Black Lives Matter: Police Giving Out Ice Cream Is Plot To Kill Black People

Ice Cream. A taste dairy treat, or a part of a genocidal plot?

Ice Cream. A taste dairy treat, or a part of a genocidal plot?

Black Lives Matter: Police Giving Out Ice Cream Is Plot To Kill Black People

The Black Lives Matter movement apparently doesn’t like ice cream.  And according to their website, they will be skipping over the freebies because the vanilla treats are a plot to kill black people.

In a recent article released on their website, the Black Lives Matter movement has called for a refusal in accepting the “ice cream handouts”.  Their rhetoric is calling these community policing methods, “feel-good propaganda.” This is in spite of the fact that they bring about positive changes and build trust between police and their communities.

“Policing and the system under which police work exists is bound to the enslavement, degradation, and murder of Black people and was never meant to protect us, but instead to exploit our bodies and labor to fill prisons and bolster capitalism”, says the Black Lives Matter article.  They continue in a tirade that there is “overwhelming evidence that [black people] are indeed unfairly policed and killed”, even claiming that America has a “killer cop problem”.

As offensive as this bombastic writing is, possibly the most shocking allegation is that police do not “regard people as fully human”.  That pitiful assertion leads to them concluding that the current system of policing needs to be defunded and thrown away in lieu of an “alternative systems for security and accountability.”

I took special notice of their emphasis on the word “police” and “policing” as it related to what they claim to be an oppressive system;  and then later the lack thereof of the word “policing” in their solution.  Rather they propose a disempowered system of security and accountability.

As we watch the most recent violence, rioting, looting, and pyromania in Milwaukee – one important truth is being revealed:  With the Black Lives Matter supporters trying to destroy yet another American city, their system of security and accountability only demonstrates a violent, self-indulgent, excuse to avoid responsibility and blame others for everything wrong in their life.

This movement began under false pretenses and ignorance, if not just a downright refusal to accept facts.  A polluted spring will never produce clean water.  Thus, we should not be surprised that their current pandering and activity is any more factual or logical than it was from its origin.

However, we should be alarmed that this movement is gaining momentum and the potential for continued chaos and destruction it could bring if its lies are believed and perpetuated and its “systems” recognized as viable.  Even though it is clearly based on lies, some if its most notable members were recently featured on-stage at the Democratic National Convention.  The “Mothers of the Movement”, as they have been coined, included the mothers of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.  Following their opened arms welcome, mother Lucia McBath proclaimed, “Hilary Clinton isn’t afraid to say black lives matter”, as the crowd chanted “Black lives matter”.

As Americans everywhere are glued to the coverage in Milwaukee and see this movement destroying another great city with their tactics of violence, destruction, chaos and anarchy – we must remember that this movement cannot be validated and promoted.  Whether its local community leaders or national politics (as we’ve seen recently at the Democratic National Convention) – their mayhem cannot be advocated.

We need to safeguard the future of our nation – For ice cream AND country.

  • tattooedone1

    wow, you have to really love these idiotic blm guys don’t ya?

    How many blacks are in need of help right now in Louisiana?
    And blm is bitching about ice cream…
    A black man with a gun pointed it at a black police officer and got his black ass shot and killed, but blm says it did not happen that way and they helped the people to riot and loot for a couple days until some of the blacks noticed they were screwing up their own neighborhood so then they started saying take it to the suburbs and they were attacking white people….white people had absolutely nothing to do with any of it at all…

    The guys in charge of blm are getting checks from George Soros….are the sharing any of it with any of you?

    Cops keep coming up with ways to try to sit down and talk with the communities to help work things out….blm says “fuck da police”

    Someone please tell me how giving away ice cream on a hot day, is trying to kill black people?
    Please, please tell me, until then? I am going to see if I can find a cop giving away ice cream…

    • Cindy Fitzpatrick

      Blackberry Ice Cream is so offensive

  • Jerry James

    All this delusional group of thugs want is anarchy and will say anything to create further chaos. Don’t take the ice cream, Really? Little paranoia to go with those delusion ideas.

  • Jim Hoganson

    I would support giving any who don’t like it here in the U.S. because it’s to racist a one way ticket to “Anywhere not here” with the caviate that you can never ever come back…… Because I want to see them live a happily ever after life.

  • Lawman

    These pieces of garbage bitch because police are using too much force. They bitch because they don’t trust the police. When the police try to do something to build a relationship with them they bitch about that. I think they are just a bunch of little bitches.

