Violence And Destruction: A Breakdown Of Wednesday’s North Carolina Riots

Looters and rioters on Wednesday night in North Carolina.

Looters and rioters on Wednesday night in North Carolina. (Twitter/@myrcat)

Violence And Destruction: A Breakdown Of Wednesday’s North Carolina Riots

Charlotte, NC – Criminal rioters took over Charlotte for a second night Wednesday, and this night was more violent then the first. The peaceful protesters quickly cleared out when the rioting started, leaving the rioters to outnumber the peaceful protesters.

The riots started after a black officer shot an armed black man, Keith Scott, on Tuesday as Scott advanced on officers with a gun. Scott’s family started spreading lies on social media immediately after the shooting. By the time the black police chief released the details, the Black Lives Matter crowd didn’t believe him.

Want to see video of the rioting overnight? Check out our videos HERE.

Near the beginning of the Wednesday night North Carolina rioting, the rioters were throwing objects at officers, including exploding fireworks. Officers held the line and snatched away some of the worst agitators to be arrested.

Some local North Carolina community leaders decided that these young people had good intentions, but they just lacked leadership. They came out to the front lines to try to lead the rioters to protest peacefully. While we applaud their attempts, they failed. They made the mistake of thinking that the rioters were out there to protest, when they were actually there to destroy.

One of the most talked about incidents during the riot is when a rioter shot another man in the head. The victim was initially reported to be dead, but a correction was issued and it was announced that he was in critical condition.

The shooting occurred just ahead of the police line, and the rioters quickly took to social media to claim that the police officers were the ones who critically injured the shooting victim. Keep in mind, almost every person left on scene was there with the intent to agitate the situation. Agitators claimed that they were eyewitnesses to the incident and that the man’s gunshot wounds were actually sustained by rubber bullets or gas canisters. Law enforcement confirmed that the victim was shot by real bullets by one of the rioters in the crowd.

The rioters quickly began to smash any glass they could find and loot stores. Many businesses were reported to have been looted overnight by a massive violent crowd that also assaulted innocent people nearby. Numerous white people reported suffering apparently random attacks which may have been racially motivated.

Reporters were also the targets of rioters. One photographer was knocked unconscious and rioters were dragging him to a fire to toss him in. Some people nearby and police officers were able to chase off the would-be killers before they could burn the man alive.

A CNN reporter was charged and knocked to the ground by a rioter while the reporter was on live TV. The rioter yelled at the reporter to tell the truth before knocking him down.

A bright spot of the night, if you could even call it that, is that there may be fewer officer injuries. Thanks to the increased numbers of officers and time for planning, it’s believed that there were fewer injuries on Wednesday than the previous night’s rioting. We have confirmed six known officers injured on Wednesday night, compared to over a dozen on Tuesday.

Some people may believe that this riot was just people exercising their civil rights, but they’re wrong. Once the violence started and the order to disperse was given, everybody present was committing a criminal act. Our heroes in blue will be out again on Thursday night to shut down the rioting before they get going again.

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Want to see video of the rioting overnight? Check out our videos HERE.

  • tekwrite

    Needs to be a BIT more protesters injured than police…

  • z8gideon

    When will we see racist rioters arrested, charged, prosecuted, fined and imprisoned? Then, sued in civil court by those who were injured and/or had property destroyed?

    • Rachel Chappell

      Charlotte’s Chief said they fully plan to, and will be using video footage to help them track down as many as they can. I hope they’ll be able to, but, who knows.

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    A black face ALWAYS means an unhappy ending. ANYWHERE.

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