normally associated with that authority but are trusted with it anyways? This officer (as most first responders) are paid to be rational independent thinkers able to stand alone against the odds for the best possible outcome against a giant bag of shitty options. And what is that other maxim drilled and or enlightened into us…..something about with great power comes great responsibility? Part of that is saying fuck it and do the right thing.

          • Justice PonZee

            For the most part I have to agree with you. Police departments operate as a para-military organization. You have chain of command, orders, etc. You have punishments used for discipline. It is a highly regulated operation that clamps down on the concept of individual decision making. Basically, you follow the rules and do what you are told by your superiors. You don’t even ask a superior for permission for anything without following chain of command for anything and I mean anything. That sort of organization does not encourage individual thought no matter how brilliant it may be. If you would like to be a control person you must work and train your way up the chain. No substitutions for that. Paramilitary organization. It may not make sense in a given situation and that is OK. He left his city without permission. The key word is permission. I would surmise that there was a superior he could have made his request to.That is all it would have taken and we would not be having this major written altercation and this officer would not have been fired I imagine. I reiterate that there is probably more to the story here of why he lost his job. I am sticking to my claim that he was very likely a problem employee and that they were looking for a way to suggest that he find another job. I would bet on that one. This situation limited to the facts that were presented certainly raises a lot of things to rationally argue about and not by name calling as many of the commenters choose to do. You chose to express your opinion with clarity and with an obvious rationale that makes sense. We need to know the facts which were left out of the story. Then we will be in a far better position to discuss the rationale of the action taken by the chief.

      • Couch Cat

        Your handle and avatar are appropriate.

        • TSJones97

          I Wonder if his handle and avatar are that way because he’s a troll who wants to ruffle feathers.

      • FAAQ2

        That’s is because you are a drug damaged moron – and I strongly suspect that you have been paroled for only a short time – probably time for you to go see you parole officer and tell him that you are brain damaged..

      • Greg Poprik

        Lol, jeff your a special kind of stupid.

        • MAC49

          There is NOTHING special about Jeff! Ignorant, stupid, disgraceful, deranged, and a lot more but you can’t fix STUPID!

          • ApplegateRanch

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            Oh, never mind; you meant fix as in ‘repair or remedy’..

          • Justice PonZee

            It figures that women today do not believe any rules apply to them because they are fully privileged. Well, they aint. Only in Washington and Kalifornia.

          • Ltpar

            It seems like a few “alleged” men today seem to think they are superior to women. It becomes clear that you are one of those insecure types. I bet that you under the new Obama philosophy probably uses the ladies room at Target.

          • Justice PonZee

            They are superior and there is nothing insecure about that. The insecure ones are the ones who are groveling to all these feminist types and begging them for whatever. Your “insecure” line is typical feminist drivel. Are you a woman who thinks she is superior or just one who thinks?

      • Ann

        He might not have followed the “rules” but he followed his OATH to serve and protect. He answered another officers call for assist. He did the right thing.

        • Dalton Mann

          he left his jurisdiction is why he got fired not for responding to the call. he was a city policeman not a sheriffs deputy. the sheriff has jurisdiction in the county. i know it stinks but he shouldve stayed on his beat. that call for help was from a different city.

          • Ltpar

            Another arm chair quarterback who is clearly not a Cop. All those who wear the badge are a brotherhood and we do not leave each other hanging in danger. The Officer did exactly as I would have done, even if it meant dealing with a buttface Chief of Police who was probably an ass kisser and never a real Cop anyway.

          • Justice PonZee

            Brotherhood? You mean like a gang?

          • Eric Lindsey

            No, more like a family. Understand?

          • Justice PonZee

            Somebody runs the family too and it’s not supposed to be the kids. That is why police have administration. They make the rules for the kids to follow. Kids are not allowed to change them. Sometimes there is more to the story like in this case most likely but the kids are to anxiety riddled to observe that. That’s why the dad has to take control and slow the kiddies down.

          • Ltpar

            If that clown Police Chief is “Dad” am am happy to be an orphan. Don’t attempt to talk about Police Organizational Leadership, when you don’t know what the term means.

          • Justice PonZee

            Shut up and go clean your room until you know what you are talking about. You are the student. You will never learn anything by shooting your mouth.

          • Just A. Guy

            You talk about rules like you know what they mean. Just a mindless drone. A yes man.

            In this case, following the rules needlessly meant that others may die because you were not there to use the skills training and authority you were given to save lives and help others.

            Imagine that you were a guardian entrusted with the lives of your fellow man, but just as much and in rarer cases more importantly, your fellow guardians. Imagine that they and others were being shot at by some psycho who was a danger to all communities everywhere. If you had a chance to save one or more lives because you left your city for a few miles away to help others in need, knowing that there are others who are close to your city but not as close to where the shooter was then you and could cover your city if needed while you were gone…you have a duty to give your all and do the right thing above whatever the rules say. Rules are written for best case generalities, the world is dynamic and unpredictable…it takes intelligence, heart, and experience to choose the lesser of two evils. This officer did the right thing beyond reproach. The problem is, that weak people who crave power can’t see past their own egos, as it sounds like this chief does. Its these weaklings who tear down anybody who challenges or threatens their ‘authority’ instead of turn it into an opportunity for improvement if possible. This Chief failed his city and his men and should be terminated as an ineffective leader.

            You’ve got to understand something about those who wear the uniform. It is not always a war of one side against the other, but, it is always a family, a brotherhood, a trust and dependency to help each other. The public to police are the unknown. They may be friendlies, or they may be enemies, or somewhere in between. You just don’t know. But those who wear the uniform are a known factor to each other in an unpredictable situation and extreme danger. How you help the public, how you survive yourself, is to support your fellows in uniform so that you are all there to be able to turn around and help the public.

            Think of it like this…a medical search and rescue swimmer is trained that when they are in rough waters and near rocks or piers or ships that they are being carried into that will injure them…they put their victim that they are rescuing between theirselves and those objects and piers and rocks and what have you so that they remain uninjured and able to swim/carry you back to land or wherever the victim needs to go to save their lives. It makes sense in a cold reality. If that rescuer is also hurt on the rocks and knocked unconscious…now you have two victims and no rescuers and thats not how lives are saved.

            Whats more is that seconds mattered to save lives in reality, where is an theory that something might happen in his city that might need his response and potentially would have been protected better had he been there and not at that shooting is far far too low of a possibility over the cold hard reality that if he goes its a fact that he might make the difference for someone and save lives…maybe it could have been your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, father, or brother.

            Little shit eaters like you that have no concept of honor and duty, who have never been faced with life or death, who have never faced evil, or known the love and loyalty of a brother or sister in arms and service, will never understand why we do the things we do and probably don’t believe us when we say that we do it for you and everyone. And thats okay because there are men like Officer Anderson there to protect you until you grow enough to open your eyes and realize that rules and leaders are only concepts of the best circumstances from a distance…that it is the man or woman on the ground and in the situation who is better able to determine the best course of action regardless of most anything else. You little idea that bosses, parents, leaders are best able to dictate only applies to children and students…not to trained and skilled adults.

          • Pat Cauchy

            Spot on

          • Mary Hasting

            Excellent! No one could have said it better. Thank you, Just A Guy.

