Black Lives Matter Video: ‘White Lives Matter Too Much’

Black Lives Matter Video: ‘White Lives Matter Too Much’

New York – At a Black Lives Matter protest in New York, one of the protesters was seen with a “White Lives Matter Too Much” sign. In a video interview, the protester explains the crazy position of white lives being overvalued.

In the curbside interview with TheBlaze, the somewhat-dazed looking protester explained, “If a certain group is undervalued, that that means another group has to be overvalued. We know that black and brown bodies are undervalued in our society. Maybe we should start thinking about not only who is undervalued but who is overvalued in our society.”

When asked about why their sign didn’t say that all lives should be valued equally, the protester continued. “That’s not the truth,” the protester explained, “This is the truth. Would you not want me to say the truth? Is that uncomfortable for you? Maybe you should question why that feels uncomfortable.”

When asked if white lives are over-valued and should somehow be brought down, the protester motioned while holding one hand higher than another, “I think white lives are here. Black lives are here,” motioning lower, then while motioning with the high hand, “If this is it, then that’s too much.”

Let us know where you stand on this issue:

  • Jack Reilly

    Liberal College student, with absolutely no common sense whatsoever…..thank you.

  • Dennis Johnson

    Another stellar example of the public education system…….box of rocks

  • Kevin Carroll

    Ridiculous premise. If something is undervalued it does not mean something else is overvalued.The “something else” is fairly valued. It you don’t value your own lives don’t criticize others for valuing theirs. Stop killing each other.

  • Ken Nyhus

    Pick yourself up by your dreadlocks, strap it on and do something positive to help bring yourself up. That is what every tired, poor and down trodden must do. It is called make of yourself what you want you to be. I see so many Americans of all races, colors and creeds living the life they have created for themselves, and then bitching about it.

  • Leigh Hepperly

    What an idiot with zero facts. Whites are killed allot more than blacks by police officers.

  • Toni Tippin

    ‘White lives matter too much.!’ Is that the same as ‘white privilege?’

    She said, ‘we need to come up.’ Well, no one is stopping ‘them.’
    There’s numerous black men and women who have helped society.
    Instead of whining, do something.
    Her sign is worthless. Media should have ignored her. Instead, she made the news, pushing her racist ideas on ignorant liberals.

  • Roger Rose

    Hillary and Obama Support Black Lives Matter which has said
    repeatedly they will kill Police and people that do not look like them, in fact
    this is already happening, yet not one Democrat has an issue with that, this is
    what Democrats support.

  • Albert Francise Al Simmons

    I never undervalued blacks till all this BLM stuff. They make themselves feel this way. The mind set that your life means less is what is causing this. Black lives matter gos around saying black lives dont matter. No one is saying black lives dont matter but blacks themselves lmao.

  • Mark

    Maybe she needs to have a third hand that is higher, a lot higher than white lives and label that politicians. That should put the whole discussion in perspective.

  • Dennisinlexky

    How many more white lives asses matters have died in wars protecting your black ass matters?

  • Dennisinlexky

    I know this may sound dumb to those who are black or white and think that this hateful group has some kind of meaning to this world, “BUT”, if it were not for white lives mattering this org. would not even exist. They wouldn’t have even gotten off the ground without white lives mattering. Of course those white lives have to be filthy rich and belong to an elite group called the Democracy Alliance, Free Road Socialist Organizations, Foundations (ring a bell?) and large corporations in which most are very wealthy Democrats, just to name a few contributors such as:

    Well known billionaire George Soros, Rob McKay,Taco Bell Heir, (hum, we love blue lives matter), Norman Lear, big tv producer, Rob Reiner, big tv producer, Susan Sandler (gave millions to now defunct ACORN), Leah Hunt-Hendrix (granddaughter of oil tycoon H.L. Hunt and the list goes on and on. SOOOOOOOOO TELL ME black lives matter that WHITE LIVES DON’T MATTER!!!

  • Daniel Fowler

    Sound like someone should value themselves a little more…

  • tekwrite

    Goes against THEIR argument that THEY are undervalued.