Brian Ogle, A 17 Year Old, Had His Skull Broken For Backing The Blue

brian ogle

Brian Ogle, A 17 Year Old, Had His Skull Broken For Backing The Blue

Sylacauga, Alabama – 17 year old high school student Brian Ogle is in critical condition after making comments on Facebook about supporting police officers.

Friday night, September 30th, a young man named Brian Ogle was hanging out in the parking lot of a hardware stores with some friends. Some words were said about a Facebook post and Brian was jumped by several people. When police arrived on scene they found Brian badly beaten and bleeding from the head.

The young man’s skull was fractured and he is was put in critical condition. Brandi Allen, Brian’s mother’ says that her son also has some brain trauma from the beating. After the attack, Brian was in such bad condition, he had to be air lifted to a local hospital.

Brian’s mother also said that her son was targeted for posting pro police comments after he saw some students wearing black lives matter shirts at school.

Police have stated that there have been some race issues at the school lately. The Chief of the Sylacauga Police Department released this statement:

There are many rumors afloat on social media that this incident may be stemming from an incident at SHS. This is at this time only rumors. It is however a part of the investigation. SPD is asking that the community allow us to do our jobs and not jump to conclusions about why this incident happened. SPD is praying for the victim and his family and also for our Community. I believe I speak for everybody when I say “the violence needs to stop, whether it is from the incident at the high school or for any other reason.

No arrests have been made yet. The investigation is still ongoing. Our thoughts and prayers are with this young man and his family.

Blue Lives Matter and the Sylacauga Police Department would like you to show your support for Brian by sending him get well cards. Lets show Brian Ogle how much we appreciate him. The cards can be addressed to:

Brian Ogle, Care of Chief Kelley Johnson

Sylacauga Police Department

301 N Broadway Ave

Sylacauga, AL 35150

If you have any further questions or ideas on how to support Brian, you can contact the Sylacauga Police Department on their Facebook Page.

  • Vic

    Give thanks to our muslim leader & his racist administration.

    • Kristen Loomis

      Because personal responsibility isn’t a thing these days…

      • John

        You’ll know if Obama takes personal responsibility for his racist administration and pushing a false narrative about racism in the US.

        • Kristen Loomis

          Are we getting the winning powerball numbers too?

      • Billy

        Yeah but only in the case of white people right? If a white kid gets beat up for being pro police then its his fault if a black kid gets shot trying to bash a mans head into the sidewalk it’s the white guys fault, AMIRIGHT?

        • Kristen Loomis

          Mmm no. I believe in personal responsibility across the board. I teach it to my daughter who is biracial and I encourage her friends and team mates of different races to learn to own their shit. We don’t play the blame game around here, we admit when we’re wrong and if we can rectify the situation, we do.

          • Billy

            And by that I’m assuming you mean it was the BLM peoples fault this occurred, not his for speaking his mind on facebook?

          • Kristen Loomis

            Given that Brian had a first amendment right to express his support for police on his own Facebook page, I don’t think he should be considered responsible on that part.

            The article does not go into detail as to what was verbally said before the incident occurred, so it’s entirely possible he said something he shouldn’t have. We don’t know… or at least I don’t.

            I also don’t know who jumped him, nor do I care what their race was. They made a conscious decision to jump the kid. They could have walked away and they didn’t. So I will neither victim blame nor will I insinuate that I have information that I don’t have regarding either the exchange of words or who was there.

          • Nancy

            Who cares what was “verbally said” or about any “exchange of words”??? Brian was badly beaten and his skull fractured by a bunch of low-life animals. And I don’t care whether he expresses his support for police “on his own Facebook page” as you put it, or out on the street for all to hear. . . HE HAS THE RIGHT wherever and however he chooses to speak. And the worthless thugs who did this to Brian Ogle are nothing but human trash and should be charged with everything including attempted murder. They need to be locked up permanently as in the key thrown away end of story. And my son is bi-racial, what’s your point? A picture posted of Brian’s smiling face reminded me of my son when he was that age and it broke my heart all the more. The so called “Black Lives Matter” and the rest of the morons who slander and attack the police, and attack a white person if he “said something he shouldn’t have” as you so idiotically put it, absolutely are to blame for the assault and battery committed against Brian Ogle, and for the murders of so many police officers.

          • Kristen Loomis

            Let me clap for you for this completely pointless defensive outrage post.

          • Nancy

            Project much?

          • Kristen Loomis

            Oh yeah, totally projecting, that’s me.

            Also, just because I’m not raging mad on the internet over what was obviously a terrible situation does not mean I’m not bothered by it. I just don’t see what raging in the comment section of an article is going to achieve.

            Regardless of your emotions that child is still in the hospital, he’s still going to have a long recovery ahead, and there are still some “thugs” who are responsible for their heinous actions and need to be prosecuted.

            …but getting angry here, solves nothing.

          • Jesse Krupnick

            Oh and being dismissive and bitchy on the internet that helps right?

          • Kristen Loomis

            Aww you mean I can’t reply in the same tone I was addressed in? Dang it.

          • Kristen Loomis

            Oh, also, shouldn’t we be focusing on the great fact that his attackers were caught? I think we should be in a different discussion talking about how they don’t/won’t label it a hate crime (even though it essentially was) and hold the attackers properly accountable for their actions. I think that might be more important now than anything here.