          • Ltpar

            It is something that an ass hole like yourself will never experience. Go get your nose back up Obama/Clinton’s asses and leave the discussions to adults.

          • Justice PonZee

            Sounds like all you know how to do is name call. That puts your IQ at around 80. Unfortunately, there are plenty of adults like you with subnormal IQ’s and the rest of us are forced to live with them. Some of them become cops or criminals because they cannot do anything else. The ones with high IQ’s become administration and have to deal with gang members like you who think they always know best and should have been the ones making the rules.

          • Ltpar

            I have never been accused of being politically correct and I call “em” the way I see them. I see you as a liberal ass hole as I am sure many others do, but are too polite to say. As far as my IQ,/Education, it is just fine thank you and probably double that of yours. By the way, I was a Police Manager although never a Police Chief. I will match my life success rate against yours any day. With those questions answered, get your nose back to where I said it needs to be because Hillary needs you.

          • jim

            Sorry I could only give you “1” up rating on that reply – I would have liked to give you more. You always have to have a few trolls in the group.

          • jim

            Go back into the basement – let your mom and dad continue to bring you your meals and watch your TV and play your video games. Do not come back up until you are called. It is pretty obvious you’re not ready for the real world yet. Don’t worry, maybe Hillary will call you to drive the buses for her people to vote for her in November.

          • Juss_Mee

            Don’t know about other places but in Virginia an officer is required to assist and officer in distress or face disciplinary action himself

          • jim

            If an officer is worth anything, he (or she) doesn’t need a rule to say you are required to assist another officer in distress, This is common sense. I spent 10 years in the army – if I saw a friendly soldier pinned down by the enemy, should I hide to save myself? That would be disrespecting EVERYTHING you stood for the day you put on the uniform or accepted that badge. It is not and never has been simply a job to put food on the table. That is why it is not for everyone.

          • Pat Cauchy

            Same here brother.

      • mae

        You obviously know nothing about the brotherhood…no LEO who has been on the job for more than a few minutes would ever consider not backing up a brother or sister when their lives are on the line. There is always a exception to every rule…this is one incident where the rules be damned…

        • Justice PonZee

          So what’s the problem? He did what he had to do under the exigent circumstances and part of that is accepting the price for doing it. That price is: “You are fired”. Truly unfortunate, just like the guy who gets life for selling weed, truly unfortunate but that is what the book says and that is what you do. If the guy in the bow tie was a real man he would accept the consequences and move on. He would gladly do it again too. One thing he wouldn’t do is whine like the rest of you are and keep crying like little babies that “it’s not fair”. Life’s not fair either. Those are the rules. Nobody asked for your input when they made them. Nobody is asking for your input when they enforce them either. It’s called law enforcement. Ever hear that term before?

      • T.J. Pinta

        You expert commentary on Law Enforcement procedures is inspirational. When you become a cop I will listen to you. Until then STFU, you are clueless

      • Christie Hakos-Grannan

        Really? So he should have let another officer possibly be murdered? You clueless waste of space. How long is your criminal record you f’n TROLL!

        • Justice PonZee

          You know it alls clearly don’t. There is more to why this guy got fired. That you can be sure of. But none of you have ever run anything more complicated than a drill.

          • Eric Lindsey

            Enlighten us with the rest of the story then. . .

      • Debi Desmond

        Jeff Spicoli…you’re a special kind of ignorant.

      • Denny H Chevalier

        Jeff, I say this with all due respect…GO FUCK YOURSELF!

      • Lynn B

        You take the extreme IDIOT award tonight — if YOU are even in a situation and in desperate need of help I sincerely hope Chief Mike Catlett gets the call MORON !!

      • Naomi Beeman

        Rules =/= moral responsibility. Ethics: you’re doing them wrong.

      • Ltpar

        Clearly you are a dirt bag and as such no one gives a shit about your biased opinion. When you become a Cop (if your could qualify) wear a uniform and put out an Officer needs assistance call and no one comes, you then might get a clue as to what happened here. Meanwhile, get back to flipping those hamburgers at McDonald’s and hold the fries.

      • Justice PonZee

        He was collecting his state pension and working a full time government job. It’s called double dipping. He should have learned how to follow orders in 25 years. I bet he had a mouth the size of the Grand Canyon and tried to tell everyone else what to do. He could only last with civil service protection and the chief knew his time to get rid of this headache was limited.

        • Ltpar

          You don’t know “jack schitt” about that Officer, or his past record of employment. If he responded to an Officer Needs Assistance call, he is a stand up guy in my book.

          • Justice PonZee

            I am sure he is. Maybe the chief woke up with a pin in his rear end looking for someone to fire. That makes as much sense as the rest of what you monkeys say. When you are a real copper you don’t make rules as you go and the rules that are in place are not optional for you to change whenever you deem it appropriate. The public is held to that standard and we hold you to that standard. If you think the rules are there to be broken you need to find another job.

        • Juss_Mee

          Once you fulfill the requirements of you pension you can retire and work any where you want to legally that’s not double dipping it’s called the American way to success

          • Justice PonZee

            No, it’s called double dipping but it is legal or he couldn’t do it. How much you want to be this guy had already shown his true colors to the administrators and this was their way to say “goodbye” to a real headache. Nobody would get fired for what he did unless there was a lot more to the story. If you don’t know that then the radar has sauteed your brain.

      • Eric Lindsey

        After a 25 year pension with the state patrol? He isn’t going to be scrubbing any tables friend. He probably makes more money than you and I on a pension, lol

      • Reivaj Zednem

        “He had retired last December from a 25-year career with the Washington State Patrol” $$$. I doubt he will be scrubbing anything.

    • Cate Kennedy Marsden

      Absolutely agree

    • youhavegottobekiddingme

      The Chief probably had a friend that needed the job……would not surprise me one bit

      • Jeannie Carle

        That was my FIRST thought – having lived in small towns. Betting you’re correct. I was “let go” during probationary period many years ago as a Motel maid, if you can believe that, because my boss partied with my replacement – then she got sued because the replacement “hurt her back” – I’ve always loved Karma for that —- AND I got a better job.

    • Lynn B

      Well Said !! Feel the Same Damn WAY !!!!! What a Damn IDIOT Chief !!

    • gunny55

      And a not outstanding Chief running the police dept.

    • Michael Reed

      Another case of the idiot in charge “shooting himself in the foot” with a bad decision! The chief fired one of the few who has a commitment to “Serve and Protect” his fellow citizens. He’ll end up hiring a guy who will follow policy right up to the point where the chief gets to eat crow for being so stupid!

  • James Leery

    The chief of police of a tiny town just booted 25 years worth of experience out the door. What a moron…

    • ChiefD

      Having been a chief in two small towns, I also had to respond to any sheriff’s calls anywhere near the city, as did my officers. We were deputy sheriff’s also, per the sheriff. That being said, the city council should hire Officer Anderson as the chief and get rid of the one they have.

      • Ltpar

        Now you are my kind of Chief. Great comment.

        • Justice PonZee

          I don’t know where your management resume disappeared to, maybe thin air. You did forget to list your medal on there.

  • Ken Davis

    Mike Catlett is the one who should be fired, evidently he has a personal problem. Officer Anderson should be re-instated commended and given Catlett’s former position.

    • Big Swede

      That’s probably why Catlett fired Anderson… He was about to take his job.

