Are Blue Line Flags an Abomination?

Thin Blue Line flag

American blue line flags are being questioned.

Blue Line Flags Under Fire

Many people want to buy blue line flags, but people are questioning the meaning of the blue line flags and what they represent. This may seem odd if you don’t know the back-story, but allow me to explain.

We’ve been having people tell us, the Blue Lives Matter team, for a while now that we should be selling American Thin Blue Line flags. That way more people can openly show their support for law enforcement.

We’re a group of police officers, not flag makers, so we never really did much with these suggestions besides thank people for their support. Then our official Blue Lives Matter shirt partner, Warrior 12, told us that they had ultra-high-quality American blue line flags for sale.

High-quality Blue Line Flags are available on Warrior 12's website.

Heavy-Duty Thin Blue Line Flag From Warrior 12 – $24.99

When they put this up, it sure got a lot of attention, but also from people who weren’t too happy with it. One user pretty much summed up most of the comments:

“I will always support law enforcement but this is a desecration of the American Flag.”

This resulted in quite the internal discussion among those of us at Blue Lives Matter. People seemed split between the two groups.

On one hand, the American Thin Blue Line flag proponents said that it’s not an desecration of the American flag, because it’s a completely different flag. It’s a flag specifically to represent support for American law enforcement. Most people seem to agree, as these flags are becoming more popular than ever and people love flying them side-by-side with American flags.

The other group says that it’s clearly based off of the American flag, because it’s supposed to represent American law enforcement. The American flag should not be altered in appearance; To do so is a violation of US Flag code which states:

The flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be fifty stars, white in a blue field.

To them, the American thin blue line flag is an abomination.

We thought that the critics might have a point, and we quickly took down the Facebook post promoting the deal. Unfortunately, by taking the post down so quickly, we didn’t actually get to see how most of our supporters actually felt about the issue.

We’d like to hear what you think about this issue. Should Blue Lives Matter forgo any support for the American Thin Blue Line flags? We want to hear from you. Please let us know what you think on our Facebook page in the comments.

  • David

    I was in the military before becoming a police officer. It is common for military personnel to buy and wear subdued American Flags. They don’t follow code. My question to those naysayers is, do they feel like the US military is desecrating the flag? I don’t feel like they are and I support this flag.

    • Steve

      I had the same thought as I was reading the article and then saw your comment. As another veteran and former police officer, I have never once looked at one of these flags and thought it was in any way disrespectful or a desecration of our nation’s own flag. If anything, I would classify it as a tribute flag based on the format of the U.S. Flag. It may symbolically resemble the flag, but it is not, by definition an American Flag. I also support the blue line flag in this form.

    • Denise

      There are clauses to the code for military.

      • what-the

        So make one for police then, problem solved.

        • Denise

          I would be more then happy to!

    • Eric P. Montgomery
  • Buzzardt

    When the United States Supreme Court has ruled that it is a persons freedom of speech right to Burn, Stomp on, Tear to Shreds and even to Urinate on the United States Flag. I think it is within their ruling to put a Blue Line on it. Ordering one now.

    • mercurywoodrose

      yes, you have that right. be aware of what the flag signals to others. ill be honest here, its symbolism is putting law enforcement in a special class, above others. If military are using it too, and are “serving” under it, then its a symbol of sedition against the US, towards a fascist, militarized state. and i am definitely not alone on this. I support your right to do it, but I hate it.

  • Carl Calder

    Accepting the desecration of the American flag like this is no different than accepting the desecration of the flag that liberals put Obummers face or logo in the Union section. No one liked the changes like that and it wasn’t an American flag either, so why should we accept this? Altering Ole Glory to suit your political or group needs should not be accepted. I support our officers, always have and have family that are officers, and I’m a Paramedic, but I love my country and what the flag stands for, and it should not be altered. My 2¢

  • Bruce

    I have both flags, support both flags, fly both flags and have served under both flags.

  • Pat

    I fully support law enforcement. I believe the proper flag should be the blue line on the black background. The American flag should not be altared.

    • Rebecca

      I agree!

      • Kevin Q

        I agree as well. It makes me upset when I see our great flag altered. It shows a complete lack of respect for our country. These people are disgusting profiteers using our respect for law enforcement in an effort to make money. Display a different unique flag or display the American flag.