          • Phleb
    • Carlos Broch

      This behavior is not new,the Klan was formed due to crimes of rape ,robberies and murder and the Republicans Party of Lincoln after the Civil War did nothing to protect Southerns in fact white were hanged if they retaliated against Negroes ,so it was needed to take the law in their own hands…. and wear hood to protect one identity…..

  • Kristen Loomis

    And the cycle continues.

    • Sabol100

      What cycle are you talking about Kristen Loomis?

      • Kristen Loomis

        The cycle of violence. The cycle of act first, work out the details never. The cycle of “your opinion isn’t the same as mine so you must be wrong”.

        I can keep listing things, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you thought I was referring to something else entirely.

        • Sabol100

          I did, but thank you for the clarification.

          • Kristen Loomis

            No problem, if more people would ask for clarification instead of jumping to conclusions, many arguments can be avoided. Thank you for asking.

  • TM

    Too bad the ‘journalist’ doesn’t bother to mention that his attackers are black…..but then, we already knew that.

  • Duane

    Well, I question if any lives matter. If this keeps up unabated, there will be a race/civil war. The pump is primed, it just needs the right moment for the blood to flow. When that happens, then wait and see what happens when the UN occupies American soil. Think it won’t happen? look at what happened to other countries that fell into a civil war status. America is no different.

    • Kristen Loomis

      Soros has been priming things for a race war for a while now

    • Rev

      No. It won’t happen.
      Time to loosen that tin foil hat, eh?

      • Duane

        Tin foil hat and recognizing the possiblities is far better than being a person whom puts their head in the sand and denies anything is or can happen. But, I guess that I need that hat to protect myself from the thoughts that many more of the police are going to die at the hands of the BLACK LIVES MATTER terrorists. When they are jumping, beating, injuring, and killing regular people for their conflicting opinions, then they are nothing but terrorists. And soon, people will get fed up with their actions. But, I guess that this is a product of an over active imagination on my part. And nothing but rose-colored glasses, blue skies, birds singing, and everyone holding hands singing Kumbaya is active in your world. Please, tell this to the young man in this story. He is doing nothing, but dreaming this nightmare.

  • Because nothing says fucking tolerance like fracturing a kids skull for having a differing opinion.

    Any of the of douche-nozzles who jumped Brian wanna come look me up?

    • Dave Zavistoski

      I’ll be by your side also. I frigging dare then POS black bastards to even try to F with me

  • Dave Zavistoski

    Frigging animals that’s all they are !!!!! Come after me you POS scumbag BLM assholes I’ll put you where u belong !!! Bunch of uneducated black scumbags that’s all they are!

  • MileHigh

    I support the police 100% and I hope and prey that this young man recovers fully. This was in all likelihood a hate crime, a crime of black mob violence. How people can do this to another human being is beyond me.

    I hope all the perps are caught, tried, and given stiff prison sentences. This madness has to stop, it is happening seemingly everywhere nowadays. Also, the lay press has to be taught how to report stories truthfully again. The political correctness has gone way too far and it is a joke. It is corrupting the truth.

    • flova

      I also support the police. But come on Chief. Okay, let’s say Brian showed up with a 9mm and threatened 5-60 black kids at a deserted parking lot–why aren’t some of them messed up shot or dead? You see, how ridiculous this is? Nextt hing we hear is it was over a girl. I am fed up with white getting attacked and nobody cares.

      This is the cover-up. Chief will be called ‘racist’ if he dares to do what this brave kid did and express himself. Hey Chief, why not stand up and tell the truth? This is black teen savages going after a white kid because he openly supported your police force! Charge all of them with attempted murder and stop this bulls**t!

      • John J Rouse

        I’d like to see a hate crime thrown in for once,

        • Kristen Loomis

          I’d agree with you on this. I think the answer to the question of intent is very evident in the actions they chose to take.

  • John J Rouse

    anyone that wants to know how to deal with these black animals come talk to me.

    • Kristen Loomis

      You forgot to tell them to wear black clothing because blood doesn’t wash out well.

      • John J Rouse

        Won’t be nothing left when I get done. My pit bulls will take care of that.

        • Kristen Loomis

          Those poor dogs. You’re going to give them indigestion, Ramsay.

  • Jeff Peters

    Supporting the police….white kid….assaulted by BLM (Blacks?)….sounds like a “hate crime”….Feds are you going to get involved in this? Oh I forgot its only a hate crime when its a black victim……my mistake

    • John J Rouse

      The justUS department won’t

  • Shiloh


  • CSB

    If Obama had a son……

  • Rick

    Is there an OFFICIAL GoFundMe page for this young man and his family?

  • Kristy36

    No one deserved this treatment no matter what they stand for its so ething to be proyd of when its 20 to 1 not those mob whatever you call anyo e that thinks its ok to take a life so easily do t think they deserve to be falled humans maybe ashamed monsters would be more appropriate its one thing to be angry its another to torture someone like this and think its ok did they realize now they might spend most of their life in prison.