  • Denis C. Flaherty

    That little burg would have a helluva time even hiring someome with Police certification, let alone 25 yrs…the mayor is a dumbass. The citizens need to storm the Mayor’s office.

    • Frank

      Why would you say the Mayor is a dumbass? Maybe go talk to the Mayor and ask that he talk to the Police Chief that fired the officer about reinstating him.

      • Kieran O’Hagan

        Frank, the mayor could have stopped the firing. The city has the final say, not the chief.

        • Frank

          Not necessarily. The officer was still in his probationary period. Mayors are not normally involved in the hiring or firing of police officers anyhow.

          • SHONNA GAMMON

            Wow…….mayors oversee it all.

          • Eric Lindsey

            Mayors are the titular head of police departments in municipalities. The mayor could have absolutely stopped this.

      • Kenyon Hopkins

        Mayor hires and/or is responsible for the Chief of Police. Police Chiefs typically are not elected positions.

  • oldpuppydog

    He’s on probation and he abandon his post. I think there is more to the story.

    • John Siders

      It is common for most new hires to be on probation for the first 90 days to a year. My first department was a year also.

    • HKF2012

      I bet you’re right. My guess is the old vet told the chief to go f*@k himself.

      • Damien M

        I bet that 25 yr State Police vet told that Chief where to go on this incident! He did the right thing. I suspect these itty bitty township PD’s and their Mayors are more worried about liability than anything. Whether it was their own officer getting hurt or shot or a call going unanswered, they can’t afford lawsuits so they are extra restrictive of officers actions.

    • Dawn Stermer Griffith

      I would of abandon my post to assist a fellow officer who was involved with a deadly shooting, period, no if’s and’s or but’s…. The chief needs to be fired and replaced by Anderson. I am going to go out on a limb here and say the chief felt threatened by Anderson’s years of experience.

  • Craig Fisher

    Absolute and udder BS to have fired this man ! If I were him, I’d sue the Chief & the City ! These men and women put their lives on the line EVERY TIME they dress for work. With all of the ” Cop Killings ” I would’ve went as well. What a poor decision on the Chiefs part, he’s the one who needs to be fired !

  • oc8202

    That Chief needs to be fired….thats just crazy….if the situation would have occurred in his city would they not expect Mutual Aid?

  • Richard Omiecinski

    Chief you are a disgrace to policemen everywhere!

    • pete480

      He’s not a cop…just a suit.

      • TSJones97

        There are LOT of those. Most Chiefs are purely political positions.

  • adobong_paksiw

    Had there been a call, as fate would have it, in Brier that same hour their officer was assisting other cops, I’m pretty sure the other officers would’ve gladly returned the favor to this officer. That said, I can certainly understand where the Chief was coming from. You don’t leave the post no matter what. Forgot the General Order number but most cops should know that.

    • Devildog257

      You are clueless.

    • WoofWoof

      “You don’t leave the post no matter what.”
      Think about the low call volume, and what the officers in the nearby town would have done if it would have been in reverse. He was suited up and ready to rock and roll and did so. Priorities are to save lives, including those of your fellow cops. This situation is backwards. Chief should be fired, Anderson made the chief. Mukilteo, Washington should hire him immediately. I am with the others though that this was a blessing for Anderson and he should RUN, not walk, away from the chief that fired him. 25 years experience taught him the urgency and priority of the call. There are exceptions to every rule, and sometimes it’s easier to just do first and ask permission later. I bet Brier is going to have a tough time finding more officers to work for that same chief after this situation, and it serves them right if they don’t give the chief the boot.

  • Jason Cole

    Sounds like the chief was looking for an excuse to get rid of the officer. Chief probably concerned the officer was more qualified and about to take his job anyway.

  • deprivedfed

    BS to fire this guy! This is the biggest problem, ideas perceived by someone else that needs to be fired! Brier has the right to reinstate this guy and they should!

  • Joe Humkey

    I just read in disbelief on the Blue Lives Matter web site about the firing of Off. Anderson. I was in such disbelief by your actions, that I checked several other sites to verify the story. I recently retired from the Indianapolis Police Dept. after 36 years of service. Your actions following the brave response by Off. Anderson is one of the most disgraceful things that I have ever heard of a police administrator doing. The fact that you fired him before the shift was even over says a lot about your judgement. I was in supervisory positions for 30 of my 36 years. The one thing that I learned above all else as a supervisor, is to NOT make a non-critical decision in the heat of the moment. Off. Anderson was responding to an active shooter with an assault rifle! He was one of the closer officers to the incident. Officers on the scene were calling for help. Off. Anderson’s actions were not only heroic, they’re expected by a brother in blue. I pray that some day you are not in a position where you need neighboring officers to respond to calls for assistance and they fail to do so because of some misguided policy. Shame on you Chief Catlett!

    • Gary Juilfs

      40 years, recently retired also. You are 100% correct on your analysis!

      • John Rowland

        100% minus the AR-15 being an assault rifle. 😉

    • Operator57

      Another pussy adminstrator who feared that the 25 yrs veteran would potentially be his replacement , I would wager the Chief who did the firing is apolitical hack cause he sucks up or is related to someone in town !!

      • Sigunnia

        I agree, that was my first thought also.

      • hardresetamericadotcom

        Yep, first thing I thought of, the green eyed monster.

      • TSJones97

        True. It’s explainable if you take emotion into account. Never discount petty jealousy, envy or pure egomania, when explaining the actions of some folks. It answers a LOT of questions. 🙂

    • Karen Myers

      Did I just read correctly? He fired Officer Anderson before the shift was even over? That means that HE ALSO left the city unprotected, as Officer Anderson was the ONLY officer on duty. Seems to me that Chief Catlett should be fired for the SAME REASON he fired Officer Anderson. Officer Anderson, you are a hero and though I am not from the town you are, I personally thank you for your brave and dedicated service and wish you well.

    • inquisitive

      Chief Catlett is an idiot.

    • Dale Kettring

      I think the Chief was intimidated having a 25 year state police veteran on his force. Officer Anderson probably has more/better training and credentials than the Chief.

      • Kitz&Pupz

        Perhaps a Napoleon complex, eh?

    • Judith Wray Cooper

      100% agree. The town needs to fire Chief Catlett and replace him with Officer Anderson.

    • whaddacrock

      Great post, but just one small point of nit to pick – it wasn’t an “assault rifle”, but rather an AR-15 (and I’m YOU know “AR” stands for “Armalite Rifle”, not “assault rifle”). Soapbox is back up for grabs….

    • Scadaboy

      Great post!

  • Papa Cooz

    It sounds to me as if this Chief might have been a little intimidated by Anderson and his experience. He also sounds like he’s never been in that situation where you need back up and don’t care where it comes from. POS needs to be fired himself.

  • Kieran O’Hagan

    Chief sounds like a real prize. As far as P.O. Anderson? GREAT JOB, BROTHER!

  • Love_Virginia

    Makes me wonder if the chief just didn’t like Anderson, jealous of being retired from state and working again in the field, or just a personality thing. Sorry this happened to him, if he wants to work I hope another agency will grab him.

  • helenk3

    the chief is an idiot. brothers in blue do come first. What would happen if the single officer on duty in his town needed help? would he say no to help from another town?

  • Ronald Bryant Jr.

    Sounds like the town needs a new chief.

