Black Lives Matter Protesters Attack Motorist For Having The Nerve To Be On The Road…

College Black Lives Matter protesters assaulted a motorist and vandalized his vehicle for driving on the road that they were blocking.

College Black Lives Matter protesters assaulted a motorist and vandalized his vehicle for driving on the road that they were blocking.

Black Lives Matter Protesters Attack Motorist For Having The Nerve To Be On The Road That They Were Blocking

Bloomington, Indiana – A group of entitled college Black Lives Matter protesters stood in the middle of the road Monday evening, and then attacked a car which tried to creep through the protest. Some news outlets then reported that the car “disrupted” their protest by driving in the road.

The group known as Students Against State Violence from Indiana University started a Black Lives Matter march. The event began with some speakers, followed by a march through town.

When the protesters approached the intersection, they unlawfully entered the roadway causing traffic delays. One motorist, 21-year-old IU student Ryan Davis, had to come to a complete stop while protesters stood in the middle of the lane shouting at him.

The incident was captured on video by Andrew Biller, an IU student and reporter for IU Student Television. Biller posted the video to social media.

Davis can be seen pleading with the protesters asking for them to allow him to pass. When they refused to move, Davis then honked the horn, and began slowly creeping his white SUV in their direction.

The protesters then flung themselves over the hood, and began beating the vehicle. The windshield could be seen shattered in the video as well as a mirror that had been ripped off the side of the vehicle. It appears that Davis himself was also assaulted by the “protesters.”

Biller described Davis’ pleas to the protesters saying, “He was like, ‘Listen, I support Black Lives Matter, I support you guys, I just want to get home, I just want to get through here’. Then, he laid on his horn for a solid few seconds and then just put his foot on the gas.”

Bloomington Police Captain Steve Kellams said, “He had been confronted by several (protesters) he had asked them to move and when they didn’t do so, they began beating on his SUV and they broke the window and tore the side mirror off of his car.”

Captain Kelly’s also said, “We were monitoring the entire event. There were traffic disruptions for about 30-45 minutes.” He also noted that there was never a moment in which anyone’s life was in serious danger.

It may seem obvious to point out that standing in the middle of the road is a really bad idea; it also violates Indiana State Law.

While the irresponsible news outlets reported on the motorist “disrupting” the Black Lives Matter protest, police have clarified who the victim was in this incident, and it wasn’t the Black Lives Matter protesters.

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  • Yankton

    I have a 4 wheel drive truck. a few snowflakes won’t slow me down at all.

    • xxGuitardudexx

      I miss my Dodge Ram 1500 Sport that was jacked up to the sky. Crap like this makes me want to buy another one. Screw gas mileage!

      • Yankton

        Guitardude, I drive a Ram 2500 with a turbo diesel. getting 20 mpg

        • xxGuitardudexx

          Right on, Yankton. It became my back-up vehicle. Paid for. I figured I’d keep it. I did for about 5 years after I got my 2nd car. I was neglecting it and not keeping up very good maintenance on it. Needed a brake job, exhaust, major tune up etc…It had an O2 sensor going out when I sold it which most likely was a factor in my low mileage. She gave me 10 years of fun (kinda like my 2nd wife). I had another very gas efficient vehicle and was moving out of town and needed the money. My realtor’s nephew bought it…Ca$h. Hard to resist. I do miss her though….the TRUCK! Sorry for the mini-novel.

  • hardrockminer

    What a bunch of ignorant, spoiled white children. My Chevy Impala would not have stopped.

  • VerifyEverything

    Captain Kelly was apparently not clear on his job at this incident. Blocking the roadway, damaging a vehicle, threatening and intimidating a person – he did not deal with these things. How many were arrested for this? I hope the driver sues the organizers of this ‘event’.

  • Denice Russell

    While I support all Americans right to peacefully and I can’t stress enough the word peacefully protest , but I will not allow them to threaten the safety of myself or anyone else. I will do whatever it takes to defend. Even if it means mowing them down in the streets.

  • Bracha Sarah Meyerowitcz

    Blue lives matter, and it’s time to start calling these blacklivesmatter arrogant Anarchist what they are and that is the n-word folks it’s time to bring me in word back to describe the black lives matter arrogant scumbags.

