Police Sergeant Gets Unwelcome Surprise In Birmingham Arby’s Sandwich, Company Offers Lame Excuse

Birmingham Arby's served an officer a metal bolt in his sandwich.

Birmingham Arby’s served an officer a metal bolt in his sandwich.

Birmingham Arby’s Serves Bolt In Sandwich

Birmingham, AL – Birmingham Police Sergeant Patrick Cosby went through the Arby’s drive-through on the night of June 1, as he had done several times in the past.  He took his food back to the department, sat down to eat, and then bit into his sandwich – and a one-inch metal bolt.

He spit the foot out, took a picture of the sandwich with the bolt inside, and sent it to his wife, who posted it on Facebook, with the following message: “ATTENTION LEO’s in Birmingham AL and surrounding areas!! Someone at Arby’s at 7th Ave S in Birmingham AL decided to add something extra to an officers sandwich!”

Sergeant Cosby spoke with Blue Lives Matter on Friday, and advised that when he went through the drive-thru, he was in full uniform. He was driving an unmarked Impala cruiser, but they have lights in the front and back, and are fairly easy to be seen as a police vehicle.

Sergeant Cosby said he went back to his department, sat down to eat, and bit into the sandwich and a inside of the sandwich one-inch metal bolt.  He said that he spit the food out, took pictures of the sandwich with the bolt inside, and took the food back to the restaurant.

He said that he talked to the shift manager, whose name he couldn’t remember, but who asked him why he brought the food back.  So he showed her, and she gave him a full refund.

He said that the cook had a ‘what’s the deal’ attitude, and that the shift manager told the cook to “not use any more of it because we’ve got to go through it.”  The sergeant said he wasn’t sure what that meant but that shift manager was pointing to a certain area of the restaurant.

He said after his wife posted the message and picture to Facebook, that she called Arby’s corporate office.  She talked to someone there, who told her that it was ‘one of the worst things reported,’ and they should expect a call from the national office within 24 hours.

Sergeant Cosby filed a police report and contacted the DA.  He said that he also filed a report with the Jefferson County Health Department.

He said that he “can’t 100% say it was done intentionally,” but he wonders how the food prepper could have missed it and the sandwich ended up with a uniformed officer. The bolt was actually lying on the bottom of the bun with the meat on top of it.

The sergeant said he has been with the BPD since 2004, and said that he had never seen anything like this before.  He said that he eats at this Arby’s “a pretty good bit.”

Sergeant Cosby updated us and said that Arby’s regional office called him on Saturday and told him that the bolt came off a cutter, and was not intentional.  He said that he didn’t buy it, and that the branch manager’s statement was that they have a cutter that the bolt continuously falls out of.

Afterwards, Sergeant Cosby said that he then received a call from the Vice-President of guest services, who said the first person who called him should not have, and that someone from Legal and Liability would be contacting him.

On Monday, Sergeant Cosby got another call from Arby’s management, and they said that it was not intentional.  They told him that the bolt came off a cutter, and that they keep having to put it back in.

Sergeant Cosby said that he still doesn’t understand how a bolt that large gets inside a sandwich without an employee knowing about it.

Arby’s corporate has previously voiced their support for law enforcement in a prior incident saying, “Arby’s fully supports the police officers who protect and serve our communities across the country.  Further, we have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind.” In that incident, the offending employee was immediately fired.


Based on the company’s history, I’m inclined to believe that they would fire an employee who intentionally tampered with an officer’s food and this doesn’t reflect on them as a brand.

However, that still leaves the question: If a bolt keeps falling out next to food, then why hasn’t anybody at least thought of using some Loctite? I’d be concerned eating at a place where management ignored safety issues.

I’ll still eat at Arby’s, I just might skip this Birmingham location.

What do you think of Arby’s excuse? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

  • duder1897

    Burn down the store with all the employees inside.

    • Brenda Mattox

      A little drastic, don’t you think?

      • duder1897

        Ya think?

        • Corrinne Gaskill

          Just curious…are you a police officer?

  • Dilligaf

    The cutting machine should be placed out of service until it is fixed. what if a child had bit into the bolt or swallowed it. Its a safety issue and a health issue.