  • Let Brier Police Chief Catlett know personally exactly what you think, here is his direct email:

  • VOTE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Something tells me that Officer Dan Anderson will have several offers of employment in his future.


    Common sense is lacking with that chief. The residents need to band together and remove HIM.

  • Nikki Weber McMasters

    The Chief needs fired, or to have taken the place of the Officer that was calling for help! Three people DIED and the Officer could have likely been added to the numbers if he didn’t have help. Great job Officer Anderson for doing your job and saving lives of others before thinking about your own safety!

  • Rick

    That’s Messed I think Anderson should be rewarded not fired. Plus If a major call did come in, in Brier they could have mutual aid from like the Sheriff’s Office/WSP until Anderson cleared up on the Officer assistance call then he’d head to it. The way I see it an Officer needing assistance call is a Priority and any chief that doesn’t know that doesn’t need to be chief of anywhere except burger king!

  • Rick

    Excellent Job Officer D. Anderson

  • John Owen

    Frankly they should fire the current chief of police and re-hire Anderson as the new Chief of Police!!!!

  • Kathy Bamert

    I really have no words that could ever properly express my disgust.

  • Teddy

    I understand you don’t leave your post unprotected but a call for help can be critical and has priority in book. The chief should have just shook his finger at him and get on with police work.. Maybe the Mukilteo police dept will hire him.

  • Pamelita243

    Just more proof that for most, being a police officer isn’t what you do, it’s what you are. Someone needed help and Anderson answered the call without hesitation. That’s what cops do, they help people in trouble. Is this chief a ‘political appointee’ or has he ever served? The people of Brier are on the losing end of this decision.

  • Police Chaplain

    Here is the chief’s email address — folks need to send him a note! “.. please feel free to contact me at
    Chief Donald E. Lane”

    • emerald almonds

      just sent him a mail

  • Ron Webb

    I think the city council needs to consider firing their chief of police and hiring Officer Dan Anderson. THEN they will have some REAL leadership in their police department.

  • Patti Hannah

    Perfect example of a police chief that lacks common sense and he should have been fired. Was his fat azz to good to answer calls while this officer was assisting officers in another jurisdiction? He IS a sworn law enforcement officer and he is on call 24 hours a day just like any other officer.

  • Sue

    It sounds like the chief is a power freak–if you don’t do things his way, you’re out. Common sense dictates that the officer acted correctly. This chief lacks common sense. Therefore, he should not be a police officer at all.

  • Katarina

    I was thinking the same as Patti. While the on duty officer was responding to the hot call, why can’t the Chief or another officer cover calls in Brier? What if Brier had a large incident? Or two medium ones. Wouldn’t another department assist?

  • Magician

    Brier lost a valiant officer. Who says he could not have responded to BOTH calls, especially if the likelihood of something serious going down in Brier was improbable? And wouldn’t the town of Brier appreciate nearby town police responding to assist with a real crisis in Brier? Noooooooo. Officer Anderson should have stayed at his desk, doing crossword puzzles while waiting to rescue a cat up a tree – if anything at all. Small town stupidity.

  • RedStateDave

    A perfect example of how rank is not an indicator of leadership….nor, seemingly in this case, intelligence.

  • anotherfencewalker

    Check this story out before everyone gets up in arms. Its another bit of journalism ahead of facts. Ivanov was not “taken into custody” at the house. He wasnt there. He was taken into customdy an hour and a half later while on the road heading south by a Washington State Patrol officer who had pulled him over for speeding. Ivanov and the vehicle description were already on the network. Lets look at the rest of this writers story and see what other information they skated over.

  • Jim Cunningham

    I got a paycheck that says there’s more to it than just responding to the call.

  • David F Mayer

    Chief Mike Catlett needs a Brain Transplant.

    He should call 011 666 FRankenstein 0 7734 and ask for Igor.

  • Jon Erdmann

    It sounds like Mike Catlett realized that Officer Dan Anderson would replace him someday soon, and saw his chance to make that not happen. Mike Catlett needs to do a self examination to see if he should still be chief of police, with a self inflated ego who just caused his city to not a response from other agencies if he needs it… way to go chief.

  • John Sanders

    Sounds like a very unprofessional chief

  • mac

    There has to be more facts the posted.Only person on duty?Who dispatched for him/Did he have some supervisor to contact if needed?I bet the dept had a Mutual Aide agreement in place with the other cities..Chief must have policies in place to cover leaving??Think the chief dropped the ball here for some reason..If working alone just who would he call via radio or cell phone for the ok to respond??I’m a retired LEO and would have responded but would have tried to get permission as I did.Missing facts.

  • common sense

    Since they fired him who is going to work nights in good old Brier?

    • Eric Lindsey

      I can tell who isn’t going to work it. . . the Chief

      • common sense

        Guaranteed this chic is a political appointee with little to no police experience. Fucker doesn’t have a clue. Sadly it still puts a stain on an officers otherwise stellar career. Nothing but a power trip. If I were this officer I would sue this Chief for wrongful termination. It even says on there websites by-laws something to the effect that they are responsible for Brier and lend aid to adjoining agencies. Is that not what he did? Smdh. I’ve been done dirty by the brass in my department but always back the blue who actually do the job and never forget where they came from. This man did what we all would have done but instead of getting a medal for situational awareness and rendering aid to another agency he gets a pink slip. Glad I’m medically retired now, I couldn’t handle this nonsense.

  • factchecker

    Officer Blue,

    Authorities arrested Ivanov about 90 minutes later on Interstate 5 near Chehalis, and not when this officer arrived at the scene in Mukilteo.

    Please correct this article as the current version is misleading and inaccurate.

    • common sense

      Please link an article stating such, and still doesn’t excuse firing this officer.

      • factchecker

        You are correct about the fact of firing an officer for being a first responder, however phrasing it as such: “Thanks to his quick response, Officer Anderson was one of the first police officers on scene of the shooting. They made entry to the house and took Ivanov into custody.” leads people emotionally to think he was fired after his heroic actions.

        • common sense

          I read the article and it adds nothing to this discussion. It only talks about the suspect and why he did what he did. But if you believe this officer should be fired for rendering aid to an adjoining county you go have that opinion. I don’t share it, regardless of where he ended up being arrested, a call went out for an active shooter and I would have answered it as well.

          • factchecker

            Common sense, my appeal to the author is to change that one detail that is incorrect, not redact their entire position on the firing of a police officer that responded to the call.
            Are you in favor of the media outlets reporting information correctly?

          • common sense

            What detail? That he was arrested 90 minutes later and not at the crime scene? No I despise inaccurate reporting, but that isn’t what people are upset about. They’re upset this officer responded to an active shooter and was one of the first on scene. Instead of a thank you for helping another agency he got fired on the spot. What if he were calling for help, being the only cop on duty, wouldn’t you want help from the next town over. It was a bad move to hire him period.

          • factchecker

            Right, which is why I’m not sure why you are so upset about my plea to report accurate information.
            This will be the third post in this discussion where I will be agreeing with the assessment that no officer should be fired for responding to a call. NO. OFFICER. SHOULD. BE. FIRED. FOR. DOING. THEIR. JOB. Is that clear enough for you, CS?

            My original comment, if you take a step away from your feelings about the context of this article, is to get all of the information correct.

