Black Lives Matter Group Plays the Grinch on Christmas, Sends out Tweets to Blacks Not to Celebrate Christmas

Black Lives Matter attacks Christmas.

Black Lives Matter attacks Christmas.

Black Lives Matter Atlanta Attacks Christmas

Atlanta, GA – The Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta group sent out tweets saying that Christmas should not be celebrated by black people.

The political organization, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, asked in the Christmas Day tweet why blacks celebrate Christmas when whites don’t celebrate any holiday belonging to blacks.  Apparently the tweet didn’t get the attention it sought because it got only a few ‘likes’.  One response said that Black Lives Matter was a disgrace and another response said that they could do whatever they wanted and Twitter won’t stop them.

The second tweet said that Christmas was a “corporate holiday that does nothing but generate millions of dollars for white businesses powered by white supremacy.”  One response to that tweet noted that Christmas wasn’t a black or a white holiday but a Christian holiday.

What does Christmas have to do with being black or white?  It is a Christian holiday and a day of family, joy, and hope.  It seems that the Black Lives Matter group doesn’t want anyone to enjoy Christmas and is seeking attention in whatever way it can.  Perhaps it’s another way to try to divide people and provoke arguments and dissension. These tweets are no surprise considering that the group is led by this attention whore.

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