Body Cam Video Released in Dylan Noble Shooting

Body Cam Video Released in Dylan Noble Shooting

Fresno Police Department has released the body cam footage showing the Dylan Noble shooting by Fresno police officers. Fresno PD Chief Jerry Dyer previously declined to release the video due to the ongoing upset about officer involved shootings. Chief Dyer apparently reversed course, or decided that the situation had calmed enough, and on Wednesday he held a press conference on the shooting where the body cam footage was shown. Chief Dyer expressed his discomfort at releasing the video, “Tensions are high. In some cases we are one spark away from a forest fire. And I pray this video doesn’t serve as that spark. This is not a time to become violent.”

On June 25th, Fresno PD police officers were looking for a man reportedly armed with a rifle when Dylan Noble squealed his tires in front of them. Officers stopped Noble while prepared for a possibly armed suspect. Noble refused to show both of his hands to officers, even after repeated commands to do so, and said that he hated his life. He then exited his vehicle and started walking away from officers. Dylan Noble then started walking toward officers with one hand up, and the other hand reaching behind his back. Despite officers repeatedly giving Noble clear orders to show his hands and get on the ground, he ignored all orders and advanced on officers. One of the officers then shot noble in self-defense.

Once Dylan Noble was on the ground, he continued to reach for his waist and under his shirt while the officers pleaded with him to stop. Due to Noble continuing to demonstrate that he was an active threat by continuing to reach for his waist, officers shot Noble while he was on the ground. Noble died of his injures.

Officers believed that Noble had a gun, but it was actually a small plastic box.

This appears to be a case a suicide by cop. Dylan Noble was given every opportunity to surrender, and his actions clearly had the intent to provoke officers into shooting him. Now these officers will be affected for the rest of their lives, and Noble’s family is suing the city

  • Larry

    I’m not in law enforcement; just a regular citizen. This outcome seems right to me. I’m surprised the officers didn’t empty their guns when they first fired though. I thought you shoot to kill and if so they failed because he was still alive on the ground. It’s unfortunate that some people seem to want to be killed by the police. Especially in this tension filled time.

    • LinLin

      I agree

    • Tahir

      Why would u “shoot to kill” unless one has grounds to suspect someone as a subside bomber?? Then there are ways to subside an “alleged” aggressor, like firing in th leg or to disorient.

      • Sonny Crockett

        You never “shoot to kill.” You aim for center mass and shoot to stop.

  • Joyce Camper

    A blanton disrespect for the Law! They will kill you!

    • FourOne6Side


  • #havesomeballs

    Another senseless murder, three oficers and all behind guns, have some balls have one holster the gun and grap the guy down and hand cuff him.

    • nomstar

      Look at all these armchair quarterbacks who have never had their life threatened. These officers gave this guy every opportunity to surrender, even letting him reach behind his back several times. What is wrong with you people? You want to talk about prejudice? Talk about how you can watch a video that so obviously justifies their actions, and yet you can still bad mouth the police officers who are risking their lives to deal with crazy situations like this so you don’t have to.

      • Sonny Crockett

        Absolutely correct. I wonder how many of these “experts” even watched the damn video. From the way he acted and what he said, it looked like “suicide by cop” to me…

    • Sonny Crockett

      Until he had a handgun right? All he had to do was LISTEN.

  • Kev

    I think they could have handled the situation with a taser tbh there was no need for any shots.

  • Dave

    Hi, I’m from the UK. In our country we deal with people like this without guns, we don’t have asany criminal cases involving shootings and our police are never called murderers. We have armed officers for extreme cases but most of the time we can resolve these situations without turning police officers into murderers. What ever the reason for killing an unarmed man, it wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t have guns. It works in the UK so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work I’m the US.

    • spencer

      The UK since the 1600’s…over four hundred years ago have been placing laws restricting the use, and the availability of guns to the common populace. Since the birth of the U.S. laws have been in place enforcing the right that a person is able to own a weapon and is able to obtain one.

      There are millions of weapons available to the U.S. populace, even if there was a ban put in place, it would be near impossible to completely restrict or remove said weapons from the populace, let alone be near impossible to prevent the black market from spreading said weapons around like wildfire. The UK can go around without weapons because a gun is highly unlikely to be available for the culprit, where as in the U.S. a culprit, or criminal is highly likely to have a gun on hand, due to how easy it is to obtain one.

  • David Salas

    Murdering criminals, what kind of training do you morons get that the only thing you know how to do is shoot to kill? Where is the imminent danger in any of the footage? You are dealing with someone on drugs or whatever, that does not give you the right to kill, period. You are not executioners or even the jury. Your life was not in danger, not even in the wildest state of paranoia that you might have been. Why do you even bother to have this job if this is how you react to when confronted with people that do not follow orders from neo-nazis?

    • Sonny Crockett

      Unless he DID have a loaded handgun and it was YOUR wife or husband who wears a badge and could be killed?! Your tune would be different. He didn’t listen to ANY instructions, hid his hand behind his back and from the way he acted and what he said,looks like he wanted “suicide by cop.” Watch the damn video…

  • FourOne6Side