  • John J Rouse

    Race, Crime, and the Media

    by R. Cort Kirkwood, May 15, 2007
    If five whites carjacked a black couple, tortured them for hours, then dumped the bodies, the national news media would descend upon the benighted city in which the dastardly crime occurred and, having reported the unspeakable deeds, subject the rest of us to rants on racism and harangues on hate. It happened with James Byrd, the black man dragged to death behind a car in Jasper, Texas, and it happens even when the crimes are fictive, as with huckstress Tawana Brawley and, more recently, the lacrosse team at Duke University. In such cases, we are told that whether or not the crimes actually occurred does not matter: We learn a lesson simply in contemplating them.

    The truth is, we are never permitted to contemplate the truth about race and crime. Most interracial crime involves blacks harming whites, and federal statistics show that blacks commit more hate crimes than whites. The news media’s stiff-necked refusal to report these facts is escalating and indisputable, as several recent cases show, and invites us to question why so many news professionals—so dedicated to disclosing so many unwelcome facts about so many subjects—are so unwilling to examine this one. “Liberal media bias” isn’t the only answer. Something else is at work.

    First, a few examples. The murders of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian in Knoxville, Tennessee, merited almost no attention from the national news media and none from the New York Times. According to police, on January 7, a band of black criminals carjacked the pair, then treated them to a nightmare of sexual torture. The gang raped Newsom, shot him, burned him with gasoline, wrapped him in bedding, then set him ablaze. Afterward, they dumped his body on nearby railroad tracks. They forced Christian to watch this and repeatedly (and savagely) raped her, then sprayed liquid cleaner in her mouth to erase their residual DNA. After killing her, the thugs placed her in trash bags and stuffed her in a garbage can. Five suspects await trial.

    On Halloween, three white girls approached a haunted maze in the backyard of a home in Long Beach, California. A group of a dozen black boys, according to newspaper accounts, began taunting them. The boys grabbed their crotches, asking, “Are you down with it?” The girls went through the maze, but when they returned to the front yard, the boys were waiting to taunt them again. Then they heard another male voice declare, “I hate white people.” “White b|tches,” others shouted. The girls started to leave, but a mob of about 30 blacks, including young girls, gathered and pelted them with pumpkins and lemons. “We hate white people,” they hollered, “f–king white people.” When the defenseless girls tried to flee, the mob attacked in full force, beating and stomping the first victim to the ground. When she tried to fight back, a black man smashed her head with a skateboard, then hit her again when she was on the ground, unconscious. The mob kicked her anyway. When one friend tried to rescue her, the mob swarmed, punched her until she dropped, then stomped, and kicked her on the ground. She received 12 facial fractures and severe damage to one of her eyes. The third girl also tried to help, but the mob beat her to a pulp—again, kicking and stomping her when they got her on the ground.

    The judge tossed out DNA evidence from a victim’s blood on one attacker’s clothes because, one news report said, it would complicate the case. Ultimately, he sentenced those found guilty to house arrest and probation. Again, the New York Times and other national news media mostly ignored it. No wondering how it could happen. No soul-searching. No lectures on racism from the university professoriate, Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton.

    In April 2005, a mob of 30 blacks attacked four white girls at Marine Park in Brooklyn, New York, shouting “black power,” according to the small weekly that covered it, and invoking Martin Luther King, Jr. Two of the victims landed in the hospital, one with a broken nose Immediately, police denied this was a hate crime. The national news media ignored it. And again, the Rainbow Coalition took a powder.

    On December 14, 2000, two black brothers, Jonathan and Reginald Carr, invaded the Wichita home of Jason Befort and his two friends, Bradley Heyka and Aaron Sandler, who were entertaining Befort’s girlfriend, Heather Muller, and Sandler’s former girlfriend (“H.G.”). (Sandler was then studying for the priesthood.) As with the carjacking in Knoxville, the black men, ending a week-long feral rampage, subjected their five white victims to an orgy of sexual torture nearly beyond description. After beating the men senseless, they forced the women to have sex, attempted to force the men to have sex with the women, then raped and sodomized the women. They robbed them and drove the naked (the women were clad only in sweaters) victims to a field and executed four of them. H.G., having been shot in the head and run over repeatedly with a truck, managed to survive. Despite H.G.’s testimony, which indicated that the brothers made numerous racial slurs while torturing and attempting to kill her, prosecutors hotly denied that this was a hate crime. Again, the national news media ignored the story.

    Stories about all these crimes appeared in local newspapers and on local television news. (Even local media often omit the race of the suspect.) Somehow, these stories never rocketed to the editorial stratosphere of CBS, CNN, the Washington Post, or the New York Times. Some national-news websites published a smattering of AP stories about these crimes. Had they involved whites attacking blacks, all of these news organizations would have dispatched staff writers, photographers, producers, and cameramen to get the story.

    That is exactly what happened when three white lacrosse players at Duke University were accused of raping a black stripper at an off-campus party; the national news media descended in full force. The charges smeared the team, and the Duke lacrosse season was canceled. Hundreds of stories appeared about this fictive crime—a case in which the prosecutor was forced to quit and may be disbarred for egregious ethical violations. The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the major television networks unlimbered a blunderbuss and sprayed us with stories. It was time to search our souls for racism. For intolerance. For bigotry. For a crime that never happened. Of course, Durham was recently the site of a rape at an off-campus party at which men from Duke were present. The national news media ignored it, and the Raleigh News and Observer eliminated race in its description of both the party and the suspect. A black fraternity hosted the party. The suspect is black; the victim is white.