          • common sense

            I apologize. Your original comment made it sound like you agreed with his being fired because he wasn’t at the crime scene, he was ninety minutes out of pocket where the arrest was made.

          • factchecker

            Maybe I should have posted this article instead, since the last one ‘clearly’ didn’t have the information I am referring to in a clear manner:

  • common sense

    I would like to know what this police chiefs credentials are, as he was probably appointed as a favor in that little good old boy town.

  • Tide1234

    Officer Anderson did his job, well done !! The Chief of Brier PD should be thrown out of town, what an administrative clown move. Thank you Officer Anderson for your service and willingness to face an active shooter..

  • Roy Vaught

    This mall Dept chief needs to wake up!!! A man with that experience will not have a hard time getting another job!!!

  • Steven D. Pike

    From the Department’s website. “The commissioned staff provides 24/7 coverage throughout our jurisdiction and stand ready to assist our neighboring agencies when mutual aid needs arise.” Guess they should have put a period after “jurisdiction” and lined out the rest.

    • Jim Pratchen

      I think with this Mission Statement the so called Chief is screwed! We routinely cover other agencies as they cover us.

  • jakflak

    Mr. Anderson…we’re hiring. Sounds like you know how to police.

  • Wile E. Coyote

    Brier is infamous for a speed trap. I got caught in it once. I was following someone to their house, and after turning right at a 4-way stop, I got pulled over. The officer said I didn’t come to a full stop before proceeding. This happened awhile ago, but I think it was that same police officer. My friend didn’t notice I was pulled over. I finally managed to find his house. He, of course, asked me how I got lost. I told him I was pulled over. And he said, “Oh, it must have been back at that 4 way stop in Brier. Yeah, there is always an officer hiding around there waiting to hand out tickets.”

    My guess is that the Chief is mad he didn’t get ticket revenue while that officer wasn’t parked at his speed trap.

  • Bob

    A salute to officer Anderson in responding to a call for help from his brothers/sisters. That is what the thin blue line is all about. Obviously the chief does not think much about the brotherhood of officers or their willingness to assist one another, especially when lives are in the balance. For lhis actions, the “chief” is the one who needs to be fired.

  • OldCop

    As a former officer in a small town similar to where this fired officer worked, we regularly needed help from time to time from neighboring jurisdictions for back-up, because we worked alone. If you need help, you better be ready to give it when called for. This Chief was absolutely wrong. I’d dump him and hire the fired officer back as the new Chief.

  • Common Man

    I only hope the chief never has to ask anyone for help. Karma, because he will get what he deserves.

  • Derrick Conner

    Here’s his email address.. let him know how you feel.

  • damadtech

    The old fart chief would have a fit in the Las Vegas Valley if a distress call or request for backup on active shooter call. The various cities and departments here roll full force no matter which jurisdiction needs backup in a flash. The only bad part is that sinking feeling you get when you see such a mass response not knowing if an officer is down.

  • Dave Mace

    Interesting… I suspect Anderson was thinking, man this will be a nice easy job after retirement. Graveyard… 6000 people small town. The last thing on his agenda was putting his life at risk… and yet he ran towards danger to help citizens and fellow officers of a near by town. He’s definitely a hero… the chief… a zero.

  • Ron Terry

    Having been a Deputy in a county in NW Florida in the mid 70’s, there were many times that only one officer was on duty for the County, yet if an officer from one of the small cities in our county called for assistance, we immediately went. There was never a question of should I go! These people that fired this officer are no more concerned with their city or it’s residents, or this would have never came up. I bet if Officer Anderson had called for help, they would have expected some officer to respond..Responding to the aid of a fellow officer is a no brainer! You GO!..

  • Tim Lamb

    Something about this story does not sound right. How far did he have to travel and did he stay out of his jurisdiction for an unusually long time? Was he covered under a mutual aid agreement with the agency he responded to as backup?

  • Jeff Spicoli

    Seems like a bunch of pro-cop lies. This police officer can go find another job like we all have to do. Man up. If he didn’t want to lose his job he shouldn’t have broke protocal.

  • texas rose

    As usual rushing to judgement. I suspect a lot more to this story. City has not responded to details of firing and probably can’t due to privacy of officer involved. All we have is statement from officer about what he says he was told. Maybe true maybe not. Agree problematic if his claim is true but I think this condemnation is premature. Also please correct your story- the shooter was not apprehended at the crime scene so he clearly was not involved in the arrest. He was arrested several hours later a hundred miles or so from the crime scene.

  • M Klayer

    Does anyone have the police chiefs email or dept #. I say we put him on blast. ..

  • Ron

    My grandfather was part of the first class of Washington State Patrol recruits back in the 1930’s. He worked the lower peninsula all the way out to the coast. He was responsible for 5 counties by himself. I grew up hearing about the middle of the night phone calls he’d get from the Mukilteo reservation, shootings, fights, hostages, all that kind of stuff. They’d call him because county and city cops refused to respond to calls on the reservation, writing it off as an “indian problem”. My grandfather didn’t. He responded, without backup, because that was his job.

    With that in mind, I was truly sickened by reading this article. 80 years later, an officer is fired for responding to a backup request on the Mukilteo reservation. I’ve emailed Chief Lane, letting him know my family history there, my own history in law enforcement, and most importantly how disappointing it was that 80 years later there are still racist pieces of shit like him doing the same thing because it’s an “indian problem”. His email address is

  • Jim Bateman

    Wow! I have been in this exact same position before. I wasn’t the hero like this man, but I have been that only officer in the area before. A big area. I would have done the same thing. More than likely, he was rolling to back up officers from another small area where they had no other backup coming for a long time and he knew it. I commend this officer all day. I have been there big time.

  • D. M. Warshevsky

    If the Town Council has any sense whatsoever, they will cancel the firing and award him for his actions. This police chief should go back and flip burgers. Let us know the followup.

  • Kitz&Pupz

    I believe a man that had been on the force for 25 years would know how to determine the more urgent situation and respond appropriately. This is just shameful; mar a man’s good service and dedication instead of rewarding him. This world is so upside down.

  • Doug Packer

    He is a hero and has probably already been hired at a better department.

  • Cate Kennedy Marsden

    What a world our poor kids are inheriting. I can’t fathom the injustice here. Prayers every single day for ALL L.E. and I care not what color, what ethnicity, nor if you’re male or female, you do the job that keeps civility in America. I admire, respect and honor you.

  • michael92064

    Heaven forbid that the chief would have to pitch in for an emergency

  • Obet Eedy

    Maybe we can let the town know what people across the United States things of their bone head Chief. Their email address is –

  • andthenagain

    Understanding current policing. There are more than a few police agencies that want absolutely no police work done if it involves any risk what so ever, particularly any potential legal liability. Those departments’ ideal work flow is to have an officer respond to a complaint, preferably after the suspect(s) have left the scene, write an incident report and coddle the complainant and any victim(s), and then clear and wait for the next call. It does not take very long to figure out an agency works like this. They usually have a policy manual that has at least twice as many pages as the state’s criminal and traffic codes combined. The policy manual is filled mostly with don’ts, don’t do this and do not do that in ways that are much more restrictive than the limits of statutory and case law. Given time as the agency becomes more and more risk adverse to the point of ineffectiveness, quality of life declines in their community as the criminal population figures out the limitations of the police force and is attracted in greater numbers to that community. On the other hand, policing nearby in an adjacent community becomes easier and safer as the criminal population is drawn away to the more weakly policed jurisdiction.

