Black Lives Matter Gets Greenlight to Sue After Prosecutor’s Failure to Charge Protesters

Black Lives Matter group sues Baton Rouge over lawful arrests after prosecutors failed to charge them.

Black Lives Matter group sues Baton Rouge over lawful arrests after prosecutors failed to charge them.

Black Lives Matter Gets Greenlight to Sue After Prosecutor’s Failure to Charge Protesters

Baton Rouge prosecutors had announced that they were not going to charge any of the people arrested by Baton Rouge PD for blocking a roadway during an illegal protest. People have a right to protest, but people do not have the right to obstruct roadways. The suspects were all arrested after being given many warnings to clear out.

While the officers obviously had probable cause to arrest the protesters, the DA thought that the topics was too political for them to get involved in, and they refused to charge anybody. Now the protesters feel that their actions were legal and justified, and a Black Lives Matter group has started a lawsuit on their behalf.

Reuters Reports:

A prominent activist in the Black Lives Matter movement, DeRay McKesson, on Thursday sued the chief of the Baton Rouge police department and other officials over the arrests of nearly 200 demonstrators during peaceful protests about police killings.

In the federal civil rights lawsuit, which seeks class action status, McKesson and fellow protesters Kira Marrero and Gloria La Riva complained that police were unnecessarily aggressive in arresting them on July 9. The lawsuit covers arrests in the Louisiana capital between July 6 and July 11.

The East Baton Rouge Parish Attorney’s Office said they had no immediate comment on the lawsuit.

McKesson, known for his activism on social media and who ran in the 2016 Democratic Party primary for mayor of his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, said in the lawsuit that demonstrators sought to have all arrest records expunged as well as unspecified damages.

The allegations in the lawsuit include 16 violations of law by Baton Rouge police, excessive use of force, conspiracy to deprive protesters of their civil rights, negligence and arrests without probable cause.

The 23-page complaint said charges of simple obstruction of a highway against nearly 200 protesters who were arrested were ultimately dropped by the local prosecutors office, though they still had to pay administrative and court fees.

“Throughout the protests, the Defendants responded in a militarized and aggressive manner,” the complaint said. “All class members now have criminal arrest records, which in this digital age could adversely affect their future employment, education, reputations, and professional licensing.”

When people are not held accountable for their crimes, not only do they believe that their actions were justified, but they convince others that the police were in the wrong. The Constitution protects against arrest without probable cause, but Baton Rouge Police Department had probable cause to arrest the protesters who were committing a crime. Now, due to the failure of the prosecutors, the city will have to either pay money to criminals or try to explain complex legal concepts to a jury and hope that they win.

  • Chuck Poré

    Daily we venture to new and dangerous crossroads. As each successive prosecutorial response and malfeasance seems to validate lawlessness, what we will experience in-turn is disorderly conduct and riot having no sanctions. And if there is no misconduct then law enforcement should not be responding to the scene. If by word or deed the prosecutors condone the action, law enforcement needs to stay away if for no other reason than to prevent probable cause for nuisance lawsuits. If the blocking of the interstate or the infrastructure is permissive even by prosecutorial misconduct, law enforcement’s absence will allow the misconduct to run the course. Maybe good people will grow tired. Maybe the result could be a housecleaning with new judges, new legislators, and actions louder than words.


    FUCK BlkLM’s!!!! Those a-holes should have been arrested for stopping traffic and endangering the lives of everyone in that traffic back up. Any lawyer taking this case should be disbarred for being a moron.

    • Jack Reilly

      Everyone who was stopped by these idiots on that road, should show up at court to testify about their behavior, and how much of their impeding traffic hurt them that day……enuff said….get er done, people.