BREAKING: Active Shooter By Falls Church Merrifield Preschool – Shooter Only One Shot

An active shooter has been reported at a Falls Church school.

An active shooter has been reported at a Falls Church school.

Falls Church / Merrifield Active Shooter

Merrifield, VA – Police have responded to a report of an active shooter at 8111 Gatehouse Road in Merrifield, which is the address of Falls Church Merrifield Preschool.

Pete Hines is the husband of an EMT who responded and he has been providing information on Twitter. Hines is also the VP of PR at giant video game company Bethesda, and is expected to be telling the truth, but is not personally on scene.

He has tweeted the following updates:

Can confirm. My wife is on an EMT shift. They’ve been called in to treat wounded. A number of folks have been shot. Shots still being fired.

I believe it’s at a fairfax county school building. Last report shooter was still in bldg with his wife and some kids. SWAT being called in.

Police are very good about keeping medics/EMTs safe on calls, but the thought of my wife near the scene of a shooting is terrifying

I’m assuming she’s treating people and helping save lives. But I’m helpless. Staring at my cell waiting for a txt to know she’s ok

finally got an update. she’s ok. swat got a bunch of kids out of the building. hearing that the shooter is down.

UPDATE: At 5:25 one person has been reported dead and there is no further threat, according to Falls Church Patch. Other injuries have not been confirmed at this time.

Parents are being allowed to pick up children in the 8100 block of Gatehouse Road, accessible only by Telestar Court, according to Patch.

Jackie Bensen with News4 is reporting that the shooter is the confirmed fatality.

UPDATE: The gunman fatally shot himself, nobody else was hurt by his bullets.

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  • dan

    Gunman fatally shot by himself? If this is true, it backs up need for mental health background checks that collectively the Sheriff’s in North Carolina want to keep. I am a civilian member of their association a retired Marine and a firearms instructor and I support this. I also support keeping local sherrif in the loop for background checks to purchase hand guns. Sometimes they have records that the feds have not posted or properly published in time to STOP the wrong person from acquiring weapons.

    • Matthew Wright

      That’s what you got from this? Dude just keep walking.

      • dan

        The issue is, he offed himself which usually indicates a mental problem. What if he decided to kill multiple people before his mental illness told him to kill himself. Point is he should not have had a firearm due to mental instability!

        • That other guy

          Or he offed himself because of being locked up and abused by inmates is a lot worse.

          • dan

            Still should NOT have a firearm!

          • Katrina

            Which of your admirable occupations qualifies you to diagnose this man’s condition? There aren’t enough details yet to know what happened let alone the state of mind of the gunman. Don’t much care what your opinion is on anything when you are so smug as to make ASSumptions like that. I like educated opinions.

  • Nancy Helton Findlay

    wtf FrancesESmith people like you and greed is what is wrong with this world