    If this trend continues, I see a day where potential home buyers shop for a quality and effective police department in a community they way people seek out communities with “good schools” today.

    Brier seems to embrace that hands off, avoidance “policing” philosophy.

  • Firesarge

    As a city officer we have occasions quite regularly to pass through county areas. My partner heard an alarm with an open door call go out in one such county area. He asked for and recieved permission from county and city to respond since he was virtually on top of the call. Open door calls by policy require two officers. Both myself and another officer went en route to provide back up. Keep in mind that I had already left the department to work for county fire full time and I was providing my services under a volunteer basis. No pay. The other officer arrived first and the Sgt. told me to return to the city. No problem. As I was returning a huge rainstorm moved in and the Sgt. arrived on scene as well. Well he parked with the back half of his car in the roadway, in a blind curve going down a hill in a blinding rainstorm. So to protect him and the public I parked at the top of the hill with my emergency equipment on. Still out of the city though. After the call he started to try to chew me out and wanted to write me up. I met with the Chief, turned in my badge and told him I would not be volunteering in a department where the supervisors could not see the forest for the trees. He assured me there would be no action taken and that it would not happen again. I still never went back. Glad I didnt. Just goes to show there are many supervisors who do not know the @$$ from a hole in the ground. This officer probably is better off anyway.

  • ShellyO
  • Ron

    Idiot police cheif..

  • Ann

    A cop is a cop when they’re awake, asleep, or one town over. They take an OATH to serve and protect and he answered the call to assist. Good job Officer! If I was his Chief, I would be extremely proud. His Chief is an idiot!

  • John JR Roberts

    Chief Catlett, Get your azz out of bed and cover down on your city. Officer Dan Anderson is a hero and should have your job. Oh, wait….Maybe you felt his 25 years as a Trooper made him more qualified than your incompetent azz and that is why you fired him. Because he did exactly what he should have done and dispatch should have informed you and others so you could cover the city in his absence. Chief Catlett, You have made yourself look foolish.

  • chasenfish; Mayor:;


    The chief is a douche. He’s obviously lost all context of police work in today’s age. Hopefully when he’s getting his ass handed to him, surrounding agencies will recall his kind assessment of how his former officer responded. Shame on the City administration for allowing the chief to carry out the termination.

  • Erich Clark

    The chief needs to take 500mg of growaset and resign. More to this than meets the eye. I’m guessing he’s intimidated by the officers prior experience and scared for his job, thus this gave him an excuse. That chief is not a cop. As a matter of fact, I’ll call it as it is. He’s a pussy. Get out of cop work, chief.

  • Tacticalterry

    If it was a robbery in progress or an alarm ok. It was one of the worst things a cop could see in a career.
    Well, he clearly isn’t backed by that chief or that city admin.

  • Florida-John Killin

    One of these days a dude is going to show up in Brier with a gun, and neighboring officers will hear it and come over to assist. I suppose the COP will be okay with that.

  • Florida-John Killin

    He’s better off hiring on somewhere else. A town of 6,000 shouldn’t have their own PD unless the city leaders are running a speed trap to finance their pet endeavors.

  • L84Cabo

    Somebody should fire the police chief for being an idiot.

  • Matthew Ouellette

    I could understand a slap on the wrist reprimand for leaving but firing is way to extreme a punishment here.


    As an X LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER you are taught to take CARE of YOUR OWN. When another officer NEEDS and CALLS for HELP YOU are supposed to HELP them in ANY WAY you can. The CHIEF has no regard for his MEN at all. Put him in the same situation and see how he reacts. How would you feel if the other officer got killed because you did not go help. Some laws or rules are just plain STUPID. Try walking a MILE in their shoes. DARE YOU TO TRY.

  • Wendy MacDougall

    Wait. There are multiple articles using this mans name and pic. Which one, if any, is true?

  • Wendy MacDougall
  • Lewis Yost

    I too am in a field of law enforcement and the basic rules we follow is if an officer is asking for help you respond regardless of where you are in comparison to the call. this officer did what was expected of him…the chief is in the wrong and if I were the one fired for doing my job,you bet your bottom dollar I would be heading to the courts to file against that chief for wrongful dismissal

  • George R Harper

    Why do they need Chief Catlett . No calls no chief needed . Hire the hero back .

  • Martin Weigand

    Karma is a bitch, with a long memory. Hope the Chief is forced out of office, and Anderson is brought in to replace him.
    That said, IF SOMETHING in town had happened, and Anderson could not respond in a timely manner, then the Chief could get his pants in a knot. But nothing bad happened. The chief could have written Anderson up instead of firing him. I suspect what pissed off the Chief was all the Spotlights that shined on Anderson and the public praise. The Jealous Chief fired him out of spite, not public safety.

  • CoppaNY

    Move on Officer Dan Anderson. You had a great 25-year career with the Washington State Patrol. You don’t want to work for a coward like Brier Chief Mike Catlett. Why didn’t he cover Brier since you were responding to the shooting in another jurisdiction if he was so concerned about the town that hired him? The folks of Brier have lost a great officer! Enjoy your retirement!

  • LibsAreWrong

    Asshole Mike Catlett needs to be fired himself for stupidity.

  • geeky345

    It sounds like the chief was just looking for a reason to get rid of him. Good riddance to a job that was tenuous at best. I’m sure that he won’t have a problem getting a job elsewhere. Just sorry that he will have to move. The Mayor of Brier would do well to hire a chief who understands law enforcement and deployment of personnel and get rid of the one who is old and set in his ways.

  • Al Nolf

    Can you imagine the feeling that you, as an officer, would have, if you were in Officer Anderson’s shoes.. in a position to take decisive action to stop the shooter, but instead, you “Obeyed the department policy” and watched from the city limits as the killing continued? …Watching dutifully and powerlessly as more young people lost their lives, and the rampage was allowed to continue until the shooter was satisfied that he had killed everyone that he intended to murder in cold blood.. Possibly watching your friends and your friends children being slaughtered just a few hundred yards away…and then when your watch is over, you check out with the dispatcher ( if she’s still awake ) and go home to your family. Can you imagine?! Me Neither.
    Unfortunately, these events are happening more often. It’s a matter of legal liability, political correctness, and jurisdictional authority, blah-blah. The inmates have no problem running the asylum, Groups like BLM and our own Congress are actively demeaning our LEOS and pulling the teeth from our justice system on a daily basis. Law enforcement is already a tough, stressful job that few are willing to do. When we have a man such as Officer Anderson who is willing to go the extra mile for us, we should go the extra mile for him. There are kids who went home that night, who would not have ..If Anderson had obeyed his towns policy. He deserves a medal, and a better job.

    • Shelley Murphy

      I agree!

  • Nick

    Police Departments: Where good cops get fired and bad cops get promoted.

  • S C
  • Leshne Donna

    Management screws up again

  • Michael Bernardin

    His contact info

  • Cameron Bailey

    This chief is not a cop, he is a politician, pure and simple. Move on Officer, and thanks for your help. The citizens appreciate it anyway. Stay safe.

  • AlaskaLaw

    He would be welcomed in Alaska I would hazard to guess. Police officers here are more respected and I say this as a retired criminal defense attorney.