    The leftists who run the national news media know what they are doing, and they won’t confront the truth about race and crime; that would require reforming their thoughts about the world and undermine their declared agenda. The news media are obsessed with “diversity,” as Bill McGowen demonstrated in Coloring the News, his book on how the media spins stories because of race. Some topics, including affirmative action, are taboo in newsrooms. For example, when the New York Times exposed rank incompetence and rampant criminality among rookies in the NYPD, it failed to disclose how or why such incompetence and criminality crept into the ranks: Hiring standards had been lowered to promote minorities in the name of “diversity.”

    In journalism, the last few years have been one long chin-wag about diversity. The potentates of journalism discuss it with religious fervor. Editors receive dogmatic flyers and evangelical videotapes importuning them to hire minority applicants and interns and to attend minority job fairs. They receive surveys designed to measure the racial and sex complexion of newsrooms. The American Society of Newspaper Editors proclaims, “We count the number of journalists, their gender [sic] and race” in order to “help newsrooms think about diversity.” The society sponsors a silly project called “Time Out for Accuracy and Diversity.” Of course, accuracy never trumps diversity. The publisher of the New York Times has said that diversity is the most important issue facing his newspaper; this is how Jayson Blair, a serial liar with a long rap sheet of plagiarism and mendacity, slipped through the cracks.

    This leftist obsession with diversity and race in the newsroom informs the media’s coverage of crime, particularly interracial crime. In a letter posted on the forum at Romenesko, on the website of the Poynter Institute, David Mills, a former writer for the Washington Times, hammered the Los Angeles Times for ignoring the mob melee at Long Beach. “You don’t have to be a card-carrying Klansman,” Mills wrote, to point out that the LA Times surely would be treating this story differently if three black women had been attacked by 30 white teenagers hurling words like “F— black people.” Columnists and editorial writers would be rending their garments, agonizing over the meaning of such a brutal crime. . . .

    The Halloween mob assault appears to be the worst instance of black-on-white violence in Southern California since Reginald Denny took a cinder block to the head. Why is the LA Times covering it so grudgingly? The only reference to the beatings on the op-ed page came last Sunday, when Michael McGough, a senior editorial writer, wrote of this case: “I wouldn’t dare to prejudge [it] even if the facts weren’t so murky.” He then fretted that an “unintended consequence” of hate-crime laws is that “such laws could end up punishing blacks who commit violence against whites—which is a far cry from the historical experience that inspired hate-crime statutes.”

    Say what? I didn’t realize that hate-crime laws were supposed to punish only white people. Presented with a shocking instance of black-on-white violence, the Times thinks the only larger issue worth discussing is whether hate-crime legislation is wrongheaded?

    McGough’s point was that blacks are incapable of racism and hate crimes; they are perpetual victims. No wonder the national news media refuses to report horrific black-on-white crimes. Just as “diversity” trumps competence in the newsroom, white-on-black crime always trumps its converse.

    The media’s morality play about unbridled white racism is a perilous fairy tale that justifies the media’s racial agenda not just for newsrooms but for society at large. Moreover, whites are increasingly angry about the media’s treatment of blacks and crime, which undermines what little credibility the media have and energizes unfair and unjust remarks and rage about blacks in general. This, in turn, breeds the very racial animosity the dim bulbs in the news media claim they want to erase. Yet admitting the truth would undermine the media’s hectoring, obnoxious propaganda, which insists that whites are oppressors and blacks are victims, and would deprive the race hustlers and cultural leftists of the crowning symbol that permits them to rig the courts and spin the news: the racist white bogeyman.

    May 2007 R. Cort Kirkwood is the author of Real Men: Ten Courageous Americans to Know and Admire(Cumberland House).

    This article first appeared in the May 2007 issue of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture.

    • Michael

      There are many cases in which blacks attack whites and vice versa. But you want to focus on the ones that are not reported. What about when whited used to rape blacks and it was “no big deal”. And in all honesty it is still happening and is still “No big deal.” I can also name numerous accounts of Blacks being brutally murdered, raped, discriminated against that have not been publicized but I’ll let you do the digging. Its impossible for every story of racist/ hate crimes to be sought after all at once. Some stories take time and some take longer than others for people to know what happened. If the police or the city really wanted the story to get out they would have taken it to CNN. But you have to consider the fact that they don’t want the public to be afraid nor do they want people to panic and decrease tourism or potential residents. Everything is about saving face. EVERYTHING. Also no one wants to report about hate crimes 24/7. Maybe there was a bigger story going on at the same time these crimes happened and the press saw more money in whatever it was. You can’t blame everything on race. You don’t see a lot about Latinos getting discriminated against but it happens. You don’t see a lot about Asians getting discriminated against but it happens. Native Americans? Nope. The thing is minorities get more of a bad rap and often get wrongly convicted. That’s why people tend to focus on what happens to them more than anything because there are more minorities than majorities. Which means more minorities are actually paying attention to these news articles. Which means more money. And besides, whites already have privilege and tend to go on a berserk killing rampage when black people talks, blogs, or even looks at them in a way that isn’t pleasing to them. But most of those crimes don’t get reported. But my condolences to Brian Ogles’ family and I pray he gets well and makes a full recovery. He didn’t deserve what happened to him. And I do hope the bastards that did it gets thrown under the jail and the key gets lost.