    • Erin Neder

      I agree too

  • Brandon

    I don’t think it is disrespectful of the flag at all. Those who feel it is can simply fly both

  • Jon Templin

    I love law enforcement and wholeheartedly support our men in blue however I believe the American flag is a sacred symbols and shouldn’t be tampered with . There is a thin blue line flag that shows support for law enforcement however it is its own flag but to tamper with the American flag I believe is wrong.

  • I prefer the American flag version as an Officer. However, my next door neighbor, a Trooper, does not like it as much. He feels that it should be red white and blue with a blue line.

  • The definition you posted states “The flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be fifty stars, white in a blue field.”

    This flag is black, white, and and blue, therefore does not meet the conditions to be an American Flag, by definition.
    I think it’s great! It represents US Police officers because it reminds us of the 13 unions, 50 states, and our fallen officers in one symbolic banner.

    Visit us at RiverDrive.CO to see our Whiskey and Wine Barrel flags. We’re coming out with Thin Blue and Thin Red Line versions. We would love some advice on what charity to donate the proceeds from the Thin Blue Line Whiskey/Wine barrel flags to.

  • I too have served under both flags. Personally, I’m torn because there is a lot of validity to both sides. I read a comment previous about the subdued flag patches and while that is technically outside of code it also is part of a military uniform. That changes it a bit for me. I look at this issue as more of a symbolism issue than I do a design issue. The American flag is a symbol of unity over one nation. It’s a symbol of freedom. I would present the argument that the LEO flag should create unity and solidarity instead of division. If that is the traditional black thin Blue Line flag then so be it. I personally would not have a problem flying either but I want everyone to think big picture. This of course with the knowledge you’re not going to make everyone happy.

  • Blue Supporter

    I agree full heartedly with Buzzardt, if it is legal to desecrate the American Flag, it is perfectly acceptable to use it as a baseline for proud support of American first responders. (I say first responders because there is also a thin red and thing gold line flag on the same black American flag.)

  • Leon Strigotte

    It is easy to gloss over the desecration since WE think it honors LE, but what about using it with LGBT colors or BLM colors or ….. Desecration of our flag takes away from why the flag, why those particular colors that is used to drape our coffins with. What’s next, substitute the blue line flag for THE United States of America flag. I fought, bled and defended a Red White and Blue US Flag NOT a flag with a Blue line. Do not care what the Supreme Court or anyone else say, how do you honor and respect the flag. Find a new flag or symbol.

  • James Smith

    As a member of law enforcement, I appreciate the support. I fly both, with no intentions of disrespecting Old Glory or offending true patriots. Unfortunately, in this day and age, everything offends someone. If it truly offends you, I would ask that you respect my right to free speech. If you can’t accept that, well, I guess I would just say have a very nice rest of your day and move along.


    For me, I don’t have a problem witl this particular incarnation of the flag I love it simply because of what it represents. BUT–there have been some groups who have altered the flag (to their colors, stars, etc.) that I absolutely detest, probably mostly because it was for a cause or ideology that I felt didn’t represent the USA well. So…does this double standard make me a hypocrite? I don’t know. But I would want to know if the website that was selling them at such a low price was having them made in the USA.

  • Leon Strigotte

    Below is a link that leads to a Veterans statement about the US Flag. He states better than any comments here WHY you should NOT tamper with or misuse the US Flag and it’s colors.

  • D. Dove

    I’m tired of all this political correctness. I like the American flag with the blue line. The think the other “black and blue” flag is not the best choice when so many people are complaining the cops are abusive. I stand behind law enforcement and will never waiver on that!!

  • Greg

    With all respect, please do not alter the Stars and Stripes.

  • A

    I have this flag (American flag that is black and white with a line blue) in my home and on the other wall is the American traditional flag. I personally do not see a problem for it is done tastefully and respectfully unlike the flag turned rainbow/unicorn that wiped it’s ass on. For the naysayers, I say then do not buy it then. For those that do support it fly it with pride. As for the unicorn ass-wiping one, ummm yea don’t.

  • Ta Lee

    I have a Thin Blue, Thin Red and an American…I fly the American all the time, except when when half staff is called for, I remove American and place blue or red.

  • Albert Cantu

    I am a U.S. Army Veteran and a Police Officer. I also believe it is a desecration of the American Flag. I see why people don’t think its a big deal, but it is. Its just easier to do the thin blue line with a black background. I thank you all for your support no matter what you pick.

    • Shannon C Williamson

      Did you ever wear the OD green and black US flag patch? I did, they moved away from the colored flag patch because it stood out too much.

