Bodycam: Sussex Police Demonstrate Tactical Running Away In WTF? Video

Sussex Police ran when confronted by Jamshid Piruz.

Sussex Police ran when confronted by Jamshid Piruz.

Bodycam Video Shows Sussex Police Run Away During Attack

Sussex, England – The Sussex (England) police have released bodycam footage from Jamuary 2016 to show what kind of horrors their officers have to endure, and it’s left many American police shaking their heads at the tactics.

It starts when the officers (bobbies?) tracked a burglar to a shed. The video starts normally enough as officers with a K9 can be seen confronting 35-year-old Jamshid Piruz. Puiruz refused to obey commands as officers pointed their Tasers at him. Then the facepalming starts.

An officer stepped in front of both the other officers and a K9 in an ill-conceived attempt to get a better angle for his Taser deployment. Jamshid Piruz was wearing a thick leather coat, and the Taser was unable to penetrate. Piruz responded to the Taser by coming at officers with a claw hammer.

The officers failed to use the K9 to take down the suspect or even draw a firearm. And yes, it’s England, but you can see that at least one officer had a pistol on a thigh holster.

A second officer deployed their Taser and it again failed to penetrate the thick jacket. That’s when things get ugly.

The officers all ran away. Well, almost all of the officers. They left a female officer behind to get cornered and beaten with a claw hammer. Her partners finally returned and were able to take the suspect in custody.

You can view the video here:

Jamshid Piruz plead guilty and was sentenced to a minimum of 6 years in prison.

I’d like to think that most American police departments would have just let fur missile loose, and the suspect would have been quickly taken into custody. And yes, when the officer was getting attacked, he would have likely been shot; but it didn’t need to get to that point.

The hammer used to attack the Sussex Police Officer in the video.

The hammer used to attack the Sussex Police Officer in the video.

Many people are pointing to this as a model for American police, because the suspect was taken into custody alive.

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