      • Michael

        And you forgot to mention that those 30 blacks were all females. The world would be a better place if everyone were color blind. But for some reason I don’t think you want the world to be colorblind judging from your other comments.

        • Kristen Loomis

          I respectfully disagree with the “colorblind” preference only because someone’s culture is what helps define them as they go through life. Granted they get to make decisions that will take them down different paths, wanting to take away their skin color is like taking away a part of their being.

          Now, if we could start judging people by their character and integrity, I think we’d be on to something. If we pushed personal responsibility, respect, tact, and manners into our children (broad use) instead of teaching them offense and violence, I can only imagine how much further we’d go as a national community.

          MLK Jr had a dream, BLM wasn’t it.

          • Michael

            I see where you’re coming from Kristen. But I meant colorblind metaphorically. Just like there are white people that have roots in black culture I wish that race didn’t matter so much as to lead to violence. I believe one can be culturally aware and not prejudice against others because of skin color.

          • Kristen Loomis

            Prejudice is a choice, it would be nice if more people chose not to be and respected each other. So in that, I agree with you.

      • John J Rouse

        When did whites rape blacks? Last 6 years there has not been 1 white on black rape. Blacks attack whites 18-1. So don’t tell me shit is even. Take it to CNN really? Where they edit videos of police shootings that make it look like the cops gun down unarmed blacks for sport. You really are fucking clueless aren’t you

        • Michael

          Let’s look at facts then. Drawing on the 2012 figures, whites were arrested for over 275,000 violent crimes. For blacks, the number is about 170,000. All together there were 15,571 forcible rape cases. Want to know how many were caused by whites? 10,038. And I may be clueless but I know facts and statistics. And to say that there were no white on black rapes in six years is kind of a dumb thing to say. Seeing how a white cop was convicted of the serial raping of black women in 2015. Also in 2015 a white man went down for drugging and raping a black girl. Maybe do some research before saying things and hoping its true. And I suppose you’d rather they take videos to fox? The point is that they could have taken this story to any big network. And I don’t think there was a video to the beating of those 4 girls so I don’t think they can edit it.

          • John J Rouse

            We outnumber you 7-1. Your numbers are way more disproportionate than ours. Also we are
            Talking about white on black rape
            Which is virtually non existent. Blacks lead all
            Violent crime categories and in every other crime they exceed their relativity of population save alcohol related offenses

          • Michael

            White on black rape is virtually non existent? Okay. I can see that’s not going to get through to you. Why not say black on white rape is non existent also. Seeing how black people made up only 33% of rapes in 2014. I’m sure that other 64% wasn’t 100% white on white.

          • John J Rouse

            Black Men comprise less than 7% of the USA population.
            Black Men commit nearly 70% of all personal and property crime.*
            Black Men account for more than half of all new HIV diagnoses**
            Black Men account for just under half of all new AIDS diagnoses.**
            Black Men rape approximately 36,500 White Women per year.*
            The FBI estimates only 1/3 of all rapes are ever reported so the real figure is about 100,000 rapes per year. Or 11 rapes for every hour of every day
            White Men rape about 10 Black Woman per year.*
            B|acks Murder about 2,000 White People per year.*
            Whites Murder less than 100 B|acks per year.*
            So, over the last 40 years, Black Men have raped about 4,000,000 White Women and Murdered about 80,000 White People.

            *2010 FBI National Crime Statistics
            **U.S. Centers for Disease Control

          • Michael

            By the Registry’s own statistics broken down by race and crime, total exonerations for “all crimes” numbered 164 for Hispanic persons, 556 for Caucasian persons, and 662 for Black persons. The largest gap is associated with sexual assault (a difference of 78 exonerations), with the second largest belonging to homicide (a difference of 59 exonerations).
            But what about other data sources?
            Garrett Study: “Among the Innocent Group, 71% Were Minorities”
            In June of 2012, four researchers from Washington D.C.’s Urban Institute, Justice Policy Center, released a research report titled “Post-Conviction DNA Testing and Wrongful Conviction.” The report was funded by US Department of Justice (DOJ). What were its statistical findings?
            According to Table 9 of the report, which compares various demographics among determinate and indeterminate(please define)sexual assault convictions, Black offenders constituted 56% of indeterminate convictions whereas Caucasian offenders accounted for 43%. Regarding determinate convictions, Black offenders made up 61%, while Caucasians made up 39%.

          • John J Rouse

            Of those supposed innocents, another black was obviously guilty so the stats hold true. Can the “we ain’t du nuffins” bull shit. Most people in prison, are there rightfully and most should be there a lot longer.

          • Michael

            Do you have proof that another black was the culprit of the crime? Because most of the exonerated blacks were there because of a white person committing a crime and then blaming it on a black perso .

          • John J Rouse

            No actually the suspects are black. Since a lot of y’all look the same it’s hard to,tell,the difference.

