Black Lives Matter Forced To Apologize For Claiming That A Black Man Was Just Publicly Lynched

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis was forced to apologize after telling everybody that a black man had been publicly lynched.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis was forced to apologize after telling everybody that a black man had been publicly lynched.

Black Lives Matter Spreads Fake Lynching Story Along Picture Showing Man’s Body

St. Paul, MN – Black Lives Matter Minneapolis posted a photo to social media of a man hanging from a tree, telling everybody that the picture was of a black man who had just been lynched.

The group was forced to apologize after it was pointed out that the group was spreading a photo of a white man who had committed suicide by hanging himself.

The apology came on Tuesday, in the form of a Facebook post, according to Fox News.

The group had earlier posted three photos of the dead man’s body. They also said that his hands were tied behind his back and that the man had been lynched.

The photos had been posted on social media before it came to the attention of Black Lives Matter Minneapolis, by an unidentified man, who posted this caption with the photos:  “This is just a few blocks from where my auntie live I was just at this damn park two nights ago! This so damn foul!! I’m so fed up with this s***! They still killing us and we still killing each other! #MakeGoViral.”

Organizers from Black Lives Matter Minneapolis, following their fact checking standards (there are none,) saw the photos and post and shared them on Facebook page, claiming the man had been “lynched” and vowing they wouldn’t let the incident “go under the rug.”

The man’s body actually belonged to Michael Bringle, age 50, is white.  His hands were not tied behind his back, and he had killed himself.

Black Lives Minneapolis continued with the posts even after the police told them otherwise.  Bringle was found hanging from a tree just before 6 AM Tuesday at Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul.

They never pulled the post despite a report from the Ramsey County Medical Examiner that there was no evidence that Bringle’s death was anything other than a suicide.  Police urged people to stop sharing the post, and to remove it from their timeline out of respect for the family, but Black Lives Matter Minneapolis did not immediately do the right thing.

Finally, in the Facebook post, which was posted on Tuesday night, August 1, the group said:

We would like to apologize to the family of Micheal Bringle for sharing those photos & also retract our statements regarding what happened this morning. As more information came out & Mr.Bringle’s family came forward it became clear that this was an unfortunate incident caused by mental illness. We are sorry if our post offended anyone & hope that folks see we were simply echoing the questions and concerns that community members had.

We will absolutely respect the family’s wishes and take down the initial post, our hearts are with them at this time.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline-
The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones.



Group organizers said that they had taken the post down, but it was too late – it had been posted for hours, and had widely been shared. Bringle’s sister, Kelly Brown-Rozowski, said that she was “devastated”.  She said, “This isn’t something to be shared in such a tragic way; he should be remembered for what a great man he was.”

St. Paul Police Sergeant Mike Ernster said that the post was “disgusting”.

According to Fox News, the post had not been removed as of early Wednesday morning, and had been shared over 12,600 times.

Reaction in the form of comments to the post on the group’s Facebook page were condemning and matter-of-fact.  One comment accused Black Lives Matter Minneapolis of taking the post down so that the comments could be removed as well.


    Well, what can you expect from BLM a bunch of racist negros…..!

  • Jonas Blane ll

    I’m glad BLM apologized after realizing that they were wrong.
    When is Blue Lives Matter going to apologise for putting out the false story of BLM writing “Fry em like bacon” and burning the home of a white NY firefighter, when it turned out the white firefighter did it himself?

    • RuhRoh123
      • Jonas Blane ll

        So that excuses Blue Lives Matter for putting up a fraudulent article and not apologising upon finding out their article was fraudulent?

        • Keith D Brooks

          For one thing they didn’t put out a false story. For the second thing no need to apologize for something you didn’t do! Why don’t we go back to the past how many years Obama set this group up and I’ve been doing nothing but causing trouble. We both know why you think the police are wrong! Maybe if the black lives matter movement stopped causing trouble and learned how to act instead of just cause trouble and black rose things might get better. But because of that asshole Obama, the BLM terrorists feel they can do whatever they want. Now that we have a President that won’t put up with their shit they’re crying like whiny ass little bitches.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            Here’s the false story that Blue Lives Matter put out about a firefighter’s house being burned down:
            Blue Lives Matter has yet to apologise for putting out this fake story. Blue Lives Matter like a lot of you have a dog whistle mentality when you hear BLM aka Black Lives Matter.
            Now the white firefighter that did this was found not guilty. Which is fine by me for 2 reasons.
            1. This continues to show the breaks and preferential treatment white defendants get in the US criminal justice system.
            2. Since this demon lit the fire with his family still inside and didn’t even have the decency to get them out the house before his act,hopefully he’ll do it again and succeed in burning up his family.