      • packereyes

        I dont think you can compare your black and white to the stars and stripes. Your black and white isnt trying to make a public statement. the other one is.

    • Shannon C Williamson

      Also, In order for a flag (National Ensign) to be desecrated, it has to be one in the first place… Not a facimally.

  • Michael D

    I think if the military is ok with it then why should we bitch about it. If the people that are willing to die for this flag then who are we to say it’s wrong

  • Eric Page

    I’m one of those that cannot bring myself to purchase or support the use of the black and white American flag with the thin blue line. I could not and would not and was very vocal about the Gay community when they changed the red and white stripes on the American flag to rainbow colors. I fully support the solid black flag with the thin blue line. As for the subdued American flag on military uniforms, I’ve always thought that should only be warn when the use of color could get you killed, I also think it is imperative that in the environment that we fight in today, being able to identify the country of a combatant is very important. Just for the record I am former military and law enforcement.

  • D Grisbach

    As a daughter and sister to two LEOs, the blue line on the black and white American flag seems appropriate. I look at it like this, everyday police officers put their lives on the line for the safety of our communities. They are sworn to uphold the constitution of the US. They are what keeps us from destroying ourself and our neighbors. Since the fallen officers die for Americans by the hands of Americans, I think it is only appropriate that the symbol for a fallen officer reflects just that.

    Until people stop disrespecting the flag by using it for protest purposes, there shouldn’t be any talk about political correctness regarding the thin blue line on a flag that resembles the American flag.

  • USAF Veteran

    I understand the want to leave Old Glory untouched. Whatever flag you choose, please make sure it is USA MADE. I was going to get the black and white flag version but it was made in China. I DO NOT SUPPORT CHINA NOR ITS MILITARY. Every time you buy MADE IN CHINA YOU SUPPORT THEIR MILITARY DIRECTLY and their communist regime. For AMERICA, BUY AMERICAN. I bought the plain black flag with the blue line, it is 100% USA MADE, and I would have gladly paid $100 for it IF and only IF some of the proceeds would go to DALLAS and now, Baton Rouge police officers who have been senselessly murdered. God Bless you all and GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Jim Basmagy

    I understand the controversy of changing the American Flag to support police. I am a retired PO and stand proud when I see one. However I prefer the Blue Line black flag. My concern is that others would use the American Flag design for any purpose they want. Would you mind if the flag was darkened and have a Red, Black and Green stripe for the BLM movement. Would it be ok is the illegal aliens decided to put the Mexican colors on it. I believe the Flag should be left alone is all its glory! Just my 2 cents. Stay safe out there brothers and sisters!

    • Pepe Le Pew

      You’re too late. Footballs been doing it for years. So have the stores selling all kinds of stuff in the design of the American flag.

      • MJ Philliber

        Just like football, the companies doing this are doing it for personal profit and not donating anything. Ripping off social media sympathizers is a shameful thing!!

  • Uncle Grumpy

    Two points. 1) The subdued colors the military uses are taken from the flag applied to camo uniforms. Under international law our uniformed personnel must wear insignia identifying their country. This is a matter of national security. 2) Whether private citizens display the camo flag, the blue lives matter flag or the rainbow color US flag is absolutely protected speech. It is quite another choice whether a supposedly patriotic organization wishes to do so and wholly inappropriate for law enforcement to give official imprimatur to such a desecration. I saw this just last week on a Fullerton, CA police cruiser and I was shocked and saddened.

    I support law enforcement, But I think the appropriation of #blacklivesmatter was ill-advised and counter-productive to supporting first responders. IMO, it was tone deaf and generates more heat when what we need is more light. YMMV.

  • sy computing

    In my view, it seems inappropriate to use the American flag as the model for a Blue Lives Matter flag in the way it’s being used. Like Jim Basmagy said, there’s a good argument to be made that other groups will use it for such a purpose of their own. I’m buying my own 6 x 2 banner with “Blue Lives Matter” printed on it and this website’s URL. The vendor dropped the price by $15 when she heard what I wanted printed. I didn’t even ask for it.

    • Shannon C Williamson

      In order for a flag (National Ensign) to be desecrated, it has to be one in the first place… Not a facimally.

  • mythoughts

    First let me say I have total respect and support for law enforcement. However, when it comes to the American flag, it breaks my heart to see Old Glory, our red, white, and blue flag modified in any way. My heart fell the first time I saw a black and white flag and I immediately searched the internet to learn what was going on. I believe it is inappropriate to tamper with the flag of the USA. The American flag should not be altered. I support the solid thin blue line flag, a unique flag that was designed specifically to honor law enforcement – a special flag to honor a special group – please shift to this flag.