          • Michael

            Black men are also helping to find a cure for HIV/AIDS because they are immune to HIV/AIDS. So they give blood and allow tests done on themnfornthe betterment of human race. I suppose you believe HIV came from monkeys?

          • John J Rouse

            What the fuck are you talking about? Ask the millions of blacks worldwide how that immunity is working out. Yes, it’s because you all,fucked monkeys. That is the actual consensus. Man you are dumb……and here’s why.

            IQ distribution by race:

            · Ashkenazi Jews = 115
            · Asian = 106
            · White = 103
            · Non-White Hispanic = 86
            · American BIacks = 81(average 30% White mix)
            · Sub-Saharan BIacks = 70 (This is considered borderline tarded. Only 2% of Whites score this low)

            MRIs show that Blacks have brain sizes much smaller than Whites, Asians and Ashkenazi Jews. This is what causes the increase in cranium capacity. Studies published in the American Psychological Association journal using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) found correlation of brain size with IQ of about 0.40 and that these racial differences in brain size are present at birth.

            Larger brains contain more neurons and synapses and process information faster; by adulthood, East Asians average 1 cubic inch more cranial capacity than Whites who average 5 cubic inches more than Blacks.

          • Michael

            Really? I’m dumb? And you’re the one believing this. I can see how you would think I’m dumb. First, I thought you would be able to use common sense and realize that I wasn’t talking about all black men were immune, but whatever.I suppose you don’t believe in God either. Tell Lydia Sebastian who scored higher than Einstein and Stephen Hawking on the IQ exam. Tell Ramarni Wilfred (a boy) who scored higher than Einstein, Hawking, and Bill Gates on the IQ exam. Two blacks 12&11 scored that high. And they aren’t the only blacks that have scored significantly higher than whites on exams. Hmmmm? Do you feel smart? Or are you upset that the information that you have been fed is false? Or are you upset that black people can be smarter than you. I suggest you learn how the brain works. The more you feed it the more it grows. Which is why whites didn’t want us to learn because knowledge is a powerful weapon.

          • John J Rouse

            No one is immuned to AIDS, idiot. Least of all, blacks. Considering they have AIDS more then all other races combined, so that was a very idiotic statement so,admit it and move on. I beleive in God, and if you read the bible you will know and understand that blacks are a cursed race. You don’t understand IQ average, do you? Are men taller than women? Yes. Are some women taller then men? Yes. I just looked up highest IQs in the world and Hawking was number 10 and no groid was even on the list, so link your source because you’re FOS. All you have to do is google IQ by race and they all say the same thing. You see, you blacks were much happier when you were told the truth and knew you weren’t our equals. Now that you’ve been lied to,for decades thinking you are our equals and when you fail it’s just easy to blame the white man. Look at SAT scores, again, you all are way at the bottom. They are dumbing down SATs in hopes you’ll advance. That also could be why….ummmmm….blacks never invented a thing. Name one contribution from sub Saharan Africa….ill wait.

          • Michael

            Whatever you say sir. As I said I am glad I had this conversation with you. It really enlightened me as to how dumb and close minded people can be. It was fun. Oh yeah. Before I leave this alone. Go look up Steve Crohn or Agnes Munyiva for your answer to people that are immune to AIDS.

          • John J Rouse

            So because 2 people didn’t get aids yet you think all blacks are immune even though they have the highest rate? I again point to the iq by race chart.

          • John J Rouse

            You don’t have to,take my word for it

            Year 2003 – Rape/Sexual Assault

            White on Black:0
            Black on White: 20,309
            Black on Black: 21,104

            Year 2004 – Rape/Sexual Assault

            White on Black: 0
            Black on White: 11,610
            Black on Black: 35,330

            Year 2005 – Rape/Sexual Assault

            White on Black : 0
            Black on White: 37,460
            Black on Black: 36, 620

            Year 2006 – Rape/Sexual Assault

            White on Black: 0
            Black on White: 32, 443
            Black on Black: 7,705

            Year 2007 – Rape/Sexual Assault

            White on Black: 0
            Black on White: 14,092
            Black on Black: 12,780

            Year 2008 – Rape/Sexual Assault

            White on Black: 0
            Black on White: 19,292
            Black on Black: 34,841

            Total over six conservative years:

            White on Black: 0
            Black on White: 135,206
            Black on Black: 148,380

            Average over six consecutive years:

            White on Black: 0
            Black on White: 22,534
            Black on Black: 24,730


          • John J Rouse

            2014 b|ack crime statistics, as compiled by the FBI

            BIacks were charged with
            54% of the murders,
            33% of the rapes,
            56% of the robberies,
            35% of the aggravated assaults,
            29% of the burglaries,
            29% of the larcenies,
            35% of the car thefts,
            22% of the arsons,
            32% of all other forms of assault,
            28% of the forgeries,
            30% of all fraud,
            32% of all embezzlement,
            34% of dealing in stolen property violations,
            22% of all vandalism violations,
            41% of the weapon possession violations,
            40% of the prostitution violations,
            25% of all other sexual offences,
            35% of the drug abuse violations,
            72% of the gambling violations,
            35% of the disorderly conduct violations
            and 42% of the vagrancy violations.
            In total, blacks were charged with 39% of all violent crime and 29% of
            all property crime in the United States in 2010.

