Black Lives Matter Leader, Yusra Khogali’s Racist Rant: White People Are ‘Recessive Genetic Defects’

Black Lives Matter Yusra Khogali posted a racist rant on social media.

Black Lives Matter Yusra Khogali posted a racist rant on social media.

Black Lives Matter Leader Yusra Khogali Hate Speech

Yusra Khogali doesn’t just hate white people, she appears to REALLY hate white people.

The Toronto Sun reports that Black Lives Matter leader Yusra Khogali made a Facebook post in which she claimed that white people are “recessive genetic defects” and should be wiped out.

Khogali spearheaded the effort for Black Lives Matter to be allowed to have influence over the organization of the Toronto Pride Parade, and then demanded that the police be banned from the parade. The Pride organizers caved in to Yusra Khogali, despite the police department’s long history of coordinating with the parade organizers.

After Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, offered to take in the Muslim refugees kept out by President Trump’s travel ban, Yusra Khogali stood at the steps of the U.S. consulate and declared in front of a crowd that “Justin Trudeau is a white supremacist terrorist,” and she urged the crowd to fight back. “Look at us, we have the numbers,” she said.

A year ago Khogali tweeted, “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today.”

In 2015 Yusra Khogali posted a facebook message described by the Toronto Sun:

“Whiteness is not humxness,” the statement begins. “infact, white skin is sub-humxn.” The post goes on to present a genetics-based argument centred on melanin and enzyme.

“White ppl are recessive genetic defects. this is factual,” the post reads towards the end. “white ppl need white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because all they can do is produce themselves. black ppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to.”

That’s right, she’s been saying this stuff for years and Black Lives Matter still follows her, and Pride Toronto still gave in to her demands. This speech was so normal to the Black Lives Matter crowd, that it went almost unnoticed for years.

Here’s the full post:

whiteness is not humxness. infact, white skin is sub-humxn. all phenotypes exist within the black family and white ppl are a genetic defect of blackness whiteppl have a higher concentration of enzyme inhibitors that surpress melanin production. they are genetically deficient because; melanin is present at the inception of life melanin is directly linked to fertility and the humxn reproductive system melanin is directly linked to strong bones melanin is directly linked to the strength of the nervous System melanin is directly linked to the strength of senses such as vision and hearing melanin is directly linked to the strength of neuro systems affecting capacities like intelligence, memory and creativity melanin enables black skin to capture light and hold it in its memory mode which reveals that blackness converts light into knowledge.

melanin directly communicates with cosmic energy.

this is why the indegeniety of all humxnity comes from blackness. we are the first and strongest of all humxns and our genetics are the foundation of all humxnity.

melanine is essential for the efficient performance of all the body natural functions.

THEREFORE whiteppl are recessive genetic defects. this is factual.

whiteppl need white Supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because all they can do is produce themselves. blackppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to.

it is why white Supremacy as an imperial System thrives. it tries to control, surpresses and destroy our existence in blackness because we are a threat to the genetic anhilation of whiteppl.

do you ever wonder how blackppl after centuries of colonial violence, genocide and destruction – no matter

coming back?

it is because we are superhumxns.

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  • Jenna

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    Last April, Khogali posted a tweet asking ‘Allah’ to stop her from killing men and white folks.” No wonder designated terrorist group CAIR always happens to show up whenever Black Lives Matter is in town to stir up hate against whitey. Muslims seem to be doing everything in their power to drive a wedge in the community using American blacks as pawns to destabilize this country. And American blacks are too stupid to realize that they are being used. BLACK, as in a Black person, in Arabic is “SLAVE.”

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  • David E Brown

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  • LeeA

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  • SrAgri

    Hopefully, the readers of this site who are actually police officers are above this kind of ignorant hatred, regardless of the race toward which it is directed.

    The BLM is the black equivalent of the KKK. Both groups are wrong and both groups should be considered terrorists. Police should stand for law and order and oppose both groups.