    • Pepe Le Pew

      Then you better start writing to the different football teams who have had their flags for years and to all of the stores who sell clothing, etc. in the design of the American Flag.

      • MJ Philliber

        Just like football, the companies doing this are doing it for personal profit and not donating anything. Ripping off social media sympathizers is a shameful thing!

    • Shannon C Williamson

      You do realize that the military wear OD green and black US flags, right?

      • Brian Geary

        That’s wrong, too.

  • CL1958

    I’m sorry I do support our officers BUT how can this not fall under Desicration of our flag? I was floored when I saw this flag flying in front of a business here in Phoenix Arizona..So is anybody with a “movement ” going to start changing our American flag? Where do we draw the line? My opinion this is so VERY WRONG, my eyes and heart it is the desicration of our American flag.

  • mercurywoodrose

    i saw one of these flying near my home. i think the US flag was above it. ill go check. i was surprised. i like artistic alterations of the flag, like jasper johns, so i dont find it immediately insulting. however, using this AS a real flag, is a desecration of the flag, and wearing a pin of it if you are a cop is probably illegal. so, please stick with the original blue stripe on black flag. its unambiguous in its meaning, wont cause problems. and ALWAYS fly a US flag higher than other political flags (pokemon flags, etc are ok to fly by themselves 🙂

  • Pepe Le Pew

    No don’t get rid of the thin blue line. Go look at football flags. Football is all about BIG MONEY. What about stores selling all kinds of stuff in the design of the American flag? Again, it’s BIG MONEY. The only ones whining either don’t like LEO’s or have never lost one. If they really thought the American flag was being desecrated why didn’t anyone speak up over the YEARS that American football teams have had their flags? Personally I think COPBLOCK and BLACKLIESMATTER are behind the complaints. Anyone can write up a complaint that appears sincere…like “mythoughts.” They don’t want to hear MY THOUGHTS. Here’s just ONE football flag. Football and stores on July 4th are all about MONEY. The thin blue line flag is NOT. That’s the difference.

    • MJ Philliber

      Who do you think is making money off those flags? NOT any police departments. Tons of people are taking advantage of people that sympathize for many issues on social media… none of those proceeds are donated to the police.

      • Pepe Le Pew

        Not the stuff I buy. I only buy from places who donate all or at least some to LEOs and their families. So that statement is not true. I don’t buy from Amazon, etc. I make sure who I buy my stuff from. I have also started volunteer work for “OFFICERDOWN.US”
        who assist LEO’s and/or their families of injured or killed officers. They raise funds only for LEO’s. My reasons for donating and helping are simple. I have been around LEO’s since birth. I’m 59 years old now. In my CHILDHOOD and early young adult life, I was welcomed into the Blue Family. I heard two LEO’s murdered over my little police radio as a KID (entire calls from beginning to end), and it had a huge impact on me. I have attended at LEAST ten LEO funerals (two I was close to). My very FIRST LEO friend/hero who befriended me when I was 7, looked after me for at least two years until one day he was shot five times. He lived, but he never came back. I’ve also had two close LEO friends that I loved dearly, commit suicide (PTSD/On the job severe injury): One pretty recently, who was like a brother when we were kids. I am having a difficult time even beginning to cope with his suicide, so I am doing all I can to help any LEO. I cannot help my LEO friend who recently committed suicide. He is gone and my heart is so ripped out that I can either try and do something positive (like help all LEO’s now), or I can just finish going nuts and take my own life, like I almost did 35 years ago after my first LEO friend committed suicide, after I saw him laying in his open casket. I was hospitalized over that and got counseling. I am going to make this about them: our LEO’s. I am going to keep strong to help THEM since they have given me so much and helped me. So, please don’t be telling people that these funds don’t help LEO’s. Some don’t donate – like Amazon. But if you look into buying anything LEO related, visit the LEO sites and find out who IS truly helping LEO’s, THAT is where you need to buy the LEO stuff. I was just picked as one of the new reps for a place called “Enough is Enough” (End LEO line of duty deaths).

        If anyone has any questions, please ask me. If you happen to be anti LEO and want to badmouth law enforcement that is fine too, but you will just be ignored. I am using my energy to help LEO’s, not argue with ignorant people.