            In the juvenile division, blacks were charged with

            59% of the murders,
            34% of the rapes,
            67% of the robberies,
            42% of the aggravated assaults,
            32% of the burglaries,
            30% of the larcenies and
            43% of the car thefts,
            39% of all other forms of assault,
            24% of the forgeries,
            34% of all fraud,
            38% of all embezzlement,
            42% of dealing in stolen property,
            19% of all vandalism violations,
            37% of all weapons carrying violations,
            54% of the prostitution violations,
            27% of other sexual offences,
            30% of all drug abuse violations,
            91% of the gambling violations,
            23% of the crimes against family and children,
            22% of the vagrancy violations
            and 40% of the disorderly conduct violations.
            Black juveniles committed 51% of all juvenile violent crime and 31% of
            all juvenile property crime.

            In 2010, 27.6% of all adults arrested were black. Of all juveniles
            (individuals under the age of 18) arrested in 2010 in the Nation,
            30.3% were black.

            The arrests of adults for murder were nearly equal between white and
            black arrestees, with 50.0% being black, and 47.7 %being white.

            And all of this coming from an ethnic group that comprises just barely
            13% of the U.S. population. That’s one in every seven people on the street! Now you know what people use the color of their skin for… As a WARNING flag. That’s all.
            When they stop behaving like sub-humans, then maybe we’ll stop looking on them as such…..

          • Michael

            Soooo…. You’re saying that whites committed 67% of the rapes? And do those statistics include wrongful imprisonment? Also whites threw the ball first. Whites hated/hate blacks for no reaso . Maybe they want to stop being seen as subhumans first. After all thats the least the whites could do, considering past circumstances and how the whites usually trick and never own up to their word. (Sorry I meant most whites).

          • John J Rouse

            No, I’m not saying whites committed 67% of the rapes. Whites and Hispanics are combined under the Doj/FBI race and crime stats, whites and Hispanics are 82% of the population. No, whites never hates blacks for no reason. There was plenty of reason. The majority of the blacks back in the day and even today live in the south, once freed they realized that they are different then us, different temperaments, aggressions and sexual behavior. So that’s when the southerners made Jim Crowe laws, separate but equal and black on white crime was low. The original clan was created, not to lynch blacks for sport but to protect white families from marauding black savages. It was also was South Africans created apartheid. Once apartheid was lifted many white farmers were murdered, the same farmers who fed the blacks. And those murderers went virtually unpunished. If you want to stop being seen as sub humans….you have to stop acting like sub humans.

          • Michael

            So when whites didn’t want to give up slavery that was not hating for no reason. When the enslaved blacks and Native Americans that was hate for no reason? When they raped blacks (to dilute and wipe out the African race) and Native Americans that wasn’t hate. To throw racial slurs isn’t hate? Okay. Whites also murdered people in cold blood and went unpunished. That’s history 101. That is the basis on which America was founded and built on.

          • John J Rouse

            By 1860, 26% of all free blacks in the South owned slaves. In contrast, only 4.8% of Whites owned slaves.

            Slavery for life came to America when a wealthy land owner named Anthony Johnson did not want to release his indentured servants after 6 years of servitude as required by law, so he sued in the House of Burgesses (SCOTUS did not yet exist) that since blacks were spared death by their own African government in exchange of servitude, that they were no longer people but property, and therefore may be owned for life. He won his case in 1654, bringing slavery for life and also becoming the first slave owner in America. Oh yeah, have I mentioned yet that Anthony Johnson was BLACK? It was the black race that enslaved the black race, yet it was the White race that freed them.

          • Michael

            Lol I don’t have to say much to prove that “fact” wrong. Slavery began in the US in 1619. And as far as the first slave owner being black? Here you go

          • John J Rouse
          • John J Rouse

            An 1890 article by one of Stanley’s pioneer officers which proves that bIacks were not stolen from Africa but were rescued. This article was originally published in “The Century Magazine” April, 1890.

            The heart of Africa is being rapidly depopulated in consequence of the enormous death-roll caused by the barbarous slave-trade. It is not merely the bondage which slavery implies that should appeal to the sympathies of the civilized world; it is the bloodshed, cruelty, and misery which it involves.

            During my residence in Central Africa I was repeatedly traveling about in the villages along the Congo River and its almost unknown affluents, and in every new village I was confronted by fresh evidences of the horrible nature of this evil. I did not seek to witness the sufferings attendant upon this traffic in humanity, but cruelties of all kinds are so general that the mere passing visits which I paid brought me in constant contact with them.

            It is not alone by the Arabs that slave-raiding is carried on throughout Central Africa. With respect to slavery in the Congo Free State, the western limit of the slave-raiding operations of the Arabs is the Aruwhimi River, just below Stanley Falls, but intertribal slavery exists from this point throughout the State to the Atlantic Ocean. During my six years’ residence on the Congo River I saw but little of the Arabs, and therefore in this article I am detailing only my experiences bearing upon the subject of slavery among the natives themselves.