          • Keith D Brooks

            With all the bullshit that the BLM movement has done, there is nothing any white could do that would compare! You are so full of shit it amazes me that you have a main kicked out of here yet. Apparently they are allowing trolls temporarily. But your time is coming. We are tired of hearing your fake news and your attempt to blame whites for the things blacks of done. It amazes me that blacks complain about how they are discriminated against being they get away with more shit than anyone. They don’t even have the decency to to try and take care of one another. Why is it that they feel the need to kill each other at such an alarming rate and complain about when a police officer is doing his job and one of them dies. Maybe if they learn to follow the laws there wouldn’t be that many deaths. And if they were able to check the numbers out percentage wise more whites are killed by police than blacks are. But you are in such denial that if your head came out of your ass and I actually took responsibility for the things you’re doing things would settle down. I grew up in Detroit, and live there during the riots. It amazes me how they want to blame whites for what happened when it was their actions that caused everything. Learn to take responsibility for your actions. If you can’t, things are just going to get worse! That piece of shit Obama caused most of the problems that we are dealing with right now. If that son of a bitch had done his job and stopped at the riots we wouldn’t be having a lot of the problems we have right now. But of course you were too stupid to take responsibility for what your people are doing. If you take responsibility for what was going on and stopped it, less blacks would be killed by police. Learn to follow the law. Don’t think you can do whatever the hell you want and it’s OK. Have you noticed that those that listen to police officers come out without any beatings or gun wounds! Like I said, learn to take responsibility for your actions.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            You claimed Blue Lives Matter didn’t put out a false story. I showed you the false story they put out and you go on a tirade about something else.

          • RuhRoh123

            You showed a story, not a false story. He was found not guilty. That’s means your claim that they wrote a false story is in itself false. Unless you believe he’s guilty just because he is white….hmmmm, who’s racist then?

          • Jonas Blane ll

            OJ Simpson is constantly called a Murderer Even though he was acquitted murder. Even though the ex firefighter was acquitted it doesn’t change the fact that Blue Lives Matter put out a story and blamed people that didn’t commit the crime . The fact that you condone false journalism shows how dishonest you are.

          • RuhRoh123

            You’re confusing your “facts” with what is commonly known as opinions. How do you know that they didn’t do it? Skin color, right? 🤔 The fact that YOU condone false journalism shows how dishonest you are.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            I could say the same thing about you. The difference is I don’t excuse blue lives matter putting out a false story

    • snakedoctor

      False story? Took me 3 seconds to find a youtube video of it, dumbass.

      • Jonas Blane ll

        Why are you posting something that I didn’t write about?

    • Keith D Brooks

      They did not apologize because they wanted to, they were shamed into it. You really don’t think they give a damn about what they did.

      • Jonas Blane ll

        Regardless of your view BLM did. Where’s the Blue Lives Matter apology for their firefighter hoax?

        • John Degel

          On the same page as all the BLM hoaxes — swastikas painted on churches, etc.

    • Pushed to the limit

      Don’t you have toilets to clean, boy?

      • John Degel

        Pushed, you just a little bit raysist?

        • Pushed to the limit

          Phuck you pajama boy.

          • Robert Pierro

            LOL!!! YOU CANT’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! I think that is a quote from a movie…..

  • Joe Fucile

    Black Lies Matter

  • Keith D Brooks

    If whites had done this, they would be raising all kinds of hell. With this type of invasion of privacy, they should actually be sued, and compensate the family for what they put them through with the photos and should be charged also with the tenting to incite a riot. Their remarks about not letting this go without something being done is proof of that. And what should be done as they should be paying the family money for their irresponsibility. Give these assholes a story that has nothing to do with them and they will still run with it. The BLM is in the top to hate groups in the United States.

  • Carl Hungus

    Man, they gotta go

  • Vince

    BLM IS A HATE GROUP PLIAN AND SIMPLE THEY ARE ALSO TERRORISTS AND INLINE WITH MUSLIM HATE GROUPS ALSO. They should be sued and pay for the violence they tried to start.

  • OngoingFreedom

    BLM wanted this to be true so bad…

  • John Degel

    I hope the family sues the ass off Black Lives Matter…

  • 44219
  • Peekin-In

    Despicable, self serving bunch of people, inciting rioting. They all need to go to jail. They’re the first to claim racism yet you NEVER hear anything about black on white crime. Get over yourselves. Black, white, red or yellow, people commit crimes and whoever they are, what ever race they are deserve to be put in jail. NO ONE is picking on blacks, they cause their own problems, “supporters” cause riots, burn and loot and then get a payout. I’m so sick of hearing about the “oppressed” . Do something useful in your lives. Quit calling the race card. Get a life and be productive

  • Jules

    This is why i deleted Facebook. People spread stupidity for other idiots to read. FUCK BLM