        • MJ Philliber

          Oh, maybe there is one…. BUT note that this thread is being advertised by them on Facebok, which fake Blue Lives merch by fake sites is a dime a dozen for flags and t-shirts using city police artwork claiming it is for them and not a dime goes to them… I have seen so many of these rackets it’s not even funny. Real or not, the person displaying this merchandise is doing so at their own risk and could instead be targeted… sympathizer from the other side driving around pissed off? They’ll take out the house displaying this kind of stuff first. Go ahead and use your free speech, be as proud about it as you want, but you are targeting yourself and most of these groups are NOT donating money. It has even been documented on snopes and other fact finding sites that this is a common scam being profited off of that is not going to get the intended result of those that came up with the well intended idea.

          • Pepe Le Pew

            Sorry MJ, but you are wrong again, no disrespect intended. First of all just because they use face book does not make them fake. Second, there are SEVERAL reputable law enforcement face book pages. I know the people on them and I know their hearts are as blue – NO – their hearts are BLUER because they are all law enforcement, or retired LEO’s and/or their families, friends and fellow LEO supporters. So I know where my money is going. I know local LEO’s and have blood family in LE as well, and I **know** for a fact who I am dealing with. Sorry if YOU picked the wrong place to buy from – or did you buy *anything* to support LEO’s? Now that I’m off of the subject of “real or not,” I want to address your next comment, about being targeted. Before I do though, I’d like to mention that there ARE some things YOU can buy to support LEO’s and if you are that worried, you can hide them in your house. At least you are supporting them or their families (if you choose the right places to buy from) – that is – IF you want to. As for ME being targeted, FIRST, please re-read what I commented above, about how many extended LEO family members/friends/loved ones that *I** lost. Please. Re-read it ALL, word for word. Maybe I forgot to tell you about the times when I was viciously attacked, totally unprovoked. Once for just working at a gas station by some punk high on PCP who happened to use a crow bar. The other attack was so bad that I have never discussed it with anyone. I’ve had all kinds of shit happen from living around trash, drug addicts, drunks and plain assholes. So much in fact, that besides all of the LEO deaths, the attacks were a big part of me having symptoms of PTSD at age 18, and finally being diagnosed with PTSD and double depression at age 24 or 25. The reason I’m telling you all of this, is so maybe you will understand where I am coming from on being targeted. You see, I have been afraid to go out of my house for years. There were more incidents (a SWAT incident we unknowingly got caught in the middle of as victims, and a man pulling out a sawed off shotgun on me while I was right next to him – and pulling the trigger. The shotgun jammed. So, I have been hiding basically within windows and walls for years. But I am at a point in my life where I am sick and tired of being afraid. I am totally (excuse the French here) fucking fed up with the attacks on LEO’s. I am tired of the general public allowing the “wolves” to herd them into a corner and not standing up for the Sheepdog. Every single law enforcement officer who has died in the line of duty – OR committed suicide as a result of PTSD from the shit they put up with and are forced to hold inside: THEY did this for ALL of us. They did it for their community, their city, state, etc., and it doesn’t matter if they directly saved my life – they are out there for ALL of us, even those who spit in their faces. I have personally had so many LEO’s who have totally influenced MY life and cared for me (this includes blood family as well since I have blood family in LE), that I feel my support is the very LEAST I can do in return. If I should see ANY LEO in distress, I **will** be jumping in to hep them, regardless of what happens to me. My priority is saving THEIR lives. Before you go telling me how dangerous that could be for the officer(s), I’ve already discussed it with them here, and they already know. One told me “If you jump on top, just make sure I’m not on the bottom” and I replied “Okay, and if you have to shoot, just make sure you try and miss me!” (Dark humor: I grew up with it. I am serious and they know it, yet we kid about it, even if I were to die.) THEIR lives matter to me, MORE than my own because they have given their “all.” They don’t do this for money or fame. They don’t get paid shit, most people treat them like shit, and they leave THEIR families to go out every stinking day to protect and serve total strangers, even those who hate them. If I am targeted, beaten to a pulp or killed, so be it. I have already had that conversation with God – my blood family, and have already told some of my LEO friends as well. BOTH my blood family and my Blue Family might miss me and be a bit sad if I were to die like this, but we have pride. I feel bad that I haven’t been a “true” warrior all of my life. Courage isn’t about being afraid or not. Courage is being afraid, but still standing up for what you believe, and I believe with my life, literally. A lot of people in life die for their beliefs. I believe in GOOD (vs. evil). I believe in our law enforcement officers and what law enforcement stands for. We all have to die someday, it may as well be for a good cause. At least I would die proud of what I am, what I believe and what I stand for. Terrorists LOVE to use fear to control people. They love to attack, injure and kill people at random so they can incite fear in order to take control. The best thing you can do to help terrorists, is to be afraid and let them control you. Hey, if you want to live that way, that’s your decision, and it’s fine. But I choose to stand tall and hold my head high. I choose to support law enforcement because they have been there by MY side since birth (literally). As for the extra comments you threw in at the end – again – as I said before, you are wrong. YOU may be picking the wrong places, but if you open your eyes and do some checking, you WILL find the reputable places. As for Snopes, I have come to learn that good old Snopes isn’t always accurate. I wont even discuss them anymore because I refuse to get my information from some internet company run by who knows? You are making comments about police face book pages not being reputable, but do you personally KNOW who runs Snopes and what they are about, REALLY???? Because **I** do personally know the LEO’s, supporters, etc. on the face book pages that I buy from. If you have ever been CLOSELY involved in LE, then you will KNOW who is who on the internet. It’s just a “family” thing. I know officers who spend their OWN money to give to strangers too. They are not internet scammers or thieves. I sense a bit of anger in your posts and it makes me wonder where that anger is coming from. It’s almost as if YOU are angry towards LEO’s?? Either way, you support LEOs or you don’t. If anyone chooses to target me, I am human as are the LEO’s I fully support and I can die just as easily as them, if not easier. If I do die as a result of my support or helping a LEO in distress, I will die knowing that the person(s) that took my life WILL pay. They WILL be caught, arrested and either be put in prison for life, or get the needle. On the other hand, **I** would (hopefully) at least get to visit Valhalla and be with all of my LEO loved ones who died protecting others. I plan to make a positive difference in life. I appreciate your concerns if they are sincere, but my mind was made up YEARS ago, and I have very carefully thought this over.