            I first went to the Congo in 1883, and traveled without delay into the interior. Arriving at Stanley Pool, I received orders from my chief, Mr. Henry M. Stanley, to accompany him up river on his little boat the En Avant .. Stanley at that time was engaged in establishing a few posts at important and strategic points along the upper river. Lukolela, eight hundred miles in the interior, was one decided upon, and I had the honor of being selected by him as chief of this post. As no white man had ever lived there before, I had a great deal of work in establishing myself. The position selected for our settlement was a dense forest, and until now it had been more familiar with the trumpeting of elephants and the cry of the leopard than with human beings. At first the natives rather objected to

          • Michael

            You are truly blinded by your hatred for blacks lol. If you could be open minded and not racist and do a little research you would know that this article is wildly false. But… You know. You’re set in your ways and I won’t try to sway or enlighten you anymore. I do appreciate the conversation though. It was fun.

          • John J Rouse

            I don’t hate you. I don’t care enough about y’all to hate ya. I’m just tired of being lied to with people telling me you are just like us. You’re not. You don’t link me anything or have any sources. All you do is hold your ears and scream “not true not true” but in reality, you know it’s true.

          • Michael

            All you have to do is look it up. I’ve linked things. You just aren’t interested in looking up what I send you.

          • John J Rouse

            You didn’t link me shit about those alleged high IQs

          • John J Rouse

            When Muhammad Ali returned from touring Africa in the 60s, he was interviewed by sportscaster Howard Cosell who asked, “How was the rumble in the jungle?”

            Ali replied, “Thank God my grand-daddy got on that boat.”

          • Michael

            Ali was known for joking around. Also not all White people of European decent really want to go to Europe. Not all Latinos want to go to Mexico. Lol. Even the famous soccer player Rivaldo (who is from Rio) warns people not to go to Rio and did not go to the Rio Olympics and said he would never go back to Rio. Point being. Not everyone wants to go back to where they came from. But as I said . Ali was known for his jokes.

          • John J Rouse

            If Africa is so grand, why are they literally dying to get into Europe on rickety boats? If it were up,to me, I’d sink every boat full of invaders aka viruses. Until they stopped coming. You all still live in mud huts just like in the Stone Age. You all don’t have a history….why? Because blacks never had a written language

          • Michael

            Why is America literally dying to get into Iraq? Why were your ancestors literally dying to get into Africa and America? So many unanswered questions. So many idiotos.

          • John J Rouse

            We were dying to take it over, not be bitches,
            Like you all, and expect handouts from the natives

      • Dawn

        “Minorities get more of a bad rap and often get wrongly convicted”…I won’t argue whether that is true or not; however, I am curious, what evidence are you basing that statement on? And does that evidence actually show a higher percentage of wrongful convictions for “minorities” versus whites? I ask because I know of instances of BOTH whites and non-whites that have spent time in prison and were later found to be innocent of the crime they had earlier been convicted of. I can only imagine how devastating that would be to ANYONE, no matter their skin pigmentation. Also, another curiosity question…what do you think “non-whites” will be called once they can no longer be called MINORITIES? As of June 2015, it was reported that racial and ethnic minorities now surpass non-Hispanic whites as the largest group of American children under 5 years old, according to the Census Bureau. It’s projected that by 2044, today’s majority white population will be the minority. Just curious if all the whites will then turn the tables and constantly blame every issue on being the “minority” group? 😉

        • Michael

          When the University of Michigan law school and the Center on Wrongful Convictions at the School of Law at Northwestern University in Chicago collaborated to create the National Registry of Exonerations, the researchers found that Blacks accounted for nearly half (47 percent) of all known exonerees in 1989, and whites made up nearly 39 percent of all known exonerees. But when they got to the year 2012, they found that the number of exonerations involving Blacks had risen to 57 percent. Of the 1,525 exonerations currently listed on the register as of Jan. 7, 2015, a total of 715 involved Black people.
          The University of Michigan Law School and Northwestern University School of Law worked in tandem to compile the data and found that 5 out of 10 falsely accused defendants were Black and 9 out of 10 were male. Before now, there was no official record-keeping arm or prisoner exonerations and the schools say this is the most-complete listing ever created.

          • Dawn

            Thank you for the response. I can appreciate intelligent conversation based on evidence. What I can’t tolerate is hatefulness and ignorance. I’m okay with other people not sharing my views and opinions, but I think it’s important to be open-minded to discussion at least. That’s the only way people can become educated. Thanks again.

          • Michael

            Exactly. Wiser words were never spoken.

        • Michael

 and honestly I think non-whites will still be called minorities. Unless people switch to the politically correct labels such as Caucasian, African American, Native American, Latino. And maybe whites will turn the tables but I don’t think they will pull that card for the simple fact that not everyone will know that the minority majority balance has changed

    • Nancy

      Excellently done, John.

  • Hired_Gun

    Think they will have the balls to ban the Black Lives matter shirts at school? Or will they just roll over to the the fear of the the BLM terrorist organization?

    • Kristen Loomis

      They’ll roll over and ask for belly scratches from BLM. They’re too scared of lawsuits or other backlash to ban the shirts.

  • MileHigh

    Je suis Charlie and I am Brian Ogle. – pass it on and if someone could post this phrase on Twitter and Facebook I would be most grateful.

  • billy131274
  • P Cpley

    How brave! Typical BLM pussies…….

  • B.r. Lee

    So he was with friends and I’m guessing they ran and left him to defend himself against a lynch mob. Glad I don’t have friends like that.