Boise PD Corporal Kevin Holtry Returns Home After Shooting That Left Him Paralyzed

Boise PD Corporal Kevin Holtry gets to go home.

Boise PD Corporal Kevin Holtry gets to go home.

Boise PD Corporal Kevin Holtry Returns Home

Boise, ID – Boise Corporal Kevin Holtry has returned home Wednesday following an extensive stay at a rehabilitation center where he received treatment for spinal cord injuries after being shot on-duty.  Paralyzed from the waist down and recovering from a partial leg amputation, Cpl. Kevin Holtry is as strong as ever in his resolve to press forward.

On November 11, 2016, Boise officers searched Boise’s Central Rim neighborhood for a man who had just fired shots inside a Meridian apartment.  According to KTVB, they were searching nearby yards when they came across 33-year-old Marco Remero hiding behind trash cans near a residence.  Romero opened fire on Corporal Kevin Holtry, Corporal Chris Davis, and K9 Jardo.

Corporal Holtry was shot and paralyzed from the belly button down.  He also had to have part of his leg amputated. Cpl. Davis was shot in the leg and released from the hospital a few days later.  K9 Jardo ultimately died from his injuries a few weeks later.

The SWAT paramedics on scene after the shooting moved quickly to provide medical treatment to the injured officers.  Those paramedic’s actions, Holtry says, saved his life.  “They were throwing tourniquets on, and IVs, and everything they could do to keep me from dying, and they did,” he said.

Corporal Kevin Holtry was taken to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center where he stayed until being transferred to Craig Hospital in Denver, one of the country’s best hospitals for spinal injuries.

He poured out his thanks to the staff at St. Al’s for all they did in the weeks following his injury.  “I can’t say enough, and give enough thanks to them for what they did as well to save my life, and keep me able to see my daughters each day, and my mom and dad, and the people I love in my life,” he said.

Corporal Holtry went to Denver where they were able to treat his spinal cord injury and begin the rehabilitation process.  He has now returned home to continue his progress and hopefully one day soon, return to work in a new capacity.  He was met with crowds of well wishers who welcomed him home.

“This is pretty overwhelming, that’s for sure. I appreciate everybody coming out today,” he told KTVB. “I think about Boise, and I think about coming back. All the support I’ve had has helped me through this in a huge way.”

Holtry hopes to return to the Boise Police Department as a training officer.  “It’s gonna be the best day ever,” he said.

Incidents like Corporal Holtry’s are why Blue Lives Matter is working to get tourniquets issued to all police officers in the United States. For every person who joins our Blue Lives Matter membership, we donate a RATS tourniquet to a police officer who isn’t issued one by their department, as well as giving that member access to our exclusive member benefits.

We with Corporal Kevin Holtry the best in continuing his healing process.