          • MJ Philliber

            Sorry stinky, but YOU are wrong again. It is proven, with source fact checking sites online saying the majority are false. You can have any opinion you want, but you are wrong. YES, there are lots of legit police sites on facebook, but the majority of things selling police blue line merchandise are FAKE. It doesn’t matter when you have been attacked or who you know. I have been a victim of violent crime myself. The TRUE fact of the matter is that most of those sites selling blue line merchandise do NOT donate any of the proceeds to police type organizations or victims of such.

          • Pepe Le Pew

            Like I said, you are supposed to check into the real sites and you will KNOW which ones to buy from. There are injured police officers or families of officers killed in the line of duty who give the money to them. There are people raising money for the family of Baton Rouge Deputy Nick Tullier who was shot in the back of the head, the stomach and the shoulder. Don’t try and make people so worried about fake sites that they don’t buy from the reputable ones. These officers get screwed over by their own departments many times when they are injured on the job. I know of at least five right off the top of my head. So please, don’t take that from them. All you have to do is check it out before buying. If you don’t know, ask someone you trust in law enforcement to check it out. But please don’t make it look like they are ALL bad. I couldn’t find my handcuff earrings on any of the reputable sites, so I bought them from Etsy. So what? My reason for buying them since they were so cheap, was not to donate THIS TIME (for the earrings), but to show support to the LEOs here and maybe get a smile from them to make their day. It worked. I had one officer laughing his ass off. Support comes in many ways. As for being a target, so what? :I am afraid like anyone else is. Police officers are afraid too. We are all human. Being afraid isn’t something to be ashamed of. Courage is when you stand up even while afraid. Anyone who wants to buy or donate from reputable law enforcement sites can even ask me. If there is one I don’t know about, I will find out for you. I know many law enforcement officers and it isn’t difficult to find out. NEVER donate over the phone. Police officers don’t do what they do for money or fame. Their pay SUCKS. They need our support. If we stop supporting them, then we will ALL be targets. The police are all that stand between us and total chaos. If you want a real life “Purge” to happen, then stop supporting them. Eventually they will all quit and get good paying jobs where they are treated better. It takes time for the military to step in, so in that time period, SPEAKING OF TARGETS, we will ALL be screwed.

          • MJ Philliber

            Don’t fall for the scam…

  • Shimada Ichiro

    It’s an obvious desecration for a political goal.

  • ocdetf

    I was a law enforcement officer for 32 years. It makes me cringe to see this “black and white” American flag being flown in yards. If you want to honor law enforcement, fly something else. The black flag with a horizontal blue stripe is more appropriate. Don’t disrespect Old Glory and the red, white and blue.