    • Cindy Fitzpatrick

      Didn’t like the cones either..It melted too fast. Not enuf napkins. No1 held it and fed it to them, There is a whole list of complaints. OPPRESSION !

  • AAA

    Every Summer ice cream sales and homicide rates go up.
    Maybe they are on to something

    • Duane Taylor

      Ice cream sales always go up in the summer . Ever since it could be retailed , so they on to nothing . Homicides go up because of the heat . People get cranky when they get hot and that in turn leads to the violence increases . always been that way , even before ice cream . So they on to nothing . Paranoid people spouting off . When you listen to fools , The mob rules !

      • AAA

        It is called humor

  • David F. Podesta

    They are a special kind of stupid……

    • sarah

      Perhaps it’s low IQ.

      Low IQ in non-fixable.

      Low IQ does not always rationalize wisely.

      • Joe R Dean

        Low IQ is a problem, is that why you became a police officer, because of your low IQ.

        • Jack Reilly

          Hahahahaha…..nice comeback, moron!

          • Joe R Dean

            Is that your answer, because it not really an answer to my question. Oh wait it is. I forgot you have a low IQ, so you can’t complete sentences can you.

  • MolonLabe#tryme

    If free ice cream is a plot to kill blacks then they many should already be dead because of free phones, free rent, food stamps, free cable, free…. well you get the picture.

    • Jack Reilly

      Well said…..and it’s a good probability that each and every one of the BLaMers gets everything for free…whoa, the handouts the blacks get is unbelievable, huh?

  • TyroneCobb

    give them free watermelon instead.

    • How Not To Play The Game

      ….don’t waste the ones from Georgia on them though. Give’em the imported ones.

  • Beyoncé sucks

    These people do not want peace….NOTHING is going to take them away from their perpetual need to be the “victim” and want free everything. This is a created mob by Soros and nothing more.

  • jill Schaefer

    Sad jus sad….i jus dont understand any of this maybe its because i dont think with an idiotic mind….yes blm bt not the black lives of those in this lil group….if they say “f” someone elses life “f” their life….u dont want ice cream shit dont take it….more for others….im not sure wht these people expect as an outcome bt there will always be cops there will always be rules and there will always be consequence get over urself or get outta the US….if a cop kills someone 9 times outta 10 i believe its justified i dont think i could kill anyone bt if someone pointed a gun at me and it was me or them….sorry bt im shooting too….these arent just people tht are out goin to wrk every day and being model citizens making honest livings takin care of their family’s i can almost bet $100 to a bucket of shit tht 99% of these troublemakers are on welfare have no jobs and have records i jus will be thankful when they (the law)…jus get control completely and lock em all up or shit jus keep shootin em shit they already threaten the cops so jus shoot em first their stand my ground attitude let em bury theirselves while us with sense sit back and enjoy the show

  • How Not To Play The Game

    …….BLM id pretty much a non movement populated by non thinkers…….

  • Jarrod Arnett

    Maybe they should be handing out fried chicken and watermelon instead.

    • AAA

      Fried chicken will kill you

      • Jarrod Arnett

        But it tastes so good! You’re gonna die eventually anyway.

  • tom t.

    So let me get this straight, free ice cream, especially vanilla is basically a death sentence for minorities….ie: blacks? Well then, the entire black population is doomed for extinction in that geograpical area, everyone knows that blacks simply cannot resist anything that is………………free, the temptation to take is like trying to stop your heart beat, it simply cannot be done . And as ridicules as this statement is, theirs is overwhelming dumber!

  • justa nothernigger

    a jew wrote this article

  • Jackson Mallick

    Kill them by giving high cholesterol I guess.

  • silvestris

    BLM is composed of nothing but thugs.

    • Jack Reilly

      And, started on LIES to boot….ya feel me?

  • cieran58

    Rioting, looting, theft and arson– the unavoidable product of–

  • Jack Reilly

    Ah! The victim card again….when will the BLaMers ever stop……probably never…..what a bunch of phuckin crybabies……do they even realize that 700,000 WHITE people died, so they could be free……and that the KKK was started by the Democraps……I don’t think so……God Bless The Police……..Go Blue.

  • April Donovan

    This is the most stupidest thing i have ever read!! haha a plot to kill black people!!!!! giving out vanilla ice cream!! really?? haha Paranoid fuck tards hahahaha