Randy Sutton and The Police Warrior Spirit

The Police Warrior Spirit by Blue Lives Matter National Spokesman, Randy Sutton:

If you have followed my writings and postings,you probably know how passionate I am about the survival of police lives. I will never surrender my view that the “warrior spirit” is the most essential component of officer survival. I have been criticized for this viewpoint by some law enforcement “leaders”. Well, I think you know how I respond to them. If you agree, please share.

-Randy Sutton

Randy’s police career spanned three decades when he retired as a Field Lieutenant with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. To this day he remains recognized as one of the most highly decorated officers in department history with numerous awards for Lifesaving, Exemplary Service and Valor. He is also one of America’s best known officers having been featured on the popular reality show “COPS,” “America’s Most Wanted” and roles in films such as “Casino,” “Fools Rush In,” and “Miss Congeniality II” as well as appearances on television network and cable news as a commentator and a regular panelist on the television show “Fired UP.”

Randy is also a critically acclaimed author having written four books, ‘TRUE BLUE: Police Stories by Those Who Have Lived Them,” “A Cop’s Life,” “TRUE BLUE: To Protect and Serve,” and the soon-to-be-released, “The Power of Legacy.” He has also written extensively on the topics of ethics, integrity and leadership for national magazines.

Randy is the creator of ThePowerOfLegacy.com, a website dedicated to encourage the principals of Honor, Integrity, Compassion and Kindness, subjects which he speaks about passionately to law enforcement and civic/business organizations across the country. He is also the Founder and President of Celebrating Legacy, a company where “Memories Live Forever” , providing their members with the ability to celebrate lives in the present, honor lives from the past and share family history for the future.

Randy and the Blue Lives Matter Team are dedicated to bringing you the best quality police related content possible, unfiltered, right from the mouths of cops. We appreciate all of your support. Please continue to spread our message by sharing this with all of the people you know who think that the police are too militarized with their warrior spirit.

  • Sean Hellier

    I know this is not going to be a popular sentiment here, but after watching so many videos of cops mauling and even killing unarmed people over the last few years, I’ve become very afraid of American police officers. I say this even though my dad was a cop. He was a forensic crime scene guy, and was a very ethical man. One of our family’s best friends was the High Sheriff of our county, and had been my grandfather’s best friend since boyhood.

    I am not anti cop, and I fully understand that sometimes, a cop has to use brutal and even lethal means.

    But watching a cop walk up to an overturned car and shoot an unarmed guy in the throat, or watching my own City’s cops strangle a man in the street, or watching Chicago cops shoot a dude 16 times and then lie about it, and all the other times I’ve watched cops murder people has made me afraid of our cops.

    Today, I treat cops the same way I treat sharks that come near me when I’m surfing: he may not be about to tear me up, but I can’t take the chance. I get away from him as fast as I can.

    Today, if a cop stops me for any reason, and I get the slightest idea that he’s about to hurt me, I’m going to run from him as fast as my feet can carry me. I’d rather take the chance that I’m faster than him or that he’s a bad shot than to stand there and maybe get terribly hurt or even killed.

    I can still remember the look of dismay and shame on my dad’s face when we watched the Rodney Kind video and he quietly said” not all police departments are like that, son.” I replied “I know that.”

    But today, I would feel compelled to answer, “but too many of them are.”

    And that’s a dismal state of affairs.