  • Laurie Pfisterer

    Thank you for posting this. I saw this flag strapped to the bed of a pick-up tonight and it made me uncomfortable. I just feel like there are better ways to show support that don’t open the door to modifications that offend me, or outright malicious desecration.

  • MJ Philliber

    I support police officers 100% but please let me give you a perspective besides the one you are already seeing about is it inappropriate use or not… Whomever buys this flag is possibly making the place they display it at a target for vandalism. Take a stand all you want, you have the right to free speech BUT if somebody from the other side of the argument drives by and sees your property sticking out like a sore thumb when they are pissed off about a possible police issue, who’s property do you think will get shot up or burned down first? YOURS!

  • JJ

    Before I even knew what it was for; my first thought was it was another desecration of the American Flag. I fully support the police; but how many others will have that same first thought. Even when I know it meaning it still bothers me. The solid flag seems more appropriate to me.

    I looked at the flag code and it seems to violate section 3, “Use of flag for advertising purposes; mutilation of flag.” If your read what falls under that title, this support of blue lives matters on an American flag sure seems to fall under this code.

  • mvpel

    A thin blue line should not divide America.

  • Shannon C Williamson

    Come on people, lets be serious here. 1st the meaning of the black and white flag, been around for YEARS is that the country is in distress because the government is not keeping them informed.

    Our military have been using OD Green and black for flag patches for YEARS now, because the color patches stood out too much.

    Uncomfortable seeing the a flag that shows undeniable support for our law enforcement, firefighters and 1st responders, really?

    People wear the flag on their bodies all the time! Does that not offend you? I AM a Veteran, disabled at that, my husband worked in the law enforcement field for 20 yrs. We have have one! It is a beautiful symbol of respect and pride for our law enforcement, showing that a COUNTRY loves and supports them.

  • Shannon C Williamson

    And BTW… In order for a flag (National Ensign) to be desecrated, it has to be one in the first place… Not a facimally.

  • Patrick

    I come from a family of military and police but I find it disrespectful in any way to alter our flag. I fully support our law enforcement and would purchase the unique solid black and blue line flag but when I see the altered American flag it really upsets me. We can not disrespect the red, white and blue in any way and let’s be real…if it was altered for other supportive movements we would all be up in arms about it. Let’s stick to originality and use the other flag.

  • Fred Eaglesmith

    No one is desecrating the American Flag because it never was the American Flag. Take an American Flag and rub dog crap all over it and you are desecrating the American Flag. Create a flag that does not have the exact same features as the American flag and all you have done is created a new flag. Damn! people are stupid!

  • Ronald England

    For all the GOP shit storm about people wearing the flag and other uses this is blue flag is revolting.
    The American flag should not be altered in appearance; To do so is a violation of US Flag code.

  • Patty Williams

    I like the all black with one blue line, but to each his own.

  • Ray Burgess

    Police already have stars as their symbols. If there has to be a blue line, I think they should just put it through a gold star and there you go.

    • Strat

      As I’m reading the comments I was thinking somewhat the same thing. Create a silhoutte of a Police shield in the middle of it using the blue line as a border and have the horizontal line go through it. Make the top half of the shield blue with white stars and the bottom half solid red. There are different shields for sure, but everyone knows what one looks like. It would be instantly recognizable. I’m quite sure some of the people complaining that this is desecrating the flag, turn around and fly it wrong all the time and don’t care to look up the correct way. But give them something like this and they’re all high and mighty.

  • SuckMyWake

    I had the same concern with my son entering the Marines. My first concern was the one you raised regarding basic flag code. The second concern was the dividing of the flag (pretty much in half) with the blue line and also the peculiar choice in colors (namely black). For me, I would think an acceptable flag would be either another flag altogether, or a regular American flag with it’s second to last stripe being very thin (even blue layered on top of white) to illustrate protecting the common good, and not a divisive force, or possibly even a flag with a blue border signifying protection for all Americans that honor the flag and by extension the law. Just a thought.

  • Denise

    I think the message behind the flag is great. However, it is a desecration to the American flag. Nothing was altered about the flag except the color scheme and it’s symbolism. If you want to design a flag then DESIGN a flag! Taking the work of someone else and altering so little is a disgrace to anyone who does it. If you want a flag then put the flag in a design don’t use the flag as the design!

