BREAKING: Philadelphia Officers Ambushed – Two Officers Shot

Two Philadelphia area police officers were shot on Friday night.

Two Philadelphia area police officers were shot on Friday night.

BREAKING: Philadelphia Officers Ambushed – Two Officers Shot

UPDATE: Officer Sylvia Young was approached out of nowhere in an ambush assassination attempt while she was sitting in her car and the shooter kept shooting her until they needed to reload. Full details on this attempted assassination are HERE.

Philadelphia, PA – A female Philadelphia Police Department Sergeant sitting in her patrol car and a male University of Pennsylvania Officer were shot Friday night.

There are conflicting reports about the status of any suspects. We have been told that at least one person is in custody. Other unconfirmed reports are saying that a suspect may have been shot and others may be on the loose.

The incident occurred just after 11 PM near 52nd and Sansom streets in West Philadelphia. The Philadelphia PD sergeant was sitting in her patrol car when she was shot. A University of Pennsylvania Officer was also reportedly shot. There are believed to be two civilians hit by gunfire as well. The condition of the officers and civilians are not currently clear, except that the officers are alive.

The officers have been hospitalized at Penn Presbyterian Hospital.

This is a developing story and we will keep you updated as more information comes in.

  • Don Bolyard

    “Blue Lives Matter”

    • Oki Mike

      Amen Don!

  • Syd

    so sorry to hear this…i just cant wait to see what the PHILA. eagles have to show about this…if the NFL refuses to stand united with america they should gave the title of NATIONAL league stripped from them as thecare not representing the nation..that personal opinion crap has no place at any work place that i’vs ever known…talk about privledge!!!

  • Angel_3

    Cowards!! Shooting a woman cop makes you tough guys? I hope they throw all involved in jail and throw away the keys!

  • righteous1

    An atmosphere created by Obama and his administration. Fanning the flames in Ferguson and giving the animals credence has let to anarchy across the country. We need a leader who will support law enforcement, our military, and our flag. Go Trump!

  • gladitsnight

    Horrific, they need to be in armored vehicles with bullet proof glass.

  • Richard Tyson Walz

    it was only a matter of time for more gun violence in america. although i am suprised how many cops get away with killing unarmed civs in this country. now that people are starting to fight back the tensions in this town will be higher between cops and civs and nobody wins. violence + violence = more violence glad to live in WA were we dont have this kind of shit going on in my town.

    • Mary Mooney

      Very few police related shootings were against unarmed civilians. It still doesn’t give the right for someone to ambush a police officer. Maybe if less criminals ambushed police officers, they wouldn’t be so trigger happy when faced with the unknown when making traffic stops etc.

    • John Migliorini

      Out of a Nation of over 350,000,000 in 2015 from Jan to August 125 unarmed civilians were killed, 81 of those during a violent act, destruction, or property theft, another 31 as a result of a traffic stop turned bad, leaving a grand total of 13 unarmed civilians killed by a police force numbering in the tens of thousands is it?

      • Marge

        dont’ bother them with facts, actual numbers. they have a false narrative to keep alive, to justify their ill behaviors.

    • Concerned American

      Your clueless they are prosecuted. The Media on sleeping pills just wont report it.

  • Peter Burton

    I don’t see that group ‘Black lives matter’ protesting this time. Maybe because this time this ‘black person’ was protecting both black and white lives. Shame on them… I hope she makes a fast and full recovery..

  • Michelle Crosby

    As I read this I feel like a lump of dough forming in my stomach. It’s sickens me even more since I’m a mother of a police woman. God help them all!!!!

  • Carl Rennhack

    Has the White House and/or the Clinton campaign and/or the Trump campaign issued any statement of support of Sergeant Young?

  • Nano McTeague

    Dear God, Please protect these Brave Men and Women, Who Walk this Thin Blue Line every day to Protect Us!! God Help Us All!! I don’t know what else to do except to pray for all our LEOS. Every time I have the opportunity to thank one of New Hampshires Finest, I do!! God Bless Them All.