Officer Down: Boston Police Officer Attacked, Bystanders Assist

Bystanders assisted Boston Police Officer during attack.

Bystanders assisted Boston Police Officer during attack.

Bystanders Rush to Aid Boston Police Officer

Boston, PD –  On Tuesday, December 6th, at about 6:30 p.m., a Boston Police Officer was attacked.  His life was saved by two bystanders who came to his assistance.

According to news sources, the Officer, whose name has not been released, responded to a call at the Skating Club of Boston, 1240 Soldier Field Road, in Brighton.  Several witnesses had reported that a man, identified as Patrick Lowry, age 45, had been drinking alcohol from an open container, and had also urinated in public in front of several families.  Upon arrival, the Boston Police Officer approached Lowry, offered him a ride to a nearby shelter, and asked him to pour out the can of beer that he was drinking from and throw it away.  Lowry then threw the open can of beer at the Boston Police Officer, hitting him in the head above his left eye.

Police sources said that Lowry then lunged at the Officer, grabbed him, and that both Lowry and the Officer fell to the ground.  The Officer hit his head on the ground but engaged Lowry and they began fighting.  As they fought, Lowry kicked and punched the Boston Police Officer.  He then attempted to take the Officer’s firearm from its holster.  The Officer continued to fight back and was able to prevent Lowry from removing his firearm from its holster.  However, he lost his radio during the fight  and was unable to call for assistance.

The incident was observed by several witnesses, who called 911.  During the fight, two witnesses, Frank Borghette and Shabin Shakhawath,  assisted the Boston Police Officer until help could arrive.  The two bystanders were able to physically restrain Lowry until other Officers could arrive.  Shakhawath said that the suspect was “saying violent language and racial comments to officers.”

The Boston Police issued a statement after the incident, expressing its gratitude to Borghette and Shakhawath “for their selfless actions”, and also said that they were grateful that they were not harmed during the incident.  In its statement, the Boston Police Department also said, “All too often, we have seen people react to similar situations in a negative manner by choosing instead to taunt and yell at officers who are engaged in the difficult pursuit of their lawful duties. And while we do not encourage citizens putting themselves in harm’s way by getting physically involved in a violent situation, we realize that the two witnesses who engaged the suspect feared for the life of the officer and were compelled to risk their own personal safety to put a stop to this vicious attack.”

Lowry has pending charges in Brighton District Court.

The Boston Police Officer was taken to a local hospital for head, neck, and back injuries, and was later released.

We thank Frank Borghette and Shabin Shakawath for their heroic actions in assisting this Boston Police Officer.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Boston Police Officer, his family, and his blue family.

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  • Hooah to Frank and Shabin for assisting the officer. More citizens should step up and act as Blue Guardians. Before going hands on though, advise the officer you are there to help. In the stress of the conflict if the officer perceives he is now being jumped by multiple attackers, things could go fatal with shots fired. As to the Ex Machina comments, it must know it’s limitations and cowardice is always easier than courage. Just the trash comments of another street scum thug. Glad the officer is OK.