  • Denise

    I’m not really sure when violating the sanctity of something became okay, but for those that need a refresher on what the American flag stands for I found a great patriotic piece at…

    The flag belongs to all of us due to its cultural symbolic meaning, do not diminish the meaning of the flag by altering it and giving it knew meaning!

  • Electra

    When the next officer dies, what flag will you place on the casket? What flag will you fold up and give to the next of kin? It is our highest honor and our greatest sorry, to lay the Stars and Stripes over the casket of those who have given a life in service or died in service to your country.

    The solid black flag with the blue stripe is the only appropriate flag to fly in honor of the thin blue line.

    • packereyes

      Correct. I understand why people wish to fly the altered flag, and respect their thoughts. But it is an altering of the American flag, and that is wrong. Other groups will do it too. Simply put a camo stripe on the flag and the letters “NRA”. See what I mean? How bout IBEW or GOP? POTUS? It’s all disrespectful.

  • Rebecca

    No group has the right to alter the American Flag! I was horrified to see an altered flag on our local police department. A movement calls for a LOGO not the hijacking of a treasured national symbol. What kind of an example does this set? How do we encourage our children to revere the flag when those we pay to protect it (and us) have no problem usurping it for their own agenda? Honestly, the altered flag flying on the public building today looked like a scene from a YA novel about a dystopian future–one where the police oppose the populace. It is, at the very least, a careless precedence to set. Regarding the military use of a “subdued” version of the flag–I think it’s a different thing to use different shades of red white and blue–it’s still a red white and blue flag.

  • Wayne

    Unfortunately this does open the door to allow any group who feels some sort of entitlement to change the flag to suit their purpose as well. I would suggest designing a flag dedicated to law enforcement and not change the Amreican Flag. US Flag code which states:

    The flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be fifty stars, white in a blue field.

  • Joe Smith

    I bet if it was a black line for BLM, almost nothing would have been said.

  • Jason Piazza

    I fully support LEO, First Responders, Active Duty Miltary, Veterans, and our Constitution. As a Veteran I’ve seen these flags and my first reaction is shock. Yes I believe it is an abomination of our flag so many fight to protect. The blue line on the black background is much more appropriate for htis cause.

  • Joshua

    Flag desecration is a term applied to the desecration of flags or flag protocol, a various set of acts that intentionally destroy, damage or mutilate a flag in public. Often, in case of a national flag, such action is intended to make a political point against a country or its policies.

    I think that putting the thin blue line on there does none of that. It is not going against our country at all. It’s supporting our country even more and showing that out country supports the police. And another thing, why are we all So attached and offended by a piece of cloth. I highly respect our military and law enforcement and emergency personnel and I know they all fight for our country. And I know that flag symbolizes our country but also it’s just an object. Why should we all be offended by an object. Especially one that supports our American law enforcement. That’s just how I feel. Again I fully support our soldiers and emergency personnel

  • Clydicus

    If Black Lives Mattered started flying an all-black American flag, is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that people would freak out and call it a desecration? I guess the redesigned flag is a bit better, but it is still very dark and threatening looking. Isn’t the goal here to convince people that law enforcement are our friends, here to protect and serve the community? These flags – and the logo and design on this website – are all very dark and negative. What message do you hope to convey with these symbols?

  • Rebecca

    Update: The building that was flying the Blue Lives Matter altered flag took it down, replaced it with the original American Flag, and put up a sign in their window with the Blue Lives Matter flag on it. This action allowed me to clarify my thoughts. I had such a visceral reaction to a FLAG being flown that was an altered American flag that I was unable to figure out why I didn’t mind the military’s use of a camouflage flag on their uniforms. It’s because it’s two separate things.

    If the military flew camouflage color American flags in lieu of Old Glory, I would be outraged. It’s the changing of an actual flag that I take issue with–not a stylized logo. I hope the Blue Lives Matter folks will discourage anyone from purchasing their logo as a flag and from flying their logo instead of the American Flag.

  • RedCandy

    The solid black flag with blue stripe is a bold statement for support of law enforcement; it would be displayed beneath the USA flag if flown on a flagstaff. No other flag is to be given higher honor than our flag. That abomination of our American flag is a desecration, like burning it or stepping on it. As a military family, it sickens us whenever we see it displayed and gives us a feeling of contempt for the person displaying it. There is an entire regulation for flag protocol that people need to know. Our flag should never be altered in any way. Anything other is an egregious disrespect for our country, our military, law enforcement, and all who took the Oath.