    • Scott Malcolm

      You’re right, arrogant is the perfect word to bring back.

  • tvonthebrain

    Where were the police during all of this? Why were THEY not doing THEIR jobs?

    • Jack Reilly

      They are….you just can’t see it….are you a BLaMers too?????

      • tvonthebrain

        No, they’re not.

        If they WERE, this wouldn’t have escalated as it did.

        No, I’m not a BLM individual. Just because I make a relative statement doesn’t mean I’m against police. There is NO EXCUSE for them letting this happen.

  • Denice Russell

    Since this is on video then some of them could be identified and checked against university student ID photos those involved should be arrested for vandalism and assault. Davis should sue for the damage to his vehicle at a minimum.

    • tvonthebrain

      They won’t be held responsible.


    two ways to handle protesters one a sonic generator which will help the pooo early or get a splitting head ache and if luck you will find the frequency that makes them think they are on fire which you can easily mount under the front grill 2# house supply zip lock bags bleach and that other stuff when mixed people run to get away these are methods of crowd control in other country’s and in truth no one really ever get hurt and you can drive away knowing that

    • Jack Reilly

      WATER CANNONS like they have in Israel would work wonders, believe me…..did you see the hair on the one guy, hasn’t been washed in 15 years, scumbags.

      • Rachel

        That’s a thought…bring the fire dept with their hoses for these things. Yeah, some will immediately jump back to ugly images from old protests where people were sprayed with water and attacked by dogs, but hey..big crowds call for some kind of control. Water isn’t likely to kill anyone, so why not?

  • Craig Fisher

    This is when I would’ve felt my safety was in danger and I would have floored it ! Sorry if that offends some of you, but enough is enough !

    • John Wood

      You could get off so easily by claiming “false imprisonment.” The roads are a right, not a privilege, and when travel is impeded, you are effectively detained. Anyone who gets screwed by these idiots can sue each and every individual in the road. Doubt you’d get much, though, they have too much free time to be working-class.

  • Carlton Baggett

    Take away thier school grants. At thier age they should know not to play in the streets.

  • Denice Russell

    We’re all mad as hell and we’re not going to take it much longer! BLM beware! If it’s war you want you will surely get it if you push too far.

    • Scott Malcolm

      You do realize, I hope, that it would be the same as beating on a mentally retarded kid, right?
      It would be fun but, ultimately, futile.

    • Rachel

      I hope the parents of the kids who went full psycho will be doing something about it.

  • Denice Russell

    BLM =Black Loser Militia.

  • MartinG

    If this ever happens to me I would fear for my life and use my vehicle as a weapon! Everything else is black lies and chatter!

    • Denice Russell

      Don’t you mean black lives scatter. I also agree with you 100%.

  • TheRaybeta .

    Us old folks sometimes confuse the gas pedal with the brake.

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Here is an idea you bunch of ignorant snowflakes, STOP BREAKING THE LAW BLOCKING TRAFFIC!!!! Frigging morons!!!

  • LieutenantSword

    If these morons want to play an epic game of Red Rover. I say oblige them!

  • Scott Malcolm
  • Mario Rousan

    I would have put the “pedal to the metal” instead of trying to creep by.

  • William Smith

    These little rat bastards need to be prosecuted and given an option of either going to jail or send them directly to the United States Marine Corp in Parris Island SC. Let them become part of the Corp and run their mouth to a drill instructor. Since the cops in Bloomington Indiana have these people on tape and video I’m sure that tied into their databases it wouldn’t be all that hard to figure out who all of them blocking the roads are especially with crystal clear video of who these people are.


    I see speed bumps.

  • Jack Reilly

    They need to be run over…..BLaMers suck, and are all brainwashed into thinking they are getting something done……run them the phuck over…..they get hurt…..tough shit.

  • mindy1

    Hopefully after this the guy is no longer a supporter

  • Sam Houston

    Fuck it ! Had enough I’m tired of running these BLM douchebags over! It’s hunting season!

  • Engelbert_Humperdinck

    Floor it and mow through them. 2 points for each hit!

  • Rebecca Groves

    I hope these POS were arrested!!