    • Pushed to the limit

      It’s Birmingham. 50 black chillins’ be callin da lawyer n-s**t, after eating a bolt in dare Arbys……

    • Kathy Hammond

      If Arby’s knew that the bolt kept coming out and they failed to fix it, that’s negligence

  • Tom Caruthers

    You have to hit them where it hurts and that isn’t top down; it’s bottom up. Local law enforcement officers (all branches) should publicly boycott all Arby’s restaurants in the area, and ask those who support law enforcement to honor their lock-out. This could, conceivably go nationwide. When Arby’s sees a documented drop in sales because of an anti-police mentality among their employees, it becomes Arby’s problem to fix. Maybe Arby’s franchisees should install cameras in the food-prep area. Employees caught intentionally altering the product should be arrested and tried for a crime. It is a place to start.

    • Kenneth Browning

      No one cares.

      • Judie Blincoe Culp

        YOU may not care, but plenty of others DO!!!!

  • Rasant

    Could be an overreaction here. I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce a few weeks ago, and like I normally do, I put the fresh herbs in a big coffee mug and then cut up with a utility scissors. Didn’t know it, but a piece of the scissors (not the blade) broke off into the basil mixture, and my husband happened to be the one who ended up with it on his plate. Fortunately, he didn’t bite into it, but yeah, it happens.

    • Tom Caruthers

      This was a bolt on a sandwich, not a bolt in a pot of spaghetti sauce. The bolt on the sandwich almost surely had to be placed there by hand. Not the same thing.

      • Charles Tinsley

        I think if someone had intentionally put it in the sandwich it would have been between the meat not the bottom of it. Better the hide it that way.
        I understand the officers reaction though given the abuse they endure.

  • Randall Carpenter Sr.

    If you’re a uniformed Officer I sub-jest packing your own lunch, as it’s not safe to eat anywhere now a days, stay safe and pack…

    • Mickey Fisher

      More economical, anyway.

  • JacksonPearson
    • Pushed to the limit

      An armed society is a polite society.

      • JacksonPearson

        I believe in the 2nd Amendment of open, and concealed carry. Moreover, I believe ALL so-called gun control laws un-Constitutional.

  • Pushed to the limit

    I don’t eat anywhere I can’t see the kitchen. If I see black or brown faces, I’m gone.

  • alan

    That excuse is BS. Any health inspector would have found that if it were true and the place would have been reinspected to make sure it was corrected. This establishment should be shut down. It is a dangerous place to eat and obviously a health hazard.

  • Christine Jones

    Why would the company fire the employee, and yet claim that it was unintentional?

  • Gobby

    Ridiculous, Cosby obviously placed the metal bolt in the sandwich himself, he is a attention seeking moron.

    • SrAgri

      Staged offenses are more of a liberal / far-left type of thing.

  • Matthew Herzog

    A bolt that big was no accident. No chance.

  • doggmaninva

    It’s not safe to eat out anywhere anymore…remember Jessie Jackson bragged about spitting in people’s food and bragged about it like he was a damn hero…

  • Charles

    That attempting Murder and boycott all Crabby ARBY’S

  • Kenneth Browning

    Probably faked it to get money.

    • Mike Hanson

      Troll and idiot.

  • Sue them anyway, take the money to buy the offending joint, fire all the staff and replace them with humans. Then you can eat there in uniform with your friends and be treated well all while making a little profit.

  • Get Educated

    Forget about the bolt!!

    The person who wrote this article needs to retake English 101, their grammer is beyond horrible. I need a double dose of Extra Strength Tylonol after reading such a poorly written article.

    My head hurts!!

    • Randolph Watkins

      I agree it is not that well written, but you spelled “grammar” incorrectly.

  • Showtime

    Fuck Arby’s their food sucks prices are to high and service sucks donkey balls

  • jennifer

    all I can say is Bye Bye Arbys. No need to eat at a place that does not respect our men in blue…

  • George Bombard

    Total Bullshit! The bolt just happen to fall on the bottom of the bun.& not get noticed by the employee as he filled the bun with roast beef.

  • maclll

    If a freaking bolt is falling off a cutter continuously, Wouldn’t that be a concern? The cop finding the bolt, he and his wife should stop making a fuss looking for attention. Sounds like they are trying to make a federal case out of a bolt in the food. A 1″ bolt isn’t something that someone is going to swallow by mistake for cripes sake.

  • theaton

    BS. To many hoaxes on all sides for me to believe this nonsense.

  • Did the order-taker at the drive-through know he was a policeman? And did they not prepare the sandwich until it was known that an officer ordered it? Not everything along these lines is deliberate; since Arby’s uses an automatic slicer, it might be an actual accident. BUT, it could very well be a deliberate act. If it is, somebody ought to be fired.
    I’m just sayin’…