  • James

    Citizens need to fire the Mayor for not firing the Police Chief over
    this, the Chief is APPOINTED by the Mayor and works conditionally for
    the Mayors goals. The Mayor is responsible and is sitting on his/her
    hands and needs to be fired.

    Remember this is not an
    elected Sheriff the Chief is an appointed LACKEY of the Mayor thus go
    after the Mayor. It is obvious the Mayor wants this officer persecuted
    or he would have stopped this FAST!

  • Billy

    If the police chief was so worried , why didnt he get his butt out there in a car and help. Sounds like the officers is a hero and I hop he gets his job back or gets on with another police department

  • urnuts

    I hear what you all are saying but…. the fact is that he left his post….. and sometimes doing what you want is just not possible. Do I blame him? No. At the same time… Do I blame the Chief? No. You see, that Police Officer had the luxury of just seeing the trees, while the Chief has the obligation and the sworn duty to see the whole forest.
    Sometimes being in charge is not easy… sometimes it involves making decisions that are not popular. I once saw an episode of Law & Order where Jack McCoy just would not play ball and plead something down, work with another agency… something…. and the DA said “I have to look at the big picture, Jack” and Jack said “I don’t care!” and the reply was “Well…. that’s why you’ll never be a DA”.

  • urnuts

    And to follow- should he have been fired? No… that was uncalled for. I guess my point is that he did what we all would do- or hope to do- but we also have to understand there are consequences. And one of those should not have been being fired. What do they say- better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

  • tim

    The town of Brief should fire the chief, then hire Anderson back as chief. At let’s they’ll know he makes great decisions. Carry on brother.

  • texas rose

    Editor -Thanks for correcting your earlier version of this story.

  • Adam_G2

    As someone who lives in Brier, I suspect there is a lot more to this story. Brier has never had a problem before with officers providing backup or responding to calls in neighboring cities. The local news showed a copy of the letter terminating his employment. I paused the video and read it. It states “After review and consideration of your OVERALL performance…” and makes no mention of this incident. During a probationary period its easy to fire someone who isn’t working out or fitting in. There could be any number of other reasons for his firing and I think the timing is just coincidental. At this point we have a probationary officer getting terminated who is claiming this is the only reason and based on my local experience, that doesn’t add up. FWIW I don’t know the chief personally.

    • GyMack

      And you have read all of his counselling sheets to verify he was not responding to training?

      • Adam_G2

        And you know he was? All I’m saying is this entire article is from only Officer Anderson’s perspective and there is another side to the story. If covering that call was the only reason for terminating him, then that is an issue, but God forbid people wait for the whole story instead of immediately rushing to judgement before all the facts come out. Brier officers back up neighboring cities all the time and there have never been issues.

        • GyMack

          So do you know of any situation involving Officer Anderson’s lack of credibility? If not, he had 30 + yrs experience as an officer, and he is gonna jeopardize his job in some manner or form – does not makes sense.

  • GyMack

    Someone leave a huge pile of Bull Shit on the Chiefs porch, car, and both doors to his house.

  • Denny H Chevalier

    I understand the chief having to do something because he did break a standing order. Most here understand that; however, what he came up with was WAY OVER KILL!. usually a day off WITH PAY would keep his command intact while at the same time giving this hero a break and a MUCH deserved 1 day vacation.

  • John Mendala

    I just sent the following to the mayor (Bob Collins –
    Mr Mayor,
    I recently read an article regarding one Officer Dan Anderson, a recently retired (25 yr veteran state pd officer) who (according to the article I read) was fired for responding to an active shooter situation in a neighboring town.
    I am finding a hard time with my words at the moment…. How could your police chief possibly condemn a selfless hero like Officer Dan Anderson. He is exactly the type of officer that you should want in your community! His selfless actions scream service and community!
    I believe you may be in need of a new police chief…maybe you look to Dan Anderson , he clearly knows what it means to put on a uniform and a badge!! Shame on you and your city!!

    Good luck,

    • Shelley Murphy

      I wrote a letter to him as well…

  • David F. Podesta

    I think the wrong guy lost his job…..A cop’s first duty is to protect life and property. A call of an active shooter takes priority over patrolling a town where the calls are few & far between on a late tour. Maybe the officer should run for election as chief at the next election. The one Brier has now has his priorities screwed up. It sure would be nice in the department that he aided came to his defense

  • Yougottabeshittingme!!

    The police chief should have had contingencies in place such as a second officer on duty, in the eventuality that this officer may need that second officer’s back-up. Sounds to me that the officer was ultimately fired for the police chiefs scheduling incompetence. Law enforcement is all about back-up. Where was this Brier county officer’s back-up???? He should have been commended.

  • Homer Rajotte

    An officer of Officer Anderson’s caliber will easily get a job in another department with competent leadership.

  • disqus_zlRNhNe0vM

    more interesting is the fact that this same community of Brier is looking to outsource their police dept. to the very same community where Off. Anderson responded to! I would want officers from this neighboring community responding to my calls for help if I lived in Brier since the Chief in Brier does not look to have the mental capacity to handle his job, would you want him trying to help you? So it all come down to politics – let a few folks die when you want to keep your job!

  • Barry Newman

    The cheif needs a new job.

  • Dale Rhoades

    The Mayor of Brier has less sense than The Mayor of Bardstown Kentucky.

  • Dave There is where the email addresses can be found for the Mayor and chief of police. I urge you all to send emails and flood those inboxes.

    • Shelley Murphy

      Thank you and please post on Facebook! Can we start a petition of sorts?

  • Eddie Coyle

    Two remedies for this story, the voters dump the obese load police chief in Brier, and Mukilteo make this man their next hire. I think he can pass the test.

  • Dale Haines

    And then, world wide, the upper echelon clowns like this guys Police Chief wonder why:
    1: They can’t attract new trainee officers,
    2. The officers they have want out of the force as soon as possible
    3. The general public think the higher officers are living on another planet

  • dirtracer

    The Chief should be fired or demoted to janitor. How damn dumb. A small town with hardly any calls at night and the officer goes and helps with a shooting that could have killed even more innocent people and gets fired. Ridiculous.
    Some Chiefs need to wake-up and become more Pro-Active and stop catering to the thugs, BLM and illegals. Very sad. On a positive note, I’m sure the officer will get a better job at a department that recognizes his dedication and bravery.

  • Russell R Calise

    The Mukilteo Police department should hire Officer Dan Anderson. Problem solved for this Hero!

    • Eric Lindsey

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Shelley Murphy

      Agree, yes and sue Brier police Dept!

  • itsallonthelevel

    Typical police Chief. There are more of them than you think.

  • Ltpar

    There is no call with higher priority than an Officer Needs Assistance and it is compounded even more with an active shooter. The Brier Police Chief, Mike Catlett is clearly not qualified for his job and the City Council needs to fix the problem. Keep Officer Anderson and get rid of the Chief.

  • gunny55

    Chief No Balls.

  • Eric Lindsey

    Towns in WA everywhere are hiring. Officer Andersen will not have a problem finding another job.

  • William R Turner

    obviously the chief has no concept of the “GREATER GOOD”.

