Black Guns Matter Is Gunning For California

Maj Toure is leading the Black Guns Matter Tour

Maj Toure is leading the Black Guns Matter Tour

The Black Guns Matter Tour Continues

Oakland, CA – Black Guns Matter will be making several appearances this week in California in continuation of their CrowdFunded firearms training tour.

Maj Toure, a 29-year-old rapper from Philadelphia, has organized a movement he coins Black Guns Matter and they are heading to the most dangerous cities in the nation. “Wherever it’s the worst, wherever people need leadership, direction, information and an opportunity, that’s where we going to go,” Toure touts.

Various media agencies have reported that Black Guns Matter aspires to change law enforcement’s perception of black men carrying guns. “Increased regulation with increased safety is nothing more than political bait.” … “Gun control is a sham. It’s not about gun control. It’s about people control.”

Maj Toure claims that he’s protecting people from law enforcement by educating them on proper interactions with law enforcement while armed, but much of his commentary seems more extreme.

In a YouTube video entitled ‘SLAVES are UNARMED’, Toure indicates there will be no more hands up. “Some of us are going to die, I’m okay with that. It doesn’t have to be that way if law enforcement and criminals understand that there are things in the black community that we are no longer going to be okay with.” Toure continues, “We all want peace … but I’m prepared for war.”

Black Guns Matter plan to visit Evans Security Training Academy & Range, in Compton, on December 2nd, Oakland at Oakstop on Broadway on December 3rd, Sacramento at Sierra #2 Center on December 4th. There they intend to educate the public on an array of gun-related topics including how to use a gun, the damage they can do, and proper storage and transport.

In a recent tweet Toure claimed, “I have Black, White, Asian, Mexican, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Republican, Democrat, Carnivore, Veggie homies that’ll SHOOT.” Though it is unclear what his intentions were when posting, his message has raised concerns for the safety of law enforcement officials.

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