  • loranna kenny

    Seems like they need to fire the police chief, and keep officer Anderson. I live in a large city in the Midwest (Des Moines,IA). There are over 1/2 dozen small suburbs on the outskirts of Des Moines. If a call goes out for additional help, officers from neighboring suburbs always respond to help lock down the situation. If not needed they go back to their suburb, or if they are already engaged in a call or stop, of course they don’t go. THIS IS COMMON SENSE. Sounds like the police chief needs to change procedures to catch up with current tactics used by other cities, considering today’s environment. I also hope officer Anderson gets multiple job offers from other communities, who realize his value.

  • Cligie

    This news has made it all the way to Hawaii! Aren’t you glad that chief isn’t on a battlefield in a war zone with fellow soldiers. Can’t you hear it now, “Oh, I see you are being attacked in your fox hole but I can’t help because this is the fox hole I am assigned to.”

  • Barbara A. Peterson

    Don’t be absurd. Our Washington Supreme Court has said that the overarching social policy of “doing the right thing” trumps company policy. Take a look at Gardner v Loomis, 913 P2d 377 (1996) where an armored truck guard left his Loomis truck to respond to an emergency (assault in progress). Gardner was fired for leaving his truck despite his heroics in saving a crime victim. Our Court reversed Loomis’ shortsighted opinion and found in FAVOR of Gardner in looking at the greater good for society. Duh!!!

  • Rebecca P

    I disagree with one officer for 6000 people. Low crime or not, the man needs a partner cheapo.

  • Pettyfogger115

    Quoting directly from the Brier PD’s own site:


    The Brier Police Department has 7 officers assigned to patrol division.
    Patrol Officers are the initial responders to calls for service and
    conduct the initial investigation.

    When not conducting criminal investigations, officers of this division
    proactively enforce traffic violation, aggressively patrol for crime
    prevention, and provide other various services and assistance to the
    citizenry of the City of Brier.

    The patrol division responds to emergencies 24 hours per day, every day
    of the week and may be called to assist outside agencies such as
    Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood and the Snohomish County Sheriff.

  • jim

    My guess is, if this town has any type of control system overseeing the police force the officer will get his job back with back pay – at most he should get a disciplinary letter in his file but given the situation, I would not even go that far if I was the attorney privileged in handling his case.

  • Shelley Murphy

    I question the integrity of Brier police if they chose NOT to go out of THEIR way to assist and respond to a call where people are getting killed!!! So what if it’s another Seattle county! Ridiculously stupid on behalf of the Chief’s part and I hope that Officer Anderson will be re-assigned some place else. I won’t be living in Brier anytime soon, but I’d like to think that you would have more than one officer in that area anyway. Brier police Dept: You are out of order and had no right to fire this officer! With as much violence going on in this country, police need to go and respond to those calls where help is needed and warranted. Why would he have ignored this call? Such a mistake Brier police…shame on YOU! How do we start a petition to re-instate Officer Anderson?

  • Joanne Kaufmann

    That dumb ass chief is the one who should be fired! If he was the officer who had needed help would he ask to have the officer from another town fired? I doubt it! All law enforcement officers are brothers and sisters. They help each other.The people of that town should DEMAND that The officer be reinstated or that he resign immediately!

  • Common Sense

    This is just stupid…

  • NeroFiddling

    Lame. This country has lost its marbles.

  • Steven

    The citizens need to work to fire the Chief and hire the honorable hero Anderson as Chief.

  • Mark Terrill

    The useless pos chief is one that should be fired

  • Foxhunter

    Chief Catlett is wrong to have fired Officer Anderson. Just goes to show you that it’s not always the cream that rises to the top.

  • Bo Lasquis

    “The chances were exceedingly low … ”

    Officer Anderson was not empowered to roll the dice for the City of Burien. That decision was way above his former pay grade.

  • Jeremy Bullard

    On the one hand, I agree — this is asinine. The active shooter should ABSOLUTELY take precedence over patrolling a veritable ghost town, and the officer should be commended.

    On the other hand, as a security professional myself (and former corrections), I understand the value of not simply abandoning your post in order to respond to somebody else’s emergency. There needs to be a way to hand off responsibility, so that you’re still doing your job while you’re helping somebody else do theirs. I’d assume that the way you do it in this case is to call the police chief at home and brief him as you’re heading to the call. I dunno. I’ve never worked in a jurisdiction that small.

    In any case, the emergency warranted a breach of protocol, so AT THE ABSOLUTE WORST, I’d expect a reprimand, and that only if the officer totally abandoned post without a proper handoff. Unless there’s something the story ain’t covering, the firing is unnecessary overkill.

  • Pat Cauchy

    I worked for a chief like this one, and he was a total idiot, he did not last long. I would put this chief right p their with the chief I worked for. What ever happened to mutual aid. This chief sounds like a total idiot. Good job Officer Dan Anderson.

  • Waldo Odlaw
  • Waldo Odlaw

    Everybody is judging the Chief, but Officer Anderson was in the wrong on more than one occasion. There’s always 2 sides to every story.

  • sonotaliberal

    So how does the Brier Police chief feel about other agencies coming to the aid of one of his lone officers in a situation where that officer desperately needs assistance? Does he expect his lone officer to survive a life or death incident without benefit of back up when it is close by and would be available?

  • mullylin33

    Crazy…it is the police chief that should be fired for his bad judgement…what is wrong with him the officer did his job and should have been praised and supported…not fired!!!

  • Dale Stuart

    Maybe the town of Mukilteo will hire him!

  • KWB

    Both the chicken-shit Chief and lying Mayor need to be fired; and this officer needs to replace the Chief for the good of the community. Neither the Chief nor the Mayor have a clue what to properly serve and protect the community means or entails, or what risks it involves, or what priorities come first. Protection of “life”, and response to life saving situations “ALWAYS” comes first, “ALWAYS”, even to your mutual aid communities. There is absolutely no excuse for how this so called Chief and Mayor reacted – none.

  • Philip Palmer

    Small towns chiefs in Washington are notoriously corrupt. Believe me, it is rampant.

  • Sicklesteel

    Let’s hope the agency who put out the call for help has an opening. That chief was way off base on this one. I know right where Briar is in the North Seattle area and the statement of it not being a hot bed of police calls in the evening hours I consider to be a true statement. I lived over the freeway in another area due West from there a few years back and it wasn’t either. We rented a Cop from the Edmonds Police Department to patrol our area a few times a night it was so crime ridden….not. That is part of the reason Seattle is such a nice place to live.

  • Mary Ann Arlotta

    He didn’t deserve to be fired, and any town would be happy to have him. A policeman who knows how to use common sense, knew how to use his time and knew where he was needed.

  • John Parker

    I’d like to think the trooper did a bit more homework before he opted to sign up and work for such as ass hat at Catlett. Not a good fit seems about right….you can’t be a trooper that many years and then go to work for barney in mayberry….just not a good fit indeed. Sleep well residents of Brier,Wa., you got a real bozo for a police chief. Course, I imagine with what you have for a town, your forced to take what you could get. Best to fire the ‘chief; and hire the trooper to come back as the chief….

  • Rich Bawol

    With a Chief like that, he should be happy and just move on.

  • texasrose

    FYI UPDATE – news sources got ahold of his personnel file and the decision to terminate him was made two weeks before this incident due to poor performance. As I commented at the time I figured there was much more to this story and the city couldn’t say anything for privacy/personnel reasons and it was all based on just his side of the story.